Zhirinovsky vs Nadezhdin in ”To the barrier” talk show. ”Constitution” (English subs)

Zhirinovsky vs Nadezhdin in ”To the barrier” talk show. ”Constitution” (English subs)

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-Good evening! Broadcasting Vladimir Solovyov’s
talk show ‘To the barrier’. -Crisis is in the country. Deputies decided, for some reason,
that crisis is the exact right time to change the constitution. -They of course started with themselves. Added authorities
to themselves, increased serving terms, and the president’s,
while they were at it. -One of the main deputies – Zhirinovsky, generally, suggested
to introduce in Russia a position of a Supreme Ruler,
and give him all the power. -So I want t ask this: Vladimir Volfovich,
you don’t have enough power already? -I am accepting your challenge, citizen Nadezhdin. -You, democrats, are constantly deceiving everyone. -In 1993, you were refusing this constitution, saying that
it was authoritarian, but now you like it very much,
and that you do not want any changes. -These changes have purely technical nature. -In the whole Europe, term of parliaments’ authorities
is 5-6 years. We haven’t added anything new. -And we want to remove the word ‘president’.
Because we want to sound Russian, how we call
the head of the state. -We got tired of you, democratic worms. -To the platform is called a member of Federal Political
Council of the party ‘Right Cause’, Boris Nadezhdin. (*1) -To the platform is called vice speaker of gov. Duma,
leader of LDPR, Vladimir Zhirinovsky. -Messrs, Vladimir Solovyov! H: -Respectable gentlemen, are you ready for the duel?
Z: -We are ready.
H: -Please, approach. -You duel will be judged by… Political scientist Dmitry
Orlov, sociologist Elena Bashkirova, historian Irina
Abramova, and lawyer Michail Pertsev. -The task of the judges, is to objectively judge the dueling,
and your task is to convince our respectable viewers
in the rightness of your position. -Which side their sympathy is going to be,
we are going to find out in the very end of the program. -Encounter 1! -It is interesting phrase: To the barrier, democratic worms.
We shoulda crawled to it, like this. -Vladimir Volfovich, you are the one who was ‘thrown a glove
at’ so it is your right to ask the first question. H: -Although, it is you, who insulted immediately.
Z: -Yes. -Today, when the president suggested to make corrections,
some democratic parties, including this new one,
pro-Kremlin, with an unclear name, suddenly says,
that we shouldn’t make any changes. -15 years ago, when we were adopting constitution, you were
saying, that we shouldn’t adopt constitution at all! -I do not understand your logic. You say: Crisis.
But who’s fault is this crisis? -First, communists in the Soviet Union, and now we don’t
have either, communists, nor Soviet Union. -Now you, with your reforms, have indeed created a most
difficult situation for us. Z: -That is, it’s your fault in all this.
N: -Me?
Z: -You! All together. You – democrats. You were with Yeltsin,
were you not? N: -Already good.
Z: -Yeltsin was the chairman of the constitutional committee. -I was arguing with them in Kremlin. You weren’t there. -That is, many were unhappy, but we had to adopt some sort
of document. -So we adopted it! And now you are praising it!
You are saying: ‘Don’t you dare touch it!’ -You are saying: ‘Increasing term time’! Nobody is
increasing. We are making it up to an everage norm,
European. -In all countries in Europe, it is 5-6 years.
Sometimes it’s even 7 years. -There are lifetime authority in Britain! There are 9 years!
There are 6 years! We had the shortest! -And there are many problems! So why won’t we have
opportunity to work normally?! -Like in Israel, this young driver drove a bus into a ditch!
How can you rule a country, if you have only 4 years?! -First of all, Vladimir Volfovich, appearantly you have
confused something Liberal-Democratic is called your
party, and not mine. Mine is called ‘Right Cause’. Z: -I was not talking about namings. I know how you called.
N: -Second, I took the constitution with me. See, a red book,
‘Constitution of Russia’. Z: -There. Open it.
N: -Why is this book red? Because many of its articles
are not working. -They are marked here. And they simply are not working. N: -So, for example… For example…
Z: -Yes. -Here it is written in the constitution… I’m reading it. -‘The highest, direct expression of people’s power,
appears to be referendum, and free elections.’ -And you, in Duma, have prohibited both, referendums,
and cancelled the governor elections. Z: -Not us, who prohibited. It was you.
N: -It is written, attention, ‘Russian Federation consists
of equal regions of Russia’. N: -Equal.
Z: -Yes. So? -This means, Moscow is equal, and Vladivostok is equal. -So then, why in Moscow, average income is 40.000 rubles (*2),
in Moscow region – 20.000, in Tver – 10.000,
and in Vladivostok even less. Z: -I will explain. I will explain. I will explain!
N: -You must obey the constitution. -This kind of income distribution was made by you!
There was no such thing with Tsar! (*3) Z: -It was done by the Soviet government. They were afraid
of uprisings everywhere, …
N: -I didn’t overthrow the Tsar, what are you talking about? -It is a tendency, which passed to the democratic Russia
from Soviet. They are feeding Moscow citizens always.
Always more! N: -And you want to bring Supreme Ruler, in addition. For
Moscow to take the absolute power!
Z: -We want there to be Russian language! N: -But in our country, wherever power is, money is there.
Z: -It is written in the constitution: Official
language: Russian! Z: -Why are we using an English word?! It was imposed by you!
You like America! Why ‘president’?
N: -Because thanks to your efforts in Duma, you gave all
the power to Moscow. N: -And Moscow is fatten, and the country is decaying.
Z: -Not in any case! We are always struggling against it!
Struggling! -By the way, it is you, who are a deputy of this fine Moscow,
and Moscow region. I am from an end of the earth province. Z: -I was always struggling against you.
N: -From Kazakhstan.
Z: -I always hated you. -You deprived me of my Motherland! Now I don’t even have
my Motherland! You deprived me of all this. H: -And how many years you live in Moscow, while hating it?
Z: -I live for already fourty… Four years. 1964… So 44 years. Z: -44 years! 44 years!
H: -Vladimir Volfovich, you can be suspected in political
Z: -Many haven’t even been born yet! Z: -Haven’t been born yet, when I was already living here!
H: -To live for 44 years, and hate. It is a tragedy.
Z: -And he didn’t even existed yet! -I hate the system! He says it correctly!
Fressed Moscow and hungry Russia!
But it was done by Gorbachev and Yeltsin! -Now it will be: Hungry deputies for 5 years. First they were
‘starving’ for 4 years, now for 5. -No. Then we going to conduct elections every half of a
year, and throw all our money for elections! -Vladimir volfovich, now about the constitution, which you
want to change. You don’t like it. N: -I am continuing to read it. Article 19.
Z: -So far, we haven’t changed anything. N: -‘Everyone is equal before the law and court of law.’
H: -But some people are ‘equaler’… -‘Decency of the personality is guarded by the state.’
Decency! In our country, is the decency of a person
guarded well? -There! Nobody can find it. That well it’s guarded
from everyone. -Absolutely agree! But this is happening in all countries
in the world! -There is no such country anywhere, where all citizens
feel well, and everyone’s rights are protected! -Like that American, in your praised America!
He put to death our Russian boy! -He doesn’t give a damn! ‘Oh, I forgot to take him to the
kindegarten…’! -That’s it! And he goes free! Free! ‘That’s it… You can
go… Just some Russian kid died… Who cares…?’ Z: -In every country in the world there are criminals…!
N: -This American, this monster, I would choke him with
my bare hands. -Oh, you would, wouldn’t you? And how about the monster in
Israel?! How about Israel?! -Who puts behind the wheel of a bus a person with
22 violations?! Take his licence away! -Why did it happened this way, Vladimir Volfovich, that our,
Russian children, ended up in this America,
and dying in cars there? Z: -It’s all democrats!
N: -Did this American kidnapped this child? It was given
by your government.
Z: -We are categorically against this! Z: -We were always in favor of prohibition of this!
N: -Why his Russian mom and dad abandoned him,
and he died there in a car?
Z: -Prohibit adopting from abroad! (Incomprehensible chatter) H: -Can we already get to the point?
Z: -To the point! He can’t! H: -I see this book you have is thick.
N: -People will at least know what I’m talking about. Z: -What, you can’t remember it like this?! You don’t remember
it like this? In your head?
N: -I am not an awarded lawyer. It you, who Putin awarded
with this title. Z: -But you don’t remember what is written there!
H: -So, today we have an awarded lawyer, and not
awarded lawyer. N: -I am not awarded. They didn’t gave it to me.
They didn’t gave it to me.
Z: -He is not a lawyer at all. We will check his diploma.
We will check his diploma. What HEE did you graduated from? Z: -What HEE? Did you took any exams?
N: -I graduated from 2 HEE’s. Very good ones. Moscow Institute
of Physics and Technology, MIPT. And Moscow Juridical
University. -Yeah. In absentia. In absentia. By buying the diploma
in an underground crossing. N: -Article 32. Don’t prevent me from reading the
constitution to the people.
Z: -University in absentia. -Citizens of Russia have the right to participate in
controlling country’s affairs. N: -Do they have the right? To participate in country’s
Z: -Yes. -Would someone please explain to the people sitting here,
about which way increasing of Duma’s authorities,
and the time of these authorities? N: -In which way it will help struggling against crisis.
Z: -I will exaplin. N: -Would someone explain to these people in Vladivostok?
In Vladivostok. Prices are increasing in Vladivostok!
Z: -Listen to those, who people gave these authorities to! Z: -It did not give them to you! Not in 2003, nor in 2007.
N: -People came out on the streets, yelling ‘Hello!
Moscow! We are here, in Vladivostok! We don’t have jobs!’ Z: -They are yelling, because of the administration you
created there! The most criminal! In Yeltsin’s period.
N: -And they get answered from Moscow ‘Hello, Vladivostok!’ N: -‘All your problems is because your cars’ steering wheels
are on the right side!’ And raising foreign car tax! (*4)
Z: -You want to hear it! You want it to be bad in the Far East! -You want it right?! You dream about it?! You want
Far East to burst in flames!
(Incomprehensible chatter) -You explain Moscow mafia first! About bandits of Moscow
region! These are your citizens, so to say! N: -No, no, no. No, no, no. One second.
Z: -I am explaining! you are preventing me. I am telling you
one more time. Telling you one more time.
H: -Allow Vladimir Volfovich to speak. -There was peace and order in the country, until 1991! Z: -In 1991, on August 19, we introduced state of emergency
in the country!
N: -You. You or us? -Us. You said: ‘Don’t. Don’t. Let there be democracy!’
And here you have ‘fruits’ of your democracy!
We have warned you about it! -Everywhere in the country there will be banditism,
separatism, and it will be Greece and Thailand in
‘one bottle’! -It is you! It is you! You brought criminal everywhere
to power! The most criminal district is the Far East! Z: -Only bandits are in power there!
N: -The whole Far East?! All 8 million people living in the far
east? All of them are bandits?! Z: -Only banditism! Killing any governor! Doing anything they
N: -Oh, this is strong… Z: -All of their former governors are locked in prisons!
N: -And in Urals? Are there lots of bandits in Urals? -There are lots of bandits there! And in Moscow there are
a lot of bandits! And your political organization is one
of most criminal! Same thing! Z: -Your masters are sitting in London! This is the kind of
conditions you have created for us in these 20 years!
H: -Vladimir Volfovich, I object. Their masters are sitting
in Kremlin. It is already Kremlin’s version. Z: -There! There!
H: -Their former masters are sitting in London. Careful…
Z: -What?! What kind of freedoms are you talking about?! -Who created your party?! Who finances it?!
What, you developed by yourself?! N: -How about yours?
Z: -We are on our own! On our own! That’s it! Me!
I have never been anywhere! Z: -And 20 years ago! 20 years ago!
H: -What do you mean you have never been anywhere? Z: -You wait. Why in conditions of crisis you creating
a party?!
N: -Vladimir Volfovich, I remember very well, when I was
sitting in Duma… Z: -Who creates a party in conditions of crisis?! What for?!
N: -Budget approval was taking place, Zhirinovsky promised
to the government to vote in favor. N: -He promised. There is verbatim report.
Z: -There is! There is!
N: -Vetenkov Nikita was expounding it. N: -And you were yelling: ‘Show the payment sheet!
Show the payment sheet!’
Z: -There, you see? See? Here are lies. Z: -When such lying, abominable…
H: -Worms.
Z: -Tomorrow I am going to go to a court, what is he going
to do? N: -Let’s go! Let’s go! I will drag you to the court!
Z: -Yeah… N: -Who in 1990 promised: ‘A man for every woman’?!
Z: -Never have I promised this! Never! Never!
N: -Where are they?! Where?! Where?! Where?! N: -10 million women in Russia are without men!
Z: -If this scoundrel is going to continue like this,
I am going to leave! -Or I am going to start hitting him in the face!
That’s it, I’m leaving. -Or guards is going to come in and we are going to
shoot him right here. -Because he is a scoundrel and rascal!
He’s standing here and lying impudently! -Impudent! Scoundrels! These democrats! They have
disfigured the country! Now they are continuing to say,
that I have said something! -It is your purchasable means of mass information!
I have never said this! Ne-ver! Z: -Find debates of 1993 right now!
And they will show you what I’ve said.
N: -Have you said about the men?
Z: -No! Never! H: -Boris Borisovich, then let’s look what have said
your Chubais!
Z: -From my mouth you have never heard this! Never! -Let’s put Chubais here near you and ask:
‘Do you afraid to come and answer some questions?’ -If you are such liars, then I am very glad, that the
people refused you the power! Z: -Because there are no bigger scoundrels and rascals!
N: -Vladimir Volfovich, to the point, to the point. (*5) -You are scoundrel and a rascal, understand?!
Together with your party! With your bandits! Z: -Always on bandits’ side!
N: -Together with the whole Far East. Everyone is a bandit,
and I am included.
Z: -No! Not the whole Far East! There are honest people there! H: -Calm down. Calm down.
Z: -But such scum like you, Nadezhdin, exist there also! -And you still in power! You should be eliminated, but
instead, a party was created from you! -Your Chubais have robbed the whole country,
but he is a minister again! -Your Kirienko created the country’s default, your Kirienko,
but today, he is again works in ‘Rosatom’! N: -I have a suggestion. I know I am going to be handed
a defeat right now, and I am not going to hit him in the face.
H: -No, no need to hand anything to anyone. Stop. -Don’t! Don’t! You are scoundrel and rascal!
Scoundrel and rascal! Z: -You should be torn apart! Crud! Criminal!
You understand?!
N: -Well, come, tear me apart. Come. -See? He tells me to come! I am speaking politely to him,
and this Moscow bandit tells me to come! Z: -Now I will come! Where is my bodyguards?! Bodyguards,
come in here!
H: -No need, everything is calm. -Come here, guard! Right here! -Take this scoundrel and kick him out of the studio! -So there won’t be this scoundrel in the studio! -Throw him outta here I tell you! Z: -Get the hell outta here!
H: -Is there NTV security? -There is no NTV security! Second guard come in!
Second guard come in here! Come here, second!
Where is he?! -Take this crud away! This creature! -So I won’t see this creature never and nowhere!
He is the lowest scoundrel! Z: -I don’t wanna see these scoundrels anywhere anymore!
H: -Please, go to your place. Vladimir Volfovich, calm down. Z: -Bandits and fraudsters! He’s a simple bandit from
Moscow region!
N: -You calm down… What is this…? -Don’t tell me to calm down! I will calm you down in prison! -Millions died because of you, scoundrel! And rascal! -Kick him outta here I tell you! Kick this bastard outta here! -And you get outta here I don’t wanna see you!
Where is the second guard! Get him outta here I tell you! -Get him out! -Get the hell outta here with your crazy damn party!
These scum! -These bastards did so much harm! They spilled
so much blood in the country! -And you are applauding to him in addition!
To your terrorists! Z: -Throw him outta here! All of them must be shot!
Everyone put on trial!
N: -Guys, I wasn’t planning to start anything… -You know, I think that, the main thing which was different
in our heroes, in this duel, is that they deviated from
the subject very much, and went the populist way very much. -About all kinds of incomes. About fressed Moscow and
hungry Russia. About bandits in Far East. About the
child in America. -So where is the actual constitution and where is the child?
I think is got splashed from that glass which did not existed
in the hands of Vladimir Volfovich. (*6) -This vagary of LDPR chairman was of course ourageous. -I think, not only because of this vagary, but because of
summation of causes and circumstances, the winner of
this round was Boris Nadezhdin. -Well, I can’t not agree with you here. TV viewers,
all of us present here, we were of course waiting for
detailed analysis and get the insight of it. -From one side, they should have shown with arguments,
whether we need a reform or some changes in the constitution,
and what kind of consequences and benefits they will have. -And on the opposite, if it is not needed, what are the
dangers for the country. -This is what people needed. And not this argument, which
was conducted with totally incorrect way. -I can’t even call it an argument. And here, of course,
they both lost, but I still have my sympathies on the
side of Boris Nadezhdin, -Because he did started, basically, to come to the point,
where he would start to win in this duel. -Because his argumentation, from my point of view, still
existed, and existed, and it was more interesting. -Well, I think the show lost a little, in connection to
these events happened in last minutes. -And to award a victory to someone, either to Zhirinovsky
or to his opponent, I, so to speak, have no right. -I think, for now it is a draw. But, as a general opinion,
the only think lacking here was a glass with an orange juice.
I think so. -You know, in this sense, I am forced to completely agree
with you, when both opponents simply deviated from the
subject, and the subject was completely lost. -Yes, it is a draw for now…
-For now, it’s a draw. -One of the most famous activists of the French Revolution,
comte Honore de Mirabeau was an extraordinary and bright
persona. -Which often led to collisions and duels. In addition, he
possessed tremendous acting and orator skills. -And in his speeches, he was using such figurative expressions
gestures and mimicry, that he definately found responce
in audience. -While participating in constitution development, Mirabeau
received nearly 100 challenges from monarchists. -But because his time was precious, he was answering
with a streotype phrase: ‘Monsieur, you are now included
in my list, but I am warning you, that it is long. And I
am not going to prioritize anyone.’ -However, 1 year after his death, it turned out, that he was
secretly giving advice to the king, and was even receiving
money for it. V: -Encounter 2!
H: -Boris Borisovich, Vladimir Volfovich, you have expressed
you feeling of deep despite towards each other. -And I asked you to stay, because of 1 reason. -Because citizens of Russia are unfortunately deprived of
a large amount of political shows, and they do not have an
opportunity to hear their political leaders, and understand
what we are talking about. -That is why I asked you to continue, despite your personal
relations, to take to the people, to your voters your
point of view. Z: -And on the subject.
H: -On the subject.
Z: -We are discussing constitution. Constitution.
H: -It is very important to stay on the subject. -That is, not to go into endless historical excursion,
and without insulting each other. -Please, your quiestion… -Elena Panfilova, citizen of Russian Federation. -RespectableVladimir Volfovich, you are not only an
unconditional star of our political welkin, but also a doctor
of philosophical science. -And I would like to ask you to explain to me this logical
paradox. -Your party and you are constantly speaking in favor
of struggle against corruption, by claiming that the
country has very much corruption. -Your party and you, during the last elections, were constantly
talking about the pressure being applied on you by
the administrative resourse, which is nothing else than
political corruption. -And literally yesterday, you were criticizing your colleague
in governmental Duma for boldlessness, for vegeterian
approach in struggle against corruption, that people don’t
want to fight corruption. -And from the other side, you want to extend authorities
of these people. -You want to preserve irremovability for these people. -Vladimir Volfovich, tell us please, how can you struggle
against corruption, without real political competition. -Totally agree with you. And good thing you remembered, that
yesterday, we subjected to the toughest criticizm the law,
which they, who has the majority, are pushing through, -While covering it up by saying that this is democracy.
And we have the right to fight against. -This is what should be said. I am very glad, that assistant
of my opponent finally said the truth. -That we are struggling for this for 20 years! -I agree with you, basically, we might as well not extend
anyone’s authorities. We can even shorten them. -Did I ever said to you, here in this show, that we want
very much to extend authorities to everyone?! -We have not said it. Corrections were introduced.
‘Can we extend?’ ‘You can extend. Or you can not extend.’ -But if there is historial experience, and the whole Europe,
all parliaments are working for 5 years, why you are thinking
that this parliament’s term should be extended?! -We are not extending to this one! You still can not
understand! We are extending for future parliaments! -For future president! And if you will not manage to fool
the people, they will elect a different parliament!
And a different president! Z: -But deputies will have more capabilities!
N: -And by the way, I would like to know who they
are going to elet for president. Z: -Deputies will have more capabilities to embody themselves!
H: -I will tell you a phone number in Kremlin. Call there,
they will tell you. -Only because of this! If we had given 15 years… -If authorities were extended by 15-20 years, you would
be right. But only by 1 year! Only by 1 year! G: -But new people is nowhere to be found.
Z: -Who told you this? Parliament is changing every time
by 70%! Z: -By 70%. Every time. Changing.
G: -But it is unnoticable by the decisions. -I agree with you! I am in favor of that president’s post
should not exist at all! I am in favor of a parliament
republic! -I am in favor of percentage to pass to the parliament should
not even exist! 1%! Got it – you have a political party! Z: -And no any deposits! And no signatures gathering!
But we do not have the majority!
H: -And no any Federation Council.
Z: -And we don’t need any Federation Council! -And shorten the amount of deputies to 300!
But corrections introduced by us do not pass! Z: -Never! Not a single time! Laws introduced by us do not
H: -But nonetheless you are changing the constitution. -Well, the constitution is being changed, to still find ways
to make our life better. Because it did not existed 15 years
ago! -But for now, the logical hitch remains. It’s like: We can
not make it, but let us preserve them some more. -Well, you appeal with this to the author of corrections!
My 6 corrections did not passed! G: -Well, I hope one day he will come to this show.
Z: -Well, please. And I come constantly.
H: -And we like it. -And always honestly telling you about my position! -Thank you. Please… -Svistunov Arkadiy, deputy of governmental Duma,
LDPR party. -Boris Borisovich, I have a very simple and short question
for you. -Have you, personally, voted in favor of this constitution? -Um, yes, Arkadiy Nikolayevich, yes, in 1993, on December 12.
I was already 18 years old. I was always going to elections.
I have not missed a single one. -I, personally have voted for it. But honestly, I also
participated in its creation, like Vladimir Volfovich said. G: -This was my second question. You immediately answered it.
N: -I couldn’t not to vote for it. -That is, he voted for the thing LDPR was talking about.
The only party that was calling people to vote in favor of
contitution – was LDPR. (Incomprehensible chatter)
Z: -All parties were saying: ‘No need!’ -And today they are all voted. Attaboy. Attaboy. G: -And now the second question.
H: -You are within reaching distance from love to hate.
going back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. -Their hatred because of their envy. They are homeless
on the street. So they are enraged by any authority. N: -We are going around without bodyguards.
H: -It’s cool, we will give you NTV’s guards.
Z: -Yeah, you don’t need it. Nobody is going to recognize
you anywhere. -Boris Borisovich, now the second question. G: -You were reading the constitution here with such passion.
Many article.
N: -I like to read it. I carry it with me all the time. -All the more so – you love to read it. You showed it to
everyone. -And it became absolutely understandable. Are you also
in favor of changing it somehow, because it doesn’t work?
Or I understood incorrectly your thinking? -Well, the constitution is not like an automobile, when
it’s broken, sit in another one, or call a taxi. -Constitution is the main law of our state. -And, you know what worries me so much in addition?
I still love Russia very much, and I hope our country will
exist for 300-500 years. -And after 300 years, children in schools are going to
study this constitution, and not some other country’s.
I hope it will be Russian. -And they will ask the teacher: ‘Which were the first
corrections in the constitution?’ The children will ask. -And maybe they will think about giving more rights to the
regions, or maybe to protect human rights, like
Bill of Rights in one country. -And the teacher will say: ‘You know, it wasn’t. First
corrections in the constitution, 300 years ago,’ -‘Were introduced by a great politician of the end of XX
century Vladimir Zhirinovsky, and it was to increase term
in power for himself.’ It’s a shame. -Zhirinovsky in particular did not voted, to be exact.
Zhirinovsky did not voted. N: -But after 300 years you are going to be remembered,
Vladimir Volfovich. For sure.
Z: -Immediately, a correction, we… -It is horrible right away. Becaue the correction was
introduced by the president. The correction was introduced
by the president. N: -You said it so quietly: ‘President…’
G: -I can say it loud. I have enough voice. -And all your passion includes only 1 thing – yes,
corrections must be made, but different ones. -No, wait, one second. I have never said, that corrections
must be imported into the constitution. -Constitution is the main law. Constitutions are adopted
not for a year, not for 5, but for hundreds of years. -I do not like many things in this constitution. Many things
I do not like. -But I think, that lesser evil, lesser evil, is to endure it,
and finally perform what I read. -About federalism, about human rights. It’s better than
start correcting in this place in particular. N: -And something else. I am a person, so very law abiding.
H: -You are directed by author ambitions. You don’t want it
to pass without your cosent. (Incomprehensible chatter) -Nobody explained to the people, nobody explained why life
in Vladivostok will be better if taxes will increase. N: -And why they will live better if they increase their
G: -But you have gone too far, Boris Borisovich. N: -Well you explain, sinse you are a deputy.
Z: -Well, our bathhouses are closed in Moscow region.
We have to explain this too? -I agree, it is lacking operability. I have told government
many times: ‘Your propaganda department is insufficient’. Z: -But we are not the government!
N: -But you are a deputy. -But we are constantly telling them the same thing you
telling us! What are you accusing us of?! H: -Wait a minute. Their propaganda department is insufficient?
Z: -Propaganda! Explain things better! -And I thought it was the department that is responsible
for decision making. -Because they are making the decision first, everyone say:
‘Why is that all the sudden…?’ And they are saying:
‘Our propaganda is insufficient’. Z: -I am always telling them: ‘Let us explain to the citizens,
before making a decision’!
H: -There. They shoud talk to people. -Say, that a decision is expected to be made,
introduction of some corrections is expected. (Incomprehensible chatter) H: -Hurry up and askthe questions. Don’t languish us.
G: -The question is the following. -In your opinion, as one of authors of this constitution,
as a voting person, and as a person who always reads
this constitution. G: -Is the juridical procedure being followed while adopting
these corrections?
N: -Of course not.
G: -Why? -I talked about this. I wrote a letter to all deputies of
regional parliaments. Formality lawlessness is happening. -There is the law 33, we, me and you, Vladimir Volfovich,
have voted for it. It is about constitution corrections,
remember? -It is written there, that the cycle of corrections approval
is 1 year. 1 year. -Once Federation Council adopted the corrections, and
regions are approving them for a year, and only after a
year, on the first session, Federation Council approves it. -And this is good. Ones can not change a constitution in
1 week. Am I right, yes? N: -And all of them approved it by an order.
They announced it already today. All of them, like one.
G: -Wait, right here, in this phrase. What is this:
‘By an order…’? N: -Violations.
G: -This is a kind of tactics? Ones can not have a discussion
like this. N: -Throughout the whole country, on approved schedule,
thousands of deputies are gathering and approving it.
Z: -But it is done by the Federation Council, not us. (Incomprehensible chatter) G: -You are a person who wrote letters to Federation Subjects.
You are bargaining with the center, before making a decision.
N: -Correct! Correct! Correct!
G: -Are you in favor of country’s integrity in general?
Or you are in favor of bargaining with the center? N: -Because, look, in the last 8 years, in the last 8 years,
in 1999, they were leaving 50% of the money in the regions.
H: -But today we can bargain. -A half. But now only 1/3. That’s why in Vladivostok…
That’s why this girl from Buryatia, a girl is calling Putin
and saying: ‘I want a dress for a the new year’. N: -And all good, everyone is happy, he is going to give
her a dress.
H: -And who should she call? The governor?
N: -And million of other girls won’t be able to reach Putin. H: -Yes, please.
G: -Nekrasov Dmitriy, member of the political council
of ‘Right Cause’ party, enterpreneur. H: -Better differently: ‘Still enterpreneur’.
G: -Still, yes. -I would like to leave aside for a little whether corrections
are good or bad, but express this fear. -Vladimir Volfovich, don’t you think, do you agree, that the
actual fact that our constitution in its currect form was
unaltered for quite a long time, -And it was an important built-in stabilizer
of our political system? -A safety latch, which was not allowing to different political
confrontations to turn into force argument. -If we compare political crisis of 1993, and crises of
1998 and 1999, then we can see, -That no matter what kind of attitude these political forces
had towards this constitution, they were playing by its rules. -President Yeltsin, instead of dispersing the parliament by
force, was negotiating with it about prime minister cadidate. -Communists, instead of creating mass riots,
were trying to organize impeachment. Etcetera. -Don’t you think, that our authorities today, by changing
the constitution as it pleases, possibly deprives itself
the possibility to refer to this constitution, -In the conditions of a political crisis, when it happens
one day? -Because if we can change it once, then we can change
it for the second time. -If one is allowed to, the another will be allowed too as well. -Doesn’t this seems dangerous to you? Especially in the
conditions of this world financial crisis, which is unknown
where it’s going to lead us. H: -So, aren’t we letting ginny out of the bottle?
G: -Yes, ginny out of the bottle. -So, all of you are using historical facts, without
knowing underlying reason. -You just said, that Yeltsin was relying on the contitution. -Twice he wanted to desperse the parliament! Twice! -Soldiers were already standing at our offices,
in March 1996! -He got scared of me! And Zuyganov! -And the minister of interior affairs have said: ‘I can not
open fire at the parliament again’! -In 1999, in May, the resolution about dissolution
of Duma was already laying on the table! -And only because the LDPR party didn’t allowed force
solution, we saved the country drom coup d’etat twice! Z: -And you are continuing: ‘Yetsin… Constitution…’!
G: -The constitution might have allowed to the LDPR party… -3 times! 3 times the party saved the country from a bloody
dictatorship! In December 1993…! -Maybe it was the constitution, constitution immutability in
particular and respect towards it, was the thing that allowed
LDPR to stop the ‘great and mighty’ Yeltsin? -It was not the constitution! He didn’t gave a shit
about constitution! -Particularly by violating the constitution he wanted to
disperse us by force, with the army!
And you are telling me about constitution again…! G: -Well, he wanted, but he didn’t.
Z: -He didn’t because he got scared! -Like he is going to get scared right now, and run out of here!
You are all cowards! -That’s why, understand me please, corrections are being
introduced in all constitutions in the world!
They are changing! -Right now, in France they have a constitution of the
5-th Republic! -They, the French, are constantly changing it!
So why can’t we change it?! Z: -They had 7 years term, now they made it 5! What?!
G: -How many years ago the constitution of the 5-th Republic
was adopted? -50! And in these 50 years how many time they changed it?!
In these 50 years – corrections! In every constitution! -I agree with you – an ideal option: Long term valid
constitution. And laws! -Because those same French are adopting 6 laws per month!
And we – 60! -Can you understand, that we completely ruined the country,
and now we have a new constitution, and legislation, and taxes,
and economy, and even people! Z: -Everything is new!
H: -But the life is still old…
G: -Can you specify? You are saying, that it can be
politically dangerous? G: -Simply, politically dangerous, in future. It is not
important whether corrections are good or bad. Simply change
of the constitution can destabilize the situation.
H: -But in Russia it can’t be not dangerous. -Well, knowing this, that it will happen this way, all these
problems, the only party that supported SCSE, on August 19,
was our. -We knew it’s going to happen this way. That there will be
crisis! That there will be unemplyment! Separatism! War!
Caucasus! Corruption! Baditism! 5 million derelict children! -We knew this! We were saying: Let us stop all this! -Tanks entered Moscow! You said: ‘No, we want Yeltsin’s
democracy!’ Well?! Did you get it?! -Yeltsin left, and you got the new regime again! I was
candidate for president 5 times!
So why are you voting for others?! -You are saying, that thing are bad in the country, but you
haven’t voted for me! -So that, you are electing another government, you are
electing new parliament majority, and directing your
complains to the LDPR! -Why in the hell?! Where is your logic?!
Where IS your logic?! (Incomprehensible chatter)
Z: -We are not responsible for state of things in the country! -We have the right to criticize! That’s it! -But do not hear us! Do not hear us for 20 years! -And LDPR was banned at some point!
And they were not banned anywhere! -They had people to bring them on a ‘plate with a light-blue
bordure’ (*7) new party’s offices, cars, money, name! Z: -And the press already is promoting them day and night!
And we were getting closed! Closed! Trampled!
H: -And only I was always showing you! Z: -Did not allowed us to elections!
H: -These things did take place. Did take place. H: -You had to change your name, I remember.
Z: -Changed the name. Went with a different name!
Conducted congresses at night! H: -Please, go ahead.
Z: -Tortured the party! And now, after 20 years they started
to accuse us.
H: -Vladimir Volfovich, very charming and beautiful woman
came with you. -Deputy on governmental Duma, LDPR party of Orenburg
region, Afanasieva Elena. -Mr. Nadezhdin, by my views – you are a provoker. -The way you behaving today here, on this ring,
you are behaving like this for the past 20 years. -And your team is behaving in the exact same way.
You are always lying. -And even now, on this show, when you are asking
seemingly rhetorical question, about why our children
turn up in America, I am answering you why. -Because by your efforts, by efforts of the democrats,
a corrections have passed into family legislation, -About that on the territory of the Russian Federation,
agencies for adoption have the right to operate. -They taking payments from adoptives and paying to our
officials. Here you have it – corruption. -It is your corrections. It is not a correction of LDPR,
and it is not a correction of ‘United Russia’ or back then
OHR. -It is your corection. A correction by democrats. -A second case, when you lied today, before our eyes,
by saying that Zhirinovsky had voted for constitution
corrections. -He did not voted. And even brought up his own corrections. -And I want to say, that I will be very happy, if that teacher
who will be teching about constitution corrections in the
future, -Telling to his pupils, he will also say that Zhirinovsky
was making corrections, that were saying about necessity of
reductions of number of deputies in governmental Duma. H: -Down to 300.
G: -Yes, down to 300 people.
Z: -Here you have money saving. -In my opinion, mr. Nadezhdin, you are angry. Angry, because
you did not passed to Duma, G: -Because you were broke away from a ‘feeder’, together
with Chubais, who has all democratic force on his side.
H: -Don’t touch Chubais. He has banano technologies. -They gave you a new feeder, yes? Looking at your surroundings,
surroundings, prison is already ‘cries for them’. (*8) -Because your accomplices have committed such crimes on
governmental level, current or former… -But it is your business. This will remain on your conscience.
It’s time we made corrections in the criminal code,
but we are still talking about constitution. -What kind of corrections? Were you a member of URF?
If yes, then 3 years in prison? Z: -It’s possible. This is possible too.
G: -No. Look how much harm was done to the country. H: -And the question is whether mr. Nadezhdin wants to
shoot himself right here?
G: -Maybe. -So, what’s the question to mr. Nadezhdin? G: -To mr.Nadezhdin…
N: -How can you even live after this?! H: -No, why are you dislike our Motherland so much?
G: -I generally think, that constitution, for you and your
fellas, is not the main law, -But that exact loophole, which you are covering with,
when you talk about human rights, and about freedoms. -Freedom for you – is humiliation of us. General humiliation.
Either me, as a deputy, or our people. -Humiliation of the country. Endless stealing from
governmental treasury. -Generally, I have this advice, you know your last name,
it’s a good last name, but there is no hope. -Maybe you should change it to ‘Beznadezhdin’,
and stop deceiving Russian people. (*9) H: -Oh, it’s like this… It’s like this… Now try to answer
G: -And the question has the following form.
And the question has the following form, mr. Nadezhdin. N: -How is the Earth still carrying you?
G: -You are a normal person, and you should understand,
that winners are always live better that the defeated. G: -And you are constantly pushing us to that abyss, where
we would be the defeated.
N: -I understand. OK, so I…
H: -Understood. -And a golden rule exists. We all understand, that never
another country, those who you are making an example of,
for us, -They will never struggle to make our Russian citizens live
better and more fed. -Understood. I was understanding, and understanding,
but didn’t understood the question at all.
Boris Borisovich, please. N: -Elena Vladimirovna, my dear, you have a history teacher
education, do I understand correctly.
G: -So you have learned the biography. N: -You should know history well.
G: -I know it well. -You know, you said so much, that I will ask to make a special
episode of ‘To the barrier’, where I am going to be answering
questions of Elena Vladimirovna. Although there going to be
a lot of them. -I’m afraid, that Elena Vladimirovna will win with a
big advantage. -So, first, Elena Vladimirovna, talking to a historian… -I was a deputy of gov. Duma only from 1999 to 2003.
LDPR – all 15 years. -Family legislation, about which you were talking about,
I can be mistaking, but it is for sure not our cogress. N: -It was either in 1995, or 1997.
Z: -We were talking about a correction. -Further. You said a great phrase: ‘Winners always live
worse than the defeated’. H: -Better.
N: -Better? Yes? Oh, better. Well, of course. -Winners are always live better than the defeated.
So this is what I’m trying to say the whole show. -That the currect authority, indeed lives better than the
defeated people. -Delirium. Delirium. You are delirious. You are provoking
again, and breaking up the population with your statements.
And nothing more. -So you are in favor of introducing a correction where
everyone will have 1 term… N: -Well, I can talk a lot about my last name.
My ancestors always lived in Russia. Always.
G: -And it is a great last name. N: -It is very good.
H: -The most important thing is that you haven’t done
anything to have it. You were simply born. -My great-great-great-grandfather was an important doer.
He was a brother of Michail Michailovich Speransky. (*10) N: -Understand? They are probably watching at me right now,
and thinking: ‘How did you ended up on this show?’
G: -Correct! What business do you have here?
V: -A break is announced! G: -What can you say to the people, other than lie for once
H: -OK, have a seat. H: -Not for long. Have a seat.
N: -What is this show…? Almost beaten me, now insulting. -Well, I think that in current time, fighters returned to the
subject. -And if we take into account contribution of assistants,
I think that hirinovsky’s assistants are more, so to say,
specifically orientating in this matter. -And Nadezhdin’s assistants… Well… Corruption and all…
Not on subject, not the point. -That’s why I would like, with a small advantage,
to give a victory to Zhirinovsky. -You know, I will allow myself not to agree with this. -Because the second assistant of Zhirinovsky again
directed the subject somewhere aside. -And as the end result, everything turned into some kind of
personal sorting things out, although we moved from it. -Well, yeah, personal mutual relations. -I wouldn’t give this victory to no one. -I think that both opponents finally started to talk about
what they are supposed to, but didn’t showed their respect
for the constitution. -Nadezhdin talks about lesser evil, about that we should
endure it. -Zhirinovsky says, that we don’t need Federation Council,
don’t need post of the president. -So that, basically, letters and spirit of the contitution,
it seems, also makes completely no difference for him. -I still think, that in the discussion Nadezhdin was leading. -And Zhirinovsky still should concentrate on a lot of things,
to regain the lost ground. -And Nadezhdin’s assistants were significantly stronger. -I agree, because opponents in particular asked very
good quiestions, from one and from another side. -And these questions would have allowed, if they wanted to,
to help our speakers to develop this subject very much. -The subject was not developed further. In particular,
there are some pretensions towards Zhirinovsky. -The actual question was making him, pushing him towards
answering why these changes, these corrections are needed.
-Yes, of course. -And talk here about modernization, for example, yes?
Not only economical, but also political. -And it was possible to develop this subject very neatly.
But basically, I am also on Nadezhdin’s side, in this round. -In the beginning of the XX century, duels, mostly preserved
in officers’ environment, became means of political struggle. -And rivalry between 2 liberal parties – ‘Cadets’ and
‘Octoberists’, almost brought the death of fighter
for constitution adn freedom – Pavel Miluykov. -On May 2, 1908, on Duma session, he blamed one of founders
‘Union of October 17’ (*11) Alexander Guchkov, in often not
telling the truth, and received a challenge for a duel. -Miluykov, who never held a pistol in his life, was forced
to accept it. He had no chance to survive it. -Guchkov was a famous scrapper, and a good shooter. -The duel was avoided, with efforts of their assistants. -A compromise formula was worked out: Guchkov had the
right to consider himself insulted, but Miluykov didn’t
wanted to insult him. -Encounter 3! -Boris Borisovich, who wrote this constitution in 1993
and everyone start screaming, that it is our everything? -What, is this constitution so good? -The constitution was written by a huge number of people. -A constitution conference was created. It had a huge number
of people, including your people, I think. -No, wait. How many people wrote this? N: -Um, well, a few hundreds of jurists participated in this
H: -I understand. So who wrote it? A few hundred people
can never do something simultaneously. N: -Well, I can say names of people.
H: -Yes, how many? Rumantsyev…
N: -Rumyantsev, Burbulis, Shakhrai Sergei, Krasnov. -You named people, who, with all do respect, do not appear
to be unlimited authorities. Not in jurisprudence,
not anywhere. N: -But they do not have…
H: -The thing is, they wrote this book, by which we must live. -And like you said, we are not living the way we would like.
And you are saying: ‘Don’t you dare touch anything.
Don’t change anything.’ N: -You know, look, ones must understand, that a constitution
is not written in some sick mind of some unknown people.
H: -I’m not so sure about this. -Considering the names that you told us here,
I’m not sure about this. -No, no. Look. constitution was wirtten literally like this. N: -First of all, there was constitution of RSFSR, which there
was a president, a parliament.
H: -So it was copied. -It was corrected with modern terms, added rights and
and freedoms of people, that wasn’t included in Soviet. N: -Removed the 5-th article. That is, made it normal.
A good constitution! Good.
H: -It is not normal. I will exaplain why. -Look, you are saying: ‘After 300 years, children are going
to remember…’ -When Americans now remembering their constitution, they
are saying: ‘Here, we had founding fathers…’ -And they are saying these names, and these people are
still unlimited moral authorities. -This constitution is recent, only from 1993. 15 years have
passed. So tell us the names of moral authorities who wrote it. H: -And people are going to spit and hit table with
their fists.
N: -I even know why in America… -I even know why in American they are moral authorities.
Because their portraits are drawn on these green papers. H: -Significantly later.
N: -No, no, no. There are. Yes, yes, there is.
H: -Sure there are still masons, but they appeared a lot
later on these papers. -First, they had to write it first, then die, then appear
on these papers, not the other way around. N: -Well, particularly this constitution, this constitution,
with all of its disadvantages, when it was created…
H: -This constitution didn’t prevented 2 Chechen wars, -This constitution didn’t prevented dying of a large number
of population, this constitution didn’t prevented oligarchic
regime of the 1990’s, -This constitution didn’t prevented anyone, who wasn’t lazy
enough, from wiping his feet of this country.
Did this constitution prevented it? N: -No. This is a different question and answer.
H: -O-o-o-h… N: -This constitution, dear comrades, gave birth to
everything… Let’s say it this way…
H: -Let’s. N: -Everything Solovyov is talking about, this constitution…
H: -It was against it, but nobody read it. N: -It is a different question. Volodya, look…
H: -I understand, meaning that whoever writes the
constitution, he is the one who reads it. And everyone
else does not? N: -Vladimir, what is it with you? I don’t know.
H: -So give a direct answer! -If this constitution was honored, including by president
Yeltsin, it would be a lot better. -So, if nobody honors it, then why would we not rewrite it?
So we should rewrite it. -Vladimir Volfovich, a question, which I have no answer for.
I don’t understand it at all. -8 years of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin’s presidency. -Vladimir Vladimirovich says: ‘I will not allow to change a
single letter. The constitution is our everything!
We do not need to change the constitution.’ -A few months have passed. Nothing had fundamentally
changed in the country. -Suddenly, Dmitry Anatolievich Medvedev says:
‘By the way, we are going to change the constitution.’ -What happened? -A total disappointment by the results of those reforms,
that were conducted by these exact democratic parties. H: -During these few months? How is it?
Z: -Everything was founded in 1992! -I am naming the author: Egor Timurovich Gaidar! -His accomplices – Chubais, Nemtsov, then Kirienko,
and everythign else, like URF and ‘Apple’. -That is, almost 15 years of everything they were doing,
today everything is gone, everything collapsed. -I understand, but Putin can not be called a supported
of Gaidar. Why? -Because he is a newcomer. A newcomer. He has different
views. Z: -He is younger. He is younger. Maybe he likes to be also
an author of some changes.
H: -Understood. Z: -Because, everyone need ambitiousness, understand?
H: -Understood. -This bus driver in Israel, who killed our 25 people!
Because of ambitiousness: ‘I will be the first to arrive to
Eilat!’ -Why did he came here? Ambitiousness! To show, that there is
still this person – Nadezhdin! The last democratic worm in
Moscow region hasn’t died yet. Still exists! Still crawling! -And where is Nemtsov?! Your homeless Nemtsov!
Where is he?! H: -Don’t touch Boris.
Z: -Where is Khakamada?! H: -Look, you are…
Z: -Where is Yavlinsky?!
H: -What is with you…? H: -So that, the question…
Z: -I would gladly bring cookies to them, to a nuthouse,
and to prison. To nuthouse and to prison. H: -You do love people. You do.
Z: -And everything will be fine in the Far East.
You will not be albe to ignite ‘fires’ there! -Look, what I am perplexed by. Explain to me, please,
like to a person who does not understands very well. -Well, cuttings are in progress in the armed forces.
How they are treating elderly generals was examplory
showed to us, when they dispersed them. -Saying: ‘Hey, grandpa, tie your scarf correctly, because
God forbids I choke you, when I am going to drag you.’ -Thank you very much for not kicking in the face with
a boot right away. -But, interior forces, as it turns out, nobody is planning
to cut. They are needed. -By the way, interesting articles are being adopted. -From one side – corrections in the constitution, and from
another side – these interesting articles, -That now, if you, God forbids, citicizing the authority,
you are basically a spy. -Traitor to the Motherland. And you are going to be trialed…
God forbids, not by jury trial, but… So you won’t be worried
too much, you will be trialed by a judge. -So you won’t resist too much, and made too much trouble.
What all this is leading towards? -All these changes, in conjunction… Are we being
prepared for something? H: -Maybe unfreeze barracks in Krasnoyarsk?
N: -You know, as the result of vertical of power in
the country, a horrible thing happened. -We have too huge and diverse country, for some ruler,
even a genius, could really understand everything. -From him, from this particular person, there is a huge
number of people. -The main problem of our country, appear to be the fact,
that building of the vertical, each person trusts only
the supreme ruler, -And not trusts some others. He doesn’t trust his
neighbor, doesn’t trust his superior, doesn’t trust
mayor, governor, and only like this. -And that’s why, when a signal is coming out of here,
any… We have crisis, Putin gave money to banks,
everyone abandoned this subject. -But nobody noticed here, that they are gone somewhere.
the system have lost its controllability. This is the problem. -And if the system loses its controllability, then the
authority starts to understand, they mean well. -They want to give money. Boom. Nothing arrived.
People came out in Vladivostok. Understand? (*12)
‘Hey there, Moscow…’ H: -People didn’t came out because of this.
N: -Of course, and that’s why, a part of administration,
a part of administration, -Of course cuts army in particular.
Of course cuts army in particular. (*13) -And of course increasing interior forces. Because a normal
military commander is not seriously thinking that we are
going to war with America. -He thinks, that they are going to disperse meetings and
demonstrations. -Vladimir Volfovich, the situation in Vladivostok worries
me very much. I will explain why. -Because the problem is not only that custom taxes for cars
have been raised. Althought, this measure, in my opinion…
But we are not talking about this right now. -We are talking about people not being heard. Because
when people are coming out on the streets, -It means that the authority did not came to them,
governor did not spoke to them, -That their point of view did not managed to reach
the authority by any civilized means, get discussed, -And asked: ‘Guys, we are planning to make certain corections.
We understand that this is going to strike hundreds
of thousands people who live in the Far East.’ -‘But, for you to have ways to make a living, we are going
to create jobs, business, etcetera.’ -But this did not happened. Can you imagine what means
mutiny in Russia? It is frightening. -A mutiny in Russia will sweep the right and the wrong ones.
It is horrible. We must not allow this at any cost. -The situation can become the same, as it was in 1917.
They were displeased with the Tsar, and rightfully so.
He should have left. Z: -But the power went to hands of weak people,
democrats, masons. They were incompetent.
H: -Bandits. -They were like: ‘Stop any war… Disperse the army…
Obey nobody…’ -As the end result, dictators came to power.
This is what we can not allow. -Today, we have tested our democrats, in these 15 years. Z: -But about the situation in the Far East you say…
H: -Democrats don’t matter right now.
How to make it so people will be heard? -They have nobody to appeal to. Nobody. -They do not have a person to appeal in the center, who
would hear them, nor local. -Why was I talking about criminal authority? Not people.
You wait! I am answering now! You have already answered
your share! -The authority is criminal – governors and mayors of the
Far East. What he is going to come out with?! -They will tell him: You are a thief yourself!
Why would we listen to you? So to say. -This is the problem. And if we remove it, remove this
authority, then it will merge with them! -When they will be removed from the government, it is
going to be giving money, -Like in 1991 they were giving money, to disrupt SCSE.
Like they were giving money in 1993. -That is, the center is afraid of, so to say, cohesion! -We send governors to retirement, we must send them,
mayors of cities, local criminals, local mafia, hungry people,
bereaved! -And then it will indeed turn out, that all of them are
against the authority. -And on all of them we will have only 2 policemen. -There is your problem. But they are going to act like in
Greece. They will burn all shops, cars, and then they are
going to be laying in hospitals, prisons and graveyards! -And then who is going to sort all this out?!
Who is going to sort all this out? -Look, ideally, people can speak with the authority
through their deputies. Because people are electing
party and deputies. -But deputies, even after gathering all this information,
do not have anywhere to go with it. -Because it turns out, that executive authority do not
hear deputies very well. -Although now you made these corrections, by which the
authority must come and report. -But in reality, you are going to say like this: Misfortune
found us. And some minister will tell you: Misfortune
did not found you yet. We know better where misfortune is. -I agree with you. I agree with you. But again, you can not
blame LDPR again! -We don’t have deputies there. They are not allowing us,
struggling against us. Their supporters struggling against
us in there. -That’s why, we can not influence. He says: ‘What are you
doing there?’ -We represent a part of our voters in gov. Duma.
And we have no one in the Far East. -Because their mafia and bandits displaces out deputies
everywhere. -Because they are honest! But they need controllable deputies!
And there is huge number of them! A huge number! -Deputies of the Far East in gov. Duma are silent!
They do nothing! -They are all from other parties! There is not a single one
from LDPR! -But if Russia loses Far East, it is going to be a tragedy. -We will never lose anything! We will rip the head off anyone,
who dares to touch Russian land! -And in that same constitution is written:
‘Nobody has the right to raise a question about secession’! -‘Nobody has the right to act against the governmental
authority! Nobody has the right to call for violence!’
Like you and your party are doing! -We will rip everyone of your heads off!
Every last one! -And the people is right in some things! They live bad,
pensions, cars, steering wheels…! -But what you want – is to ignite! You won’t manage to!
You wait for nothing! -From what I understand, we are talking about steering wheels
on the right, yes? -I mean from the right and from the left! Why did they
allowed inport cars with steering wheels on the right?! -Becuase they did it! With Yeltsin! First is was: ‘Fine,
import with right steering wheel’. Now they say: ‘You can’t’!
Why did you do it?! -Let us help AvtoVAZ who notices it, but according to
data of Samara’s newspaper, 95% of AvtoVAZ employess
are… -I agree, but first, they allowed everything, and now,
they are prohibiting everything! -Why did they allowed everything?! We should have send
Zhiguli to the Far East! Zhiguli, Zaporozhets, Moskvich!
(*14) H: -And who is going to drive them?
Z: -But they decided to import from Japan. And now, when…
H: -It is cheaper there, and simpler to bring. H: -Boris Borisovich, you wanted to answer this question.
Z: -To maintain their power. -How should we act, so we will not lose the country? -I always horribly worry when these speeches starting to
sound, about these mass meetings. H: -People want for life to get better, without taking into
account historical experience.
Z: -And everything will turn out the other way around. -Always, as the result of mass meetings, life gets worse. -It is easy to destroy, especially now, that we are getting
to the winter. But after this – how do we live? -I will tell you this way… The more some politicians from
Moscow are screaming: ‘We are going to rip your heads
off there, in Russia…’ -Not there, but here, your heads. Not there!
People normal everywhere. -And those who provoking, instigate, expecting fires,
we going to rip their heads off. -No, by the way, for the moment, they are not instigating
anyone, and igniting nothing. -But he started the show from the Far East! He wants for
fires to start there! He likes it. H: -No, no. We want exactly this – for authority to go there,
and hear people, speak with them,
Z: -I didn’t mentioned Far East deliberately.
But he mentioned it. H: -To look the in the eyes, to understand, not to allow
Z: -Your objections are correct, but I am not the authority!
I would go and calm everyone down! Z: -I would calm them down!
N: -I patiently listened how you would rip my head off,
allow me to tell about Russia now. Can I now? Yes? H: -One of important objections is that deputies do not have
an opportynity to really influence executive authority.
Z: -Yes, yes, yes! We came, and they are not giving us
television time, and an opportunity to gather!
To appeal to them! N: -Vladimir Volfovich, before you rip my head off and pull my
tongue out, can I say something?!
Z: -You will have your last word – in your bequeathal.
H: -Last word before ripping the head off. -Write it in your will. -For all people to want to live in Russia, and wanted to work
in Vladivostok, and in Buryatia, we must do 2 things. -1-st thing: Discipline based on fear, like ripping heads off,
is not going to bring order in the country. -Discipline must be based on trust, on person’s dignity,
respect, and on kindness. N: -We must speak kindly to people.
Z: -Right. -And for this, we must, so that people who live, since we
started with Vladivostok, let it be Vladivostok. (*15) N: -It’s not important where, in Amur, in Khabarovsk, in
H: -In Russia.
N: -In Russia. -So they would know, that local authority answers to them. -And deputies, who they elect, are not appointed in Moscow,
with lists sent from Moscow, yes? -Who should be mayor or governor, but so they would
elect them. N: -And these mayors or governors to know, to know…
H: -They did elected, they did. Darkyn was elected in
the Far East.
Z: -Yes. And city mayor was elected. H: -City mayor Winnie-the-Pooh… Oh, excise me… He was
also elected. So what did we got?
Z: -So were deputies. N: -If… If… If…
H: -It doesn’t work. Doesn’t work. Doesn’t work.
N: -And along with everything, along with everything,
the person would answer to his people. -But it is working like this?! After appointing?! Corruption
disappeared in the country?! Everyone is ideal and
examples to follow? -No, of course not, without a doubt. But at least now he
can be quickly removed. But before it was impossible. N: -He can be removed?
H: -We did have someone removed recently! Didn’t you noticed?
N: -Oh yeah?
H: -Oh yeah… Z: -And appointed your man! Your man was appointed.
(Incomprehensible chatter) -…Mayors of some cities are sitting since communist times,
and nobody can do anything with them. You understand? -And you know why? Because as soon as he gets the signal,
about inspection coming from Moscow, and he is sitting there
far away. -They are coming for 3 days, 5 days to arrive. And he is
already making deal with them, sharing with them.
Understand? -Because he is not answering to his people, not to his yard,
but to Moscow. And it’s far. H: -Boris Borisovich, when they were answering to their people,
to their yard, they were pressing their people in the same way.
Z: -All criminals were in power. And they voted, and bribed,
and did everything they needed. -The problem is different. You are suggesting returning
to the past. But it doesn’t work either. H: -Vladimir Volfovich says, tht we still must change some
Z: -Yes! Let us change things! -But I’m saying, that authority must not only dictate to the
people, but also hear people. H: -Otherwise, unfortunately, we will lose this great country.
N: -Of course. -But for now, you went to govern there, not us! -Vladimir Volfovich, is there a single governor from
LDPR? Z: -No! Not a single one! Not governor, no minister, not
even a deputy! And he is complaining about me!
H: -There are deputies, in gov. Duma. -According to parties’ lists – all over the country!
But Far East – not a single one!
Moscow – not a single one! H: -Look here, Belykh became governor…
Z: -And from them, Belykh became governor, without any
party. H: -But I am worried about Bogdanov and Barshevsky.
Z: -There. And they are nobodies.
H: -They refused their parties as well, but didn’t become
governors. -They feed of Kremlin! These so called democrats! -I think that suggestion about increasing terms of president
and parliament, they are first of all not isolated. -They are kept in a quite wide program of democratic
entities, which were suggested by president Medvedev. -And this is what Vladimir Zhirinovsky mentioned.
And it is based on quite wide worlds experience on
authorities terms of president and parliament. -These changes, by the way, are not changing spirit,
nor the letter of our constitution. -Especially concerning citizens’ rights, work of authority
agencies and Federative arrangment. -And I think Boris Nadezhdin showed us this booklet in vain,
saying that it is going to suffer. -And finally last thing. I think Boris Nadezhdin still won,
but not because he was more convincing by speaking
against changes that were suggested by president Medvedev. -But due to more powerful argiments, and generally,
populist direction, the same exact as Vladimir Zhirinovsky. H: -Mrs. Bashkirova.
Z: -There. Democrat and populist. -I think the subject itself was extremely interesting.
It gave so many opportunities to both duelists to
show themselves somehow. -Which, unfortunately we did not observed. -Because I evaluated really high efforts of Vladimir Solovyov,
who tried to push you towards people in general. -And discuss subject, what we have to do in general,
so the people would be finally heard, so it won’t be so
abandoned, so it would have somewhere to appeal,
generally, when a misfortune strikes. -We didn’t hear this at all. Further. I would have liked to
head a very clear position about why we should not change
this democracy. What is this? -Does this mean that we in Russia have this mentality?
Soviet, communist, Tsarist, traditionalist, that we need
a strong Tsar, yes? -Does this mean that we must have legal autolitarism,
like in Singapore? Or why should we have these changes? G: -What are they going to lead to? For modernization? What
was all this made up for?
H: -Understood. And who won? -And I think that the winner is Nadezhdin. -Oh… Mrs. Abramova. -I want to agree with the previous judge, without evaluating
whether we need or do not need to change it, both speakers
had opportunities to clearly state their position. -One – to prove: I think that constitution must not be
changed because of this, because of this, because of this. -The other: It must be changed, because of this,
because of this, because of this. -I did not hear from neither side these clear explanations
of their point of view. That’s why, in this argument,
I think nobody won. -Mr.Pertsev. -Well, the subject is quite complicated, and it can not
be solved with a cavalry raid, like we are doing here. -But I want to turn our minds to the fact, that indeed,
our historical conditions have changed.
They have matured. -And what we had to bring to attention, at least convince in
something, I did not hear it from the participants of the
current duel. -However, taking into account the historical experience of
mr. Zhirinovsky, I think that Vladimir Volfovich, although
with small advantage, won. -Well then, I thank our respected judges, and participants
of today’s discussion. -And how viewers voted, we are going to find out right now. -According to results of TV viewers voting,
the winner is – Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

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