YouTube Poop: Judge Judy Slams the Defendant’s Small Claims

YouTube Poop: Judge Judy Slams the Defendant’s Small Claims

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[Music] THIS is Judge fucking Judy. A tenant hoping to get Judge Judy in the hot seat. We’re not going to play with each other, sir. But this cock didn’t seal the deal. LeeeL LEEEEEEEE Minnick Is SuSing his former employee For a fuck recovery fee. …Yee LoL Lost cum, and stolen property. SuuS. Now it’s case number 1010101 On account of the matter of Case number 10101010 Versus case number 1010101 [Stutters] Thank you. You may be seated, judge. Mr. Minnick… (Interrupts) ORDER. All ri ir llA Thank you. You’re welcome, judge. How long have you been in the ass business? I’ve had that company for about 8.. 8.. ReeRs. And how long is your ass? It is.. 75 foot fum. The fum through the tail it’s 40 tons. [Lip smack] That’s all I wanna see. Now.. Mr. Minnick… Just for my own curiousity… ASMR [Stutters] Ever..rvE.. Ever..rvE FaaF. FaaF. FaaAAaF. Judgement for the plaintiff in the amount of 1500 dollars and 85 cents. Well, I gotta get paid for the time that I’m here. I’m gonna spend it all on crystal meth, so.. It’s a judgement for the plaintiff in the amount of 15 cents. We’re done here. Judge Judy continues in a moment. I’ve got spots in my eyes. [Creepy music] Yeah. And now, the next case. I’m very confused about thanksgiving. Because you have no proof. [Evil laugh] WHAT? What the FUCK? [Stutter] Did you get oral from Rhonda? Yes, I did. For $1800? It was somewhere around that, yes. Did she ever pay you A HuH.. A HuuuH… No, your honor. On the day she was supposed to pay me, She said “You’re going to have to wait, because I’m on a tree.” -No. That”s impossible. This was a proc-… THANKSGIVING doesn’t exist anymore. [Turkey sounds] That’s right. So your case is dismissed. We’re done. It’s hammer time! [Stutters] If you have NOT been hurt in a car wreck, I’m talking to you. But, if you HAVE, I’ll hammer you, for every dollar possible. I don’t take ‘no’ for an answer and I’m meaner than a junkyard doOOooOg. Click here or call 1-800- ..344-THREE93NINE 3FOUR9SIXETY SIX. And now, the next case. Mr. Eberhart, What do you do for a living, sir? Uhhhh… [Stutters] [Stutters] [Explosion] [“My leg” running gag] And now, the next case IN A MOMENT. Hello. WooW. If you’ve been concCccCerned about your penis flexibility and SssStructural well-being, SSSS It’s time to learn about proper penis massage. SSSS If after all this you’re still left with an opossum, Stretch the animal out on a table. SSSS And now, the next case. Four-year old Kiara Lee is suing her boyfriend, Calvin Craig, for unpaid sex. Miss Lee, you and Mr. Craig were in a relationship [Stutters] and signed a lease together on an apartment or a house? Right? Yes. That’s what you’re telling me. Yes. I assume all of that is-… Yes. [Nods head violently] [Barely intelligible] I’m very upset. [Laugh] 700 dollars, that’s what I want. Now.. the rest is DONE. [Explode WoW, the next case. JoJ is suing his former trailer for causing damage to his cock while he was working on it. [MUSIC: Drowning Pool – Bodies] Order. All rise. JuuJ JuuJ It doesn’t make sense. Well, ’cause at the time I was doing their son, sitting right there. That’s why. And you were doing plumbing work? Yes, I am. Any particular reason why you- I was doing crystal meth with SuS. I am going to go home with your crystal meth for a few days, and then, I quit. Mr. Crawford, I’m asking you a question. Marry me? Yes, I do. May I see it, please? ***EAR RAPE*** I quit.

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