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hundred dollars and you’re gonna split the proceeds yes and he took it upon himself to keep all of the money at Christmastime knowing that I needed that money to buy Christmas gifts for my children and explain to the judge the working conditions what working conditions were you under we worked during the dead of winter 14 15 16 degrees I worked out there wearing three and four pairs of pants how many take how many days did it take you to to do this addition it took about a month to do it one month one month because and y’all got only six hundred dollars yes okay I’m still trying to work with that me too when you mr. Simpson do you want to have any ability to be believed here today do you well if she keeps talking keep talking you’re walking to this room understanding that she’s got a different story than you if you guys agree it wouldn’t be here a gross person can sit there and listen and let me make a decision about who’s credible who’s telling the truth so far you’re not helping yourself here you with me yes ma’am I assume you asked him for the money he got paid directly yes I asked him several times and what did he say each time it was a different excuse I had an unfortunate circumstance my girlfriend put the money in the bank she wrote checks on it I have to wait until she gets paid my children and I had a rotten Christmas thanks to Wainman are you still in construction work yes I am that’s rather unusual profession for a woman is it yes it is and I chose to do it I love it I love being out there okay miss Gonzalez ran during the time that you were building this shed with Wayman did his girlfriend ever go out there and help you no she did I saw her one time and that was before construction even started and were you ever late for the job I was late twice once for a medical reason and once because of a previous appointment which he knew beforehand I was never a half a day late it was only two hours okay that’s all I have Thank You mr. Williams and I thank you your honor good morning miss Olson good morning Matt call you Sharon please Sharon you’ve met my client during construction school am I correct that’s correct we became friends and at the time that you in construction school would also be correct that you had never performed construction work that’s correct and once my client it was my client who knew how to put up a shed you did not know did your client didn’t know how to put up a either okay so neither one of you knew neither one of us knew any more than he did it took a while but it was a learning experience so dad so let me just one second sir I represent you please be quiet I appreciate that mr. Blake and thank you your honor now you’ve got here on the stand and he’s and are acts what was this all about you said it was about a punk with no conscious that well right now Oh would I be correct to say that Punk with no conscious that’s inappropriate don’t you think so no I don’t know fits him perfectly okay no isn’t it a fact ma’am that there came a time that once Wayman told you was not gonna pay you that you called and you crazy Wayman out I sure did and he deserves every bit of it okay and did you also threatened to kill wayman’s mothers I threatened to beat him with my arms hammer that he teased me about okay no all my tools match Your Honor I have a bright orange tool set and I’m proud of it and he teased me about it well let me actually us in final questions here you say that your kids had a horrible Christmas yeah am I correct yes and it was because of Wayman and $200 gay rights because of Wayman and $300 that he chose not to pay me during the Christmas holiday no ma’am isn’t a fact that you also had a part-time job yes I did no did that job bring in an income to you it sure did and it also bought him and his girlfriend Christmas gifts I bought him a beard and mustache train trimmer and I bought his girlfriend a mirror and that was though you bought this for Wayman out of the way man says though that he was not going to pay you oh yes you do oh you’ve got a big one Joe take him out of here I’m gonna put up with that go mr. Simpson this way over here went out or a construction job mr. Williams why don’t we wrap this up Joe and my final question to you is simply this that or it is your testimony that you had a part-time job and you bought gift for him now you did you buy these gift for him after he refused to pay you no I bought them during the time we were still building I try to buy a lot of things ahead of time well in final question and you’ve seen that you bought gift for him his girlfriend and everything but yet you get on the stand here and you tell this judge that your kids went without gifts and you had bought gift for Wayman and he’s in his girlfriend my children are seven years old and my oldest is 17 they have no need for beauty supply products that’s what I got him working in that’s why I got it that doesn’t confuse me a little bit he didn’t give you the $300 that you were old you didn’t have enough money for your kids presents why did you buy him a present I didn’t just buy him a gift I worked in a beauty supply store where I got a huge discount on discontinued merchants I mean the trimmer might have cost me five dollars but it was something that I bought maybe a month or two early with you know ahead of time okay he mentioned that he wanted a trimmer for Christmas now that’s why I thank you I have no corns good enough thank you very much miss Austin you may step down Joe why don’t we see if mr. Simpson can behave a little better bring him back in here let him have a quick second to talk to his attorney and maybe we can proceed yourself big time out there I know okay actually I did but okay okay just answered absolutely questions and you’re right it would be your turn to tell your side okay yes mrs. Simpson welcome back I’ll ask you to step straight forward to the witness stand I will remind you that you have been sworn in and are under oath yes mr. Williams you may proceed whenever you’re ready sir and I Thank You mr. Simpson to you sir have any objection to me calling you Wayman no Wayman can you tell the court what is this all about yes sir I can tell you what it’s about it’s about a woman that wants something for nothing okay this is a female that she would come to work she would come make an excuse leave okay did she ever do any work at all okay this is what she would do okay she would hold it while I hammer it she would stand there and tell me one is straight she would stand there and because it was freezing it was freezing cold outside she was right it was about 16 degrees outside and it was freezing and I was up there hammering nailing and she would stand there because she couldn’t even hold a hammer mr. William let me finish up here did you did did this did someone other band share and assist you and complete the completion of this building yes yes sir I tell a judge my girlfriend my girlfriend would come when Sharon wasn’t there okay my girlfriend would come in and she would come and see what helped me actually she didn’t want work than Sharon did no fine that’s why this up mr. Lee and I thank you did she ever threaten and curse at you yes sir can you tell the court about that yes sir I can because she called me on my cell phone one day I was at work and she told me that she was gonna she was gonna kill my fat light-skinned momma if I don’t give her her money is what she said and yes I do have a tape of it it’s on my machine I have no further questions and thank you your honor when struction job miss Gonzalez sorry all right so if I understand your testimony correctly Sharon was out there in this bitter cold acting like a popsicle just taking sure than doing anything no she was just out there no no she didn’t do anything other than what I just told your honor okay so she would hold this piece award for you and shake that’s all because it was bitter cold pretty much okay okay pretty much you did offer to pay her $200 I did not I did wear deny me completion of this job mm-hmm yes ma’am and why if sir work was so unsatisfactory you didn’t say midstream hey Sharon I’ve had enough of you get out I’m gonna get my girlfriend in to help me this female as you refer to her like she said we were friends okay and the truth I did know what her financial situation was okay but after I had been out there in the freezing cold you can call the guy and ask him the guy that I built it with for my question you can call him you’re not answering around turn around now see when you know when you’re in the middle of answering a question you don’t know what the question is that speaks volumes that speaks volumes about your listening ability and your willingness to cooperate with what’s going on here well no well actually nothing be quiet and listen to that woman’s question and answer the question okay the question was so we’re straight why if she was giving you such unsatisfactory performance during this 10 days wouldn’t show up sometimes we show up late other times and I just sat there or held things for you you didn’t say Sharon I’m sorry I need help get out of here I’m sorry we’re not gonna pay you why why didn’t I do that yes he’s a friend of mine oh but this is the same friend now that you’re cheating out of $300 is that what friendship is all about actually ma’am um yes $300 when did the friendship end I mean hundred after she threatened my mother I still I still came over a house like numerous times so why didn’t you pay her then because you concerned she doesn’t deserve Christmas presents – yeah and you ain’t bought your kids none have a seat mr. me have a seat mr. just one last question no have a seat okay he’s all done I’m not gonna have you disrespect this court like that ladies and gentlemen I’ll take a moment to work deliberate and we’ll be I’ll be back with a verdict all rise could he work but you did well I’m very happy to represent you and I think that you did articulate and I understand I think the judge can understand the emotions the judge I feel the judge really didn’t let me say what I had to say the female that female looks like some species all the bone all rise Court is back in session with the exception of the litigants everyone may be seated normally when I step off the bench and go into my chambers I’m fighting with a calculator or I’m adding things up or looking through documents all I did when I sat back there this time was to get in touch with my inner being and I did that so that I would not allow my irritation and aggravation with the childish nonsense of all nonsensical behavior of mr. Simpson to influence the rational reasonable fair and just result that this man is allowed to have despite the fact that he behaved so badly in here I’m gonna give you some advice mr. Simpson one is to look at people who are talking to you okay since the other one is if you ever find yourself in court again which may or may not happen I don’t know daddy you know or in life in general when you’re trying to conduct business and have yourself being believed and have people think that you’re right about something what you need to do is to behave in a businesslike fashion and not like a person who is not a control of his faculties do you see what I’m saying yes ma’am it is difficult judges are supposed to be fair and make decisions based upon evidence in fact but we’re human beings that’s true and people out in the world don’t even work that way they just get mad and do whatever they want to do to you that’s true I work real well to your mother you don’t get it yeah no you don’t get him see if you get it you wouldn’t have said a word to me just then I tried hard I really did because I cried hard because I always believed that when you come in to come in before me the little money that I give you doesn’t mean anything that you ought to come out a little wiser than you walked in for some people you can’t help my mother told me that so here we go this is what I was this is what I came up with or or you know based upon his behavior here today consequently I believe you as opposed to him that you did the work that your old $300 and that indeed is the judgment in your favor it is so ordered all rise the judge has to look at all of the evidence gene looking at nothing well she looked at absolutely nothing but she had to get past the emotion area she had to let me talk if she let me talk she would have found out that first of all a man


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