YOU ARE THE JUDGE | Singing Beetle Competition

YOU ARE THE JUDGE | Singing Beetle Competition

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Oh man! Guys, we’ll be needing your input today! AC Family, do I have a video for you! We’re back with the Rhino Beetle Games quickly
approaching the finals and today we’ve got two rounds of Rhino Beetles competing for
the chance to win a beetle paradise, complete with food, shelter, and the right to breed
with females and pass on their genes. Do prepare your voting fingers for this episode,
because for the very first time, you at home watching, that’s right YOU AC Family, will
be able to fully be part of the games by actually VOTING off one of the Rhino Beetles in a judging
round, where you vote who of the remaining Rhino Beetle Gladiators stays, and who fatefully
gets sent home, out of the Ant Room and on their way back into the wild from where they
were collected, so keep on watching until the end for the ultimate, at-home voting round! This action-packed, interactive, and educational
episode will blow your mind, as you the AC Family, cheer on your Rhino Beetles Gladiators
in a race for food, as well as, a beetle performance of sorts. Ladies and gentlemen, gather round once again,
take your seats in the Antiverse, and let’s marvel at the world’s most amazing rhino beetles,
for another week of Beetle Love, here on the AntsCanada Ant Channel. Please SUBSCRIBE to the channel, and hit the
bell icon. Welcome to the AC Family! Enjoy! For those of you who are just joining us,
these Rhino Beetle Games have been continuing now for the past few weeks, with two male
Rhino Beetle Gladiators having been eliminated thus far. We, the AC Family, i.e. subscribers to this
channel have each selected our favourites. See the comments section for the team hashtags,
and you will see that the Rhino Beetle Games fever has gotten quite intense. I consider these last rounds to be the semi-finals
of the Rhino Beetle Games, because the next episode of the games, will feature the final
two elimination rounds. If you’re new to the channel, first off, welcome
to the Antiverse, our Ant Room which is ruled by kingdoms of ant colonies, which include
other beasts which are in some way, connected to the real life stories of these various
ant kingdoms. The great Rhinoceros Beetles, participating
in these games, for instance, came to the Antiverse, at Thanksgiving last year, when
the initial plan was to serve the beetles which were just grubs at the time, as delectable
Thanksgiving feasts for the ants. But when that fateful moment came when I was
to slaughter the giant fattened larvae, I changed my mind last minute. I simply didn’t have it in me to kill the
poor grubs, and so we kept them and raised them. From the repulsive naked and helpless larvae,
grew majestic and powerful rhino beetles, whose males were fully equipped with mighty
horns, thorny legs, and loud hisses, and females, rounded, beautiful, and sweet. This new collection of adult male Rhino Beetles,
became the Gladiators, that we have now been watching compete in these Rhino Beetle Games,
our great Beetle Olympics, and by the end of it all, one final male will be able to
live with all the females in beetle paradise for the rest of his remaining month or two
of life. So, now that we’ve all been caught up with
the recap, let’s have a quick look at our remaining 5 Rhino Beetle Gladiators and how
they’ve been doing so far. [Male Announcer]: Good evening Antiverse,
this is DJ VW… [Female Announcer]: And DJ LadyB… [Male Announcer]: Let’s have a recap of the
remaining Rhino Beetle Gladiators who have fought for their spot to remain in the games
this far in to the competition. [Female Announcer]: #TeamAres, sound off in
the comments! [Male Announcer]: Ares has proven to be a
very good contender so far. He isn’t the largest male, but has managed
to prove that he’s got the skill and strength to make it to the finals. He placed 3rd in last week’s event. [Female Announcer]: Yes, I think Ares still
has a lot of fight in him to take #TeamAres into the finals next week. Let’s see how he does today! Next up is #TeamPoseidon. Sound off in the comments! [Male Announcer]: Poseidon, one of the largest
and perhaps one of the most popular of the Gladiators has shown us how easy it’s been
to wash away the competition. Ohhhh, I see the crowd out there doing the
wave for him! [Female Announcer]: Haha! #TeamPosiedon, is an enthusiastic fandom! [Male Announcer]: Poseidon was the top winner
of the Pyramid of Hera for the first RBG event, and has never been in the bottom elimination
rounds. [Female Announcer]: Next up, #TeamDionysus! Sound off in the comments for your Gladiator! [Male Announcer]: You know, Dionysus has impressed
me greatly! He’s the oldest of the Rhino Beetles, but
has always proven to be one of the top contenders in these games, placing second last week,
and second place, as well the week before! [Female Announcer]: A toast to Gladiator Dionsysus
and him taking first place this week! [Male Announcer]: Up next, #TeamHephaestus! Hephaestus fans, sound off in the comments! Woah! [Female Announcer]: Wow! Listen to those fans! Such a contrast from when Hephaestus first
hit the stage. He had the least amount of support in the
games but it seems he’s managed to strike while the iron was hot, and win over the fans
of eliminated Gladiators. [Male Announcer]: Yes, and as the top winner
of last week’s event, with the Pyramid of Hera, he earned himself immunity from this
upcoming event, and gets to sit out, safe until the following event. [Female Announcer]: That’s right so sit, tight,
#TeamHephaestus, as you will get to see your Gladiator compete soon. And finally, we have my ultimate favourite! #TeamHades, let’s sound off in the comments! [Male Announcer]: Now, Hades being the youngest
in the competition, he’s also the biggest of all the male Rhino Beetles, but LadyB,
it seems neither of these has helped him, as week after week, Hades has ended up in
the bottom elimination rounds every time. How fitting as the god of the underworld! Hehe! [Female Announcer]: Oh no you didn’t! [Male Announcer]: I’m just teasing you. [Female Announcer]: You’re just mad he eliminated
Zeus last week. Hades is the hottest of the beetles, and he’s
probably calculating all of this for added drama. He will after all get into acting after this! [Male Announcer]: Haha Ok. AC Family, and now the time has come! It’s time we have a look at our next RGB event,
called the Amazing Food Race. Adult Rhino Beetles feed on tree sap and rotten
fruit, and their ability to find food and futhermore, to find the best quality food
is critical for a rhino beetle’s success in the wild. Tonight, the beetles have emerged to feed,
and are likely surprised there isn’t the usual rotting banana piece waiting for them in their
Sudan Suites. Little do they know they’re in for a special
feast, they’ve never had before. AC Family, I’m pleased to present to you – beetle
jelly! A specially made, delectable beetle food for
rearing adult scarab beetles and sap-sucking insects. It’s packed with tonnes of amazing vitamins
and nutrients. The juices from these delicacies alone will
be enough to get these rhino beetles running. The females will be dining on this beetle
jelly tonight, as they will be needing it for egg-production soon, but as for our males,
they will have to do a bit of traveling for it. Behold, the race track for this race of the
century! This event will be a simple race to the finish
line, where a vat of beetle jelly will be waiting for them. The rules are simple. The beetles have to make their way to the
finish line, with the guidance of my hand to ensure they remain on track and constantly
moving forward, and the winner who gets to the beetle jelly first, wins the Pyramid of
Hera, this week, which in this event will earn the top Gladiator, beetle jelly meals
every night for the remainder of the games. The stakes are definitely high! A line of beetle jelly juice will also be
laid down on the track to guide the rhino beetles to the finish line. There will be no elimination round this week,
so the Gladiator who takes the longest to finish or doesn’t finish at all, will be the
one who gets eliminated from the games, and the Gladiator we say goodbye to today. So, the pressure to perform well is definitely
on for every Gladiator in this round! Good luck to all competing beetles and may
the best Gladiator win! [Ring Master]: Inhabitants of the Antiverse,
gathered here are your remaining Rhino Beetle Gladiators. Sound off in the comments for your champion
Gladiator! Let the Rhino Beetle Games Begin! On your mark, get set, go! The
beetles are off, and already in the lead is Dionysus, followed by Poseidon, then Hades,
then Ares lagging behind. And oh now in the lead is Poseidon, but Gladiator
Hades quickly catching up! But no Poseidon in the lead! And oh, Hades sprinting and catching up! Who will it be, AC Family? And… oh Gladiatoir Hades touches the beetle
jelly first! And in second! Ah Gladiator Poseidon, followed by Gladiator
Dionysus, followed by Gladiator Ares coming last for this event. Team Hades, congratulations for winning the
Pyramid of Hera this week! As the winner of the Pyramid of Hera, Hades
will get to benefit from the boost in nutrition provided by the beetle jelly, which he will
now be eating for the remainder of the games. Banana has all the beetles need to survive,
and the others will continue to be fed their rotting banana, as usual, but this beetle
jelly which Hades will now be eating may possibly help give him a bit of an edge over the other
Gladiators for the remaining week or competitions, and it looks to me like he already is loving
his new prize. Let’s see how he does for the remainder of
the games. But as for the bottom Gladiator of the Amazing
Food Race, Team Ares, I am so sorry, but unfortunately your Gladiator will be leaving the games this
week and the Antiverse. Gladiator Ares, has proved to be a very worthy
contender in these games, and amassed a great following over the past several weeks. Now he’ll be able to enjoy the freedom of
the wild. Ares, we bid you farewell and thank you for
gracing us with your rhino beetle talents! Alright, now as promised, it’s now time for
you, AC Family, to be a part of these games like never before. One week has passed since the Amazing Food
Race, and with Gladiator Hephaestus now back in the competition after enjoying an extended
period of rest during his Immunity from the last event, we now have four Gladiators ready
to partake in this next round of the Rhino Beetle Games, called Stridulation Idol! A rhino beetle’s ability to hiss, or stridulate,
can help it survive by scaring away a larger creature which may decide to eat it. So in this event, our remaining four Gladiators
will get the chance to wow and scare us, at this microphone, with their most intimidating
stridulation sounds, and all you guys, at home, need to do, is vote for whomever you
feel had the most scary, most intimidating stridulation performance of the group, kind
of like an at-home voting for a Rhino Beetle Idol or The Rhino Beetle Voice. The results will be announced in the next
RHINO BEETLE GAMES EPISODE, and the Gladiator with the most votes, will win the Pyramid
of Hera, which will earn the winning Gladiator, transport of his Sudan Suite, to the quietest
and darkness region of the Antiverse for the remainder of the games. It’s ultimate Rhino Beetle peace and quiet! However, whomever gets the least amount of
votes shall be the Gladiator who will be eliminated, and sadly leave the Antiverse, leaving only
three remaining Gladiators to compete in the finals. So, are you guys ready for this? Let’s do this! Can we have some quiet please everyone? First up the mic, is a performance by Gladiator
Poseidon! OK, thank you, Gladiator Poseidon for that
number! Next up, we have Gladiator Hephaestus! Alright! Thank you Gladiator Hephaestus. Next we have Gladiator Dionysus to show his
stuff! Thank you, Gladiator Dionysus! And finally, we have Gladiator Hades to gift
us with the power of hiss. Go! Thank you, Gladiator Hades. And there you have it AC Family, your four
remaining Gladiators showing you how intimidating their stridulation is. Now please take a quick moment to click here
and VOTE for the Rhino Beetle Gladiator that you think had the most, I repeat, the top
most intimidating, scariest stridulation sound of the four Gladiators we just heard. Thank you, AC Council for your votes! Be sure to remain SUBSCRIBED to this channel
so you can keep updated on the final results to be announced in our next Rhino Beetle Games
video. The stakes are high, guys, as we wind closer
to crowning the ultimate winner of the games – all of that happening in the next and final
Rhino Beetle Games episode! I’m super excited to see who wins! But hold on! It seems there’s something about the Selva
de Fuego, our massive paludarium kingdom to our mighty fire ant colony, the Fire Nation,
that has been bothering me lately. It’s actually causing me some real concerns. Oh boy, AC Family! You know what? I think, no, correction… I know, we’re in for something extremely crazy,
up ahead! Alright, guys! So what do you think? We’re getting closer to crowning the ultimate
Gladiator as winner of the Rhino Beetle Games! It was sad to say goodbye to Gladiator Ares
this week, but as you can understand, only one can remain as the winner. Were you happy with the results and is your
Gladiator leading in the polls for the Stridulation Idol event? But in other news, there’s something that
needs to be reported about the Fire Nation in the Selva de Fuego, but I won’t be able
to get to that until next week’s episode, so guys, be sure to smash that subscribe button
and bell icon now, so you get notified at every single upload and stay with us for these
continuing epic stories within the Antiverse, and hit the LIKE button every single time,
including now. Trust me, guys, you will want to be part of
this super fun and educational experience! Also, it’s officially Nuptial Flight season
for ant keepers in the Northern Hemisphere! I’m super excited for you ant keepers in North
America, Europe, and Northern Asia for the queen ants are starting to fly! Not too sure if you guys know, but we’ve got
all the top of the line ant keeping gear for you ant keepers at all levels from beginner
to advanced, so head on over to our website at, and browse through our
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if you need us. We also have ant colonies with a queen available
in most regions so go check us out and pick up your ant farm kit and ant gear today! If you’re new to the channel, and want to
catch up on all your AntsCanada Lore, feel free to binge watch this complete story line
playlist here, which traces the origins of all the ant colonies of the ant room, so you
can follow their stories and better appreciate how these ant kingdoms came to be, and why
we love them so much! AC Inner Colony, I have left a hidden cookie
for you here, if you’d like to watch some extended play footage of the Fire Nation in
the Selva de Fuego. You’ll find out soon, what’s been bothering
me, if you don’t notice it in this hidden video! And now it’s time for the AC Question of the
Week! Last week we asked: Which of the three different scarab
beetles is your favourite and why? There was no incorrect answer for this, but
congratulations to Mr. Wiggles who answered: My favorite beetle is the Dynastes Hercules
beetle because of the hair on the bottom of the
upper horn. It’s super unique and adorable! Congratulations, Mr. Wiggles, you just won
a free e-book handbook from our shop! In this week’s AC Question of the Week, we
ask: What’s so special about Beetle Jelly? Leave your answer in the comments section
and you could also win a free e-book handbook from our shop! Hope you can subscribe to the channel as we
upload every Saturday at 8AM EST. Please remember to LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE, and
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