X Factor Judges Get FLIRTY With Contestants | X Factor Global

X Factor Judges Get FLIRTY With Contestants | X Factor Global

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Hello, how could you real and sorry you What’s your name? Hey horn hey horny Spot with me. I thought you said horny I bet you did Behave yourself. I haven’t done anything fake Oh Fairy, why are you making me love? Okay, why a Faith, I just want to I want to sing. Oh I Can’t do this you dude. Okay. What are you gonna sing writing on the wall? Okay sing, Sam Smith I’ve been here before For these Otherwise having the affair. I’m really sorry Do you want to start again? I feel like we should start again. Right don’t look at him. Don’t blame me behave yourself Please maybe that you should turn around. She’s gonna keep laughing Could you turn around just just so as you could concentrate serious? Thing to give her a chance see then she’s not gonna laugh Pretend you’re on another time. Ah Come on Been a long time running and I always get away But in you I’m feeling something It makes me wanna stay My Hello breathe who in you’re not here, I’m sober Canadian Through my blood tell me is this forgiving on love for you I’d have to risk it all Right zone Oh Now Simon Am I allowed to turn round What is your name? My name is P knowledge, but you can call me Perry, baby Beautiful baby photo Making me blush. I have that effect. I don’t even lift up my top here Let me get myself together hi Joseph I Dare be wing and occasional rain Chili con carne I’ve always wanted to say that sorry. What’s your name? Tell us all about yourself I’m Sammie Shepard and I sing for my supper for a living Sammie Shepard. Where you from? I live for the town just above Blackpool in Lancashire. And where do you think all over the country? So Sammy who are your idols? Well yourself, of course Absolutely, come on. Oh I’m awfully sorry. I’m flirting with your husband, but my goodness And Sammy why have you decided this year to audition for x-factor I thought why not Blows away. Thank you I’m only human Baby and foolish maybe and blind trying to see Lucy through this series behind could Louie to prove it so maybe my Harmonic human after all I want a human left to roll the butcher blame on me Did would you blame on me? How some people got three problems Hello hello, hi Welcome Thank you. And you are my name is Irina. How are you? I’m 28. Okay. You look great. Thank you Where are you from? I’m from Russia Originally, are you serious? Yes. Yes, so I’m here finally. I’m so happy to see you. Have fun. Let’s rocket. I Told you when on YouTube my heart Give it to me Arena and to become tall you are You come to me I think she’s a good performer if you just sell it and you can get through exactly Hi What’s your name Andrew short I’m 18 18 and do what? Technically, I’m still a student. I graduate this Saturday No cougar can we get over there? Okay cougar says you can sing I don’t wanna hurt you, but I need to breathe So I felt like you were a little glue to the microphone which made it feel a little bit karaoke, yeah Um, you know, I felt like yes, you have the appeal to the female whole audience But Unfortunately, I feel like you’ll need more than that Your voice isn’t bad necessarily, but I didn’t feel like you were comfortable onstage and I felt like it was actually a bit awkward You’re really really cute hey I Was really surprised about the song that you choose I didn’t quite get it just the whole thing I gotta tell you I do I disagree with all three of these girls You

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