WWE NEWS – Roman Reigns Doesn’t Think Anybody Did It / Jon Moxley Defeated at G1 Climax by Jay White

WWE NEWS – Roman Reigns Doesn’t Think Anybody Did It / Jon Moxley Defeated at G1 Climax by Jay White

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Here’s your news for august 5th
WWE NEWS – Roman Reigns Doesn’t Think Anybody Did It
Jon Moxley Defeated at G1 Climax by Jay White
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We’re starting with some news
from Summerslam, as though this
Sunday’s show currently has nine matches announced,
thecard could soon change. Though the current listing has
Dolph Ziggler taking on the Miz at
the biggest party of the Summer, the Wrestling Observer is nothing
that WWE Hall of Famer Bill
Goldberg will be replacing the A-Lister to
take on the Show Off. This all stems from Ziggler’s recent
comments about Hall of Famers,
including attacking Shawn Michaels on the July 23rd edition of
SmackDown Live, the same night
where he called Goldberg an
embarrassment in the ring. Goldberg, who hasn’t been seen
inWWE since his underwhelming
performance at Crown Jewel, openly admitted he wants to wrestle
again to wash away the bad taste
of his match in Jeddah, and it looks like the former
Universal Champion will have his
chance this Sunday. On this week’s edition of Wrestling
Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer said
that Goldberg will presumably make his return on tonight’s edition
of RAW, and that nobody actually
expects Ziggler to pick up an
upset win. Though WWE could always shock
the world by having the Show Off
topple the former face of WCW, that does seem highly unlikely, as
if this match has been made to
cleanse the after taste of of Super Show Down, a Goldberg
win is a must. Sticking with Ziggler now, and the
former World Heavyweight
Champion took a moment away from his busy schedule of insulting
legends this week to sit down with
Chris Van Vliet for an interview. When asked about his appearance
at the recent Extreme Rules
Pay Per View where Ziggler lost to Kevin Owens in seconds, Dolph
said he was fine taking the loss, as
Owens is one of the biggest things going now, and the decisive win
only helped that. He said: “I know a lot of people are rooting
for me or against me or don’t care
and that’s fine but to be part of a catalyst that sent him into a
different direction, as much as it
kills me, I was happy to be a
part of it… That was a special moment for
Kevin Owens so I think that’s
better for the business and the
company and the show.” Over his decade on the main
roster, Ziggler has faced everyone
from Damien Sandow to John Cena, though according to the man
himself, it’s AJ Styles who he
wants to feud with next. Though a match between the two
would be great, it may not happen
for some time, as with both men being heels, it
seems the pair are more likely to
be tag partners than opponents. For now though, it seems Ziggler
has his hands full with his old
rival the Miz, though that could still change very
soon, if Goldberg decides to return. Even if Goldberg doesn’t return to
face Ziggler, he could always go after
the 24/7 Championship, and would probably have a bit more
success than former champion
Drake Maverick. A four time former Champion, the
British Superstar is certainly
missing his so-called “Baby”, though perhaps he should spend
more time complimenting his
wife Renee, instead of a title. After Maria Kanellis won the gold
from her husband Mike this week,
Maverick wasn’t pleased with the first ever pregnant champion
in WWE history, claiming that
Maria ismaking a mockery of his
most treasured possession. After Maverick claimed he
defended the gold with love, Maria
was quick to clap back, saying: “That’s love? It looks terrifying. No
wonder you can’t seem to
consummate your marriage.” Something that has been
interesting during her reign,
is the lack of R-Truth, as the 10 time former 24/7
Champion has kept his distance
since Maria wonthe gold. Though Maria’s title win was
shocking, many fans haven’t
been pleased with her treatment
of her husband Mike, who has often been on the
receiving end of a barage of
insults by the Pregnant champion. Responding to comments that
WWE are forcing her to play an
abusive spouse character, the former Diva Search contestant
was quick to deny the claim, saying: “NO ONE forces me to do anything
except my two tiny humans. Both
forced me to stop staying up late, stop eating deli meat, stop being
selfish, stop taking long shower, etc…” When Maria loses the title remains
to be seen, but it would be
interesting to see whether this current storyline culminates in
Mike finally standing up to his wife and winning the title for the
second time in the process. Whilst Maria may be using Twitter
to defend her character, one
WWE Superstar who should probably stay away from
the social media site is Seth Rollins. Rollins, who recently made a stir
on the site with his spat with Will
O’Spraey was recently interviewed by the Daily Star about
the site, and didn’t have many
kind things to say. In the interview, the Architect
described Twitter as a
“cesspool of negativity” and to be fair, it’s hard to argue
with his reasoning. He said: “Twitter seems to be this cesspool
of negativity where its so easy to
focus on what you don’t like rather than what you do like.
People seem to band around
negativity, I don’t know if it’s one of those misery loves
company type things.” Rollins, who will have the chance
to regain the Universal
Championship this Sunday when he takes on Brock Lesnar
at Summerslam, gave some
examples of this negativity, including fans demanding a
re-shoot of the final season of
HBO’s Game of Thrones, as well as some pretty vocal
people opposing Ariel the Little
Mermaid being black in the
upcoming live action movie. Whilst there are some positive
aspects of the site, it’s hard to
argue that Twitter has become a place for people
to argue with others, something
that Rollins got into recently when he chose to defend WWE
as the best pro wrestling
company in the world. Though it would be nice to live in
a more accepting world, we
can’t exactly see Twitter users changing any time soon, as it
seems Rollins and others will just
have to have a thicker skin online. We’ve all been there right? One
day you’re just walking along,
minding your own business, when a forklift driver decides
to try and end your life. Well that was the fate of Roman
Reigns this week on
SmackDown Live, as the former WWE Champion was
supposed to deliver an
announcement about
Summerslam but was instead crushed under
some metalwork. Whilst fans believed that the attack
was intentional by Buddy Murphy,
the WWE has since said that it was due to a forklift error, a change
which has had many fans laughing
at the story Taking to social media, the Big Dog
tried to save the storyline, saying
that he he believes it was an accident, and that he respects the
machine and teams that put the
show together Much like Seth Rollins predicted,
this led to a barrage of scathing
comments, mocking Reigns and WWE for the angle, though the
Big Dog did comment about it possibly being an intentional
attack, saying: “People will speculate, people
will talk, but until proven otherwise, I’m considering it
an accident.” Though the payoff for this
storyline is rumoured to be be a match against Daniel
Bryan at Summerslam,
perhaps Murphy should take credit for nearly
killing the Hobbs and Shaw
star, as though it would probably end with the former
Cruiserweight champion going on trial, at least then
he’d have some screen
time. Whilst Roman Reigns was nearly
crushed on last week’s SmackDown Live, things haven’t
been much better for his Shield
brother Jon Moxley who suffered his first pinfall loss
this week, since leaving the
WWE. Moxley’s reign of victories came to
an end at the hands of Jay White
in New Japan, and his only his second loss since leaving WWE in
April this year, his other defeat
happening via countout During the match against White,
Moxley seemed to have the
advantage, though it was Gedo who proved
to be the difference maker. When the former WWE Champion
went over to deal with him, Gedo
blasted him with some Brass Knuckles, allowing White to hit the
loody Sunday DDT and Blade
Runner for the win Despite the loss, Moxley still have
10 points in Block B of the
G1 Climax with White trailing in second
place on eight points. Though Moxley may have been
on the losing end of his match,
one athlete who was much more fortunate was Cain Velásquez,
who won his pro wrestling
debut in tag team action. The UFC star who dethroned Brock
Lesnar for the company’s
Heavyweight title, Velásquez teamed with Cody Rhodes and
Psycho Clown to defeat El
Texano Jr Killer Kross and Taurus, and it was
Cain’s tag partner Cody who had
words to say about the match. “Told commentary earlier how absurd
yet fun this trio was. One of the
biggest/brightest stars in Mexico, a former UFC heavyweight
champ, and an AEW evp. A snapshot of the magic that is pro-wrestling
these days” The pro wrestling big has seemingly bit
Cardio Cain, a it looks like he won’t have to wait long until he’s
back in the ring. Triple A are already setting upVelásquez’s
next match for the company,
which will be another 6-man tag, as he will team with Psycho
Clown and Blue Demon Jr to take
on LA Park and his family. Though no date has been given for
the match yet, it seems likely that
the bout will take place on September 15th for the company’s
show inside Madison Square Garden
and given his fame from the Octagon, it’s likely that Velásquez
will help sell out the World’s most
famous arena Some sad news now as earlier
this week, WWE Hall of Famer Harley Race passed away at
the age of 76. Battling Lung Cancer, Race was a
former 8 time NWA World
Heavyweight Champion and though he is no longer with us, it
seems WWE will be giving him a
huge honor in spring next year. According to Brad Sheaphard,
Race is being considered to be commemorated with a statue at
next year’s WrestleMania
Axxess, a recent tradition that has seen many legends
immortalised. Given his incredible career, its only
right that Race takes his rightful
spot alongside legends like Rowdy Roddy Piper, Ric Flair and
Bruno Sammartino as the WWE
and Vince McMahon seem ready to pay tribute to one of the all time
greats. Speaking of McMahon, we all know
the Boss is rich, but this week
showed just how generous the Chairman of the Board can be with
his money Though there have been reports of
McMahon’s genroisty in the past,
including a story of Vince helping Ric Flair out of debt in the
early 2000s, many stories go
unreported though that wasn’t the case this
week. Former WWE World Tag Team
Champion Trevor Murdoch
revealed this week that he was a close friend of Harley’s, and
also took the time to reveal the
kinder side of Vince McMahon. In a post on social media, Murdoch
revealed that Harley needed to be
transferred from Atanta to St. Louis due to his failing health, though
Medicare wouldn’t help pay for
the Med flight Fortunately for Race, all it took was
one phone call to WWE, and 10
minutes later, the flight was paid in full by McMahon himself, giving
Murdoch two more days with the
former World Champion. Though some of his recent booking
and actions in the past has made
the CEO something of a pariah to wrestling fans in 2019, it’s nice to
know that the Boss still has a softer
side that most fans don’t get to see And finally today we’re ending with
some news from AEW, as the
new promotion is trying a unique tactic to promote
themselves. The company led by Cody Rhodes
and the Young Bucks, has taken to
running advertisements in cinemas before and after screenings
of the new Hobbs and Shaw film which fans will know stars WWE’s
Roman Reigns and The Rock. If AEW wants to get some of WWE’s
fans to tune in, this isn’t a bad
strategy, and though only time will tell whether fans are accepting
of the advert which features the
Bucks, Chris Jericho and Jon Moxley, it seems the war for
viewers between All Elite
Wrestling and World Wrestling Entertainment
continues to escalate. Well guys , that’s the news for today
Let us know your thoughts down in the
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    So people have the right and absolutely SHOULD tweet a Rene Young, or that announcer mentioned in this video (i forget her name, the one who put on that horrendous acting job when Roman had the forklift incident), aren't doing a good job, but you don't have to be INSULTING about it. You can simply point out how it came off to a majority of the audience, and try to work on being better. On the other hand, if someone DOES offer fair, constructive criticism, Rene supporters shouldn't be bombarding her with tweets about how amazing she is and how she is better at everything than any of the so called "trolls," and how she shouldn't listen to them, etc…. it's all about messing up, learning, growing, and getting better because of it.

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