WWE NEWS – AEW On Jon Moxley’s injury/Braun Strowman Unhappy With WWE/EC3 Surprises Seth & Becky

WWE NEWS – AEW On Jon Moxley’s injury/Braun Strowman Unhappy With WWE/EC3 Surprises Seth & Becky

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Here’s your news for
August 24 2019
WWE NEWS – AEW On Jon Moxley’s injury
Braun Strowman Unhappy With WWE
EC3 Surprises Seth & Becky We’re kicking off with some
news from WWE and AEW, as the Wednesday Night Wars
is officially happening. Earlier this week WWE confirmed
that NXT will extend to two hours,
and be moved to the USA Network on September 18th, just
in time to be direct competition
for AEW’s TV show which will begin on TNT on
October 2nd. Recently, Bleacher Report, who
does have some skin in the
game, as they are owned by WarnerMedia which also owns
TNT, spoke to AEW’s Vice
President Cody Rhodes, about the feud between the
two companies. Rhodes, who founded AEW at
the start of this year played into fans fears of NXT
changing as part of USA,
saying: “My dad was instrumental in building
the NXT brand. For a long time,
It had been a developmental project. For Vince to now bring it
to the USA Network as if it’s a
full brand, I’m just intrigued by it.” Though some fans have
speculated that McMahon will take
the reins of the Yellow brand once big move happens next month,
there’s little proof of this, as multiple
reports have stated that Triple H and his team will remain in charge
of the developmental brand. This will come as a relief to many,
as though fans have been vocal in
their criticisms of both RAW and SmackDown Live, NXT has
consistently been praised, with
many fans believing the show’s epic storytelling being down to a
lack of involvement by the
Chairman of the board. With that said, it’ll be difficult for
the Boss to keep his hands off
NXT, especially with the developmental show being one
of the biggest weapons the
company has, in the Wednesday Night Wars. Over to RAW now and though he
may be one half of the new RAW
Tag Team Champions, as well as one of the red brand’s most
popular stars, things haven’t
always been so easy for Braun Strowman. Sitting down with Sam Roberts for
his podcast, the Monster Among
Men explained some frustrations he was having with
WWE, even recalling the time
McMahon calmed him down when he said
he was miserable: “He talked me off a ledge. He was
like, ‘Look, big man, I want you
for the long haul. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing
right now. I care about what you’re
doing ten years from now. I’ve invested in you, you’re one of
my guys. Don’t worry. You’re fine.’ Continuing, Strowman also revealed
that McMahon spoke with him at
length to make sure he was okay, mere hours before RAW
went live, in a class act by the
Chairman. Vince’s words clearly worked, as
last month Strowman signed a
new four-year contract with WWE, so fans can expect Superstars to
Get These Hands for a long time
to come. As one half of the RAW Tag Team
Champions, it’s obvious that
Strowman is a busy guy, and the appearance on the Not Sam
Wrestling Podcast wasn’t the
only interview given by the Monster Among
Men this week. Sitting down with Gamestop,
Strowman also spoke about ideas
he had pitched for matches, including one idea that would
see the heavyweight win a
battle royal by lifting the ring and dumping
everyone out. We all know that Strowman is
strong, and the Andre the Giant
Memorial winner clearly knows what it takes to win a Battle Royal,
but the idea is yet to make it to TV. Speaking to Gamestop, Strowman
said he would be thrilled to lift a
ring, and said how there wouldn’t be
anything bigger for him to throw,
saying: “I don’t think there’s much left to
flip unless I ripped a whole roof
off the stadium or something like that. I think I’ve destroyed about
everything they’ve put in front
of me.” There’s plenty of evidence that
Strowman is strong, as the
Greatest Royal Rumble was able to flip over an Ambulance
on the April 10th 2017 edition
of RAW, and was able to over turn a
semi truck in January 2018. Even earlier this year, the colossal
Superstar showed his strength,
ripping the door off of Mr. McMahon’s limo on the January 14
edition of RAW, and proceeding to
overturn the entire vehicle. Time will only tell whether the
WWE ever use this idea, though
if there’s anyone with another muscle to lift all that weight, it’s
the Monster Among Men. Over to 205 Live, and after
developing himself as a star
in NXT Oney Lorcan has done the exact
same thing on the Purple brand. His twitter outbursts in all caps,
as well as his skills in the ring
have made Lorcan something of a cult hero, a status which
only grew with his recent feud with Cruiser
weight Champion Drew Gulak. Whilst he is yet to capture the title,
Lorcan did send out another huge
tweet this week, once again in all capitals, where he revealed an
interaction he had backstage with
Vince McMahon. Telling his 57 thousand followers
about the exchange between the
two, Lorcan said how when Vince came up to shake his hand and
tell him something, the Boston
Brawler was too pumped to hear it, and instead made a rock and roll
gesture before walking away Though walking away from your
boss whilst he’s talking is never
the best idea, and doing it to Mr. McMahon is probably even worse,
Lorcan said that the boss saw the
funny side in all of this, as it seems the two have a bond. It certainly sounds like something
Lorcan would do, so we hope that
he is able to bring that same intensity to all his matches in
the future on the purple brand. We can certainly see why Lorcan
would be one of McMahon’s
favourites on 205 Live, as he represents an old-school
toughness that is rarely seen
in WWE these days and has a unique look to say
the least. If this interaction is anything to go
by, Lorcan could be poised for a
future reign as Cruiserweight Champion, if everything goes
according to plan. Over to All Elite Wrestling now, and
though Jon Moxley still hasn’t had
an official match under the AEW banner, it looks like he will
have to wait a bit longer. Though Moxley faced Joey Janela
at Fyter Fest, this bout was non-
sanctioned, as fans anticipate the first legitimate in-ring contest for
the former Dean Ambrose. This week, the former WWE World
Champion revealed that he has
MRSA and needs surgery, which means his match with Kenny
Omega at All Out that is
scheduled for next week has officially
been cancelled. In a tweet, Moxley admitted he was
gutted at the news, but insisted
that the bad news came from him directly, also telling fans that
though he won’t be competing at
All Out, he will be 100% ready to return for AEW’s TV launch on
October 2nd. This injury could not come at a worse
time for Moxley, who has been one
of the new promotion’s hottest stars since joining
earlier this year. Moxley’s wife, WWE announced
Renee Young replied to a tweet by
the former WWE Superstar with a broken heart, and she isn’t the
only one to show her support for
the fallen fighter. On his own Twitter, AEW’s Executive
VP described this as “very heart-
breaking news” but reassured fans that Moxley’s health and safety
is the most important thing they
need to consider. Despite Moxley being off All Out,
that doesn’t mean Omega will
have an easy night, as on Friday, AEW announced that the former
IWGP Heavyweight Champion will
instead face PAC, aka former WWE Superstar Neville. Even with Moxley gone, All Out is
shaping up nicely, as the show
which will take place this time next week has nine matches announced,
including a main event between
Adam Page and Chris Jericho, to determine the first ever AEW
World Heavyweight Champion. From AEW to Impact Wrestling now,
as the company’s first ever NWA-
TNA Champion, Ken Shamrock is set to return after 15
years away. Shamrock, who also enjoyed
successful careers in both WWE
and UFC, confirmed the news on Friday that he will be appearing
at both the September 5th and
September 6th tapings of Impact when the
promotion reaches Sam’s Town
in Las Vegas Nevada. Most fans will best remember the
World’s Most Dangerous Man for
his tenure in WWE, joining the company in 1997 as the guest
enforcer for the Bret Hart Stone
Cold I-Quit Match at WrestleMania 13. After this, Shamrock would become
a Superstar, capturing the
Intercontinental and Tag Titles, as well as the 1998 King of the Ring,
before his departure the
following year. After WWE, Shamrock would join
the new NWA-TNA promotion,
winning the vacant NWA World title in June 2002 holding the good
for a few months before losing It
to R-Truth, and is now recognised as TNA’s first
World champion. In July this year, Shamrock announced
his own bare knuckles fighting
promotion called Valor, and with the new promotion set to launch
at the end of September, having
the UFC Hall of Famer appear at the Impact tapings could be
massively profitable for everyone
involved. Back to RAW now, and though EC3
hasn’t done much since his call-up
to the main roster in late last year, that has allowed the former
24/7 Champion plenty of time to
work on his love life. After RAW Women’s Champion
Becky Lynch took to Twitter to
reveal her engagement to current Universal Champion and RAW Tag
Team Champion Seth Rollins this
week, the one percenter showed his congratulations in his own way,
replying with a screenshot from the
dating app Bumble, showing a match between himself and
another user. Telling The Man that’s he’s not
doing so bad himself, EC3 isn’t the
only WWE personality looking for someone, as Cathy Kelley
revealed that she too is also
very single. This news came as a shock to many,
including Kelly’s close friend Kayla
Braxton, who revealed that she wasn’t aware that the interviewer
and social media personality had
split from the NXT North American Champion Velveteen
Dream. Though Kelly said she was single,
fellow WWE personality Renee
Young joked that this probably wouldn’t be for long, which seems
to be true, as the interviewer has
already been flooded by messages from potential suitors. One hopeful involved is Joey Ryan,
who replied to Cathy’s tweets to
ask her to check her DMs, as it seems there’s no shortage of
people hoping to date the WWE
personality. And finally we’re ending with some
Hall of Famer news, as though
‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin is a true legend of the industry, not
everything the Rattlesnake does
should be imitated by the fans. As the centre of the Attitude Era,
Austin had a truly legendary career
before his retirement in 2003, and his war with the evil Mr.McMahon
struck a chord with many working
class viewers who had their own problems with their
bosses. Earlier this month, someone who
seems to be a fan of the Rattlesnake
called Chastity Bodnar was arrested on misdemeanour battery
charges, as according to a police
report, she stomped a mudhole in victim Coty Lee Havens, and
proceeded to walk it dry Fort Piece, Florida noted that
Bodnar “got upset when
he told her that she drinks too much,”
another trait of the Bionic
Redneck. According to Havens, it was at this
point that the 23-year old Medical
Assistant grabbed two beer cans and quote “went Stone
Cold Steve Austin on my ass.” This scuffle led to the police showing
up at the garage where the fight
broke out, and though Bodnar was arrested, she was later
released into police custody
on Sunday. Bodnar wasn’t the only one who
got into trouble though, as Havens
was also arrested for fighting with police when they arrived, as
it seems all this needed was Jim
Ross on commentary to make it a classic Attitude Era moment. Well guys , that’s the news for today
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    I'm glad Moxley will have a speedy recovery. PAC vs Omega will be an amazing match though. 🔥 🔥

  • Manurete TRVP Post author

    Strowman unhappy but him sign for WWE 4 more years lol

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    Isnt PAC hurt to?

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    WWE – "Let's have Strowman flip a semi to show his strength and dominance. But when he get's in the ring with Lesnar, let Lesnar squash him! That'll be GREAT TV!!!!"

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    Ec3 is the man

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    The Wednesday Night Wars should not be remembered for it's ratings, but for having the better product and established new stars. This will be the war for future.

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    No, no, no…this is absolutely not wwe at blame at all….everybody keep overlooking a huge detail…NXT and NXT UK have been on Wednesday nights for years and years now. AEW knows…more specifically Cody Rhodes knows this. Everyone forgets NXT is his father's (Dusty Rhodes) idea and was deeply involved and ran the show up until about a year or 2 ago when his health deteriorated and could no longer do anything and eventual death…..you really gotta wonder if this is coincidence or if Cody is doing this on purpose. Alot of his comments about NXT have been pretty douchey to say the least. That whole family has some frigging issues to put it mildly. They pretty much as far as I remember hate each other. Kinda like that American chopper show with the Turtles dad and 2 brothers where none of them should ever be withing 1 mile of each other and 1 having lots of drug and alcohol problems because of it. Just overall not healthy relationship. If I remember right, Cody didn't even show at the WWE memorial or funeral. But yeah NXT may not have been on tv, but it's clear that it's their best show. Not as many people watch it but if you're a big fan of wrestling…you truly love that show cuz it's amazing….raw and SmackDown are already sinking and nobody cares about it especially Vince. But NXT is damn good. If there's a ship to sink, that's the one to go for….Cody's no dummy. Look what he's done so far. Vince's owns a company because his daddy owned the company. And his daddy before him. Vince did Jack shit. And really had no competition other than wcw. Odds are he would have lost that battle had it not been for it destroyed from the inside. He was losing that battle hard… Cody has built AEW from the ground up and in JUST 1 YEAR is selling out shows in minutes…. technically it's only been 6 months. He's got the best wrestlers and a tv show on major network, and backed by 1 of the richest men alive who unlike Vince actually loves wrestling..unlike Vince ownes 1 of the most successful football teams…….I don't think anybody is taking Cody as seriously as they should. Him picking Wednesday to do a show is not as random as it may seem. He could have chosen another night. He's not dumb he pays very close attention to NXT. He knows it's on Wednesday's. I'm curious to see where this goes. And Vince was an absolute moron for not chosing another night. 3 shows back to back is stupid. Raw and SmackDown back to back is is already a terrible idea. People need a little breathing room. This should be interesting lol

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    I like Braun, but he was not able to throw over the Truck or the ambulance… Watch the video closely and you'll notice how it was done.
    I think it makes him look weak instead of strong if they need to exaggerate his strength so much. He is a Powerful man even without that.

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    The one that will be better will be the one that can keep their matches whole. Wrestling is why we watch. Not Rondas facial expressions or the 24/7 stupidity. Or the god awful amount of ad time usa and wwe can jam into 3 fugkin hours. If AEW shows whole matches, like it's a sport, they'll murder NXT. N I honestly love NXT. I just dont see USA changing to fewer ads in a wrestling show after all these years of raw n sd.

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    How do you get "released into police custody"?! ~ If I got released, the last people I would want to be released to are the police!! (That was a pretty dumb statement by the narrator of this video.)

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    So the AEW show is at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates Illinois?? That's a pretty small venue, I live a mile away from it. It's not much bigger than a High-School gymnasium!

    – I'm kinda wondering why they wouldn't want to do it at the All State Arena in Rosemont, IL or the United Center in Chicago. Both are larger venues, by the way. ~ I believe that AEW is a "flash in the pan" and although WWE is having it's struggles at the moment, those "struggles won't last.- AEW won't be able to compete with WWE for the long haul. I would bet my life on it! ~ Why do you think WWE has been the longest lasting promotion in the HISTORY of "Professional Wrestling"?! They must be doing something right.. Right?! RIGHT!

  • Daniel F Eppolito Post author

    WWE will ALWAYS win the M-F tv wars. Doesn't matter what day. There's a reason why WWE has outlasted ALL and ANY other wrestling 'promotion'. AEW is a sinking ship. Just by seeing that their next show is at the Sears Centre in Hoffman Estates IL, says all I need to know about AEW.. The Sears Centre isn't much bigger than a High-School gymnasium. How do I know this? Because it's a mile away from my house! – They should have no problem selling that place out. Why couldn't they do their show at the All State Arena in Rosemont IL or the United Center in Chicago? Because they would never sell those arenas out, thus embarrassing themselves by lack of fans.

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