Woman Needs Child Support, Man Insists He’s Not Her Child’s Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

Woman Needs Child Support, Man Insists He’s Not Her Child’s Father (Full Episode) | Paternity Court

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Please be seated. Hello, Your Honor. Hello. This is the case of
Chappell v. Todd, Cullins.
Thank you Jerome.
Good day everyone. AUDIENCE: Good day. Ms. Chappell, you say the
defendant, Mr. Todd, is without a doubt
your daughter Walecia’s
biological father. You say the only
reason he denies her is because his
fiance, Ms. Cullins, doesn’t want him in your life. Yes, Your Honor. Now, you are suing
Mr. Todd for $2,475 for babysitting expenses
and for lost wages. Yes, ma’am. I mean,
yes, Your Honor. All right, Mr. Todd, you
state there’s no chance that the child in
question is your daughter. You say that Ms. Chappell
will stop at nothing to get you back,
even if it means pinning a child on you
that isn’t yours. True, Your Honor. You and your fiance
are counter-suing in the amount of $375 for car windows you claim
the plaintiff destroyed. So, Ms. Chappell,
why do you feel you are owed $2,475
for these expenses? Because I always had
a job, Your Honor, and he was babysitting
the baby for me. And, after he didn’t
babysit anymore, I had to start
paying $75 a week for babysitting fees
and lost wages, and I didn’t have a babysitter
and I couldn’t keep up with the babysitting fees, so I had to quit my job, and
I don’t have a job anymore. Here’s my papers right here. (AUDIENCE GROANS) Jerome, will you hand
me those please? TODD: I have never watched
her baby, Your Honor. I don’t even know
when she had a job. I ain’t never saw her… And you’ve never
watched Walecia? I never watched Walecia. Your Honor, he has. I don’t even have a
place to stay myself, so how Imma watch
somebody else? At his cousin’s house. (ALL ARGUING) He has dropped
me off at… She isn’t right. He was watching the baby. All right, just a minute,
just a minute. You two were in a
sexual relationship. Right? Right, yes. It wasn’t no relationship. It wasn’t a relationship? No. You were just having sex? Just having sex. If you were having sex
and she got pregnant, were you using
protection every time? No… When we met I was
pregnant, Your Honor. We never used…
We never used… Yeah, when we met
she was pregnant. We never used condoms. She was already
pregnant with her baby. But he accepted me
with me and my baby. But, but… With someone else’s baby. All right, all right. Why is it you doubt that
Walecia is your child? Because at the time
she was messing around
with other guys, and, by me being young,
and just doing crazy stuff I go and mess with her
at the same time, too. So, she was messing with
mens all at one time. But this wasn’t never my girl. I was in a relationship
with someone at that time. Yeah. And she was messing around,
too. So, she fell in love… So, what you’re saying
it was an understanding that you all had sex, unprotected sex, but that you also were having
sex with other people. It went on for a year. She was having sex
with others. I had
a girl at that time. I was in love. I had my girl. You are right.
Yes, Your Honor. She, she, she… Yeah, but
I still had a main girl. Yeah, I was messing with her. So, Ms. Chappell,
do you admit that you were having
sex with other people in addition to Mr. Todd during
the window of conception? No, Your Honor. She a liar. She was not even in the
picture, Your Honor. So, she has nothing
to do with this. Which picture that was? 2011, I was pregnant with
someone else’s baby. Picture that was? Our baby was already here
when they met, Your Honor. (ALL SHOUTING) JEROME: Listen! Quiet! JUDGE LAKE:
All right, all right! Ms. Cullins, Mr. Todd, you
also have a counter-claim. Yes. You are asking for $375? Yes, Your Honor. Uh, for car windows, you say
the plaintiff destroyed. Please explain to me
the basis of that. On a particular day, I
had to drop Mr. Todd off
to pick up his phone. Lies. COLLINS: Actually,
Ms. Chappell stole his phone. Stole my phone. A phone that she purchased. As I dropped
him off… I bought him a phone,
Your Honor. Let me finish. Ms. Chappell approached me and
bust my window out of my car. I called the police
on the scene… No. Lies. And I have proof that she bust out my
windows on my car. She ran. I have a receipt when I had to
get my car fixed. And I have proof, and
a police report that she bust my windows out. Do you have that
evidence here today? I do, ma’am. No. I’d like to see it
please, thank you. JUDGE LAKE: This is
an Incident Report which says there was damage
to private property, vehicle. And I do have the receipt,
too, Your Honor. Windows were damaged.
I’d like to see the
receipt too, please. This is proof, too. This is the receipt
for the window repair. Total, $375. Yes, Your Honor. That’s…
Ms. Chappell did. Ms. Chappell, did you bust
the windows out her car? Yes, ma’am, I did. (AUDIENCE GASPS) You did? Because she came at me, and we had an altercation. She came all the way
from Four Seasons. It’s about Walter. He was already out
there in the apartment where we was. Not about how
I approach her… She thought we was together… …it’s about Mr. Todd. …so she came
where we was at. She live in Four Season.
We was in 2500 Simpson Street. She’s lying. She came where I was at. (ALL ARGUING) All right, Mr. Todd… She came at me with
a lot of emotion, like we was about to fight. We did get into
an altercation… Hold on. When she came
at you with this emotion was she outside of the car? Yes, ma’am. That’s how her
window got busted. And, she pulled up
where I was at in the apartments where I
hang at my cousin’s house. She came where I was. He was already out there
because we had been
together already. That’s why she knew, that’s
why she came were we was at. And I bought him that phone
that she said I stole. At that time, we was together. I took the phone
back, Your Honor. All right, so the
bottom line is, you do admit you bust
the windows out the car? Yes, ma’am. I did because
that was self-defense. Self-defense? Yes, ma’am. What’d she do? She’s mad that
we’s together, that’s why she
came out there… I care less about
them being together… What we here for is
the DNA about the kid. That’s what I want to hear. (AUDIENCE CHEERING) That’s the only thing
I want to know. Is he the father of my baby? They can have each other,
I don’t want him. I want the blood
test for my child. Ms. Cullins, I want to bring
you into this because I want
to understand what it is you know
about the situation. Ms. Chappell says you
don’t know anything because you weren’t even
involved in this entire time, the baby was already born. So, what exactly do
you know about it? When I first met
Ms. Chappell, we let her move in
with me and Mr. Todd. We let her move in… Wait a minute.
You let Ms. Chappell move into the house
with you two? Yes, because where
she was living at was not healthy for
her or the baby. And when I had a conversation
with Mr. Todd, he said, “This is a girl
trying to put a baby on me. “This could be my baby.” I said, “Well, we
can move her in, “just so we can get tested,
see if this is your baby.” Therefore, we could
move forward with it. It didn’t work out that way. We was taking the baby, when she’s out having
sex with different guys, coming in different
times of night… (AUDIENCE GROANS) (LAUGHS) …while she’s gone. Okay, and so you feel like you moved her in,
and then she was avoiding getting the DNA test. And what made me have doubt,
that this is not his baby, she doesn’t look
like Mr. Todd. And my cousin
came and told me… (CHAPPELL SUCKS TEETH) …she was saying it could
be someone else’s baby
than Mr. Todd. So that’s why I have doubt,
because my cousin came and
told me. Ms. Chappell, do you
ever recall saying that… No, Your Honor. Baby Walecia had
another father? No, Your Honor. She’s lying. No, Your Honor. Ms. Chappell, then
let me then ask you, why are you so certain that Mr. Todd is
your child’s father? Because when we was together, I told him that
I was pregnant. And he was like, “Oh,
this your third child,”
whatever… He was like, “Our child
would be the prettiest child.” Whatever, whatever.
And I was like,
“Okay. It’s cool. “We’re gonna have our baby.”
And we came to an agreement that he would
be there for her. And when I had her
at the hospital, him, his brothers,
all of them, came. Did you go to the
hospital, Mr. Todd? Yes, I went to the
hospital, yes, ma’am. JUDGE LAKE: And why
did you go to… I went to the hospital
because I was going to do an interview downtown,
that same time round
she had the baby. Once I got in there, the doctor said, “Who
is the father? What one
of ya’ll the father?” I said, “Who it look like?” The doctor said it
looked like my friend. No. He said,
“Your brother.” He said he looked
like his brother! On God! He said he looked
like his brother! That’s on God! No. (ALL SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) All right, all right!
Let’s get some order. (BANGS GAVEL)
Let’s get some order. Let’s get some order. Ms. Chappell, you have a
witness, I want to hear
from her. Ms. Matthews, what do
you have to add to this? My daughter was carrying
her second child when she started messing
with Mr. Todd, Your Honor. She was on her second child. She started having a
relationship with him while she was carrying
someone else’s baby. After she delivered
that other baby, then she ended up
pregnant by him, which is Walecia, who
looks just like him. He is my grandbaby
father, and he know this. He know this. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) This young lady, I don’t
know nothing about her. I don’t know her cause she wasn’t
nowhere around when these two
started messing around. He was on his
first baby mama, that’s who he
was messing with at the time when he was
messing with my daughter. Oh! What a mess! I wasn’t messing with no baby
mama, I was messing with my, my girl who I
with for eight years. JUDGE LAKE: All right,
listen, listen! But she wasn’t
in the picture! She is not my baby mama. Listen, listen, listen,
listen, listen… Oh my! It’s like ya’ll playing
tic tac toe or somethin’. I mean you’re just here,
there, everywhere. Not tic tac toe, but this is
his baby and he knows it. This sexual activity
with no protection, no regard. (STUTTERS) You all… Is this what ya’ll doing
just for a daily activity? She just came back
around me, Your Honor. We weren’t even
around each other, she just had came back, and I hear her say, she
say, “I’m pregnant.” You had been dating her. Lies! I had moved from Overlook, they still staying
up there. I moved. She came to her cousin house
when I was hanging there, I had sex with her,
she said “I’m pregnant.” MATTHEWS: What about you when
you came to the house and all
that? Living with us for several
months before he met… So hold on, Ms. Chappell. Ms. Chappell. Yes, Your Honor. Ultimately, you say he came
to the hospital and inquired about who
the child looked like. Yes, Honor, he’s… Why do you think, if he came to the hospital
to see the child, if you feel like you all
talked about having a baby, why, why do you think he’s
denying the child right now? What is his motive? Like he said, I been
messing with all the mens, but he never denied her till
he get with his fiance. She put it in his head
that this not his baby. Yes, I did live with
them, Your Honor, but I did not get in an
argument with them. I never
left on bad terms… She wasn’t even
in the picture. We was in good terms when
got my bags and I left, we was never in an argument
or anything, Your Honor. We was in good terms. They still would
call me and talk. They did not put
my things out. No, it was not. I grabbed my things and… TODD: When I was staying
with them, Your Honor… JUDGE LAKE:
Ms. Cullins, why… Her mama even came
to me and said, “That baby
look like you.” ‘Cause the mama know
I been denying the baby when I was staying with them. The mama even came
to me and said, “That baby look like you.” You weren’t denying the baby
when you were in my house! I was denying the baby
when I was staying, but I was buying
the baby Pampers. You came to me… No, you was not! You said, “That baby
look just like you.” Mr. Todd, Mr. Todd, is that what you’re
offering for testimony? Because if you’re saying
that her mother came and said the child
looked like you, that would then support the
theory that it was your child. Thank you, thank you.
That is his child. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) That’s his child! She said I’ve been
claiming the baby. I never claimed the baby. They would all come and say
the baby do look like me. But I… ‘Cause she knows
I wasn’t never claiming
the baby. All right, okay, so… But even before I met her… JUDGE LAKE: I need to know
one thing from Ms. Cullins. Why is it you allowed
Ms. Chappell to move in? You say it’s because you
wanted to have a DNA test. CULLINS: And because of, because he had said there’s
someone that’s saying that this is his baby, and
the baby wasn’t in a position, where they was at, it was
healthy for the baby to be in. So, he acknowledged
to you that, “There’s a woman out there
that says she has my child… Correct. “…but they are not living
in conditions that I am
comfortable with. “I want to have a DNA test. “Can they come live with us
until we figure this out?” Yes, ma’am. And she was scared
to go have one. Mr. Todd, you then
acknowledged again it was a possibility that you
could be this child’s father. Yeah. Thank you, thank you. All right, so what are
your hopes for today? I hope the baby don’t come out
mine because she ain’t nothin’
but a problem. Shh, she don’t wanna mess
with her other baby dads, She also… all the rest of ’em, she wanna
corner me, and mess with me.
And… Well, you wanted to
mess with her, too! But all the other men
messin’ with her. Thank you! But all the rest of ’em! Thank you! (ALL SHOUTING INDISTINCTLY) JUDGE LAKE: Look, look, look! Hey! Bottom line is you
got to pay to play. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) Right, right! You actin’ like it’s a game! CULLINS: He did… No! Hold on, Ms. Cullins.
I’m talking! That’s the part that
you are missing in this! Ya’ll acting like
it’s a game! Then, pay to play. Meaning, if it happens
that you are the father, then you have to
step up and support. Thank you. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDS) When you sleep with a woman, without using protection, and you know that other men
are doing the same, you know that you’re at risk
for not just pregnancy, but STDs, HIV and AIDS. That’s right,
that’s right. You can play Russian
roulette with your own
life if you want to, but you’re not going to
do it to this baby. Right. Right. Thank you. So, ultimately what is
your hope, Ms. Chappell? Well, I know that
this is his baby, and I hope that he’s ready to,
he’ll take care of her, and be in her life. Jerome, I’m ready
for the results. Yeah, bring it on. Results! Results! Results! Right! Right! These results were prepared
by DNA Diagnostics and
they read as follows. In the case of
Chappell v. Todd, Cullins,
when it comes to
three-year-old Walecia Chappell it has been determined
by this court, Mr. Todd, you… …are not the father. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) And you’re smiling,
Ms. Chappell? Yes, because at the end of
the day, this is his daughter. What’d that DNA say? I ain’t
having sex with no one else,
Your Honor. I know this the only man I was
messing with at the time. CULLINS: I knew it. I knew it. Ms. Chappell, you were
obviously having sex with
at least one other person during the window
of conception. At least, we do know that
he’s not the father. Yes. Thank you. We won’t have no
problems no more. Thank you! It’s good. Okay. Now that
we know the truth, we can start by these claims
you have against one another. Ms. Chappell, you came in
suing the defendant for $2,475 in lost wages because you said he would not babysit
for the child, and you lost your job. You could not sue him because
he was not able to babysit. And now, since we’ve
determined that in fact, Walecia is not his
biological child… Yes. …he doesn’t even have
a moral obligation… Right. …or a legal obligation Yes, Your Honor. …to babysit for this child. For that reason,
your claim is denied. Yes, Your Honor. Judgment for the defendant. You all came with
a counter-claim saying that Ms. Chappell
busted the windows out of Ms. Cullins’ car. You provided receipts
that totaled $375. Ms. Chappell stood
in court today and admitted she bust
the windows out the car. And so, that’s a very
easy determination. You do owe her for the $375 that it took to
repair her car. So for that reason, judgment
for the counter-claimant. And, this is where
we move forward. Keep in mind, the
big picture is that Walecia deserves to
know who her father is. That’s all I want you to know. Take care of yourselves. Good luck to you. Court is adjourned. Thank you.

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