With Celebrity Comes Responsibility – VeeOneEye is a Statutory Rapist (Jason)

With Celebrity Comes Responsibility – VeeOneEye is a Statutory Rapist (Jason)

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I knew I was going to do another social issues
vlog, a ranty vlog, I thought maybe it was going to be about transmisogyny in The Boxtrolls,
or racism on youtube. And those are all really fun topics. Instead I think I need to talk
about how– You don’t know me or other youtubers. You can’t trust us. But more on that after
the title card! Hi PaulTalkers, I’m recording this on Saturday night, you’re watching this
probably on Sunday. I want to talk to you about the responsibilities involved in having
a celebrity status. People forgive celebrities for horrible things. People forgive Woody
Allen for sexually assaulting his daughter. People forgive the NFL for not forcing the
Washington, DC football team to change their name. People forgive The Ravens for letting
Ray Rice almost murder his wife? And moving into this platform, people forgive Shane Dawson
for having racist content in his “comedy”. And 2.4million people have been letting Sam
Pepper get away with “pranks”, even when they violate consent. And I keep saying forgive
in all these instances because i’m trying to be generous and give the benefit of the
doubt not to those horrible people, but to their fans. To the people who’ve given the
celebrities their celebrity status. They’re the ones I’m trying really hard to give the
benefit of the doubt! I wanna believe that they either are oblivious to what’s going
on or that they’re aware of what’s going on and they have forgiven it, but there probably
are some assholes in those crowds as well. Saturday, I found out about a British YouTuber
named Jason whose online username I believe is VeeOneEye. He has sexually preyed on underage
girls. On at least one instance, I know that he was twenty when he attempted to have sex
with someone who was in her teens, like around 15/16. In the United States, we call that
pedophilia and statutory rape should he actually accomplish anything. I don’t know what it’s
called in the UK, but hopefully it’s not legal. So Jason is a criminal. And should be behind
bars! I don’t blame the subscribers for letting him get away with sexually preying on underage
women. It’s not the same situation as Shane Dawson and Sam Pepper, because the stuff that
Jason has done has been off of YouTube. However, there are contributing factors here. As many
people have said, far more eloquently than I have, this year, YouTube Culture / Celebrity
Culture is a problem. When someone becomes a big enough name, then all of a sudden, they
start to have the power of everybody supporting them behind everything that they say and do.
So what Jason has done is that he has used his celebrity to put so much force behind
simple words, that by words alone, he forces young impressionable women to go along with
shit that, as they grow older, they really realize is not okay! And so now they’re coming
forward about that. And some of these women are still underage! Which tells you how bad
this is! When Shane Dawson uses his celebrity status and millions of subscribers to mention
a critic by name, he is sending his subscribers to attack that critic. That is not an accident.
That is a purposeful application of his power. That same power allows Jason to sexually prey
on underage women. This is a power that we shouldn’t allow these people to wield. Jason,
as a British YouTuber with many subscribers has done collabs with many other British YouTubers
and right now, I am looking very closely (as well as many other people) at those other
British YouTubers. Why are we looking at them? Have they committed assault? Not necessarily,
but what they have done is they’ve been either intentional or unintentional accessories to
his crimes. So Jason has definitely attempted to committ Statutory Rape. I will never forgive
Jason. He needs to get the FUCK off of YouTube and never come back. And never go to any YouTube
thing ever, zero forgiveness, everybody needs to be on board with this. The sides of the
argument are For the Pedophile or Against the Pedophile. His friends, on the other hand,
they can be forgiven when they start calling out Jason! But I suspect the reason why many
of them are quiet right now is that many of them are thinking, “Wait, but I know other
people who do similar shit.” Yes, you do. And right now is the time for you to call
them out. And that will garner your forgiveness. My friend Ruby suggested that perhaps people
knew about Jason and were afraid to speak up because of lack of proof and damaging their
careers. And I believe that that is possible! And I don’t give the slightest shit. Because
you know what’s more important than a youtuber’s reputation or career? Saving the lives of
all the women that those assailants, that those sexual predators are going to go after.
Every one of you who knew about Jason and didn’t say anything? You’re all assholes who
thought more about yourselves than all of the underage girls that Jason would prey upon
after you began to have your suspicions. Until you come forward and speak out against Jason
and against your own past self for letting that shit happen, I don’t forgive you. You
can do it, though! BriBry has already tweeted out that he did exactly that. He suspected,
he heard rumors, he could’ve said something and he didn’t and for that, he’s an asshole.
I’m not sure that those are his exact words, but that’s approximately what he said. And
you know what? BriBry was right, and that is awesome for you to say that. And BriBry,
if you know of anybody else who’s doing this shit, I hope you speak up about them right
now. This is a good time to do it! We’ve seen your collabs, we’ve seen your instagram photos,
we’ve seen you at events. We know who of you are friends with Jason. Jason with his hair
stood out in every crowd. I believe AniaMags is the person who started off this current
wave of revelations about Jason. She posted this video, where she talked about her experiences
with him. Support her, absolutely. But beyond that, protect all the other victims, present
and future. Because this is not gonna stop, until we speak out against these abusive youtubers.
Don’t try to reassure your fans and subscribers that #NotAllYouTubers are this bad. That is
some bullshit. People should be afraid of being in the company of all these youtubers
who are abusive. And until we find out who all of them are, everyone is suspect. And
don’t you dare tell people not to suspect the big youtubers; we have historical evidence
that we should be afraid of you. And if you’re not calling out the youtubers who you do suspect
of harassing, especially underage fans? Then you are most certainly a part of the problem.
I wanted to do this specific take on this issue because i was inspired by neonfiona
calling out youtubers who were trying to downplay the situation. Thank you very much, Fiona,
for tweeting what you have tweeted. So what do we do? Again, my friend Ruby asked me that
on twitter. And my response to her, I was not trying to be glib, was, “We vlog about
it.” We come to this platform where the problems originate. We come here and we say, “This
shit is not acceptable.” It’s not time for us to heal yet because the problem isn’t gone!
We are slowly but surely revealing all the bad people on youtube. It is going to happen.
It is unavoidable. Because this is the start of the new YouTube Community. We’re not going
to let you hurt us, or more importantly, the young fans, any more. That shit is ending
and we are ending it. And in these vlogs, you name names. I know it’s scary. If you
are concerned about your own safety, either physically, or mentally, or emotionally, I’m
not going to push you to that point. But if you’re on the fence about it, sharing these
stories, naming these names, trying to prevent the next victims from happening. This is stuff
worth fighting for, this is stuff worth going into slightly dangerous territories for. I
know I’m really safe and privileged doing this! So it would be great if other light-skinned
males on youtube said this shit. These are hard things to do, you will get attacked,
but if you’re asking what do we do to fight this? We take up our arms in the form of videos
and we say this is a bad person, here’s why. That’s how we take this community back and
make it a better one. We take away the power of the people who don’t deserve it. And those
who are in power? Wield it responsibly! It really doesn’t matter if you never wanted
100,000 subscribers or a million subscribers or 10 million subscribers. If you have those
numbers then you got benefits from those numbers and those benefits come with a responsibility
to everyone who watches you. As always, I want to highlight the voices of the women
who are speaking out about abuse on YouTube. So, most recently, I’ve seen ImagineJohanna’s
video. I’ll link to it up here. And, of course, also MarinaShutup’s fantastic video, I’ll
link to it over here. Great videos, not about this specific topic, but again just addressing
youtube abuse and naming names. If they can do it, we can do it, too. If you support the
things I’ve said in this video, please give me a thumbs up, please subscribe if you’ve
not yet subscribed. Please share it with everybody who you think needs to see this take on things.
Leave me your question, comments, and suggestions below and I’ll try to answer them as best
I can. Paul will Talk with you about your concerns. And as usual, defenders of the problem
youtubers that I’ve listed in this video: Shane Dawson defenders, Sam Pepper defenders,
Jason defenders, I’ll be blocking you and/or banning you from my channel if you try to
chime in on this, saying that those guys for whatever reason aren’t as awful as they actually
are. So take that noise elsewhere. But everybody else, I’d like to know what you think. And
if you need to talk about this stuff, you can go to my tumblr and ask me questions there,
you can go to my twitter and ask me questions there, I welcome it all. I know my channel’s
a little weird. I go from social rants to things about comic cons, to things about swing
dance, to things about dogs, probably. It’s a little bit all-over-the-place, so thank
you for sticking with me. I really wanna believe that tomorrow will be even better. But for
now, bye! I am so glad that Molly and Brennan came up with Strong Female Protagonist, the
webcomic, because I’m, I’m actually taking some strength from wearing this shirt right
now. Thanks, SFP creators!

43 thoughts on “With Celebrity Comes Responsibility – VeeOneEye is a Statutory Rapist (Jason)

  • RubyMayCee Post author

    Writing this comment as I watch but just to let you know, it is also statutory rape in the UK. The legal age of consent is 16. "Jason needs to f**k off" I'm applauding. This is a brilliant video. I'm adding it to my list of videos to watch. Honestly? I gave you a standing ovation at the end.

  • TyanaJayne Post author

    I very much agree with what you say. As a previous fan of his videos, I still don't think what he did was right and the same goes for Sam Pepper. I hated Sam from the begging but even though I was a huge fan of Jason he's done wrong and should not be welcome to events. I have one question though, how did this whole thing only come out now? Did another Youtuber speak out at what he did or did he announce it? I only found out through tumblr.

  • Nancy's Reads Post author

    Bri Bry is seriously one of the best youtubers out there. He was one of the only bigger youtubers who ACTUALLY made a video on this topic, and he's deeply involved in the conversations surrounding it. I hope he keeps this up and expose other people doing this shit. 

    On the topic of pedophiles on youtube, I have no fucking clue how people think it's okay to coerce with minors. I don't want to hear any bullshit about evolution and that's how women and men are. That's not at all the point. The point is that people–particularly young children–are getting hurt. When I was big on reddit, I used to ALWAYS come across posts about young women and the morality of sexualizing them. If a girl's 16, you will ALWAYS have a comment saying, "She's legal in Europe." Like what in the living fuck does that even mean? Just because she's legal in Europe doesn't mean she's consented to you jerking off to her picture. And a MAJORITY of men (20 and up) are always bringing up these hypothetical scenarios about "if a teenage girl wanted to pursue a relationship, I wouldn't object." These are men. Talking about being in a relationship or committing a sexual act with teenage girls. This says so much about our society. They don't even fucking consider how mature these girls are or how fully formed their sense of selves are. It's like once a girl starts wearing a bra, it doesn't even matter if she's a fully fleshed out human being. She's legal. That's all that matters. 

    And there are people out there who say we don't fucking need feminism. 

    Wow, that was a lot longer than I anticipated…

  • ellawelly Post author

    BRAVO. This was so well put, well thought out, detailed, concise… honestly I think the best I've seen! You covered everything and managed to include every view without even nearly offending any.. so I agree. 100%. 

  • Jennie Post author

    When I found out the only think that was going through my mind was "why? why would he do this? so many fans trusted him. I trusted him."  And it pisses me of to know that to some people Jason/Sam/other was there hero, and they took advantage of it.

  • Livi's Vlog Post author

    Couldn't agree more!

  • TheRaymanFan Post author

    It's disturbing, the amount of youtubers have been "unmasked" as it were, for being rapists, pedophiles etc. recently. And it really does make me suspicious of ever following anyone on Youtube again. The difference between non-internet celebrities and internet celebrities when they are revealed to be rapists or pedophiles, is that the non-internet ones normally do lose any hint of support or respect from their former fans. However, on the internet; you see a lot of people still supporting them and defending them; and the adverts still running on their videos and their accounts still up.

  • conferencereport Post author

    Great video.  Thanks for stating the situation so clearly.   Without in any way wanting to diminish the responsibility that these people must accept for their actions, don't you think that YouTube might also have a role to play in ensuring this kind of exploitation doesn't continue?  Their business model (and that of Big Brother that produced Sam Pepper) is one of propelling young, largely undereducated people into positions of undeserved celebrity and then using those manufactured celebrities to drive traffic toward advertisers.  This process inevitably creates situations in which weak egotistical pseudo-celebrities are introduced to ersatz charisma-soaked fans.  How could that ever work out well?

  • GaiL ord Post author

    Great video. I wish this would get media coverage. So many predators on youtube, so many stupid kids idolizing coloured hair people…its disgusting. And it needs to stop. These youtubers need to be taken off youtube forever!

  • LazyGwen Post author

    The fact that there is a hashtag for him and not Ania and others on twitter by his fans who choose to defend him sickens me.
    He actually admitted to being involved in everything and for being the one who held the power because of some piss poor excuse like "I have depression and I was brought up in a Mormon home so I didn't learn the laws of a country I live in." 
    Shit, I didn't know Mormons didn't teach common sense. I didn't know depression was like a get out of jail free card for being a statutory rapist. 

    I hope to God that IF there is anyone else, they leave the community as of now as I believe both Pepper and VeeOneEye should, as Alex Day and others have put a hiatus to their channels since March or April (despite Eddplant actually uploading a video since he confessed to coercion). I hope for the sake of this new lot being caught out will solidify an effect of getting rid of these Youtubers and hopefully they will be banned from VidCon, SitC and even the Fine Bros. Youtubers React.

    I didn't know about the Shane Dawson thing, but then again, I never found his videos funny. 

    I feel like it's a necessity to flush out the bad and replace them with the good. There are far better Youtubers who understand how not to conduct themselves with fans or minors, who deserve far more recognition than a few creepy Youtubers. 

    Oh and seeing as a majority of these Youtubers are involved in Ben Cook's Becoming Youtube Series from 2013 (Alex Day, Tom Milsom, EddPlant, VeeOneEye and Sam Pepper), it would be great to see him do another series (not necessarily 12 parts) not involving them and also involving the very obvious fact that there is a big flaw in how some conduct themselves with their fans or those who look up to them, especially since he copped a lot of flack from the episode he did for "Women on Youtube."

  • erica jayme Post author

    Your such an inspiration Paul, keep doing what your doing because your a amazing person, and I agree with you entirely. Your one of the few youtubers who really isn't a suspect. And we know that. <3

  • glowrain Post author

    Great video, thank you for adressing these issues and being a great ally. <3

  • Lui Wallentin Gøttler Post author

    All the good people of this rather good community, really needs to put on their work pants. In order for us to weed out the bad people of all sorts, spread awareness and educate. Because like I've written to many time over last few days in various comments; my believe is that this is sadly only the tip of the iceberg. 

  • The_Melon Post author

    I agree about 117%. I just wanted to say that Luke and those other people who share house with Jason have asked him to move out, and Emma Blackery posted her response to this here www.twitlonger.com/show/n_1sc4esm , so I am not saying they are not to be considered for knowing about Jasons crime and so on, but I think we should take in consideration that his friends are cutting ties with him, because they are aware of how sick it is. Cutting ties with friends always suck and it hurts, but sometimes, like now, it's the right thing to do.

  • Sophie Jerrome Post author

    as usual absolutely amazing and perfectly put, you're completely right about holding other youtubers accountable: it's so clear that so many people must have been aware of the behaviour of a lot of the people within the community but chose to let it go and it's just not acceptable. Honestly I find it hard to trust anyone from that friendship group who doesn't now specifically speak out about sexual assault and abuse

  • Josh Smith Post author

    Dude this is a amazing video to show and describe what has happened THANK YOU!! :') @Paul Roth  Do you know if he has sent any reply to all of this that you know of?

  • ciara mealy Post author

    thank you thank you thank you for this. im so sick of big youtubers who are very disgusting in sexually preying on young underage women and also men, being protected just because they have a certain amount of following. absolutely disgusting.

  • KarolaTea Post author

     Wasn't the problem with speaking up against people if you just suspect things that then you'll put even more pressure on the victims to come forward? Which… is kinda shitty, they already have to deal with enough already. Idk, I guess there could be a way of saying something without doing so. Maybe. Idk.
     Also I can kinda understand that friends of people who turned out to be shitbags are kinda quiet and maybe have to process things for themselves first. Presuming you really didn't know about the wrongdoings of your friends (reason my friends are my friends is because I trust them to not do bad stuff after all) hearing about it can be quite a shock I guess and it's probably hard to belive. 
     Not saying it's great that they don't say anything and they're certainly not the victim but I wouldn't condemn them for not reacting within a day or two. (Presuming they didn't know about what was going on)
     Are YouTubers more dangerous than 'normal' people though? I'd generally say that everybody is capeable of every crime.
     Yeah, I'm very glad all these things are comming to light now!
     Also what exactly was with Dawson? Do you maybe have a link to something?
     And you're all over the place channel is great ^_^

  • Unworshipediety Post author

    Hey thanks for speaking up and letting your voice be heard. 

  • Nicole Sweeney Post author

    Well said. The defenders are especially frustrating – epic frustration with Shane Dawson's DELIBERATE use of his critic's name. She explicitly asked him not to and that was absolutely about calling out his sycophants. Also, I've had many a fight with commenters about their "right" to speak in my spaces, so bonus snaps for saying that you will shut down anybody who uses this space to defend the abusers.

  • Marley Frost Post author

    Aniamags (Ania) is so brave and I have so much respect and love for her.  And Jason is manipulative scum who need to be cut off from YouTube.  

    Just a note:

    Pedophilia or paedophilia is a psychiatric disorder in which an adult or older adolescent experiences a primary or exclusive sexual attraction to prepubescent children, generally age 11 years or younger. As a medical diagnosis, specific criteria for the disorder extends the cut-off point for prepubescence to age 13.

  • LucasNoahs Post author

    To clarify: the legal age for consent is 16 in the UK, Ania was 15, so yes, it was peadophilia. Also, she was huge levels of drunk, so not only was it statutory rape, it was plain old rape too. To further that, he was pressuring her to have these drinks, she was not entirely willing to drink them. It is called peadohilia here, it is called rape here. It is called disgusting here. That is all.

    Also, the best response from any of Jason's friends by a mile has been Evan Edinger's, look him up. The only one to make a video, the only one to fully show remorse.

  • Fallen_Angel_Killjoy Post author

    Yep. Sex is legal at 16 here in the UK and I think these people deserve punishment.

  • HaleyLikeTheWolf Post author

    Great video, as always. Thanks for talking about this and being so blunt about it. I will be making a video soon as well

  • Angela Is here Post author

    People who have collabed with Jason are Emma blackery, lukeisnotsexy, becoming YouTube . When I saw him in these collabs it unsettled me I don't know why but it did

  • theDXT Post author

    Woah I had no idea VeeOneEye did this. Wow soo much stuff is coming to light recently.

  • Rhiannon Nee Post author

    To the right of this video, there are exactly 7 Veeoneeye videos being promoted. Youtube needs to stop promoting the videos of youtubers who are confirmed to be offenders. Let's just take a moment and think about this – right now I am on a page that is discussing the fact that Jason is a rapist while at the same time PROMOTING HIM. Seriously. Wtf Google?

  • Federica S. Post author

    THANK YOU. BLESS YOU. Zero forgiveness. I don't give a fuck about these people's careers and reputations I just want young fans to be SAFE

  • zeefeesheepwns Post author

    dude i'm so glad i found you. every single point you made was spot on. i'm glad not all guys on here are being dicks about it. it seems that opinions on rape and sexual assault only matter if it's coming from a man's mouth here. but you are a wonderful person and i respect your opinions completely!

  • Kara Fielding Post author

    This is so freaking crazy, but thank you for adding your voice. I don't even know what to make of my own thoughts about the "community" anymore.

  • Kat Blaque Post author

    Yes, finally a non problematic youtube guy! I've honestly started to lose a little bit of hope for the men on youtube but the fact that you started this video out talking about transmisogyny kinda tells me that I'm gonna like you.

    I liked this video a lot and you're so right about "forgiving" and how celebrity kinda washes over the terrible things that have been done. We've gotta call this stuff out when it happens. It's super important. Those of us with plaforms DO have a responsibility and I really couldn't just ignore the things that have been happening especially as a rape survivor.

    Thanks for the solidarity. I look forward to new videos. <3

  • amandapearl2books Post author

    Hey Paul, I agree with a lot about what you're saying except for one thing.  The people we are talking about, while absolutely reprehensible and disgusting predators, are not pedophiles.  Pedophiles are people with a mental disorder who are sexually attracted to prepubescent children.  Unless there has been an accusation I'm unaware of, I don't think there were any victims who were prepubescent. 

    Now with that said they are still preying on underage viewers and there's a huge power imbalance with not only the age difference but also the celebrity difference and they should be removed from youtube and prosecuted, no question.  I just think "pedophile" is a very inflammatory word and can incite people to do violence towards them which doesn't solve anything either.

  • Daniël's Tech & Music Channel Post author

    It's disgusting how many people are still supporting him. And the excuse "WE SUPPORT VEEONEEYE BUT NOT RAPE" is bullshit. He raped, multiple times mind you, underage girls by talking them into alcohol. And saying "But they were both drunk!" is disgusting. That's the thing, when your drunk, you're A. Not thinking clearly, and B. Defenseless. Jason might have not even been drunk (or not as much), and completely in his conscience taking advantage of that, is a horrible, disgusting crime. Blaming it on having parents that did not allow alcohol and sex before marriage, or having no parents or teachers to tell you what to do at the time you did it, is not acceptable either. I hope Ania goes to the police with this. He confessed it in a video, and I do think that's enough to get arrested and charged in the UK. Forgiving and forgetting is wrong, as it makes it OK that this happened. He needs to go to prison and face the consequences of his actions.

  • Meg Gilbert Post author

    I think part of the problem is all-or-nothing thinking (that social media, especially twitter, seems to make worse).  For example, if a person finds a YT video funny, recognizing that creators other behaviors are not ok causes an uncomfortable cognitive dissonance, and it is easier to lash out in defense of the celebrity than to pause and think things through more fully and change their schema about the beloved celebrity into a more complete picture.  

    Thanks for staying on top of these issues and speaking so clearly about the nuanced details that many folks overlook. 

  • thatkatieproject Post author

    As always Paul, you're awesome and keep fighting the good fight on YouTube <3

  • tallulaheatsleaves Post author

    How do you know this

  • lizard lace Post author

    i think a lot of people are quiet (especially now) because they don't know what to say and they don't want to say something counter productive to freeing this community of creeps like Jason.
    Bribry could not speak out without having a major backlash as well as people trusting Jason more and him less

  • cheyenne Post author

    This video was a fucking plus.

  • Francesca Georgiou Post author

    Very much appreciate this video and I am pleased you put it out there. Very honest and direct and says a lot of what we are all thinking

  • MC_Mac_MC Post author

    Sam raped too…

  • Leah Smith Post author

    I. I. But how do we trust you??

  • PinkCircleO8 Post author

    I remember when I heard about the Sam Pepper incident. I shared the video that Laci Green posted about the incident via email to my sociology teacher I had that semester in college. And about a few weeks later, she showed it to my class. And it generated good discussion. Not a word of support for him was said.

  • TheBookGoddess Post author

    Most of Jason's friends had heard rumors but when they asked him about it the said that he didn't sexually assault anyone ever. Dodie (doddleoddle) and Evan's (Evan Edinger) videos are a good insight into how his friends called him out.

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