Winning the Law School Game

Winning the Law School Game

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Welcome to LearnLawBetter. Is winning the law school game important to
you? Curious about what you need to do to succeed
in law school? Stay to the end, as I cover the three most
important problem areas for new law students, and strategies to succeed in those areas. Don’t forget to hit the like button if you
enjoy the episode and click the subscribe button and bell if you don’t want to miss
any future episodes. Also, if you have any questions about law
school, leave them in the comments section. Hi, this is Beau Baez, and today I want to
discuss how to succeed in law school. I called this episode “winning the law school
game” because you need to think of law school as a game. It has its own rules, which are different
from the rules you learned in college. Imagine that you know the rules to checkers,
and someone asks you to play chess. You start playing this new game, but you use the rules to checkers. That is how most people play the law school
game, at least until they get their first grades at the end of the semester. With that in mind, let’s examine the law
school game and what you need to do to win. Exams. Law school exams are nothing like what you
saw in high school or college. Your college exams primarily tested you on
knowledge, while law school exams test you on the higher level thinking skills. You need to remember the rules, but
then apply those rules to facts you’ve never seen before. If all you do is learn the law, don’t expect
to end up with top grades. To win the exam game, from day one you must prepare for your exams. This means looking at old exams your professor
might have posted online or have on reserve in the library. Or if there aren’t any old exams, finding
exams from other professors. Also, read as much as you can about law school
finals. There are many books, blogs, and videos like this one that will help you. Reading. You will read lots of cases in law school,
which are edited legal opinions. The cases can be complex and confusing, and
in subjects that will be new to you. Also, most professors use the Socratic
method in class when discussing cases. This method is designed to get you to think
differently, but most students treat law school class just like their college classes. To win the reading game, after you reading a case use the FIRAC case briefing method. FIRAC. Facts. Issue. Rule. Analysis. Conclusion. I discuss this method in more detail in another
episode. Not only will short case briefs help you prepare
for class, but more importantly, briefing will start training your mind in using the
IRAC method, which in turn will help you on your essay exams. Feedback. Very few professors will give you any feedback
before the final exam. Unlike college, where you had regular quizzes, short tests, most professors in law school give you one final exam at the end of the semester. So if you don’t learn the material the right
way, or you don’t learn how to write a law school exam, then you can find yourself with a low grade. To win the feedback game, begin doing practice
exams early in the semester. You need to learn how to write in a way that
will get you top grades. Unfortunately, knowing the law is only 50%
of what it takes to get top grades. So when you see test taking workshops, go
to them. If your law school has an academic success
department, take your practice exams to them for review. Also, consider finding someone that you can
take exams with. When you and your study buddy take the same
exam, swap the essays and grade them. Be brutal in your grading, marking every error. And here is where the magic occurs: while
you will find it hard to see the errors in your exam, that is not the case when you grade
someone else’s exam. And by becoming a grader, you will become
a better writer. Why? Because you will stop making the errors that you
catch in your buddy’s essays. My writing improved significantly after I
became a teacher. Not because I was teaching the material, but
because of all the grading I had to do. If you enjoyed this material, hit the like
button. Also, to avoid missing any future episodes,
hit the subscribe and bell buttons. For more resources to help you get ahead,
including my blog and newsletter, check out Thanks for watching.

15 thoughts on “Winning the Law School Game

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    Professor Beau Baez, can you make a video on latin terms and how to use them properly?

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    Hi! Do you have any law/justice book recommendations?

  • Jessica Taylor Post author

    Wow, this was incredibly helpful and well explained! Thank, Professor Baez immediately subscribes

  • Annika Russell Post author

    Thank you for making this video!

    I'm graduating from high school in a few days with plans to become a lawyer. I decided to attend a state school that offered me a full ride so that I have money saved for law school. Right now I'm trying to decide on my undergraduate major. I would pick a liberal arts major where it is easier to earn a high GPA if I was 100% set on law school. However, I am currently a STEM major because I want a degree to fall back on if being a lawyer isn't right for me.

    So could you please make a video about the realities of being a lawyer? Possibly describing the different types of law one could go into and what the work of a lawyer is day-to-day? I feel like being a lawyer is something I want to commit to, but I want more information before changing my major. THANKS

  • Razorback Piper Guy Post author

    I just finished my first year and wish I would have found your videos sooner. I love them.

    If you are looking for suggestions for future content, may I suggest one. The first semester I was extremely engaged and finished in the top 20% of my class. The 2nd semester I got a bit cocky and lackadaisical. I finished close to the middle of the pack. I am in no danger of failing or losing my scholarship, but mediocrity is not something I strive for.

    I can't imagine that I am alone in this situation. Would you consider a video topic addressing this issue or something similar?
    Thank you.

  • JR54 Post author

    Thanks for the video!
    I am almost finished my first year at university and will start my sophomore year in September. I’m not 100% set in my path to law school but it’s definitely the top choice right now. Is there anything I can do now besides trying to get top grades for my gpa? Any reading of literature I can do to become more well-read or improve my future LSAT score? Thanks!

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  • Dan Hulseapple Post author

    Prof. Baez, you and other law school oriented channels have suggested taking practice exams to help ensure success on finals. How, though, does one know if they've performed well on these exams? You mentioned swapping exams with a friend or colleague, but is this all that can be done? Are there typically answer keys with the exams? Are professors themselves willing to go over the exams with you during office hours?

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    I always enjoy your videos. They help me in everyday life.

  • Iván Hernández Post author


    I have a question about how law school admission committees view applicants that completed a Master’s program before applying. How does applying as a candidate with an MS influence, if at all, how the committee will review my application?

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    How do I apply for a law school outside the country?? And how do I go about the admission process?

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