Will She Ever Come Back? – DIY Sliding Hatch and Save $1,000 – Ep 60 Sailing Luckyfish

Will She Ever Come Back? – DIY Sliding Hatch and Save $1,000 – Ep 60 Sailing Luckyfish

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hi everyone this is Zaya version number
two and I’m on luckyfish here in LaBelle Florida This week on Luckyfish
Zaya arrives and she’s ready to sail to the Bahamas but the boat isn’t ready we
work around the clock on the list of jobs and face a really tough decision I’m pretty keen to get the boat back in the water too, but… after a few days hopefully we will start
sailing off to Bahamas I’m so excited to be back those of you who are not aware
of who I am my name is Zaya and kind of confusing because Stewart and Zayas
called also Zaya but I’m called Zaya version number two
I’m so happy to be back and let’s see what science do here she just woke up
and let’s see what Stew is doing Hi everybody, at the workstation here we were happy to have Zaya back on board brought a sparkle back into our day here we’ve been here about six weeks and desire and I have
been working pretty long days so the first time I’ve sat at a computer in
probably a month and let’s check out what they have done so far on the boat so as you can see up there we have a wind generator it’s spinning up there
and it’s pretty amazing because now we can make energy an electricity through
our wind generator which is awesome because our boat it’s almost autonomous
you know it’s we have energy from the hydropower the wind power and solar
power as you can see there’s alot, oops sorry there’s a lot going on down here it’s all covered up but there’s so many like workshops and carpenting going down there OK let’s get to the carpenting in order to install the wind generator we had lowered the mast which meant removing the hardtop Bimini it was the ideal
opportunity to build a sliding hatch having the hatch was going to make tying
the reef points a lot easier as well as make the sail visible from inside the
pod I took a look at the Wharram method for building a sliding hatch on Brandon’s Tangaroa ‘Element’ it uses a sail track and slide arrangement I
didn’t have any sail track so I used another simple system an L-shaped slide OK, show us how it works. Nice we made the first of two Alva Hardwoods
wooden boat builder’s heaven nice bit of cedar What are you looking for? Errrr, boat building timbers. Nice bit of hardwood for a hatch surround. This mahogany here, Meranti, is probably going to be the go He has got some nice light Sapele, errrr No, Meranti here… which is three quarter, quite light probably not strong, feels a little bit to soft for a hatches its lovely and light though this is the Nida core that the bimini top
and the decks of the hulls and cabin tops is made of it’s a honeycomb plastic
honeycomb with ply sandwiched either side and Dan’s been able to the Builder
was able to get a curve in it let me see and laminate it. bit of a void in the epoxy there but… he put some more you can see the curve, yeah thickened it in the middle in order to be able to get the cabin tops to bend and then in this case
the bimini top to act as a drain this is a rain catcher as well see if it does fit.. getting it to slide nicely, its what it is all about. taking the old glue off… sanding all the surfaces whats that white stuff you used? this is Teflon. PTFE or UHMWPE which is a low friction medium density plastic hard wearing still slips under compression. anyway. I originally got it to shut the gaffs up from squeaking but now it’s being what’s left
over I’m using for this hatch track see how this works it’s a kind of a sliding
track and a weatherproof strip as well OK. Show us how it works Thats how its supposed to work but it is just binding a little There. Its a little bit tight over here. Wee bit of opening up and it should be good. Just mix a little bit of resin now for the hatch frame so we’re just mixing some reason now mixing the resin thoroughly with the slow hardener you can let it react for a minute or two and allow all the bubbles to come out of
the resin bubbly is better? well the bubbles are a problem if you’re sealing the plywood for the
first coat and the second coat that’s a good idea – with the resin stand just
for a minute or two and let the bubbles rise otherwise if you start rolling it
straight on to plywood or wood you end up with bubbles as a finish
it’s not good okay so you can see that those bubbles are almost all out now. they have risen up to the surface the other trick with west or any epoxy because it’s an exothermic reaction is
to not allow it to sit in the cup mixing bowl for too long as one lump because
the heat builds up really quickly and sets it off so they’re quicker you can
spread it onto an open surface the better and certainly the longer the pot
life you’ll get out of it alright. let’s do it [MUSIC] Here’s our hatch. It’s almost ready. Getting there. after sanding filling fairing more sanding and barrier coating with epoxy it was time to apply
two finishing coats its going to come out like a factory window factory hatch. [LAUGHS] Whats happening here? We can mount the posts for the bimini top seal those down, bolt them down and then we can lift the bimini top into place Yay! finally bimini top back. Im happy bimini top is down there. i rolled it and did a perfect job. [LAUGHS] with the hatch finished Zaya gave the entire Bimini two coats top and bottom and then installed some
LED lighting OMG, so beautiful party is on! nice job Zaya! Thank you the pod got a good sand too and repainting as we had made some modifications to the navigation console we set the BMG monitor into a waterproof
housing and moved it down a bit to make it easier to see over we opened up the
engine ignition panel to make servicing the switches easier move the VHF up from
the cabin into the pod what are you doing zai VHF radio installed USB charges and tidied up the
wiring well let’s look at moss this is this is my navigation box they also did this we made a box to shield the spear fuel
tank from the Sun and how’s the life raft no one wanted to talk about the job
list we tried to stay positive about taking zyre to see the Bahamas but she
only had a limited amount of time what he want to say how about fellow things
what’s your experience tousle mission to the shops yeah Jerry and zyre found this
neat cooler box to store our shower gear I think that’s made for the spot and
spear fresh water war 220 cans of beer or one zyre this is Stewart and Ziya
working on epoxy coating stayin understand allowance of the
uncivil job so we went with a roller she’s tipping
now tipping the bubbles out of the signified of waste to remove the bubbles
as there are bubbles on the slide
with the beautiful flowing strokes the bubbles
aren’t appearing like pillows resting on the woods let’s do it language it’s
shining I’m just heading into Alva timbres there
are about eight miles ahead of LaBelle and they’ve got a great selection of all
sorts of marine tempest and some very exotic and rare tenders as well and the
prices to go with them but I’m just going in today to get just a bit of
douglas-fir well Oregon as we know in the South the
deep south for the aft deck planking which we’re finally gonna fill in that
some letter area with removable deck pieces that I spent some time this
morning going through there jobs we reckon we can see the light at
the end of the tunnel with the jobs his eyes pretty keen to get the boat back in
the water I’m pretty keen to get the boat back in the water too but
also complete along well the never-ending list of jobs really so
we’re going to draw the line somewhere so murals got some black walnut from
Missouri here and just take a look at the prices on that stuff and this this
timber black walnut would be ideally suited to growing in Mongolia it’s a
fine fine furniture timber tabletops beautiful grain one of the prime
hardwoods yeah right that’s what does that al 18 inch board look at that yeah
wouldn’t that be something that’s and what was stairs stairs step polished
stairs this is the longleaf extinct pine that they used for the tall mass on your
hips okay let’s see how fine a green so that’s 200 years old that pine yeah yes
sir cut just after Civil War with an axe and then lost in the swanee River until
Goodwin heart pine yes security okay it’s three-inch flanks yes yeah I know
some of the ages on your timber you don’t just sell to me you sell it with
the age of it as well like like there was 1960s that we just chose there was i doing for their new base for the
full mast winch it was great to catch up with Merrill
again he’s a lovely old guy full of great stories he runs a really nice
business they’re just specializing and more mostly quality hardwoods
unfortunately he carries a bit of dark fear as well and Stu what’s happening
here so many jobs on the GAR the bonus track what are you what is this going to
be used for your dad ring duck foreign I’m gonna make a plug for this using
your same wood I’m gonna put some screwball in that
this homes we all realized that LaBelle was a rare opportunity
we were unlikely to find ourselves next to another Wharram particularly a
neighbor as generous as brandon was with his tools and advice he became a brother
to us plus we had easy access to supplies while in the united states so
this was our dilemma go back in the water while nice I still had time to
sail with us or stay on the hard stand Brandon wandered over from element to
check on quality control look at this these are in epoxy no C’s the reason we
probably should have put some thick or enough well and they should have been
pre coded it looks like it drink drank at yes soak it all up now the faster way
slightly more dangerous way what we just saying from the top down a little blade
just like this yeah super fast although you just had you stand a chance of
digging into the wood around it well you know maybe I’m old school I like hand
tools the job I don’t know the chisel might be faster I don’t know this might
be cleaner – I don’t know – what are you doing yes yes sealing the endgrain
this is a table base to make a little pedestal which is going to allow us to
unfold it out tape out the table on the pot it’ll double the size of the table
it’s just something it’s never really been finished following the barnacles
great back at Sarasota we still have little cement disks all over the hulls
the girls set to work scraping them off copper coat seems to resist abrasion
very well and looks like it will last for years what are you using grit coming
up in the ice you still see the blemishes from these from the barnacles
these spots here yes but once it’s all sanded that comes up really good nice
and smooth good a copper showing through oh and they’re plenty yeah 53 5050 yep well it’s still showing the
role on the orange peel from the role or application when it first went on
eventually I guess it’ll come out completely smooth because it’s quite a
thick coating looks like another few years away yet and why are you showing
us these hands first Oh although the boat looked ready
we still had more to finish and Zayas time had run out we felt so bad that we
promised her sailing and gave her work instead yeah we need to go the other
side and see the sunlight on it hopefully we can make it up to here one
day soon well everyone if you found this video useful then please give it a like
and subscribe and thank you for watching and the special thanks to our patrons
for helping make these videos possible

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