Wife Allegedly Cheats On Husband With Ex-Boyfriend (Full Episode) | Couples Court

Wife Allegedly Cheats On Husband With Ex-Boyfriend (Full Episode) | Couples Court

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This isCouples Court
With the Cutlers.
This is the case of
Braxton vs. Braxton. You all have been
together for four years, married for three. MR. BRAXTON: Yes. And you have two
daughters together. Yes. Yes, Your Honor. Mr. Braxton, why have
you brought your wife
to court today. I’m here to see
if my wife cheated with her
ex-boyfriend. That’s why
I’m here today. My family means
a lot to me and got a cloud
hanging over
our family right now. I just wanna
past it. And I’m a man that
stands on principles. So I don’t want
to be a statistic
as far as a divorcee and I got daughters. So, I want them
to see a solid man. (ALL APPLAUDING) JUDGE DANA: Mrs. Braxton,
what are you here to prove. I’m here to prove
that I’ve been
faithful to my husband. Um, I know that some
actions I might have taken
may have been wrong. But as far as
any infidelity or any thing like that,
I’ve only been with
my husband. And I want
to let him know so that we can
get the trust back and move forward and just take care
of our family
and be happy. So what is the current
status of your relationship? Are you all together? What is it look like
in your home? It has definitely got rocky,
’cause you know,
we were solid family. We have schedules
and different things
like that. And now it’s more like
one foot in one foot out. I’ve got stuff in the car,
trunk, brother’s house,
couch where ever. And I just…
that’s not what
I got married for. I want my husband home,
I want him to sleep with me and not down stairs. Um, that’s, that’s why
we’re married
is to be together. (CLEARS THROAT) JUDGE KEITH: All right,
so Mr. Braxton, you’ve essentially got
one foot already out
of the door. And is all because
you believe
she’s cheating. MR. BRAXTON:
In so many words
Your Honor, yes. All right. So if it turns
out that she is cheating,
you’re gone. The consequences
is gonna be devastating. And you understand
what is at risk? MRS. BRAXTON:
Yes, if my husband
was to leave me, I would have to learn
what is like to become
a single mother. That’s something
I know nothing of. Um, our family will
be devastated financially. I do work part time, but he’s the primary
bread winner in our home. And I can’t
afford to lose him. So the stakes are high? Very high.
Really we’re
at home together, but we’re not
dealing with
each other It feels like we’re
going through
the motions sometimes. Where are you
sleeping? (MR. BRAXTON CHUCKLES) Sometimes on the couch, sometimes at my
brother’s crib. I mean, she doesn’t
even notice, but I’ve slept in the car
before, just because… Okay, so you want him
back in your bed. MRS. BRAXTON: Yes, I do. JUDGE DANA: Moreover,
she wants her husband. She doesn’t want
a roommate. MRS. BRAXTON: Yes. She wants her husband. Yes, Your Honor. (ALL APPLAUDING) And you
want your wife. Of course, yes. JUDGE DANA:
So what I’m hearing
from both of you. You want it to be
like it was
in the beginning? MRS. BRAXTON: Yes, Your Honor. Tell me what that was like. Um, very in love. Very attracted
to one another. He’s very
caring and attentive. When he and I met
we met at mutual friends’. And I saw him
I was very
attracted to him. And I noticed him
looking at me and we just
kind of locked
eyes for a minute. It was like
everything froze. Felt like
I was on a hunt and, you know,
I had to,
I had to get it. You know, I mean
I can’t explain it’s like… (ALL LAUGH) JUDGE KEITH: You saw
what you wanted… It’s like a lion had seen a deer.
You know what I mean. I’d say I wanted her. You know what I mean.
I wanted her I wanted her and I knew what
I wanted for my life. He pays attention
to everything. Wants to know if I’ve ate,
you know, wants to know how I’m doing. He’s very intellectual
and that really turned me on
and was the best
thing about him. This is what was going
on up here, the sexy. MRS. BRAXTON: Absolutely. I got you. MR. BRAXTON: But don’t
get it wrong now. (MRS. BRAXTON LAUGHS) I put it down to make sure
I keep my woman… MRS. BRAXTON: Oh, my goodness. MR. BRAXTON:
There’s more
then just words, but that’s what separated
her from the rest. That’s true. You know what I mean. JUDGE KEITH: Okay,
conversations is great. Now being
a gentleman is great, being attentive is great. But at the end of the night… There’s another
component… There’s another
component to it also. And you can’t lose
that component. JUDGE DANA: You’re right. That has to be there. So that’s why…
I mean, that’s part
of the reason why I want to make sure
we stay together. Because we just compliment
each other very well. We’re life partners
and he’s my team mate, and I just want
to make sure
we’re in good standing. JUDGE DANA: All right. AUDIENCE: Aww… Well, so where
did it go wrong? Yeah. No, we got into
a fight a while back and, um, it was
really, really bad. You know it was the worst fight
we ever had as a couple. You know, was some
issue over the kids,
basically you know. And she wanted
to go somewhere and I wasn’t feeling it
and I was trying to keep my kids together,
I have one other child. MRS. BRAXTON: Well,
Your Honor the thing is that I wanted to take
my daughter with me and I was pregnant
at that time. And when he didn’t
want me to take her
with me and he had her
and he left the house and I wasn’t
able to find them. And, you know,
I just felt like my motherhood
was being attacked. I felt like,
“Why aren’t you
giving me our baby?” That’s when it blew up. To the point, Your Honor, where when I left
to go to the party for my family member
to go away to the military, um, I stayed, um,
at my grandmothers house
for a week. It was so much
of a blow up that I didn’t think
we were going to even
reconcile. I thought that
it was going
to be over. So this is
a big argument
you all had? MRS. BRAXTON:
Yes, Your Honor. During the argument, things were so heated
and everything like that that I ended up
mauling off
to authorities because of anger
and ended up
in hand cuffs. MR. BRAXTON:
And that’s not even…
That’s not her. So I can not…
I won’t let her
just go out like that That’s not her. She ain’t…
She didn’t like the bad news
’cause she was pregnant. Just to be 100
she was acting differently than she normally does. So in your mind
this was not a relationship
ending argument. MR. BRAXTON: No. And ultimately
you got through it and you got back together. MR. BRAXTON: Right. And I’m thinking
we’re on the up and up,
like, “That’s behind us.” But something
just kept tugging me and I’m like, you was gone,
you in your hometown. I’m not there. You was angry at me. You got something
need to tell me, like now is the time,
we’re not mad at each other. We’re not gonna run out of here.
We’re not gonna… JUDGE DANA: Right. So she confided in me and told me that
she, uh, through
social media, uh, hit her ex up
through Facebook, got a phone number,
called him. Says he got her apple pie
or something like that, and they chilled…
She was pregnant, so that ain’t too far…
You know
what I’m saying. So… (ALL LAUGH) Uh, and she say
they just kicked it in,
in his vehicle at he grandmother’s house
and I’m like, “What?” AUDIENCE: Oh! The consequences
is gonna be devastating. You used social media
to catch up with your ex. Yes, I did
at that point in time. I, uh, sent a message
to him because of
the argument, and I asked him
for his number and told him that
I just wanted to talk. And he came
and he brought me, what my craving,
my apple pie
at that time and we just talked. This was during the time
you had the big argument? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: And you
were at
your grandmother’s? Yes, judge. JUDGE KEITH: The time
that you believe your marriage
was basically over. MRS. BRAXTON: Yes. JUDGE KEITH:
And you hit up
your ex on facebook and you went to him
to confide in him
to talk to him. Yes, that is true,
Your Honor. Were you talking to him
about your marriage? I was talking to him
about the things that we were going
through. Yes, I was. Um… So I felt like,
“Do I not
have her heart?” You know what I mean.
You know, I feel I’ve put
it down in every aspect. You know that makes
me feel like, “Okay, “am I inadequate
in some way
or something?” Like what’s going on here?
You don’t seem to care. I’m like, for real? JUDGE DANA: Okay, okay.
Hold up, hold up. How long after this
did you find out that
this interaction took place? Like maybe five months
afterwards or
four months or so. I’m not sure,
but it was a while ago so that’s what
I’m saying it was like revisiting like, uh,
like everything
flash forward. ‘Cause when she
initially told me,
confessed it, I swallowed it I kept my cool because, Your Honor, I want my wife
to be able to come to me
even when she mess up. Just come and let’s see
if we can get pass it. Give me that opportunity,
that choice to see
if I want to stay or not. But don’t have me
live in no lie. Why would you wait
five months to tell him? Your Honor, I was
afraid of the way
that he would react and losing my family. I was afraid that
he would leave me
right then. See, when
I done this, yes, I was wrong,
but I was acting
out of anger. I was upset
and just to be honest
with you, Your Honors it’s just, I’ve been
with him and been faithful and I felt attacked
with my character and all kind of things. And I just felt
if I talked
to somebody else maybe I can feel
like still had it. You know, I mean,
just to be honest. I’m know
that sounds crazy. (TEARFULLY)
But that’s the reason
why I done it. AUDIENCE: Wow! So have you been
in communication
with your ex since? No, Your Honor. Not in any way,
shape or form. I thought that it was
going to be over. So is this the only time
during that week
that you saw the ex? Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE DANA: Were you
visiting with him because you wanted
to bounce off of him, or was he your
back up plan? I was just… Like you said,
as you put it, “Wanted to
bounce off of him.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAMING) Do you believe
that Mr. Braxton? MR. BRAXTON:
I don’t know
what to believe. That’s what
the whole problem is. It’s like I want to. Interaction, talking
in a car sounds
way better then sex. You know I’m saying? JUDGE KEITH: You think
there was sex? I think
that’s a possibility. And I’m wondering
like, uh, you know what other avenues
of communication is being
done that way. Look where my mind
was at and her mind
was at in the same argument I’m at home, not even thinking
about like I didn’t
have no… Like… I mean, but during
the argument… Like, things during
the argument,
you talk real strong. You say a whole
lot of stuff there. That’s true. Maybe you might
not mean,
and hurt me when you were
saying all of
those things. You made me
feel disrespected. And I didn’t
appreciate it,
I felt like, “Oh, why am I going through
this if he thinks all
of these things about me.” Like, I’m still a woman,
I think I still look good. I think I still have
qualities that other
people would want. I have things to offer, I still got it
and I wanted
to feel that. JUDGE DANA: And so,
you waited six months, five or six months
to tell him that? All this time,
for a year, it’s been spinning
in his head, “What else
isn’t she telling me?” If you had come home… You tell me
if I’m wrong
Mr. Braxton. If she had come
home and said,
“Look, I was angry, “I was so angry
I reached out to another
man to find out “am I wrong?” You wouldn’t have liked it, but you would have felt
differently ’cause she came
straight to you with the truth. MR. BRAXTON: Exactly,
I would have felt
like loyalty that I wanted
next to me and I could have
just wrapped that up
and moved on ’cause I would not
beat over her head
with it. JUDGE DANA:
Well, here’s the deal. We have invited
a friend of the court to come and talk
to us about
what it’s like to deal with
a partner, a spouse when there’s questions
of infidelity. We would like
to invite Tina Braxton to come
and share with us. Ron, would you
escort her into the court? RON: Yes, Your Honor. RON: Hi, come on in. Okay, you got to
sit right next to
the judges, please. TINA: Hello, Your Honors. JUDGE DANA: Hello, how are you? JUDGE KEITH: Hi, how are you? Great! JUDGE KEITH:
It is good to see you. Likewise.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) TINA: There’s no relation. I would like
to clarify that. You clarified. MR. BRAXTON:
We don’t know that. JUDGE DANA:
So good to see you. Thank you for taking time
out of your busy schedule from your TV show. TINA: Thank you. JUDGE DANA: I’m so
glad you’re here. Because we need for you
to help and share
some things with them. From your perspective. Okay, uh, I have
some experience.
(CHUCKLES) JUDGE DANA: We know, we know. ‘Cause I have two husbands. (TINA CHUCKLES) One of the first things
I’m gonna say is this, if your spouse
or your significant other is doing something
that you don’t want
them to do, or if they are doing
something that you wouldn’t want
done to yourself, that’s cheating. Just period, it’s just is. AUDIENCE: Mmm. ‘Cause you’ve to
put yourself in that
other position. The argument that
you guys had that led up
to this situation. She thought the words
that you said hurt her
in such a way to where she felt like she still had to
feel like she was
wanted in a way. So, it had absolutely
nothing to do with your prowess.
(LAUGHS) But it had to do with
the way you spoke with her. And you can’t be
so busy putting it down by being busy
putting her down. You can’t do that.
That’s not going to work. But at the same time
communication is key. If you’re gonna
let it go, let it go. But if you’re not
going to, let them go because it’s
not worth it. It’s just not because
it’s gonna be a constant
circle of overly rehashing. again, and again,
and again. And nothing is gonna be
ever resolved because you’re gonna
keep reliving it. JUDGE KEITH: All right, so
is there anything you’ve done
in a relationship that later you kinda
regretted and thought, you know, “Maybe
I souldn’t have
done that”? Oh, I mean
that’s with everyone, but um, let me tell you
one thing about regret. Regret is moot, but so is pride. Pride is an emotion
a person in love
cannot afford. You got to put it behind you.
You really, really do. JUDGE DANA:
Well Ms. Braxton,
thank you so much for coming
and sharing with us. This was the kind
of information
we wanted to hear Yes. And I think our litigants need
to hear so that they
can make good choices about this
passionate love that they clearly
have for each other TINA: Mmm-hmm, it resonates. It resonates. You guys are both still
in love with each other. You need to be
in love or let it go. Pick one.
You can’t have both. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) This is a marriage
on the line. Uh, you’ve accused
her of cheating with
an ex-boyfriend. She has denied that she
had any kind of sexual
contact with her ex-boyfriend. And so to get
to the bottom of this the court has retained
the services of a licensed
private investigator, Kendall Shull. Who’s a former
special agent
with the FBI. Ron, would you please
show Mr. Shull
into the court room. RON: Yes, Your Honor. Have a stand right
How are you, Mr. Shull? Good to see you. Good. Nice to see you
very much, Your Honor. All right, Mr. Shull
would you please
tell the court what type of examination
you performed in this case. In this particular polygraph I used what we call
a single theme
poly graphic examination. Even though we ask
three different questions on the polygraph exam, all those three
questions are focused on one specific
area or concern. So you asked Mrs. Braxton
these three questions? One, the week you left
your husband did you have sex
with your ex-boyfriend? Two, since being married
to your husband, have you had sexual
intercourse with
your ex-boyfriend? Three, the day when
your ex-boyfriend
brought you an apple pie, did you have sexual
intercourse with him? What was her response
to these questions? Mrs. Braxton’s
responses to all three of
those questions
was, “No.” What do the polygraph
determine based on
her responses. MR. SCHULL:
Polygraph determined… who’s a former
special agent
with the FBI. JUDGE KEITH:
All right, Mr. Shull, what do the polygraph
determine based
on her responses? MR. SCHULL:
Polygraph determined that there were equally
significant responses to all the questions
that I asked. All responding no. And in addition, there
were no fluctuations in her responses at all. So, what does that
tell you about
her responses? Was she being truthful? She being truthful. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) I’m sorry, babe. (INDISTICT) All right, Mr. Braxton,
how are you feeling? I got a lot of
making up to do. JUDGE DANA: All right. (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) Mr. Cutler can give
you some tips about how to make it right. (MR. BRAXTON LAUGHS) Um, Mrs. Braxton,
let me just say
I’m so glad that you were
telling the truth. MR. BRAXTON: Me, too. Thank you. We plan to be at your
25th wedding anniversary so I want an invite. Yes, Your Honor. JUDGE KEITH: Mr. Braxton,
keep putting it down. (ALL LAUGHING) In all respect,
in all respect. MR. BRAXTON: In all respect… In all respect. Keep putting it down. And with that,
with that I’m gonna
end this way. Don’t cheat yourself out of the wonderful marriage
you’re getting ready to have. Court is adjourned.

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