Why Iraq’s pro-democracy protesters aren’t just pawns in U.S.-Iran war games

Why Iraq’s pro-democracy protesters aren’t just pawns in U.S.-Iran war games

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We don’t want to go to another war with
Iran. We don’t want to be the launching pad, the
launching base for another American adventure in the Middle East. And yet, at the same time, the agreement,
the forces agreement with the United States, states that the American forces are in Iraq
to secure Iraqi airspace, secure Iraqi government against attack. So, that shift in the narrative, that using
Iraq as a launch pad, of course would make Iranian allies in the region jittery, accuse
the Americans of plotting against them and something, and, again, using that American
argument to counter the demonstration in the streets. This is what these militias have been doing
all along, even before these strikes. So now you have the strikes. Now you have this rhetoric, this Trump rhetoric. You know, can I say this small joke? You know, every single demonstrator I’ve
talked to in the squares in Baghdad, they pray, they tell me, they wish, they pray,
that Trump would never utter a tweet regarding Iraqi politics, because they don’t want
to be part of this Iran-versus-America narrative. It is Iraqi demonstrations against the Iraqi
political system. The militias want to make it as if it’s
targeting Iran. And now the Americans are using these demonstrations
for their own, you know, whatever, pressure on Iran. This is the delicate situation in Iraq. And again, it’s a country awash with weapons,
with militias, with military forces, and a new civil war can spark within hours, if not
days. Well, Ghaith, you were just in Baghdad before
Christmas, when these widespread protests were ongoing. But now, given the U.S. airstrikes — very
quickly, before we conclude — are protesters concerned now that those, their demonstrations,
will be viewed as pro-American because they have been anti-Iranian? Yes. I mean, this is the biggest concern for the
demonstrators. The biggest concern is that they will be labeled
as pro-Americans or stooges in an American plot against Iran. But at the same time, the youth, the people
in the streets, the rioters, all have been very vocal, from day one, to say that “We
are not part of any American plot.” They denounce these American airstrikes. And they’re trying to push back the momentum
or the narrative, and towards electing a new prime minister and reforming the Constitution
and the election law, which has been their
demand from day one.

29 thoughts on “Why Iraq’s pro-democracy protesters aren’t just pawns in U.S.-Iran war games

  • John Delaney Post author

    Delaney 2020

  • gary proffitt Post author

    Trump clinger-bait for US Troops ( not enough stags for service 💤 )

  • Liza Tanzawa Post author

    In the U.S. and I'd storm a U.S. embassy too! Trump is just trying to start ANOTHER war!

  • Phil Green Post author

    Who could have ever known that just because we bombed and invaded a country that never attacked us, murdered their leader, installed a corrupt and vicious bastard, conducted drone strikes killing hundreds of innocent people attending birthday and wedding celebrations and opening the door to Iran and other nations to move in amidst the chaos, that they would be so unappreciative and angry??!

  • photoshopknight Post author

    Iraqis have the right to be pissed what us Americans did to their country.

  • glenn kane Post author

    If the president were Democrat we would have been at war with Iran long ago.

  • Rayhan Nazir Post author

    Bullshit.!=WMD=Isis=now this wtf wake up or u knw.! 🕵🏽‍♂️

  • Rayhan Nazir Post author

    Oil is thicker than blood.!!🇮🇱

  • jack meoff Post author

    The push for war is as American as apple pie and baseball. A war with Iran could be the death knell for the American empire. It sure as hell won't be the cake walk some would have you believe.

  • FiREFLYSerenity408 Post author

    "pro-democracy protesters" = Iran/Hezbollah.

    Democracy Now supports anti-American enemies.

  • making sense out of nonsense Post author

    5000 american boys died and many more injured…..bin ladden won

  • Global Frontier Post author

    Crazy how this all unfolds just two days after I published my documentary on Iran 😨

  • Rob Roy Post author

    If Pol Pot was still around killing all the educated people DN would have someone on justifying it.

  • Badger Mcblasty Post author

    It’s obscene US elites and its media shills don’t understand that killing almost a million people and occupation since 2003 will piss the locals off to the point they’ll burn its embassy. Neocons/liberalists ( using this metric ) must be some of the dumbest cunts on the planet.

  • yu Post author

    US SOP Divide and Conquer strategy, yet many countries fall into the trap even to this day

  • Ross Hoyt Post author

    Wishing for peace in Iraq, and it is so painful that our idiotic government has caused this compleltly.

  • Sean Asa Post author

    It’s important to go war with Iran, Iran should never become a regional power . USA should do anything to destroy Iran regime

  • Sho Sugino Post author

    Meh. If you didn't attack and invade American soil, there would be no missiles. You glossing over this HUGE FACT only proves you are fake news. You want the US out? OK- say so and we'll leave and take our aid with us and you'll be invaded by Iran the day after.

  • E Walker Post author

    Why the Guardian has lost it's creditability. The corrupt government in Iraq is U.S. backed. It's not Iranian backed.

  • Tijl H Post author

    Can't wait for the DN coverage of the US attack on the 2 SUVs at Bagdad's airport in "self defense".

  • TheHomoludens Post author

    They protest to kick out U$ of AIPAC soldiers. But never mind…
    It´s always about fake "democracy"…

  • Bryan Broome Post author

    What is an Iranian general doing in Iraq?

  • Audio Pervert Post author

    And then came the drones and hell fire … America's latest illegal execution and vicious act of treachery. On foreign soil off course, as usual.

  • LAOMUSIC ARTS Post author

    Why nobody tells the truth?
    Drumpf want /need a distraction from Impeachment !
    Very simple: let's commit an international crime and start a war?

  • Kalifa Makoma Post author

    That's what happens when you're naive enough to be groomed by the government and the ruthless corporations to do their dirty work. Some people think they are serving their country but they're really serving their government. A country is much more than just whatever government is in charge. The reality is that you become an obedient tool that is supposed to follow orders to the letter – no matter how crazy they appear – as a soldier serving your government, uhm, I mean "country".
    A pat on the shoulder, a handshake and a "thank you for your service" is all they have to say while they laugh all the way to the bank. A hundred years ago 10 million people died because they loved their countries. Took a while for them to realize that World War One was one huge pissing contest between rivaling powers and that they used people's love for their own country against them on all sides.
    So beware of those playing on your national pride (generally a bad thing in this day and age of global internet culture) because they will end up using you and the people you thought they represented won't understand you.
    Serve your country on the home front. Most wars are just big business and sneaky politicians fooling you into thinking they are "absolutely necessary". The real enemy might actually not be these "foreign threats" it might be internal…

  • Kilo M Post author

    Ofcourse they are just Us pawns they celebrate the death of our heroes and welcome the terrorist to rape our resources the pro democracy iraqis are the same ones who sold hussein ibn Ali and they will never change so long as they collect couple dollars

  • Pete Haskell Post author

    Governments fight governments the people never want war I voted for Trump to get us out of this kind of thing meet the new boss same as the old boss

  • Whut Now! Post author

    WW3, is about oil. Crusades 2.0

  • May : Always love to Live Another Day Post author

    Trump's want to Legacy since he got impeached he feels like everything that he thinks he's stand for doing is going to get erase so if he has a war you can erase a war from people's memory because death comes with war

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