White House Won’t Punish Kellyanne Conway For Breaking The Law

White House Won’t Punish Kellyanne Conway For Breaking The Law

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In an interview earlier this week, Kellyanne
Conway told reporters that she had actually talked to Donald Trump about her two Hatch
Act violations that were handed down by the Office of the Special Counsel earlier this
week. According to Kellyanne Conway, she had that
conversation with the president. They discussed it, and that’s all she’s
going to say about what happened at the White House. This means that Donald Trump, who is in charge
of punishing her, according to the Office of Special Counsel, for breaking the law at
least twice is going to do absolutely nothing about the fact that Kellyanne Conway, White
House counselor, is a criminal. He’s not going to punish her. She’s not going to be reprimanded. Maybe he got mad at her, but that was basically
the extent of this particular issue. Again, this is a federal law that Kellyanne
Conway broke twice on recent occasions, according to Office of Special Counsel, and one time
prior to that when she told people to go out and buy Ivanka’s stuff, so at least three
federal law violations by Kellyanne Conway in the last 13 months and zero punishment
for her. Now this was completely predictable. I don’t think anybody actually expected
Donald Trump to do something about Kellyanne Conway, but what it’s going to do is present
a problem for Republicans as they go towards the mid-terms this year, when they can point
to the fact that the White House is seemingly letting a criminal go out there and speak
on behalf of the White House. The president happens to be a Republican,
as does Kellyanne Conway, and that is going to present a lot of problems for Republicans
trying to run for office this year. When the White House refuses to take action
against a criminal amongst their ranks, that tends to end up pretty bad for the entire
party. Don’t believe me? Look back at the 2006 mid-term elections when
the Democrats took back over Congress and actually managed to recapture the Senate in
a move that nobody thought would actually end up happening. What was going on around that time? Well, Karl Rove was being investigated, even
though he wasn’t part of the group running for Congress, and there was a lot of other
corruption and scandal happening within the White House that tainted Republicans further
down the ballot, even though the president wasn’t even on it. The same scenario is playing itself out today. Donald Trump refusing to act on Kellyanne
Conway, which, to be honest, he really can’t anyway because that’s one of his last confidantes
in the White House, is going to have horrible repercussions for the rest of the Republican
Party as we head towards this year’s mid-term elections.

100 thoughts on “White House Won’t Punish Kellyanne Conway For Breaking The Law

  • The Ring of Fire Post author

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  • Franklin Hatch Post author

    Trump 2020 #MAGA

  • Rincenso Post author

    This isn't news in any way. Just confirmation of what everyone knows.

  • shakobenmyerz Post author

    Well duh! Of course nothing will be done!

  • Jesse Torres Post author

    Yo Republican politicians: You can't claim to be the "Law and Order" Party if your President won't punish people when they break the law and he runs a White House of chaos. Sure, most of your base won't care about these lies/hypocrisy (as we've seen since 2015), but the swing voters you got in 2016 who didn't like Clinton won't be there for you in 2018 and 2020 when they see things like this.

  • Aleta Mize Post author

    Sbe should be in jail traitor that she is jail satans bitch she a TRAITOR AS WELL AS THE REPUBLICANS TRAITOR S ALL OF THEM.

  • Ranger Luxray Post author

    Lock them up

  • Aleta Mize Post author

    No justice in this white house wtf get these TRAITORS OUT OF MY WHITE HOUSE OF THE UNITED STATES.

  • TonyZed68 Post author

    Not surprising at all

  • YVONNE WOOD Post author

    So can she be prosecuted by anyone else since it is a federal crime?

  • Uncontrolled Substance Post author

    Of course they won't punish her she's a criminal just like everyone else in the admin.

  • DM Tea Post author

    Only democrats get punished, republicans are criminals. Just-Us in America.

  • Aleta Mize Post author

    This is a TRAITOR tp all americans she can get away with anything not like us poor peolpe that ends up in jail and looses every thing whats fair in that. Liars all jail the bitch now .jail the bitch now.

  • Quincy Williams Post author

    No shit! Of course she's getting off Scott free.

  • Ntwadumela MATA Post author

    Republicans think the law doesn't apply to them.

  • David Timmer Post author

    Apparently Baseball doesn't matter to Trump. He's so incompetent.

  • CanadianRaven13 Post author

    Is anyone surprised?

  • Allen Zielnik Post author

    Of course not, everyone in the white house is a lawbreaker and has contempt for the law, especially the cheetoh-head in chief.

  • Logical Thinker Post author

    We all knew it. Great law and order administration.

  • Matt Alibozek Post author

    Of course they aren’t going to do anything about it… Did anyone expect Trump to do anything…?

  • Somme Tinonme Post author

    SHocking !! …. well not really …

  • Jeff 725 Post author


  • Clinton Pough Post author

    Well in that case, Hope Hicks should be reinstated.

  • John Do Post author

    Why the hell would conman, sex predator Dotard punish her for promoting hes slut daughters Company?

  • Jason Milton Post author

    Since Hope Hicks is gone.. Trump knows someways he can punish Kellyanne..

  • Prodigy Post author

    What bugs me the most is that so many Americans keep their mouth shut about all this horrible and disgusting crimes tRump admin. If it were any of the Dems, they would have been shredded into pieces by now, and Obama would be already sentenced for long prison time. Talk about double standard.

  • RurouniStarchild Post author

    I F***ING knew it.

  • darkashtar Post author

    It just shows he has no issues with breaking the law.

  • The Oracle of Awesomeness Post author

    Lol. Is this a shocking outcome? Did anyone seriously think that Trump would punish one of his most loyal followers?

  • Simon 's Post author

    The next time a trump voter goes to court for something, just say Kellyanne Conway got away with crimes and see if it works.

  • Exposed Shadows Truth Post author

    No words can ever show how much rage is being put into the human body when being told that there is no justice in this event. It's ridiculous it's insulting it's so mind-numbingly painful just hearing that CONway is not getting jail time. To the Trump supporters and the Republican party, im not going to yell, or make a joke. I just need u to understand the level of humiliation and depression that the rest of us have been feeling since 11/9, and just asking u person to person, full blown honesty from u who r reading this…. Is this what u rly wanted? U must have done some research on who wasn't going to be on the up and up, so why did u all believe that this, what left of the original administration, is rly the best of the best? These ppl have no experience to the jobs they were given, and as u have seen it (if u got off on Fox New for 5 minutes), u know something is wrong. So instead of faking that everything is good, ask for help from the other person.

  • Jax Post author

    Who the hell thought she was going to face any discipline? Come on folks….these people are the swamp! All of them!

  • 傭兵Cloud Post author

    Trump probably slap on on the wrist and tell her not to break any law again. Smh.

  • Jax Post author

    They won't feel any heat from this during the primaries because his base could care less, they can barely read most of them. All they care about is him hating black and brown people nothing more…we all know it

  • Sean Hanson Post author

    I don’t think republican voters will even know any of this happened or care if they did. If it’s not on Fox News it didn’t happen.

  • Ro Ni Post author

    No surprise. "The end of the world as we know it."

  • Ro Ni Post author

    No surprise. "The end of the world as we know it."

  • Neptuno Post author

    TREASON!!! Our country is corrupt by Trump. Where's the supreme court?

  • The Millennial Gamer Post author

    Nothings going too happen.

  • zobbukit Post author

    If Kellyanne is going to continue to cut her own hair she should at least invest in a pair of scissors.

  • Amy Marie Post author

    Kellyanne Cuntface is lying bitch….

  • Tony Roig Post author

    She isn't an Obama or a Clinton . point given .

  • billy the dead Post author

    It's like a crime family took over the white house and the administration because the moron and chief sold out the republican party and we the people. Register and vote

  • Tango Bango Post author

    Why have a HATCH ACT if it’s not going to be enforced?

  • mriddley Post author

    Oh wow who would have thought trump helping a criminal (gasp) he seems like such a stand up guy (rolls eyes)

  • steve smith Post author

    She must be very good at gangbangs!

  • Sunnernite Sunnernite Post author

    If a white house official doesn't get punished for breaking federal law, why should anyone be punished for breaking any law.

  • crash bandicoot Post author

    No kidding they're not going to punish her she's a Republican Republicans own the house in the Senate you have a better chance of hitting the lottery for a million dollars and then actually serving Justice to one of their Republican members

  • Sabine 40231 Post author

    Fish rot from the head, and unfortunately, one of the fish got into your admin, people of the US. YOU are the only ones who can get rid of him/them, though.

  • John Mirra Post author

    he is not gonna punish her because he told her to do that

  • Jonathan C. Post author

    Trump voters are not smart enough to even comprehend the Hatch Act. Democrats just keep spitting into the wind.

  • Porgy Tirebiter Post author

    Now she can start selling trump chia heads from the WH rose garden.

  • John Kesich Post author

    Isn't Conway a big enough fish for the House to impeach?

  • Cardi Gan Post author

    He will grab her by the pu$$y.

  • James A. Holland Post author

    Is that really news??!! We all knew that nothing would happen. Adolf Twitler and his cronies can, and probably will, murder someone and nothing will happen. Our govt has become so soft and weak that they can’t and won’t do anything about anything. Once upon a time a guy like this would have gotten a bullet between the eyes but that was the REAL America, the real CIA that kept things in check…President or not.

  • roger Brownfield Post author

    I guess the "broken windows" law enforcement concept only works in New York for black people selling single cigarettes.

  • Phillip Lopez Post author

    Call your representative !

  • Freptboy Post author

    They don't punish her because she is Trump's "little girl"

  • Atheist Post author

    Of course not.

  • Patrick Milewski Post author

    The only woman in the white house that's worse than Hillary Clinton.

  • LAGUNABOY Post author


  • OrionPax09 Post author

    As I've said before, the Gross Trumpkin and the Greedy Old Pricks have been blatant about putting their true colors on display for the entire world to see. They're not even trying to hide just how corrupt and greedy they are, how little they care about how they're hurting us and the world as a whole. And that is going to come back to haunt them when the midterm elections roll around. Something I'm looking forward to.

  • Steel Here Post author

    Water is still wet.

  • Varekai Ascendant Post author

    When the 'Boss' is corrupt and is well known for screwing other people not paying debts, and driving them out of business what did you expect?
    Exclusive: Donald Trump's 3,500 lawsuits unprecedented.
    1 Jun 2016 … An exclusive USA TODAY analysis of legal filings across the U.S. finds that Donald Trump and his businesses have been involved in at least 3500 legal actions in federal and state courts during the past three decades, and he has been in 6 bankruptcies.

  • Ed Holm Post author

    Did anyone expect more

  • Sinclair Jones Post author

    That woman is an old hag that need to take her creepy looking self home. Criminals are good for the Republicans party. Trump is a criminals along with his children, son in law and most of the people that work for this creep

  • Lena P Post author

    Did anybody expect anything different? That is no surprise. That shitty administration leaded by a criminal-in-chief does not follow any law because they don't care.

  • Sinister Minister Post author

    Oooh what surprise, I think I will have a heart attack and die from that surprise.

  • freshair3451 Post author

    So how long is all of this Trump shit show going to go on? The government is weak . on both sides.

  • Melanin Kisses Post author

    Y’all already knew he wasn’t going to punish her. He doesn’t care about her breaking that law because she did it in favor to a republican candidate and his daughter’s business. Besides it would’ve been the pot calling the kettle black because he been going against the grain his damn self.

  • zero swat Post author

    I keep feeling my rage and want for justice every day when I watch the news. The only hope I have is the midterms, and the blue wave. That is just a hope, as much as I want it, it still might not happen. I am slowly seeing that justice means nothing if you have power, and I honestly fear that we might be in too deep at this point. Seriously think about it. I have for a while now, if we were serious about justice what kind of chaos would we have to endure for the greater good. Maybe I'm starting to become numb to all the corruption and I hate that I am. Maybe one day we will see some real justice and some real change, if not with the midterms (which I feel will only do the bare minimum, but at least something) then if fifty fucking years when all 20 something's are in power instead of these Jim crow holdovers

  • Tracy Crawford Post author

    Trump thinks laws don't apply to him. Why not, so far they haven't.

  • TheLookingOne Post author

    Donald and the fascist GOP
    only believe in JUST US

  • Alfonso Ponthieux Post author

    Trump’s administration is full of criminals. No one should be above the law, it is time to remove all of them from the government and throw them all in jail to pay for their crimes.

  • Neptuno Post author

    You're the only hope Mueller

  • BackAndStillBgMsDangerus Dangerus Post author

    Of course he isn't going to punish her. He's so happy with her behavior she probably got a caviar and champagne party, two month all expenses paid vacation to Russia for entire family…and a raise. All at inflated prices and on the taxpayer's dime of course.

  • Laughing Dog Post author

    “Laws? Laws are little people.”

  • CryptKeeper83 Post author

    No shock there. This is a guy, and an administration that does nothing but break the law. I hope they pay for this dearly come mid terms.

  • Al Somethin Post author

    Hell no it is like Jay walking or not coming to a full stop at a stop sign as far as they are concerned.

  • Ghostwriters' Corner Post author


  • Julius Smith Post author

    VOTE THEM OUT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMERICA wake up VOTE THEM OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James williams Post author


  • Impromptu Post author

    Meanwhile, in the flyblown frontier town of Trump Gulch…
    "That guy just robbed the store in broad daylight in front of half the town! Who's the sheriff round here?" "He is."
    "Oh." "Don't worry, he might decide to arrest himself. Then he'll be up before the judge."
    "Okay, who's the judge?" "He is."

  • Liz Ryan Post author

    Trump cannot lockup Crooked Conway!!

  • Zucchinna Post author


  • Norma Rose Post author

    We cant expect that face to punish one of his cohootes becuz they alk involve in the corruption why. that face won the election they all are a bunch of whatever all my 62 yrs watching on listening to politics this is worst we and world have ever seen it worst than watergate

  • Jake Thomson Post author

    Violating the Hatch Act is not a criminal offense. Conway probably has committed criminal offenses during her time working for the WH, but they're conspiracy and obstruction of justice.

  • [email protected] Post author

    Don't worry Farron, I'm sure good ol' Bobby Mueller will show her the 😍 she so desperately deserves😎

  • Max Headroom Post author

    Never mind Trump what is the law doing why hasn't she been arrested yet ?. To an outsider American justice seems to move very slowly.

  • Pei K Post author

    It takes a criminal to know a criminal.

  • Anita Clarke Post author

    Old Smellyanne Conjob gets to break the law again … Lmfao no surprise to me !

  • Fugee Kue Post author

    Not surprised anymore

  • bigraviolees Post author

    Kellyanne came up from the pet semetary

  • Julie Ake Post author

    Yet Republicans say they believe in law and order. Sure!

  • Oblivious Post author

    Don't send a criminal to do a prosecutor's job.

  • CJCryer Buzz Post author

    Law and order? Ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • John Barnett Post author

    The problem is, Kellyanne Conway probably wasn't a criminal until she started working for Trump. This presidency is good at creating criminals. If their not a crook before they get hired into the white house, They soon become one after starting to work for the Trumpet.

  • E Post author

    Republicans? Repercussions? For breaking the law? 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Nuance6 Post author

    She’s the gift that keeps on giving

  • Ken Bugbee Post author

    Are you serious with this petty bullshit ?
    How about the Logan act ? Pay for play ? FISA wiretaps ?
    E-mails ? Benghazi?

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