White House Staffers Lawyer Up As Impeachment Threatens All Of Them

White House Staffers Lawyer Up As Impeachment Threatens All Of Them

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According to a new report in Politico, at
least a dozen current and former white house officials have been called to testify and
have testified, uh, as part of the ongoing impeachment inquiry in the house of representatives
and these dozen current and former officials are also scrambling to hire lawyers because
they’re also afraid that they’re going to go down with the ship here. What’s more than that is you have other officials
in the white house and they point out that these are mid level officials, not, you know,
just the people who make the copies or the coffee, mid level officials who are also lawyering
up right now because they don’t want to get embroiled in this scandal either. And to top it all off, they’re all trying
to stay off of TV and out of the reach of reporters because they don’t want to say something
publicly that is then going to lead to a subpoena for them to have to go and testify in front
of the committee. Now there’s also another problem back in the
Muller days, the Trump administration, Trump campaign, whoever it was, they had did set
up a legal defense fund for staffers to draw out of in case they got called in needed to
hire lawyers, yada yada. They have not done that this time, so all
these staffers and mid level officials are a little concerned because they don’t know
how they’re going to pay for a $1,500 an hour high price DC lawyer to represent them should
the need arise and for at least a dozen of them, the need has already arisen and they’re
having to pay for this themselves. Here is my analysis of all of this insanity
happening at the white house. Obviously you have some officials who have
no idea really what’s going on at all. They weren’t involved with this, but they
understand the chaos that comes with working for Donald Trump. They want to hire lawyers just to protect
themselves because they don’t want to get involved. This whole thing they think is silly. It’s crazy. It didn’t involve me. Don’t call me, but then you have the others. You have the others who did hear the phone
call, you had the others who were told to go hide that transcript on that secure server. Oh, and by the way, edit out some of the parts
where we talked about Joe and Hunter Biden. Those are the people who are very concerned. They’re hiring lawyers, not because they don’t
want to get involved, but because they understand that the defensive I was just following orders
isn’t going to fly and they know that they’ve done things that are wrong. They know the president has done things that
are wrong and they need to get the best lawyers that they can to prevent them from going to
prison and those are the people that we need to focus on. Those are the people that the house Democrats
need to start putting a little bit of pressure on because if they’re already afraid, afraid
for their future, afraid for their freedom, those are the people most likely willing to
flip. Those are the people most likely to go in
there and give up information to save their own skin. And those are the people that the Democrats
need to issue subpoenas to immediately because they were there, they were present. They know what’s going on, and they don’t
want to go to jail for this guy. And I think this is how the end of this story
is gonna end up playing out, whether it’s six months from now or a year from now, it’s
going to be some mid level officials who know they did something wrong, but they don’t want
to get in trouble. And so they’re going to try to cut a deal
and they’re going to say, listen, I don’t want to go to jail. I don’t want to lose everything I’ve built
for my entire life. I’m going to tell you everything that happened,
but you got to give me immunity. Democrats need to be cutting deals like that
left and right, because these people know what happened and they’re the ones who can
give us the missing bits of information that could very easily l

100 thoughts on “White House Staffers Lawyer Up As Impeachment Threatens All Of Them

  • carmine leon Post author

    It’s okay staffers, Donnie said he would take care of your legal fees. I heard that somewhere. Good luck assholes

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : Post author

    Trump administration has create the most jobs in history… for Lawyers!

  • chuck mcveigh Post author

    If they attack this like they do with any organized crime organization, they will chip away at the soldiers, giving them deals to get to the head… (bloated orange head)

  • Mickey Rosa Post author

    Happy Halloween Patriots! Not trump's base of alternative reality.

  • JPR Post author

    History will show the Trump MAGA morons in the same light as Hitlers’ Brownshirts and Mussolini’s Blackshirts. It is only the Democrats that are preventing America from the descent into Fascism

  • Charles Stalcup Post author

    Life is like a box of chocolates according to Forrest Trump

  • Brian Garrow Post author

    The Quislings are needing lawyers? Tell your lawyer buddies in D.C. to be careful who they take on as clients.

  • Mark Remmington Post author

    Trump wrote the transcript himself that's obvious but you're as soft as democrats. Didn't you notice the spelling mistakes??

  • Rob Roland Post author

    Donald still trying to promote the same bullshit list of lies, while being under investigation for campaign fraud and many other charges pending, after he leaves office. He knows he's going to prison regardless. Republicans have to let go of Trump and help clean up our government. Get rid of all of those really unqualified people!

  • map 529 Post author

    They white supremacist white Christian enablers of their New Messiah can’t afford $1,500/hour lawyers. Boo boo. These are the same people who will always tell you capitalism is the greatest system of protecting people in the world. Heck, they say it provides the best health care in the world, and the best air and water.

    Can you say laughing my head off?

  • Snake Man Post author

    It's time to pay the piper. Running away is not a choice.

  • Doctor Thirteen Post author

    Lawyer to Trump: Get ready for Def-Con 4!
    Trump: How can I be ready when I haven't seen the first three yet?

  • Mark Gigiel Post author

    $1500 dollar an hour lawyer????? Do you get a BJ every day for a year with that? There's another example of a broken system.

  • M Al Post author


  • calvin watson Post author

    If the republicans want to go down with the ship….be my guess!!!!

  • Chris B Post author

    Getting really tired of the Trump Ads on YouTube. Hey YouTube, follow Twitter's example and ban political ads please!

  • Atmost11 Post author

    The problem with this impeachment is, that the charges against Trump are worthy of impeachment, but you can not explain the charges without saying Hunter Biden.  And each time you say Hunter Biden, it's bad for the Democrats, especially for the "front runner" Joe Biden

  • Lumis Sappier Post author

    Hey MAGA-turds….smell this!
    M – Make
    A – Assholes
    G – Go
    A – Away

  • Teddy Swagger Post author

    We may have a few Michael Cohens amongst this group of people, that's willing to tell everything. #ROF

  • Tiger kitkat Post author

    Bernie as POTUS, Trump as prisoner number 45 in 2020.

  • Cassandra D Post author

    Who ever talks walks.

  • Ricardo Rodriguez Post author

    I'm going to have me a bucket or two,of popcorn? Sit back, and enjoy the show? 😀😀😀

  • Asher Tye Post author

    Ha. Advert for a lawyer before this started. Funny

  • Candy two Post author

    so sad..too bad for constitution being broken and being enablers. Anybody who works for this dimwit crook paYS

  • Rolf Jander Post author

    And I'm going down.
    All the way.
    I'm on the highway to hell.

  • Angel mendoza Post author

    amazing how faux news talking bout dogs.and not a peep of impeachment noise.tell them to call Hitler.

  • Chris Zerkel Post author

    Happy Halloween everyone!

  • Urmy Sunn Sunnrrff Post author

    America is being attacked by the Trump Administration and staffers chose to side with Trump instead of standing up for country.

    That is completely messed up.

  • Baxter Powel Post author

    Mark all their names all these Gop bastards have nothing to do in politics!

  • CD ROD Post author

    All this will go down in history as a very dark chapter,the age of trump.

  • Francisca Molina Post author

    The Captain of the ship don't want to go down with the ship by himself……

  • Francisca Molina Post author

    They are guilty ! by they're silence they become accomplices !

  • K Cameron Post author

    You know the you know what's about to hit the fan when everyone's lawyering up. Trumps going to need to get a new lawyer as well since Giuliani is likely to get indicted soon for acting as an unregistered foreign agent and for finance schemes, both of which were with his Ukrainian Buddy's who were arrested, as well as for his involvement with Conspiring to Interfere with the Fair Administration of Elections an Conspiracy to Commit Bribery, and for Contempt of Congress.
    FYI: There's an article online by Just Security called United States of America v. Rudolph W. Giuliani that explains just how screwed he is if your interested. It's the best, most easy to understand one I've found so far.

  • Carlos Jaramillo Post author

    How likely is it that Trump would throw the entire GOP under the bus to avoid prison? I mean he has demonstrated plenty of examples of being so fucking dumb that he could get lawyers to argue that they took advantage of a moron like the rumors were about Reagan and how he was just a puppet due to him having Alzheimer's Disease.

  • Phillip Rhinehardt Post author

    Karma is coming to Trump.

  • Keith Mohammed Post author

    Nancy Polanski should be president of U.S.A.

  • Rebecca Conn Post author

    During my 65 years, Renazikkklans have consistently been willing to commit crimes for their dear leaders. Nazis are hierarchical and Democrats are egalitarian making Dems less likely to commit atrocities on behalf of baas hawg. It also means Dems will never understand the lemming behavior consistently exhibited by MAGAts.

  • mark allen Post author

    We warned people about trump's danger and they didn't listen. Tough shit, they made their bed with Mushroom Dick, lie in it with him. IDIOTS

  • MrKafein Post author

    How selfish it is for these Trump staffers wanting not to go to jail for him !
    he would have done anything for them, besides of course going to prison or, worse, pay them.

  • General Ablon Post author

    Trump keeping his promise of creating jobs….. for lawyers.

  • Jerry Rodriguez Post author

    I agree,… 1,000 %!

  • kingpest13 Post author


  • kent hansson Post author

    The ship has already start sinking. MAYDAY! MAYDAY!

  • Johnnie Post author

    You are a nut bird the only ones going to jail is the fake lieing shiitff polosi treasonous gang of liers.

  • tom patterson Post author

    Lying Donald Trump they're not after a witch they after the corruption. Get it right it's a corruption hunt

  • Ausie Thompson Post author

    It getting hot in here. 🤣😂🤣😂

  • MeganKoumori Post author

    "I don't know anything. I'm just the janitor and my name is Bob."
    "Mr. Pence, take off the fake mustache."

  • Elfin4 Post author

    They should be afraid, very afraid. If they are complicit in the crimes and have actively participated in cover us and assisting Trump in his crimes they should also go to jail.

  • Mungo Munro Post author

    It's not Republicans lawyering up and you know it.
    Where's all that evidence Adam Schiff bragged about for two years?
    What the hell happened to Hunter Biden?
    You can't just get 50 grand a month from Ukraine and a billion and a half from China unless ,,,,
    We know.
    Report real news Farron.
    Or just keep on making a few bucks lying to your subs.
    They love you for it even though they know .

  • Aaron Burr Atwood. Post author

    The USS trump has started circling the toilet bowl. Democracy was saved with the impeachment vote, let’s see if it lasts to the end.

  • Shamus Yasharahla Post author

    Trump's gonna run to Moscow. He's setting up an escape right now

  • srgreeniii Post author

    Lawyer unemployment is at an all time low thanks to trump.

  • Herb Liptow Post author

    Just as all con men do the con” servatives are trying to deflect their guilt and crimes elsewhere. That’s all they ever do ! Watch for the what abouts to be rolled out!

  • shahid kalimur Post author

    Let's not forget what happened to the aides etc in the Nixon fiasco…..

  • MidScream1 Post author

    I feel bad for the next Democrat President Baldie Farron. You regressives aren't going to get any legislation 🙂

  • Frank Winkhorst Post author

    Dumbf's cheapness is going to destroy him.

  • Master Of Fates Post author

    You could always just tell the truth and then you wont really need a lawyer. Problem solved.

  • Miguel Salazar Post author

    All that Drumpf touches die !

  • Thomas Paiva Post author

    Hit em with Rico…. They should be held to the same standards as us citizens

  • Maury Steigman Post author

    Amazing how many somewhat intelligent people – repulsiican reps and sens. not included – who can give such loyalty to a man who doesn't protect anyone but himself; and only now have some fear and regret (about being caught) – AND Those trump loyalists serving in congress now leave a legacy of suborning corruption, treason(s), a disregard for the truth, criminal activity, nepotism, incompetence, and weakening the security and standing of our country…..THE russian asset in the white house , backed up by Moscow mitch, has failed his oath to protect the Constitution….He's actually running against it …. great job folks….."COME SENATORS CONGRESSMAN PLEASE HEED THE CALL" . .Its WAY PAST TIME TO "screw your courage to its sticking place" and act like your professed love for American democracy overrides your lust for power, money, and delusional ideology….Afterall what could be worse than you being kicked off public dole and have to get a real job….

  • Lindalee Law Post author

    Lawyers or ambulance chasers
    I hope they are footing the bill.

  • ploydp Post author

    Hire Suel Forrester https://www.instagram.com/p/BrVqwf-hgjh/?hl=en

  • David tinch Post author

    Lawyers hiring lawyers!! This would be funny if it wasn't real..

  • Barry Werdell Post author

    I'd sell your heart to the junk man
    Baby, for a buck, for a buck
    If you're looking for someone to pull you out of that ditch
    You're out of luck, you're out of luckShip is sinking
    The ship is sinking
    The ship is sinking

  • Italianmom Post author

    These republicans need to support Trump, there are so many skeletons in Their closets. They are afraid all of their perverted acts will come to light.

  • James Frank Post author

    I can't say anything for people who have left the administration, but any current federal employees who have or are going to testify are under the protection of the federal whistleblower retaliation laws and the US Office of Special Counsel.  Even if you are not a whistleblower specifically, you are still given the same protections.

  • Hot Rod Post author

    You would be a fool not to lawyer up

  • Alexandra De Leon Post author

    This is crazy this is one in a gazillion opportunity I mean your foot was in the door anyone would love to be in oval office why take this opportunity and be the worst mofo you can be? Get the love of your Country I just dont get the stupidity ugh

  • Richard Dastrup Post author

    Fake news it's a scam and America heard the phone call . Your a idiot no crime

  • Andrew Velonis Post author

    What's with all the beards nowadays? The Trump boys have both grown them, now here's Farron, I think Chuck Todd has gone from goatee to full beard. And there's Ted Cruz. Did I start a trend? Mine goes back to May of 2018

  • Darlene Monen Post author

    All of trumps yes men stepped up to be accounted for at the voting for the impeachment. Those are the ones you dont want to hire when they lose their jobs. Pay close attention to who they are.

  • Cindy Demambro Post author

    Let them all go to prison with trump and his whole Trumptard administration.

  • Anthony Kiser Post author

    I love that shirt bro.

  • Kelly Baumann Post author

    I have never in my 65 years seen anything like..hope I never do again.

  • OrionPax09 Post author

    And now the panicked masses aboard the Bad Ship Trumptanic are scrambling about, trying to find the nearest lifeboat. I hope that the price of sad lifeboats is spilling their collective guts about Agolf Twitler and all of his corruption.

  • Invoke the 25th Amendment. Post author

    Lay with WH dogs; expect to lose your shirt…Karma.

  • Anne Collins Post author

    The one in my opinion who might not testify is Bolton..

  • frank magadan Post author

    This corrupt Republican administration is a gold mine for the criminal lawyer industry.

  • Sascha Rai Post author

    I wonder if there's a Ferengi Rule of Acquisition.
    "Impeachment inquiries are good business for lawyers"

  • Brenda Buchanan Post author

    They want to throw Trump under the bus before he throws then under the bus

  • MrOvadose101 Post author

    The rats are jumping ship. Stay tuned……..

  • US of Israhell Post author

    The loudest Republicons is the most guilty.

  • COWBOYS fan1980 Post author

    You better lawyerrrrrr uppppppp!!!

  • Sandra Zaleski Post author

    Isn't that what the German SS said "we were just following orders". Hmm

  • Scott Post author

    Rural towns and poorer suburban areas all over this country are watching tv stations owned by the right wing biased tv news behemoths such as Sinclair Broadcasting Group thus Trump propaganda is all over the news stations. These uneducated trailer park type of people can't afford cable television (or internet) and so they can't get information from both sides to see the big picture of the Trump coverups and corruption. This is getting to resemble the early stages of the Natzi regime.

  • Leslie Taylor Post author

    If you do the crime be ready to do the time.

  • Daniel Kruger Post author

    Wow all the very things trump said was going to happen if Hillary was president are happening because of trump being president. Who saw this. Because his base doesn't see anything.

  • Losaiko Vote!!! Post author

    Why are these clowns still in office? Shouldn't they cut deals to protect themselves? No citizen can ignore a supeona without heavey fines and jail time.
    Make these schmoos squeal like pigs……soon.

  • Mr. D. Post author

    If paid by the public purse you are answerable to the public ( although politicians are owned by corporations).

  • geno mccgeno Post author

    Employment numbers in the legal profession are sure surging since trump came along.

  • Anne H Post author

    Dancing with the devil will get you burnt 🥵Didn’t their parents teach them this?

  • Faydrinne Post author

    Why these innocent folks getting lawyers if they innocent

  • Faydrinne Post author

    They should be in prisons that resemble the shelters those kids are being held in. Save us more tax cut money.

  • Karlos Khaos Post author

    Their fucked
    Sell them to china lol as scrap

  • D Mack Post author

    Problem: how does Congress give immunity to cooperating witnesses? It isn't a criminal investigation and they aren't federal prosecutors. The DOJ ( Bildo Barr) would need to provide immunity to those persons cooperating with the impeachment investigation. Maybe Barr would put them in protective custody too. ⚰

  • thefrecklepuny Post author

    "Hi, this is Book, Crook and Hook legal services, how may we help you"?
    "Hello, I am just enquiring about your hourly rates".
    "Our rates start at $750 an hour".
    "Did I tell you I work for the Trump administration?"
    "That'll be $2500 an hour sir".

  • Izzy LaCrosse Post author

    I wonder if the staffers having to get and pay lawyers out of their own pockets might stop to think about why they need lawyers. What did they did wrong. What wrong did they do. I hope so.

  • Lawrence Torres Post author

    LOCK THEM!!!! I'm sick and tried of criminals in the GOP party defending this pron president!!!! I want a patriot that will work for the people!!!And my future!!!!LOCK THEM UP!!!!!!

  • Donna McDonald Post author

    Who pick up the tag for all their high price lawyers ? tax payer ?.

  • J Smith Post author

    Per Trump their was no collusion, anywhere. Bull crap, everything this tub lard touched or even passes turns to shit.

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