When Will the Constitution Be “Outdated?”

When Will the Constitution Be “Outdated?”

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Okay, let’s get into audience questions for
the week and they are good and they are very needy this week. Hey David, when will the constitution be officially
outdated? This is so loaded and it just, uh, to, to
begin with. There are lots of people who just say never
there called constitutional fetishists. Sometimes they call into the show, but if
we want to have a sensible adult conversation, the first question is, what do you mean by
outdated? If you mean, does the constitution still effectively
establish the federal government and give us, uh, the original set of powers for the
federal government? It still does that. And in that sense, it’s not outdated in that
it’s still outlines the government that we have today. If the question, which I think is a more practical
question becomes, does the constitution still serve as a relevant document to answer questions
about how things should work today? The answer is that with every passing year,
the constitution increasingly fails to be a document that gives us those answers. Uh, so, so in many ways the constitution is
already outdated. Look at the chaos around gun laws. Is it the guns that were around at the time
of the constitutions writing or do we need to interpret which guns and types of arms
fall under the jurisdiction of what the founders meant when the Second Amendment was established? Well, what exists, it’s immediate and total
chaos. The problem is either it’s outdated or it
isn’t, and the chaos starts when we start arguing about which pieces are outdated and
in which way, and we start trying to suss out the intentions of the founders versus
whether a totally literal interpretation should be applied. But if it is a little literal interpretation,
it should be applied based on the world that existed at the time that the constitution
or its amendments were written, not necessarily a literal interpretation based on 2019 that
makes it very, very little sense and you end up just getting a kind of partisan strategy
around the constitution to argue one way when it favors your side politically and argue
a different way when it doesn’t favor your side politically. How does the First Amendment apply to the
Internet? The answer is it actually depends on whether
a president has put conservative or liberal justices on the supreme court doesn’t really
seem like that is a particularly uptodate document, if that’s what it depends on. How does the fourth amendment apply to motor
vehicles? The answer is, it depends on whether presidents
have recently been able to get conservative or liberal justices on the supreme court. Thomas Jefferson, who believed that Americans
should revisit the constitution every 20 years probably was onto something. Although 20 years is probably too frequently,
uh, maybe it was based on life expectancy at the time, I don’t know. But the idea there is a good one and there’s
an argument to be made, uh, which we often hear from those who believe that the constitution
is sort of more perfect than it is, who will say, we don’t need to change the constitution,
uh, in any kind of significant way because the constitution can be amended. Uh, it doesn’t have to be replaced. It’s working as intended. The problem is that it’s gotta be easier to
pass amendments if that’s going to be your argument. Right? The constitution does provide for amending
it and it’s been amended a couple dozen times. But in order to get an amendment through,
it needs to be proposed either by Congress with a two thirds majority vote in both the
house and the Senate, or by a constitutional convention called four by two thirds of the
state legislatures in modern politics. This is almost impossible and you see it in
the results. The 27th amendment was passed in 1992 but
it related to the compensation of the members of US Congress. Okay? It’s about their own pay. If you go before the 27th amendment to the
26th it was in 1971 that’s 48 years ago. That is a very long time for a system which
supposedly is ripe to be amended to make it more relevant to modern day. The last 48 years have seen completely drastic
change culturally, technologically in terms of legal precedent on so many different issues. So if your argument is going to be the constitution
is fine, as long as we keep up with amending it, it’s gotta be easier to amend it because
it’s almost impossible, uh, in modern American politics on anything other than how much do
senators and members of the House of Representatives get paid? Let me know what you think. But I do believe that the constitution is
an outdated document already

100 thoughts on “When Will the Constitution Be “Outdated?”

  • Michael Marini Post author

    If the Second Amendment only meant the "guns of the time" then it's clear that freedom of press is only applicable to newspapers.

  • Colin Skelding Post author

    Sounds like the arguments over if the Bible is still relevant. One side it should be followed exactly while others say some of it doesn't apply anymore.

    (sigh) Welcome to human nature.

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : Post author

    That’s the trouble with trying to live by documents of a bygone era, especially the Bible.

  • Douglas Phillips Post author

    When the government can supersede the rule of the constitution its outdated.

  • Timorio Post author

    Wouldn't it suffer from issues similar to the back-and-forth interpretations if it were easier to amend?

  • Grim Love Post author

    It is already obsolete.

  • James Scott Post author

    What, specifically, is so outdated that it can't be amended? What benefit do you see in creating a new constitution that outweighs the dangers of abandoning our current Constitution? Do you really believe that in our current political environment we will pass the same restrictions on our government and such robust protections of our rights? We can't even get courts to defend many of our rights today, if you think they would be enumerated again I fear you are naive.

  • OriginalTharios Post author

    It was outdated over a century ago. The provision for the amending of the document is irrelevant. It's so badly composed by any reasonable modern standard that it would be far less troublesome, faster, and more effective to simply design a new document from scratch and replace the original entirely. Period.

  • Rose Ann S Post author

    Repulicans think article one section 8 is anti American because it gives Congress the right to levey taxes .

  • Fitzgerald Callender Post author

    Never. It can be amended

  • Alan S Post author

    I agree with Bill Maher: The constitution needs a rewrite from page one.
    My wish list is as follows:
    1. Let's start with an Amendment 0, where any and all laws and amendments must contain a paragraph stating why the law/amendment is necessary and providing an example of where that law/amendment should and shouldn't apply.
    2. Also any time a law or amendment meant to prevent harm, in an instant where that law would cause harm rather than prevent it, that law is null and void for that instance. The letter of the law should never be used to subvert the intent of the law.
    3. Then we get rid of the Senate entirely, as well as the Electoral College.
    4. Any person running for public office or considered for appointment to a political office that requires the consent of congress must release their consents to the IRS releasing the entirety of all their tax returns as far back as they exist upon announcing their candidacy or no less than thirty days before congressional hearings for appointment to office (be it for SCOTUS, the Cabinet, or other such position).
    5. Then let's set term limits for congress (lets say a maximum of 3 six-year terms. Enough of this two-year bullshit where they spend all their time campaigning for the next election) as well as a single set term for SCOTUS justices, let's say something like a single 20-year term.
    6. And of course public funding of elections, automatic voter registration, a method of confirming that your vote was counted correctly (this can be done by every person voting receiving a unique confirmation number attached to their voting receipt. They can enter the confirmation number at a government website and see that their vote was correctly counted. If their receipt and the vote shown on the website don't match, they should be able to launch a complaint and have the vote corrected. This is something that can easily be implemented and since the vote is connected to a randomly generated confirmation number, not the voter's name, the vote remains a secret ballot entry).
    7. Let's enshrine women's, gays and minority rights into the constitution in NO UNCERTAIN TERMS! If you're human, you get the same rights, privileges and responsibilities of all other humans!
    8. Let's define that an individual's rights start at birth, not conception. For that matter, also enshrine the right to end your own life if you so choose. Why is it legal for other people to decide when you should die, but you can't choose that for yourself?
    9. Healthcare is a right, not a privilege. All citizens have the right to see a medical professional when they are sick or injured, without incurring additional fees beyond the taxes that go to pay for national healthcare.
    10. Freedom of religion includes freedom FROM religion as well.
    11. All forms of communication, be in by voice, letter, radio or internet should be free and unrestricted by any private company or individual as a public service.
    12. The president cannot pardon himself, his family nor any member of his administration for crimes committed while in office or during any campaign for office.
    13. Jury duty shall be carried out by those with knowledge of the law, including (but not necessarily limited to) attorneys, law students in their final year of law school, and former lawyers who have not had their bar licences revoked for any reason.
    14. A minimum of 1 year of military or civil service is the duty of each citizen upon reaching their 18th year. This service may be deferred while attending institutes of higher learning or for situations of hardship until such time as the individual is capable of rendering such service.
    I could go on, but you get the idea.

  • JC Post author

    I completely agree that the Constitution is outdated, the problem is that the country is designed to move with the people's will. We have to many conservative that just fall in line far to easily. Ironic that these people say that they advocate for individual freedoms.

  • ThatGuyOnTheInternet Post author

    It’s not outdated and should be the outline of our government

  • terrybull spellr Post author

    Ive always wondered why no one mentions that Jefferson believed that the Constitution should be revisited and potentially changed. Especially when some people and judges seem to always refer to the original intentions of the founding fathers and how it should be followed strictly. I find it odd since he was a founding father.

  • Obunghole Post author

    It will be "outdated " when Congress becomes white minority.

  • Brenden w Post author

    It is definetly not too difficult to ammend the constitution. It should require 2/3 votes in congress because it is the most important document in US civics. If it only required a majority vote, people's very rights would be far too volatile. Having peoples right's subject to the whims of whoever is in power is extremely dangerous.

  • Jonathon Smith Post author

    I like Andrew Yang's idea. Have a sunset provision on every law. So we have to revisit everything to prevent outdated laws.

  • Danny Post author

    It’s already outdated. The language has different meanings. It’s like 1700’s English compared to Shakespearean English.

  • Jackie Wu Post author

    Yesterday. USA needs to kill Democracy and adopt authoritarianism because Democracies inevitably fail into mob rule, anarchy, and lawlessness, as it happened in Athens 2500 years ago, as correctly predicted by Socrates, as it is happening in USA today. Long live Chinese Communism !!! Long live the thoughts of the great Chairman Mao !!! May the love and the peace of Jesus be with us.

  • Jason Requa Post author

    If we lose the Constitution we will fall as a Free Nation, The USA will go up in flames David !!!! FACT !! It has always ment to be Supreme law, amendments don't mean shit !!

  • Patrick Booth Post author

    If you’re confused about the second amendment, Steven crowder did a pretty good piece explaining why the 2nd amendment isn’t outdated.

  • Planet Watcher Post author

    It is already outdated. Sheesh. Constitutions are suppose to be changed during each generation and I don't mean adding in a small amendment. I mean the whole thing, piece by piece, must be voted upon. If anyone places a political religious veneration concerning anything about our government being sacred will be violating the 1st amendment in separation of church and state, because even though you are not professing Christianity, you are professing a state religion in how anything can be regarded as sacred when it comes to our government.

  • Melly Kidd Post author

    If you don’t update something, it eventually becomes outdated and inefficient. That’s just reality.

  • Independence In Mind Post author

    It’s already outdated to be completely honest

  • jymbo1969 Post author

    The constitution will be outdated when the electorate elect a president of poor moral character: an open racist, misogynist, anti-Muslim bigot… that is, a Trump. When the powers of congress are ignored by the executive branch, the constitution will be dead.

  • M Blake Jr Post author

    The most absurd question I've heard all year besides the green new deal

  • Zexion98 Post author

    *When will Conservatives stop deifying the Founding Fathers and realize that 200 years ago was a different time.

  • Dennis Hakkie Post author

    To be honest… every nation that got a constitution before the 1900’s has an outdated constitution

  • Gar Goil Post author

    The better question might be, "When did it become outdated?"

  • ThoperSought Post author

    1:35 re, "the intentions of the founders" vs. "a totally literal interpretation"
    for most of the history of the nation, this dichotomy did not exist, and both of those views play into the right wing view of what the court does. both of those are focused on divining the original meaning, in some sense.

    the system we inherited from Britain is one where courts are supposed try to be impartial and fair, where decisions accumulate slowly, and are only very rarely reversed once settled at the top level.

    Roe, as controversial as it is now, was 7-2, and founded on precedent going back to 1891. it was not a radical departure, like people sometimes claim. DC v. Heller, if I remember correctly, was only the third case ever to even touch on the 2nd amendment, and overturned a 40-year-old law that everyone had believed to be constitutional. it had no real precedent supporting it.

    Andrew Torrez, a lawyer who does a wonderful podcast I highly recommend said, "Originalism allows a judge to circumvent 200 years of precedent and impose what they think the founding fathers thought the law was, in place of what actual judges have thought the law was for 200 years."

    so, the real problem is not whether we need a new document or not—Britain doesn’t even have a single-document as a constitution—the problem is that we’ve let the Right game the system. the same way McConnell refused to even consider Garland, Scalia wrote out the parts of the constitution that he didn’t like.

  • danceswithcritters Post author

    The Constitution will be outdated once those pesky forefathers stop hanging around .

  • tidewell Post author

    Where are all my 3rd Amendment purists at? 🤔

  • davor petrov Post author

    it is pointless to argue about what people who wrote constitution meant 200 years after they wrote it. Constitution they wrote was reflection of their time and their situation, i really doubt they could foresee 200 years in the future and tailor it to suit todays world

  • Sharif Abdelal Post author

    I think the Constitution’s difficulty of change is a good thing simply because it provides a check and balance on democratic authority. Yes, it might not always work out in our favor (guns for example), but there are so many things that, if the constitution could be changed, would flip every time the Congress switches hands. Today, you see all the effort Republicans putting into overturning Roe, which takes political capital to put in conservative justices onto the court, paying lawyers to make challenges, passing idiotic laws that turn public opinion against them- without the constitution and the Roe v Wade ruling that wrote a right to privacy that includes abortion rights into it, they could have passed such legislation faster and then used the time to pass more destructive things with the effort they didn’t have to spend on it. It’s good to have something that at the very least impedes the public’s ability to be fickle with peoples rights.

  • Edward Landmichl Post author

    I LOVE when I can thumbs down a video BEFORE I even listen to it because I KNOW the NONSENSE (((Pakman))) will spew. NO, David, the Constitution is not outdated, it is correct, and difficult to change BY DESIGN… Because it is correct. It limits Gubment and promotes Freedom and individual liberty with rights ordained from God. If you do not like it there are 194 OTHER countries you can move to and try to destroy!

  • Marcus W Post author

    It already is….,. The U.K. has a constitution but they don’t have there’s written down, because they don’t believe you should stick to laws or anything from 200 years ago.

  • N Post author

    The argument David gave about guns and the 2nd amendment at the beginning is a complete croc of shit. If you're going to argue that because the founding fathers only had muskets at the time (which by the way the didn't, their were automatic guns back then) that the 2nd amendment only applies to those, then you have to say that the 1st amendment only applies to newspapers and print media and not to tv or radio or internet, that the 4th amendment only covers physical papers and not computer or phones files, and that all of these rights only apply to white people and that only white, land-owning, men can vote because that's the way the founding fathers saw fit back then. See? It's bullshit.

  • Elfin4 Post author

    Its outdated now because Trump is Pis _ _ ng on it and defying the law, as is the AG and all the Senators who continue to support and defend Trumps actions.

  • Elfin4 Post author

    Why do you update your mobile phone or your vehicle for a better model, simple its better and serves you more safety and more comfortably and is more efficient. The Constitution and every other piece of legal document should be reviewed and amended constantly and always. Modern politics does not allow for a demonstrable easy amendments. Perhaps time to ditch the constitution and start fresh. However, in todays society and politics you couldn't get the left hand to follow the right hand to agree anything and there are more people with hanus or hidden agendas or hidden radical beliefs that you just couldn't get a honest document produced.

  • Kyle Shebilske Post author

    Ben Franklin Comes Back From The Dead And Immediately Say: What!?
    Wait, You Mean To Tell Me That You Never Added Much To The Original Constitution!?
    Why & Exactly What The F*ck Have You Been Doing For 250 Years?

  • Avocado Gaming Post author

    Don't let the leftest gun grabbers win

  • Zoloph Post author

    Principles cannot become outdated.

  • Miniature Colossus Post author

    I wonder why it is that americans don't believe they could just wright a brand new constitution and have it be like a hundred times better than the old one. I'm sure you can.

  • HSCMACE Post author

    An opinion expressed with high modality language of which a majority of the channel members are supporters

  • G L Post author

    It's outdated, like everything else it should be amended.
    You wouldn't want to be treated by medical knowledge from the same era

  • Cecil Treadwell Post author

    Not outdated. Only irrelevant if its tenets are forgotten which is happening exponentially with each passing year.

  • Cecil Treadwell Post author

    You're darned TOOTIN!
    We've got TRUMPUTIN!

  • Cecil Treadwell Post author

    Donald Trump was COMPROMISED by Putin years ago.
    Long before Putin thought he would have a chance to become president.

  • Martin Shillitoe Post author

    US politics is simply broken. It is more concerned with partisan power preservation and defeating the opposition party and NOT about serving the American people. The country is simply becoming more and more divided and cracks are growing in the US’ position, prestige and power on the world stage

  • Cecil Treadwell Post author

    Jared Kushner and TRUMPUTIN have converted the White House into the largest FAVOR FOR HIRE CASH REGISTER in history.
    Jared Kushner gave MBS an extensive list of names of political dissidents within and outside of Saudi Arabia.
    Mohammed bin Salman reciprocated with multiple millions or billions of dollars in return.
    The Russian oligarchs are laundering the money and the Trump family is now set for life.

  • tony m Post author

    As soon as it no longer gives me what I want.

  • Cecil Treadwell Post author

    Trump, Putin, Israel, and Saudi Arabia are working together to isolate Iran and Yemen in order to establish a more secure geopolitical situation in the region.

  • Peter Matthews Post author

    It's already decades out of date, that is why there are all these amendments.

  • Nick Z Post author

    There should be a mandatory constitutional convention every 50 years.

  • Benjamin Klein Post author

    Somewhere around 1800

  • Kevin Benderman Post author

    Maybe the host should pen to paper or keyboard to screen and begin writing a new constitution instead of just bitching and moaning about it being outdated on his echo chamber youtube channel.

  • Stephen Housman Post author

    The problem on making it easier would mean amending would become more partisan. The reason for the 2/3 majority is to prevent 1 party to amend something into their favor. Right now the main problem isn't the constitution isn't outdated or not but congress is less willing to negotiate compared to 50 years ago.

  • Bruce DaBuc Post author

    Maybe the Congress can give it to Israel so they can update it for us. …

  • Stefán Örvar Sigmundsson Post author

    A hundred year ago?

  • ALP7A Post author

    you'll never get rid of your bible.

  • TRELAWNY Post author

    It's pretty much is outdated, look at today's people😩

  • It's Brittnay biiyatch Post author

    Most conservatives don't follow the Constitution anyway

  • FreeRoamFantasy Post author

    It already is outdated

  • Tune In Drop Out Post author

    I think we found our constitutional crisis.

  • Gad Yariv Post author

    the whole concept of a constitution is outdated.

  • Ali Reyes Post author

    Hundreds of years old documents written by people of a complete different time, presented as if they were the wisest, bravest, most noble men ever existed which people interpret in literal sense and try to apply to today's life standards. This has an eerily feeling to extreme religious groups.

  • Jayyy Zeee Post author

    The Constitution should be hard as hell to change. That's part of the wisdom of it. It would be too easy to make a wrong turn if it can be changed much easier. If it's really important, then the majorities needed will agree to make necessary changes. Our government was not meant to be efficient. It's frustrating, but true.

  • Bud Barron Post author

    we can't even jail the criminal in office now , so how could the party first idiots in office now ever decide on a rewording or update of the constitution. It would take a lifetime just to agree on the font.

  • JCBs Sailing Into the Sunset Post author

    It was outdated before ir was even ratified, thats why we have the Bill of Rights, and constantly has been updated ever since, but always lagging behind reality a bit, but as tech increased so did the speed at which the constitution is updated increase.

  • Glenn Conklin Post author

    I'm so sick of idiots saying we don't know what they really meant in the second amendment. It's called the fucking federalist papers and was written specifically to inform the general public on what the amendments meant. No where in the federalist papers do they talk about hunting or any of that other bullshit. It specifically says the right to bear arms is to be able to fight a corrupt government. And it can't be outdated because it can be amended. It just requires a big enough majority to amend it, these people talking it being out dated are just trying to bypass it's own ability to adjust because not enough people agree with your assessment as to what needs to change. Repeal the second amendment if you don't like it, problem is we live in a democracy and you will never get votes necessary.

  • Aaron Contreras Post author

    When you have a document written in vague context by rich white property owning males from 200+ years ago I think there needs to be a revision.

  • DivineHeresy Post author

    The constitution is the enemy of progressives.

  • Gabriel JB Post author

    We need a new constitution and it needs to include an expiration date.

  • philtre man Post author

    It did not ban slavery – so it has always been crap.

  • Two Sheds Johnson Post author

    David, the Constitution DOES give us the framework towards answering how to organize our society, but you just don't like that framework, which is why liberals (and some conservatives) hang their hat on the "general welfare clause" that is the "loophole" to grow and expand government to bring all your wishes into reality.

  • losthor1zon Post author

    Here's the problem. Who do you trust to rewrite it? Of those in power now, who would you trust to not use the opportunity for a power grab?
    And how do we insure the preservation of what rights we have under the Bill of Rights during (and after) the process?

  • Two Sheds Johnson Post author

    There's nothing wrong with the Constitution…it's those that twist it to fit their needs that are the problem. Liberals today of all people should realize this with Trump in office…but no…they'll twist it just as hard when they've got the power.

  • Mike Raby Post author

    Right now we are a BANANA republic and we will remain a fucking banana republic.

  • Steve G Post author

    It's been updated 27 times…fuktards should research before they write articles.

  • Micah Y. Post author

    Some believe the constitution is a religious document and that the further we move from those roots, the more sinful the people are. Baby talk.

  • Bonnie Johnson Post author

    What do we do to prevent the Constitution from being outdated?

  • Jimbus Rift Post author

    Around 1850

  • Craxin01 Post author

    Ugh. The problem isn't the constitution, it's the idiocy and the extreme polarization of our culture. You could craft the most modern, the most perfect document ever written, and it would still fail to function if people refuse to cooperate and refuse to follow the law. Human beings are capable of corrupting everything they touch. Easier to amend the constitution? NO! If that were the case, a corrupt cabal of bad-faith actors could come in and regress us to the goddamned stone age. It MIGHT be easier for a progressive group to enact some good laws, but it'd be MUCH easier for the conservatives to drag us into a Theocracy or into a Corporatocracy. The only reason our polarized system hasn't collapsed yet is BECAUSE it's harder to amend the constitution.

  • Sin City Quinn Post author

    I wouldn’t want a new constitution with these far right, Fox News loving Republicans today. I honestly believe that America is going to split. You can’t have two sides so divided. Even with the civil war it was pretty much one issue where people still agreed on the facts. Not anymore. It’s really difficult to come back from that. If we get rid of the problem then one side will claim they are being censored.

  • Big Red Post author

    When will murder being illegal be outdated ? oh wait abortion is legal

  • Rogue JediKnights Post author

    When trump decides to veto it & become a real dictator.

    Suit up gentlemen.

  • Kyle Jones Post author

    A well regulated militia.

  • Doreen Achtymichuk Post author

    uh oh . you are treading dangerous waters. your " constitution " as like a fucking bible in the States !

  • Evirthewarrior Post author

    It should not be any easier to pass an amendment, if it is important enough to be an amendment, it should get over that difficult hurdle.

  • Susan Diane Howell Post author

    "According to the laws and constitution of the people, which I have suffered to be established, and should be maintained for the rights and protection of all flesh, according to just and holy principles; That every man may act in doctrine and principle pertaining to futurity, according to the moral agency which I have given unto him, that every man may be accountable for his own sins in the day of judgment. Therefore, it is not right that any man should be in bondage one to another. And for this purpose have I established the Constitution of this land, by the hands of wise men whom I raised up unto this very purpose, and redeemed the land by the shedding of blood."

    – Doctrine and Covenants 101:77-80

  • Jake C Post author

    The constitution has been outdated since it was created. A bunch of white slaves owners gave themselves power and then went back to to wiping themselves with corncobs and bloodletting.

  • Alex .Wallace Post author

    The second amendment was outdated when it was written frankly.

  • TheRedRaccoonDog Post author

    It already is.

  • JM1993951 Post author

    About 150 years ago.

  • 1968catrece Post author


  • Alexander Winn Post author

    The 2nd Amendment isn't oudated, it's very applicable, it's just that you don't like it…. Similarly, the Founders knew the Constitution would have to be amended which is why Article V exists. Use Article V rather than be lazy.

  • Samantha Peters Post author

    The constitution is vague, and up for interpretation these days. In the past everything was pretty much black, and white. Now there's grey areas. Those grey areas are what needs to be fixed. The guns are a great example. When constitution was written up, guns weren't automatic. There wasn't machine guns or long distant sniper guns.

  • Marcus J Post author

    Let me guess Leftist’s first two amendments
    1. Men can be women
    2. Genders don’t exist

  • James Skyvaper Post author

    I've been saying forever that the 2nd amendment needs to updated. The founding fathers did not create the 2nd amendment under the assumption that people would be able to carry weapons of mass destruction. They had guns that took a good 10-15 seconds to load while now we have guns that can fire hundreds of rounds a minute and can kill dozens of people in seconds. I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I don't see any reason civilians should be allowed to carry weapons of war. No regular person needs a gun like a Saw or an M16. You're not going hunting with an M16, and if you are, you're a shitty hunter lol. Or maybe people like collectors can be allowed to own guns like that but they're not allowed to purchase ammo. We need to do something about the guns on the street

  • Alejandro Cabrera Post author

    It already is.

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