When Lawyer Achieves Multi-Million Dollar Verdict, How Much Does Client Actually Receive?

When Lawyer Achieves Multi-Million Dollar Verdict, How Much Does Client Actually Receive?

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You’re looking online for an attorney and
you see all these great verdicts that the attorney has achieved. Is that the right attorney for you? You have to know one thing before you pick
up the phone to call. Would you like to know what that one thing
is? Come join me. Hi. I’m Gerry Oginski. I’m a New York medical malpractice and personal
injury trial attorney practicing law here in the state of New York. I’m about ready to head out to a black tie
wedding with my wife and I just wanted to share this quick information with you. You know, when you go online you look for
information about which attorney is right for you to handle your medical malpractice
matter, your wrongful death matter, or your accident matter here in New York. You’re going to find attorneys (and their
websites) proclaiming that they’ve achieved great verdicts. And I have to tell you, it is wonderful that
an attorney can achieve great verdicts and tell the world about it – and they should,
rightfully so. And it would be important for you to know
that an attorney has achieved great results because of their experience and what they’ve
accomplished. But, here’s one thing you have to ask every
single attorney who has achieved great verdicts: how much money did the client actually walk
away with? You may think that just because the lawyer
achieved a great verdict means that the client walked away with that amount of money. $10 million dollars verdict, $25 million dollar
verdict, $100 million dollar verdict. Well, here’s the process about what happens
when you achieve a stunning result like that and achieve a multi-million dollar verdict. The first thing that happens is that the defense
attorney is going to ask the trial judge to immediately throw out the verdict as being
against the weight of the evidence. If that doesn’t work, the defense is going
to say “Judge, we want you to reduce the amount that’s been rewarded because we don’t
think that the verdict is justified by the facts and the evidence in the case.” If the judge reduces that amount of money,
I can pretty much guarantee that the defense still will be unhappy and they will then take
the case up on appeal, asking the appellate court (the next highest level court) to then
reduce the award or then throw the reward out. Now here’s what happens when the case is
appealed. The appellate court has a number of different
options and at least 5 of them – I want to share with you 5 of them and what can happen. Number one: they can leave the verdict as
the jury decided. Number two: they can decide that the amount
of money that’s rewarded was not sufficient and, in fact, increase the reward. Number three: they can decide the amount of
money was too high and, in fact, lower it. Number four: they can decide that the amount
of money is totally not justified and throw the case out and direct all the parties back
to the trial judge to then re-try the case on damages and how much compensation you’re
going to get. And number five: they can decide that the
case does not justify an award and, in fact, throw the entire case out – and you’re
done and finished. Now, the reality is that many times during
the course of what’s called “post-trial motions” as well as the appellate process,
cases can be resolved by settlement. So that’s why it’s important for you to
ask every single attorney you’re deciding whether or not to go to, when you see those
verdicts being advertised or marketed by the law firm as being large and outrageous results
that they’ve accomplished in the past, always ask the question: how much money did the client
actually walk away with? So why do you need to know this information? Well, you need to know this information because
chances are you’re looking for an attorney and you want to find the right lawyer for
you. So here’s what I encourage you to do. If you have legal questions about your particular
matter – if it happened here in New York – what I encourage you to do is pick up
the phone and call me. I answer legal questions like yours every
single day. You can reach me at 516-487-8207 or by email
at [email protected] I’m Gerry Oginski. I’m heading out now with my wife to this
black tie wedding. Thanks so much for watching. Have a great day.

6 thoughts on “When Lawyer Achieves Multi-Million Dollar Verdict, How Much Does Client Actually Receive?

  • ANGELICA MORRIS Post author

    I have seen several websites that attorneys talk about verdicts, not the actual end result.

  • DrMSayer Post author

    Superb VIDEO. I am near deaf, and your speech volume was perfect. Also, the way you form your words is exceptional and allows YOUTUBE Closed Caption Device to make very few mistakes. About your video, thanks for posting it, it answered all my questions.

  • Mareritt Post author

    You should update your website. Stella Liebeck never got $3m.

    She was initially awarded $200k while McDonald's was given $2.7m in punitive damages.

    However, that was reduced to $160k (as they saw Stella as 20% responsible), and the punitive damages were reduced to $480k.

  • C. Huseyin Post author

    The person that believes is going to walk out with net amount needs some type of crash course in settlements. You never walk out with the net amount as we all have to pay fees and other technicalities.

  • John Osne Post author

    So lets say my attorney file a case in jan 2018 how long will or should it take to settle.

    Nursing home

  • Desmond22 Post author

    This man is a talented lawyer !!!
    His videos are so professional !

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