When Judges SPLIT GROUPS On X Factor UK! | X Factor Global

When Judges SPLIT GROUPS On X Factor UK! | X Factor Global

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Hello, what’s the name of this group? MK1, and names and ages left to right please. I’m Will I’m 27. I’m Charlie. I turned 19 last week My name is Sim. I’m 24. Okay, and guys who put the band together? We all did, we were best mates before, then we met this guy and he joined in the pack We all love music. So it was kind of natural thing to do I met charlie about five years ago and we became good friends through music and decided to put a group together But it wasn’t until sim joined the group when we became mk1 and you’re all quite different characters, aren’t you? We will bring something different to mk1 I’ll bring the fresh raps, charlie; tremendous vocals. Will on the production; flawless Music is basically like the foundation of our friendship making music with these guys is like one of my favorite things to do t love the crowd just glad I rock it now You put blood sweat and tears into this You know, without trying to be all cliche and anything but, this is what we do and we love music (mortal combat music or music in general?) What type of group do you want to be as big as? Well to be honest that end up have achieved massive, massive, massive, amounts and that’s something that we feel if we could even achieve half of what they’ve done would be a wonderful achievement, so Good Off you go I wanna sing I wanna shout I wanna scream til the words dry out So put it in all of the papers, I’m not afraid they can read all about it (yeah) all about it Sick and tired that y’all be dipping the same. I’m trying to do it trying to get it and do it again I’m singing different from my view and I’m switching my lane Looking in my you can tell that I’m distant from fame In my heart I’ll be (sick bars) Written in the stars A million miles away. Yeah, a message to the mai n Oh Seasons come and go (they come and go) but I will never change (we wont change) I’m on my way Put music in my heart and I come to life im the king tonight (oh oh) (gibberish) Written in the stars a million miles away a message to the main Seasons come and go but I will never change I’m on my way Thank you Okay, Tulisa, okay. Do you want the good news or the bad news first? The good news is that’s rap Yeah, the bad news is you’re either gonna have to become a duo or get another member I need to understand what your involvement is in the band(facts right there) I’m the writer and the producer I I sing as well. I’m trying to listen to Charlie sing I could just keep hearing you coming in every couple of seconds. Just wailing over and I can’t hear her beautiful voice It was agitating me I wanted to enjoy the song and it was just stopping me from doing that Nicole well Yeah Some of your notes were flat. Okay, and she is a fireball you need to be able to match her. Okay. Okay. Thank you Charlie’s the star. I was watching you all the time. I love your energy. I love your stage presence. Just fantastic We’ll if you look like the band’s accountant just come on stage for a song Just doesn’t work it really doesn’t I think you should really take this advice Think about how you should move forward from here, but you should not be on stage with the band. It’s distracting It’s difficult when you know, it’s upsetting to be honest. We’ve been best friends for ages and we see ourselves as equal team members You never leave a member behind Okay, let’s vote you need three yeses. Gary? It’s gonna be a no from me Whatever you say to them moving forward, are you gonna sort out this situation and then base your decision on mouse-over the government? Okay, guys, I want you to take some time and think about what you want to do We made a decision you made the decision, okay, what’s the decision? MK wants to go forward as a two– okay Okay, let’s vote, Gary: as a two-piece is the yes for me(you broke my heart Gary why did you have to break it down into a two piece) – Lisa, you know, I’m gonna say I’m gonna say, yes. Thank you very much Yes, thank you Guys I’m gonna stay yes You’re true thank you very much You’re a brave man Well you got to do what you got to do aint you. t do we put in a year and a half’s work into this and For it to stop here Would be the biggest shame in world because it could go somewhere and if I supposed to hold that back I wouldn’t forgive for me Those two guys sure I love respect They’re making the decisions ago denied you to go ahead on your own This is now gonna get a little bit interesting, isn’t it? Yeah, we are here Yeah my crotch s so you want to steal someone’s chair? Yeah Okay, and the groups called as NQ? Oh, yeah. Yeah. Okay. What does that mean? We called ourselves Northern Quarter because our original base was Manchester and there’s a fall Okay. Good luck girls Come on boy We all go slow and high tempo light and dark hold Me hard and mellow Seeing the pain seeing the pleasure nobody But you body but me body but us bodies together I Love to hold you close tonight it always I love to wake up next to you Girls I’ve heard enough this isn’t working for me You know, I’m just looking and seeing some of the others why I’m seeing originality this to me is too generic Not enough personality Oh Gross I’m glad Simon stopped the song so I was like, wow, they managed to take a cool song and make it uncool It was just the wrong song choice, I’m sorry now just the harmonies and everything. We’re a little off today girls I feel like we have a lot to bring and I feel like we have made a mistake this time We’re ready to learn from it. We’ve learned a lot so far and we’re ready to fight. It’s the end of the line girls Thank you Next up are a new girl band who all received nose at earlier stages in the competition Kelsey I am so sorry to let you go Skye Imogen Charlie and Lydia Well, this is interesting, right These five girls were in Sharon’s category and all got rejected All right, how’s it gone Surprisingly, we got this song last night. We’ve kind of worked really well together kind of cut to get to know each other’s personalities traits backgrounds vibe As you can tell I have no chance What are you gonna sing we’re gonna sing? Hey mama by Nicki Minaj, okay, let’s do it Man Shit sigh be a woman gets up me a baby. Yes. Stop me, whatever when you tell me that your girl Your baby I feel Girls I am so excited to see you back Listen, you’ve all got great voices. Yeah, you guys will be a force I love the determination the tenacity your energy I see something there and I would definitely give you girls a chance. Thank you Just think what we did with 24 hours with your help with Mall time Look I’m tell you what I’m gonna do There is somebody who I let go well I think I should be in this group The girlhood ash Just like two gray ash up on the stage for a minute, where is she? Trap anyway – this bags now No – do you know this song? You just teach her the opening lines use star and then the others are joining Woman ba Bo With me I’m alone, Oh, baby Be my woman girl. I’ll be your me A woman? Yes. I’ll be your baby. Yes. I’ll be whatever when you tell me that you ready? Yes I’ll be your girl forever your lady. You ain’t never gotta worry. We don’t be a baby When you need that I’ll provide that your new heaven I’ll be on deck feeling check with you Roman girl No our ash first I didn’t even ask you whether you would actually like to do this oh My god, this is your chance given its chance every day, obviously This is my dream and I do want this I want to get this Jim I think your voice would be perfect with these girls Do it be selfish What do you think Unless you’re gonna give you guys the chair What’s gonna happen you are gonna take a seat and we’re gonna have a sing-off between Number one and number four Chrissy, my name is Cheryl Lennon’s kiddies. My name is Paige and together You all just came together because we’re all great friends anywhere and we all love music love singing and I thought Best thing would you ever do it with your friends? Ready before yeah, he wants to audition mathjax, otherwise down to the latter stages potential and it was incredibly Croydon elected the key three mizuka these girls would pick us up and I wouldn’t want to do it with anyone further than these girls are like my best friends we All kind of got together in my house in front of the pot your doors, so it’s singing to anybody Johnson was born But Bailey dedicates making this way is equivocal so this is solo The dream is to become successful to play for four nights and to be together comes to be where in every My three best friends would be amazing We’ll have we got here twist and twist them Where are you from New Castle? Well you bootcamp Lester, yeah Wow, you know you came back with a band That’s a good idea. Did you enjoy boot camp? It was an amazing experience. But yeah, and I’m back with these guys Okay, what girl band in the world? Would you like to be as big as? Destiny’s Child mister Okay off you go twisters It hurt I wasn’t crazy about the harmonies to be honest with you and when you started singing no disrespect ladies But I was wondering why did you bring them along because you just didn’t feel like you could do by yourself. I Did it last year by myself now it didn’t didn’t work I wasn’t maybe I wasn’t good enough, or maybe it wasn’t my time last year But I think this feels right this this is right I love these girls. If it’s honest the army best friends and I wouldn’t want to do this with anyone else other than these girls I just feel like You got scared and you were trying to hide behind them when you could have came back this year and really been like oh no I can do this by myself again. I Get what you’ve done I mean last year you left at boot camp So you came back and you tried to do something different. Did it work? You do have an amazing voice on your own. We do do another song where we do see things Let’s see what Gary taught It doesn’t feel like a band at all. It feels like a solo singer with very very mediocre back For me to these that yes or no, I think they deserve a chance and you’re gonna make it I Listen to you singing I’m like, oh my god she has this great voice and she came back this year with a room and you just kind of Doubted yourself. I just I just don’t see it. It’s gonna be a no. I’m so sorry I’m gonna send Yeah, I like this I like to boards it’s a lot of potential So I’d like to say just thing on the right as a son Sorry, I’ll beer You have a unique voice and when y’all sync together it’s nothing unique about it It’s not not before y’all together. I’m so sorry I’m just saying in this moment. Would you want to come back or would you want to leave? Dreamforce as a as my dream. I feel totally Joey. This is your opportunity and anybody take this away from don’t let anybody take Chances of Taking The shot she has a really great voice. It’s worth a shot Built or diva Kelly and don’t feel prepared for this You’re walking on here crying and then watched I just feel like Ellie just for coming back and everything, but I’m gonna try on my own You really should give yourself an opportunity To really make it great You’re so emotional and to be technical your vocal cords are really swollen and you’re gonna sound like you’re just driving over humps You know what? I mean, and you don’t want to do that to yourself Get yourself together, okay I See you driving round town with the girl I love and I’m like forget you I Guess the change in my pocket wasn’t enough. I’m like forget you Well, I’m sorry I’ve come father for I but that don’t mean I can’t get you there And I’m not on a tiny but the way you play your baby Like even ooh That’s what I heard at first There is a lot of work to be done But I still think you have a strong voice. Thank you very much. You sound great. Give yourself some credit, man I think you have a great voice is something about you that gives you an edge from the other girls. We’ve seen it’s slightly edgy Something different there. Yeah Chrissy, I think the reality of it is if they’re really your friends They’re gonna be right behind you throughout this because you have a real chance here Like the bowl I’m gonna say yes I’m saying yes I’m gonna give you a chance to buy really yes for me It’s a yes for me I’ll reload you gave her a chunk Yeah, I’m really after she came back. But you know, her biggest enemy is gonna be herself in this Maybe she’ll go away now and think about this. Maybe she’ll come back ready to Boston Break the group up. I felt awful But at the same time I couldn’t sit back and watch Krissy missing opportunities. That really was hard So let me know was that you own Ian. I’m you know Jennifer myself Happy We’re descendants, I’m Debbie Emily. I know you sisters. No, I’m mother and daughter what my Name is PLA. This is my mom Debbie and together. We are descendants Everywhere we go people just think we’re either sisters or best friends. I don’t know like this well I always come to each other for anything without her You know, I probably wouldn’t be here or where I am today and he’s so grateful to have someone like me. Mm-hmm Really? I couldn’t be more proud of how well she’s turned out and how amazing she is and and how close we really are It’s literally a bond that nobody could ever break Why did you decide to enter the show as mum and daughter because we’re strong together we’re very worth we only started singing it about three years ago and We just it just clicked. I love that What are you gonna sing today? Hey girls, we’re here awesome. That’s it. All right Get up what it is what it does what it is what it is it looking for a better way to get a better bedside Get another internet and checking a new hit me get up. Trust me I my Ndep Emde and we should hots we’re chasing dreams since I was 14 Halfway cross that city Tell me nothing we give that to the people spread it across baybel out here nothing Spread it across the country Well, bye till it’s over Well, where do I begin I Think you are phenomenal Margaret. Oh, thanks, I think you I love your spirit I love what you do. And I think that you should be the DJ in a booth and join in on some of the vocals That’s what I think I don’t think well Blooey I was thinking something senator crane was watching you all the time because you’re an amazing Performer and you in your own little world and I believed every bit of it and I loved it I didn’t want it to stop but I was watching you you’re super dope and you’re relevant right now and you got a great energy about you and yours fearless I Think it’d be cool for you to have Involvement in some way like also said because you guys are so cute together. Yeah. You’re a great team Yeah, you used to be that but in a different aspect to be there What you’re doing now is odd, I don’t think it’s odd we honestly don’t know Mum, I want you to be proud of her. I am proud of and very very proud of you Gonna be really really honest with you It’s not great What you’ve done for your daughter is incredible because you have an amazing relationship But it is quite rare that we see someone like you I think actually the fact that you are Happy to do this with your mom makes me like you even more Okay, well what do we do here guys cuz without being rude it doesn’t work, you know, I went do it with anybody house Okay, look right now we’re gonna judge you as a group Lulu I’m gonna give you a shot. I’m going to say yes, I’m gonna say yes. I kept watching you Kelly. Thanks Okay, sure I’m gonna put Easter I am Yes for me Okay, you go for yeses, but Debbie we’re not kidding what we said here Oh good We can do more than that I just want you to think about this, right I Love the door tape. We were telling you daddy needs to be in the back any danger boosts. They’ll work it out Yeah totally we’re gonna go home and talk it through and See what we want to do and next in the next round of the competition whether we’re gonna stay together or what? But no matter what happens. We still got each other These two are a nightmare and I’m saying it now Teressa now. Oh you were like we haven’t rehearsed you Haven’t done this from the vest see when you want something so much and you will start reality starts to kick in it Sometimes becomes a bit. Scary. Yes. Let’s do the track. Okay off you go guys Right. Come on guys. Let’s do this I can’t appeal I can’t appeal Me right round baby right round like a record baby rider of That was hideous They were all about this with these two which one it is These are Miami awful honestly one of the worst things about never See us do we want to put these two or three? Oh Okay, we’ve made a decision Russell, could you step forward please Russell it’s a yes for you the other three acts from sorry. It’s the end of the road. Sorry guys Thank you guys thank you so much. Okay. Congratulations Russ girls. Can you stay a second? I’ll have a word with you Girls girls I’m gonna be absolutely honest with you Haley. We think you should stay in the competition on your own Debbie we think your daughter’s really talented. It’s not going to work as a group You want to talk backstage girls, can we play yeah 100% take your time. Thank you Let’s do this to me expect me walk back on there and a whole It’s the wrong way man, you mean the mothers should be supporting the daughter insane goal Take a minute and breathe and think about what you’re gonna say Okay, I know exactly what I’m gonna say so schedule and let’s Jack let’s do it while it’s fresh you. Let me speak So what do you think? I stay over? I think the month is Hickey, right? What was the show It’s down on the white tee she’s coming back she’s coming Okay, I’m sorry to do this I don’t want to cause a rift But it’s just as a group. It’s not going to work. I didn’t think it was fair on your daughter So, where are we She’s my baby star that’s what I called her when she was born She’s gonna go forward Have you good decisions we have I would have always done it. It’s just a hard one to swallow I get that I get that and I know it’s hard for you. But I promise you this is the right decision There’s no guarantees. But right now at least you got a shot Okay, thank you so much guys and thank you mama You’re right shout good coke Have you cut yours they’re ready for you now all my guys wrap it up Oh blessing with his crutches, why do not stress while you like So Leon Hello, you can you tell the audience all about you. Okay, so, my name is Leon. I’m from Norwich I’m 22 and I managed to break my ankle playing football and originally, I auditioned for the show with my brother as a Jew Oh I’m Alex and I’m 18 and I’m Leon and I’m 22 and we’re brothers When we applied for the competition, we thought let’s give this one a go together. We fought yeah often We’ll have a better chance if we do I Think potentially you’re good and I’m gonna say yes. We thought everything was going great and Then at boot camp and they just drop this massive bombshell on us No, I think I don’t think you should be in a group. I think both of you should be competing on your own Because you’re different sinners It’s gonna be strange and a fairly knife a single about you by my side Obviously even weirder there in a way you will against each other. Yeah, exactly. Yeah, I really want this and my brother really wants this We’ll see how everything turns out. But now I’m on my own You know, I’ve got no one to hide behind so it’s scary. But we just know that we’re both gonna be there for each other regardless of what happens And Leon who’s the better singer didn’t you or Alex? I think that’s for you guys to decide. What are you doing? Haha It’s great that question with you doesn’t want to say he doesn’t want to say Well, listen off you go. Thank you Come on You can do this Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you drink too much and that’s in my super. Okay? I Know it breaks your heart and will see the city in a brokedown car been four years no cost and I look I’m pretty in a hotel bar and I Can’t stop No, I I can’t stop So, baby Pull me close serve in my backseat of your oven that I know you can’t afford But that tattoo on your shoulder pull the sheets right of the corner Matches that you stole from you We have Put me closer ro hates it when your body isn’t there got me feeling like I’m dreaming, but I’m seeing real I knew I had right in front of my eyes reminiscing and kissing you Got me feeling the highs when I saw your face. Got me feeling all your lovin Let Nicole once said let me loosen up the button So, baby For me closer in the backseat of your over better know you get her for right there tattoo on your shoulder Colors sheets right up the gunner of the mattress that you stole from you may bacon boy Deal Well, I have to take credit for this because it was my suggestion for the two of you to go on your own I gotta Tell you something Leon you’ve come alive on your own. You’re like a completely different person I’m annoyed. Oh The whole delivery Lea little you did amazing and I could feel that instant connection with the audience. I Would so give you a seat after that Right, did you write the rap as well? Yeah. Yeah it did. Yeah Yeah, I mean you got the full package and without a doubt Lulu That’s his seat right there. It’s got his name on it They all and I agree with everything That judges have said but it is my decision. And I think if I put you through I would be taking a chance I really do This is the first time I’ve seen something in you I can only pick the people I believe in And I think there’s some better people coming up I’m gonna take your chance Hey Alex makes them So Alex I am the brother I am the brother of Leon and Alex what’s your song? I’m singing plan B she said Okay off you go, thank you, thank you She said I love you boy, I love your song. She said I love you babe Oh She said I love you more the words can say she’s better love your baby a So I said What you say Kyle it can’t be right, how can you be We only just met tonight So she said But I loved you from the start Something started button in my heart, I sis top it’s crazy And leave right Gotta love you’re going to love your soul set. I love you, babe Oh I tell you what you did. Well, you held your own but you need to have more confidence with yourself But this is new to you. I know because you’ve always had your brother at your side Alex I think you should be very proud of yourself. You came out there today, but when you work that stage Bus Leone honestly had something more than you We gave it everything and I’ve seen such a big improvement on both of you from day one And you’ve got a great grade in it, you know You were good, but Alex there was no spark for me. And for that reason I’m going to say no I Honestly don’t think this has got to work Oh Thanks for everything anyway Alex, I’m gonna be honest with you I think what you’ve done in terms of giving your brother a chance means that you’re a man and I respect you for that I really really do Thank you. Okay You done side, well, honestly, I’m proud of you my own private Some help save me, right? Yeah See you again Thanks for watching x-factor global subscribe now

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