What’s it Really Take to be a Lawyer?

What’s it Really Take to be a Lawyer?

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– [Voiceover] I don’t know about you, but I see it every day, lawyers who hate their jobs, articles telling us there
are too many lawyers. Rates of depression increase. Alcohol abuse is rampant
in the profession. By and large, senior lawyers recommend not going into law as a profession. We know there’s a problem, and, yet, with all of these symptoms, we’re not stopping to
ask a crucial question. Instead, we fluff around the edges, afraid to tackle one
of the most fundamental issues associated with these symptoms. We analyze, we provide support, we offer condolence and sympathy. We encourage, exalt, and teach. All of those things are lovely, significant, and probably necessary, but in all that, we’re still
missing the first question. Let me guess. You probably worked hard in school. I’ll bet you got pretty
good grades, right? I’ll bet you’re a hard worker. You probably don’t mind long hours. If you’re like 95% of the
young lawyers that I’ve seen, then 30 or 40 copies a day isn’t totally out of the question. I reckon you’re probably smart, articulate, and capable of arguing your point with passion and enthusiam. So, what’s the problem? The problem is that none of those characteristics protect you from the list of symptoms I said just now. You think that your hard work will help you manage stress. You think that smart
people don’t get depressed. You think that the ability
to make a strong argument will stop you hating
your job in three years. If anything, the qualities of people attracted to law, and
the training that we get, leads us further down these rabbit holes that destroy lives in the law everyday, and, still, we don’t
ask the right question. So, what’s the question? It’s this. Should you be a lawyer at all? Should you be a lawyer at all? Did you forget that part? Did you get good grades, top marks in debating, and think, “I know, I’ll be lawyer “like that person on TV is.” Fantastic, did you stop
and ask the question, “Should I be a lawyer? “Can I be a lawyer? “Will I thrive as a lawyer?”? So, what’s that question
look like in real life? You see, law isn’t all typing, isn’t all writing letters, reading cases, studying, advises, meetings. It’s not a series of friendly coffees and catch-ups with polite hand-shaking and deals done each day. Sure, it has those things, but those things are only half the story What’s it really take to be a lawyer? There’s something more, and if you haven’t experienced it yet, you will. You need it when the
clouds start to gather. You need it when the storm breaks. You need it when you’re
buffeted from every direction, and when the wind force is so strong you can barely walk. What’s the storm look like? It looks like a client
screaming down the phone. It looks like spending a day, all day, on a task, to find that, the next morning, the playing field is changed, and you need to start over. It looks like the
colleague you can’t stand, but have to work with every day. It looks like the support staff who don’t give you their all or leave you in the lurch when you need them the most. It’s the employer who’s
purpose for existing, relates not you, your needs, your time, but only their ability to make more money than they did the day before. It’s when you wake up in
the middle of the night with a cold sweat because you might have forgotten something. It’s not being able to talk about what you do with your family, your friends, or anyone else. These are the things we don’t talk about. These are the aspects of legal pratice that get glossed over, as if they’re mere trifles. Well, they aren’t. They add up. They’re constant, and to many, they become overwhelming which is why our polite little fiction that anyone can practice law is not only stupid, it’s also self-destructive. It takes more than smart. It takes more than articulate. It takes more than hard-working. You need to be able to take the hit. You need to develop a thicker skin than you could imagine. You need to have gravitas, and strength, and courage, sufficient to weather the storm, no matter how hard it gets, and get up the next day with one question on your lips, “What’s next?”. If stress cripples you, if adversity overwhelms you, if you think your life and your career should be delivered to
you on a silver platter and you don’t need to get in and do the work, then you really need to think about the main question, “Should you be a lawyer at all?”. Law isn’t just an intellectual profession. It’s raw, it’s emotional, it’s deep, and it’s full on. It’s not about soft versus hard. It’s not about weak versus strong. It’s about equipped or not. It’s about ready or not. It’s about whether you will thrive in the profession, or wilt. So, what’s your answer? Should you be a lawyer? If so, then what’s next?

88 thoughts on “What’s it Really Take to be a Lawyer?

  • Tips For Lawyers Post author

    reckon you've got what it takes to be a lawyer? convince me! https://youtu.be/jIZY26GZWVY

  • Patricia S Post author

    Wow, an amazing video!!!  Kudos to you on this – big time!!! If there were awards given for great videos with impact – this would be on the list.

  • suga gal Post author

    Very true and no one looks like Harvey Spector 🙁

  • ItsBlockBreaker Post author

    Fuck this, that client screaming down the phone is a challenge, calm them down and if part of training doesn't teach this, use self initiative and develop tactics to do so. That day you spend on a task and having to restart is a part of life, smile and face that it's a challenge, stretch and push yourself to grow and develop, if this isn't enough think of your pay check! Fix your issues with that colleague that you hate. Not being able to talk about what you do is a part of the job so I'd recommend just not going into law if you can't respect that. I'm a 14 year old WANTING to become a lawyer.

  • Villamor Jerome Post author

    Very Well Said. You made me think critically.

  • DreamAway Post author

    Why can't you talk about what you do as a lawyer?

  • Eli Da Great Gilmore Post author

    All professional jobs has some stress and backlash

  • Eli Da Great Gilmore Post author

    it supposed to be hard

  • UltraShiko Post author

    Are ypu trying to scare people away from becoming a lawyer. The stress a job brings is important to know, but you never discussed what the benefits of being lawyer were. The video should actually be titled, "Why you shouldn't be a lawyer"

  • Frank0 Post author

    what did you expect? of course being a lawyer is not easy especially for those striving to be one yet are not confident about their intelligence or capabilities. what values do achievement and success hold if their wasn't any hardship and stress involved to substantiate a sense of fulfillment. I believe that anyone can be a lawyer if they put their mind to it. Lawyers can be prone to all sorts of psychological issues however that does not cement a limitation to those thriving to help others, it motivates them even further- to prove to others that they won't be restricted by their misfortunes of entering the profession.

  • M. Sheridan Post author

    if you want to be a lawyer just for the money, go to med. school.

  • Navin Post author

    Judging by the name of this channel, I was expecting some motivational information. But this video just…

  • SauravTheSpeaker Post author

    Haha studies show a physician a day commits suicide, you can use that exact sentence and try to persuade people not to go into med school. All professional jobs have stress in them it's not like lawyers are the only ones who suffer. But honestly this video brings out some truth, there's a lot more to law than just "I can argue!". It's mostly a profession full of office work, you need to be persistent and build connections if you want to find job opportunities

  • ms park Post author

    whats with this depressing thing damn

  • Hani youssef Post author

    Bring it ON !

  • Jinx Post author

    I guess ill be the one to say it i already experience all these things and I play football so working with ppl in the firm should be the same everyones only out for themselves i like working by myself i can stay calm when ppl yell at me this is stuff i see daily without getting paid being a lawyer is a step up hell

  • Sebastian Featherstone Post author

    Thank you for posting this video. It helps a lot.

  • ralpharances Post author

    i dont take this as any negative vid or something. i see it more kinda like a fuel for people who are planning to become a lawyer citing all what realistically would happen and use it as a headstart for the long and bumpy road in becoming a professional lawyer someday.

  • Daniel4RealCuh Post author

    well my future is ruined thanks was gonna go to college don't know anymore

  • Hernvillie Post author

    What is it you do again?

  • anisi tupou Post author

    Thank u for posting this video it helped me a lot to choose a good future

  • Sayid Muhammad Post author


  • Tee Basham Post author

    Hmmm, 3rd year in and this has just thrown up the biggest question mark for me…. I found it very disappointing actually 🙁 I'm a tad devastrated ……

  • Adeline Larhubarbe Post author

    Well, if it was easy everyone would do it. In fact. this vid just ecourages me to want to become a lawyer even more. Just so I can prove it's NOT an open invitation to depression.

  • Antonio Raya Post author

    Damn this sound depressing
    I think the criminals they're defending are less stressed lol

  • Helmut Kruger Post author

    People who take up Law are depressed , druggy drunks because they weren't meant to take Law. The went into it for all the wrong reasons like money and prestige.
    If you go into Law with that mindset all I can say is…Good luck

  • Hope Acchione élève Post author

    I wish I never watched this… now I'm doubting becoming a lawyer… thanks a lot…

  • Tyler Potts Post author

    I think the issue with the law is the over inflation of billable hours…. This one issue then has predictable consequences junior associates and big firms get paid a cool 150k but have to work 70-60 hours a week. The industry is going through changes from its pre 08 status where there was money everywhere, I think we need a crop of lawyers that comes a long and sacrifices high sticker salaries for honestly reaosnable working hours until then people are going to burn out. This is why I chose a Tier 1 school with a near full scholarship, I was economically unburdened with the thousands of dollars most millennial post-doctorate professionals have. My suggestion would be if you truly love the law, like case law, american history, philosophy, politics, and have great grades go to law school at the best school you can get a damn near full scholarship at. It should also be noted that law is one of many professions in the US going through this.

  • Ella Jordan Post author

    Lmao this is so dramatic😂😂😂

  • Rolando Pezina Post author

    god this video gave me such a different perspective into the career. thank you so much for this

  • XtarShoter Post author

    While I do not disagree in any particular way, this video make it sound cringy. A tad bit too dramatic. Lol, you could probably make flipping burgers sound like a though job.

  • Jake Peralta is God Post author

    My uncle is a lawyer and he doesn't suffer from depression or is not a alcoholic, most of this I apologise is inaccurate and I want to be a lawyer and don't let this ruin your dreams of becoming a lawyer as it is a very good job, you do have to work hard though

  • Jake Peralta is God Post author

    But to be honest if you want to be something you have to work hard for it

  • Maisou Roger Post author

    How to be a brick in the wall.

  • Marlstarl87 Post author

    Duuude what's the point of this? Why discourage people who are passionate about law?

  • Benjamin Farringer Post author

    I've just been accepted to Law School. To this video I say, Bring it on.

  • Lauren C Post author

    I've yet to study law, and while plenty of shows and games romanticize the practice of law (Phoenix Wright says hi), I've never thought for a moment that it (practicing law) would be easy.

    Lawyers are usually called upon because the client is having a particularly bad day. Naturally, the lawyer will feel that heat from many clients at once, not to mention probably having his/her own struggles. For many clients, the magnitude of their case probably up ends their own world.

    The theory of law is simple enough for one with sufficient intellectual capacity, however, one must be capable of functioning and thriving under the weight of irate clients, as well as keeping calm and professional when worlds(the clients') collide. After all, people tend to live in their own personal worlds.

    Further, while a thick skin is helpful, a lawyer that seems indifferent is likely to put off clients. A lawyer is the person the client looks to resolve their problems, having at least some demeanor of caring and assurance would seems to me to be a necessity.

    Tl'dr: Attorneys are the problem solvers with the weight of worlds on their shoulders.

  • Christy Post author

    You only live once…That's why I'm lost…I don't know if I should be a lawyer or not…I'm afraid I'll regret it and all my life will be wasted

  • 김정유 Post author

    so what the hell do you want me to study?

  • Patrícia Pinto Post author

    This is a bit stupid. Every job was problems. I'm in science and I have fall so many times. It's also really hard to keep going. But that's the beauty. Nothing is easy. And this video shows ignorance through other jobs.

  • amazia the guy Post author

    so depressing! O_o

  • SerFantastic Post author

    The bitter taste of truth

    – Prosecutor Godot

  • Osce18 Post author

    What's Next ?

  • Mr Green Post author

    I think you need some therapy and no therapy isn't a offensive term or anything it's a aid like seeing a doctor.

  • Daniel Alonso Post author

    This video is spot on. It will either confirm someone's interest in being a lawyer, or confirm that they should not become a lawyer. Indeed, a very effective video.

  • Edward Kasi Ayadiuno Post author

    YES! I am always ready,I am myself,….tough,rugged and ready.

  • Quinn Eaton Post author

    Watched this just in time to take the bar exam in two weeks 😅

  • Jullienne Santiago Post author

    I dont want to be a lawyer cuz i somehow know these might happen and I want to see the world and take my time to live not to wake up and rush to work and get back home just to sleep but my parents keep tellingme I should be a lawyer so I can earn money and live and stuff but this isnt my way of living really. I admire lawyers and they are realy cool but its not for ne

  • Richard Ibarra Post author

    i just wanted to wear a badass suit

  • Hans Sjoberg Post author

    Mieke Mieke K

  • Saving Your time Post author

    If you believe this guy to take hold of your future then being a lawyer is not for you

  • Hans Sjoberg Post author

    John is f-'n my girlfriend.

  • Dominique Field Post author

    Thank you, this has made me want to be a lawyer, even more. You asked the hard questions that often are never asked. Having worked in other fields, often they don't tell you things going through school, and then you find out things – like what you portrayed here. All the research I did, mainly, comes up with what does it take or personality type or qualities, but you finally gave me the missing questions – I have been looking for.

  • Joscandy Nunez Post author

    Why, in the part where the narrator speaks of "falling under pressure", a female is shown with a tear falling across her face but when the narrator talks of overcoming all this, a male is shown very triumphant? I guess I will take this as a coincidence?

  • A[]*%3v/陈 Post author

    If you haven't noticed the Grammar issue of the title, maybe you shouldn't be a lawyer. 😛
    I kind of hate shit ass lawyers. Ruin people's lives.

  • max Post author

    Pretty much any job will do this to someone… Even if you win the 1/1000000 odds of becoming an actor or youtube star there are still stresses in the best of jobs, you just need to find the job you”re best at, put money in one of those banks where your money increases annually(sorry can’t think of a name). I come from a family of small amounts of money, and this inspires me to work hard at what im talented at doing so I can make a better life for myself as an adult. I am definitely considering studying law.

  • Andre Matar Post author

    fuck this! this video is made to discourage people to become a lawyer. Being a lawyer does not make you an alcoholic or depressed, where is the proof that those people you claim to over drink and be depressed because of their job as a lawyer. This is bullshit, don't let this discourage you from your dream. This video is legit meant to scare people away, reduce the competition.

  • Alive Post author

    I just want to graduate, since my family believes formal education is the key to success… but im just gonna keep doing business as im doing aside from studying… I had to learn this the hard way by being lazy all day in my high school and freshmen days before getting my first job. Theres no need to believe me, try it by yourself if you want but it will be a waste of time just like i did… Just open a business and be your own boss. #Fuckjobsfuckaverage

  • Johnny Michael Post author

    Sign me up for law school! Fuck

  • JackDoesStuff Post author

    Still want to be a lawyer, it's my dream and no one can change that.

  • Nerdy Ninja Post author

    Depression, drinking and other mental and emotional issues?… SOUNDS LIKE MY CUP TEA WHHHOOO LETS GOO SUICIDAL THOUGHTS.

  • Vanessa Attah Post author

    um this video gave me anxiety lmao

  • BossATsleep Post author

    what it’s really like to be a lawyer: get paid a lot to lie and set murderers and rapists free

  • jannat alhafidh Post author

    That sounds so negative

  • anis. Post author

    im afraid to be a lawyer rn or this video is just teasing someone from being a lawyer and is it becoming a lawyer had too much depression ?????

  • CausaMortis2009 Post author

    Practicing law can indeed take a toll on you. While there were many aspects I enjoyed (I’m a medically-retired USAF JAG), the adversarial nature of criminal law, the fear of failing one’s client (or as a prosecutor, failing victims), the imposter syndrome-related stress, and the sheer volume of the work at times could be a bit much. You have to be extremely self-motivated and (as a criminal trial lawyer, especially defense counsel) extremely self-assured, something that can be difficult at times. I liken being a trial attorney to being a surgeon; it takes a lot of ego and confidence to stand alone to protect someone from the government…and when you are running low, you cannot show weakness. You just have to keep going and frequently carry your clients, who are often one step away from a serious breakdown. But you can do it so long as you don’t ever make it about yourself; if you do THAT, you will rapidly burn out. That said, success against overwhelming odds is highly satisfying, especially in the rare occurrence that your client actually is innocent (or as a prosecutor when you nail someone truly despicable but covered his tracks very well). And I did love the art of trial work and conducting investigations. The good days were amazing; the bad days were torturous. I don’t miss the stress, though.

  • Desmond Miles Post author

    Every job that makes over 100k is going to be tough to get, it's going to be stressful, it's going to require a lot of energy. Otherwise if it was easy wouldn't everyone do it? Look at CEOs do you think they have an easy job, what about doctors who have to go to med school for 4 years and then an additional 3 years as a resident.

  • I’m Confused Post author

    Okay I’m a law student in Cambridge and now I’m petrified?

  • Chief Akif Post author

    I want to be a lawyer because I want to help people.

  • Bhavesh More Post author

    Even great businessmen like Trump have stress to handle.. but that hard work pays off

  • western cowboy Post author

    Being a lawyer is a joke, same as being a judge and a politician, they want and demand law and order and for people to obey the law, yet when someone breaks the law they'll try to find any loophole they can to get the guy out of going to prison even when the police have all the evidence to prove him/her guilty.

  • Benet Haxhijaj Post author

    hi Faith

  • Abdirihman Abuuraas Post author

    the Video just shake my head , and make nervous.

  • Lays Chips Post author

    I feel stuck…what is more difficult overall to become…a air traffic controller…or a mental therapist/councillor

  • Charlotte B Post author

    I can do this

  • Maya Post author

    Does not sound that much different from my school experience this far! Anyway, I'm convinced that Whatever you decide to do with your life, at the end of the day no matter what you do, you will end up with roughly the same amount of pain and discomfort, disappointment and despair. Happiness and joy. All that is up to you to choose really, is how you wish to receive it.

  • Karp Puffia Post author

    all of my family is lawyers and they r so happy with it they r not depressed or alcoholic and btw they r making good money out of it so pleas guys don’t listen to bullshit like that it’s all depends on u nothing else

  • Fred Cook Post author

    Poor Lawyers they control all three branches of Government, have a license to steal, and the laws don't apply to them, Poor Lawyers!

  • Rsal Post author

    Lmfao what kind of video even is this 😂😂 this is horrible 😂😂

  • Andy Pierre Post author

    Still deciding. My friend and mentor, who is a lawyer, told me the same things. Yet, he did say he would be a teacher if he could go back in time.

  • Masood Rana Post author

    . Great tips with examples. Lawyering is a profession, for those habitual of walking uphill.
    . Kindly keep sharing the tips.

  • Jerome Charles Post author

    Fuck you and stop discouraging people to do what they love. Every profession is stressful and requires hard work period. Don’t be so dramatic

  • Bobby Reyes Post author

    The lawyers that hate their jobs are probably old white and wealthy. They go in looking to grow maybe in a firm or own a firm to make a lot of money. Latinx lawyers love their jobs particularly immigration lawyers because its purposeful and giving back to our communities is worth it all. So going in to change lives vs going in for money is all the difference.

  • Roy Lopez Post author

    its a presence of death,,,,, wanting to be friends again. the song alone can explain. you dont feel it, then you are probably the average useless robot clone that spins in a circle because you didnt want to take life serious. until it burns you……….

  • Ali Virk Post author

    Please upload another video related to this aspects

  • Candy Rose Post author

    This is the most depressing video ever

  • My creation Post author

    I think if you are passionate in any
    profession than you can easily go
    through the obstacles and the thing
    that is necessary for you is focused, determinant
    and confidence.

  • Attracting Calm Post author

    Interesting article. Although more women seem to be entering the legal profession than ever before, what's not talked about is the 'Elephant in the room', this being the stress and anxiety that many women are silently suffering. Even the most successful women in the legal profession can suffer the often debilitating effects of anxiety and stress when trying to balance their career, family and personal relationships.

    This is outlined very well at http://www.AttractingCalm.com

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