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– The inside is probably going to be just as nasty as the outside. I can tell you what, it
feels weird, it smells weird. Lets see what this– (disgusted groaning). (tropical music) Hey good morning everybody,
and welcome to the vlog! I hope the start of your
day is really great. You know I’m always
cutting good eggs right, and then early this morning I looked at this clutch right here,
and of course there are four beautiful eggs, but there is this little monkey right here that doesn’t smell too good. I’m going to be totally honest with you. I thought to myself rather
than just discarding this which is what I would normally do. You don’t want to feed a rotten egg off to an animal or anything like that. I thought, lets see what’s inside this. You know, why is it? Is there a little embryo in it? Was it completely infertile? What happened? So I figured lets just go ahead, cut into this little monkey right
here and it is gross. I’m assuming the inside
is probably going to be just as nasty as the outside. I can tell you what, it
feels weird, it smells weird. Lets see what this– (disgusted groaning) Oh my gosh. Look what’s inside that egg! It is so gross, I can’t tell if there is anything else good in here. (grunts) Look at that, its like a big gelatinized egg right here. That’s gross. Well I don’t really see anything in here that would make me think
that there’s a snake, but lets just go ahead and cut it and see if we can see
what’s in the middle here. (grunts) Its really, its the most goopy,
custardy type of texture. (makes sound of surprise) Wow that doesn’t smell good guys. I tell you what. So for those of you guys that wondered when a snake egg doesn’t get fertilized what happens to it. Now you have your answer. So I’m going to get rid of this. (grunts) That is so gross and maybe I’ll wash my hands real quick, I’ll be back in a second. (upbeat music) The rest of these four
eggs actually look good. And this is a pretty awesome clutch. It’s a chocolate spinner
bred to an enchi pin banana. That’s some crazy stuff going on there. I have no idea what might be in these eggs but I knew it was going to
be an exciting clutch to cut, and that’s why I couldn’t
wait to share it with you guys and see what’s going on here. Okay. All right well right off this rip, this first one is actually
just a chocolate spinner. So it’s the same thing as the mom. It’s a chocolate, it’s a
pinstripe and it’s a spider. So that basically is a
little duplicate of the mom. I’m hoping to get some combos
of the dad and mom of course. So we’ll see what this
next egg has got going on. Okay, well definitely interesting. Okay, interesting. This is actually looks
like it’s probably– This actually looks like
the all-gene animal I think. This looks like a banana
chocolate spinner. Oh my gosh that thing is awesome! (exclaims) I’ll tell you what, that is amazing! Wow I’m almost positive
we hit the all-gene animal in the second egg. I’m not sure, let’s keep cutting and see. There’s always a chance
that I could be wrong until it crawls out and
we really get a chance to look at it, you never know. But I have a feeling we crushed it on that second egg right there. And then again we’ve got another– Let’s see if we got right here– Looks like we got another
chocolate spinner right here just like the mom, so
no banana in that one. And then last egg. I tell you what, this
is a cool clutch though. All right, last egg. You know what guys, this is crazy! It looks like we hit another
banana chocolate spinner! So we hit two chocolate spinners and two banana chocolate spinners. Oh my gosh, you couldn’t get
much better odds than that, that is absolutely incredible! (stutters in excitement) That concludes the egg
cutting for the day. A little species spotlight with the giant Madagascan
leaf-tailed gecko, or a Uroplatus fimbriatus. And the name Uroplatus actually derives from the Greek word uro for
tail and platus for flat and then frimbriatus is
actually Latin for fringe. Of course, a flat tailed
fringe gecko is essentially is what it is. And these guys are from Eastern Madagascar and are one of the biggest
of the leaf-tailed geckos. Absolutely incredible! But one of the things
that really stands out is those huge amazing eyes. Of course these guys are nocturnal and these eyes are actually
350 times the sensitivity of a human eyeball. Meaning that they’re so sensitive that they can still see
color in the pitch black. Which is pretty amazing. And again, because they’re nocturnal, these guys are gonna pretty
much stay dormant during the day just hiding in some tree roots or maybe a tree branch,
or something like that. And one of the things that I love about pretty much most gecko species is that they will vocalize, so one of their defense
mechanisms is to open their mouth and just screech really loud. Now these guys you need
to keep a little cooler than a lot of reptiles. You want it to be in the
upper 70s at the best, really 75 is probably the
perfect ambient temperature, with maybe a hotspot of 80,
82 degrees at the very most. (exclaims) This guys a jumper too! They absolutely will jump. The wild-caught animals unfortunately don’t do really well in captivity, and that’s one of the reasons why they’re Appendix II endangered. It’s because you’re seeing a
lot of the decline over there with deforestation, with
habitat destruction, and the illegal pet trade quite frankly. So I really suggest trying
to get captive-bred animals because they do so much better. The wild animals are typically
no longer than maybe three or four years in captivity. Where a captive-bred animal
can live up to 10 plus years. These guys, again, are really large going to 10 to 12 inches in length. And they mainly eat bugs. They might occasionally
eat some nectar stuff but primarily these guys
are going to eat roaches, super worms, crickets, stuff like that. And then when you’re breeding them, often times you you want
to supplement the females with something a little bit
bigger like even pinky mice believe it or not. Nevertheless, Uroplatus fimbriatus is one of the coolest
animals I think that I keep to be honest with you, and I hope one day that we’ll be able to produce these things because they are so amazing. You’re daily update on what’s hatched as far as Colubrids go. Let’s see what we have here A big ol’ swatch of
Brooks King Snakes here. (exclaims) This is actually a white side
bred to an anerythristic, so these are all double head,
white sided anerythristic Brooks King snakes. They’re such pretty snakes. I tell you what, if you want a big snake that is really a good eater, and typically very docile, other than the fact if
you smell like a rodent you’re probably gonna get bit, but other than that, these
guys are absolutely incredible. Typically they do hatch
out a little bit quicker than the other Colubrids. Let’s see what we have here. (exclaims) It’s our first scaleless
rat snakes of the year. You guys have seen we’ve been hatching some scaleless corn snakes, but these are actually
scaleless Texas rats. Looks like we have three little babies out and one or two more eggs left to hatch. Look at how absolutely
adorable those guys are. And we have a bunch more
scaleless Texas rats that should be hatching this year. A lot of polymorphism,
which is a fancy word to say that they are variable, right. Let’s see what we have here. (exclaims) Oh my gosh, these eggs are crazy cool! We’ve got a scaleless albino
corn snake right here. That thing is absolutely adorable! And then it looks like we have another maybe albino scaleless here, might be something else
because it’s really faded– Where are you going
buddy, you stay in there– (thud) (mutters in panic) Oh my gosh, I’m so bad at this. Now we’ve got snakes getting out. Stay in there. Stay,
stay, stay, stay, stay! Okay, all right. So, it looks like we have a
couple other scaleless corns, maybe some diffused corns over here. This happens to me every
time (laughs) so okay, we’re going to go ahead. Definitely looks like a hypo corn there. I’m gonna put my camera down just so that I can get these guys back in their tub without pinching anybody’s heads. There you go guys, there you go. All right. (laughs) All right so
that was always sketchy I tell you what. All right, we’ve got just one egg. It looks like we’ve got just
one baby out right here. I remember this clutch there
was actually two fertile eggs so there’s still one baby left to hatch, if that egg hatches, it
looks a little bit cruddy to be honest with you. But of course, this is a
little western hognose snake. So cute. Of course we’ve been hatching out a bunch of really pretty western hognose snake. A lot of people love those guys, so they’ll be up on the website here in the next couple of weeks. And then lastly, what do we have? Look at this, another big old
swatch of Brooks King snakes. But these ones actually
are anerythristic as well. Look at this one right here,
this is actually anerythristic which, again, is lacking the red pigment. In this case, it is also axanthic, which is lacking the yellow pigment, so it’s just basically that
black and blueish type of snake. It looks like we’ve got
about half and half. A bunch of axanthic and a
bunch of normals in here. Look at these feisty monkeys right now. What are you guys doing? It’s okay. They hatch out with some
big attitude for sure. So that wraps up the Colubrids
hatching for the day, everyday, let me know in the comments if you guys are gonna get bored of this, because everyday there’s
lots of Colubrids hatching. I’d like to update you but
I don’t want to bore you. I think it’s pretty cool. Got an awesome tour in
the house from Maine. And you guys do some
crazy stuff with trucks, what do you guys do exactly? – We do mega truck racing. – [Brian] Mega truck racing? That sounds really dangerous and awesome. I love it. We’re gonna have a good
time showing you some stuff. Wanna go? Let’s do it. – Let’s do it. (upbeat music) – Just wrapping up the tour (laughs) These guys do some amazing things. Of course from New Hampshire and Maine, and you guys do mega trucks right? – Yeah, mega truck racing. – [Brian] Oh my god, this is awesome. And you have one too right? – Yeah. My truck has 700 horse, and my other truck has 400 horse. – Oh my god, these guys are crazy. Look at this thing over here. This thing is so ridiculous. What do you guys– do you just jump over and roll over stuff? – Mud race, obstacle
course race, jump stuff. – Oh my gosh, I tell you what, I am lucky because I not only get to work with the coolest animals on the planet, but meet the coolest people. These guys have some big-boy toys. Look at how cute these little monkeys are! This one’s actually just starting to shed, just as the top of its head sheds off. And, again, these are live bearers. Now canyon sand boas
have much bigger litters, like 20 sometimes even 30 babies. There’s only four little
babies in this clutch here. Let’s see what else we have. Where you at little monkey? Oh my god they are so– (exclaims) It bit me too! Look at these guys. They’re crazy! (laughs) They have little
attitudes even as little babies. Unbelievable. Look at this little thing. So again, four little baby
rough-scale sand boas. Absolutely incredible. Wow that thing is adorable! And we have a whole
bunch of these guys too. So we’ve got canyons and rough-scales. We’ve got a bunch of rainbows and a whole bunch of other stuff coming. So that’s pretty exciting. It’s a little bummer I didn’t get a chance to find it myself, but nevertheless super
cool little animals. This is actually the mama
rough-scaled sand boa right here. Hopefully we can pick her
up without getting bit. She’s probably really hungry
and definitely deflated because she had those babies. She’s looking really good. And again, these are a
smaller sand boa for sure. This is as big as they get. I’ve seen a couple just slightly bigger, but not a whole lot so that’s about it. But I wanna give you an idea
what these guys look like when they’re full grown. Look at this mama right here with those big ol’
bulge in her right here. Or this one too look at this (exclaims in excitement) I tell you what, these guys
are loaded up with babies and I have a feeling
that a couple of these are gonna have a lot
more than four babies, probably six or eight babies. I absolutely love these
to death and again, canyon sand boas aren’t
too far off either. Oh my god, I’m definitely
gonna be looking forward to hopefully being here when these guys have babies this time. A quick mail time. Let’s see what we have.
What do we have here? We’ve got the Bartrick family. – From Massachusetts. – Open ASAP on the vlog! From France? – From France? – Says, “Love from France.” – All right, well this
say from Massachusetts. So, I don’t know what to believe. – And it says open ASAP, so
I don’t know if that means it’s going to be rotten. – That means as soon as possible. Well we just got this. – Yeah we just got it, okay cool. There’s a bag and then there’s a bag. What if this is all just bags? – That’s something I would do. I do this at Christmas sometimes. – Okay so here we go. You read that. (exclaims) Look at that, macaroons from France. – Dear Brian and family, I’ve been following you
for a few years now. I watch everyday. Love following the grind with Eric, Mary, Jessica, Bruce, great team! Enjoy these treats from my hometown, we are famous from them. Love from France. – I love it. I tell you they look good. Macaroons, I love it. – Yes. – I’m gonna keep these. – Well we’re gonna take
these over to the shop and share them with the crew. – What? – (laughs) It was for everybody! – I think we’re gonna take those home, and I’m gonna eat them all myself. – I hate– I’m not
patient enough to open– – You’re not safe either. – This may be a shirt. There’s something in it. – To Brian. – There’s a letter. Oh my gosh, a bit letter. Hey Brian, Laurie and the team, my name is Michelle I’m
from a city called Selkirk in Manitoba, Canada. Manitoba, I wanna go there
for the garter snakes in Manitoba. It’s like a dreamcatcher. – Yes, it is a dreamcatcher. – That’s awesome. Be honest I thought you were crazy, but I realized that you
reminded me of the one and only Steve Irwin, thank you so much no one
can fill those shoes. I watched him wrestle crocodile
tails everything like that, but you’re enthusiasm
like his is addictive. Thank you so much, and there’s so much. I’m gonna read this
off, thank you so much. – Oh, that’s cute. – What does it say? – Our paths crossed at Narcisse,
probably wrong, Snake Dens. – That’s the dens I was
talking about in Manitoba! I wanna go next year. I got to get down to the snake dens there because it is absolutely incredible. – Well apparently we have
a connection, Michelle. – Michelle, let’s definitely talk because you can maybe go take me to the Manitoba snake dens. I really wanna go check it out. And thank you for– This is
awesome, I love this shirt, because that’s– Thank you so much, that’s awesome! Thank you for the dreamcatcher. Now you guys know what’s
inside a rotten snake eggs. If you enjoyed that video, here’s another snake egg cutting video and an entire playlist you guys can see. And if you don’t mind, could you please hit that subscribe button post notifications on. Be kind to someone, and I promise I’ll see you guys tomorrow.


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