What to Expect in Law School | The Millennial Attorney | Philippines

What to Expect in Law School | The Millennial Attorney | Philippines

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Guys! In this video, I’ll be sharing 8 things that you should expect in Law School But before anything else My name is Errol I am a Foodie – Lawyer And I make videos about Food, (and Trips) Self-Development, and Lifestyle Design. So if you’re new here, go ahead and Subscribe! It’s FREE! Also, click on the Bell Icon to be notified whenever I post! Now! Law School! What should you know about Law School? #1: No Spoonfeeding It’s not like college that’s full of lectures In Law School, what they implement is Socratic Method. It’s the method where students would be the ones who do the talking/reciting, not the professors. You’ll just attend class to recite, the professor would just sit and grade you based on your answer. Lectures are not a fad. THERE’S NO SUCH THING! In Law School, you should know how to “Get Off” or… better known as “Do it yourself” With your daily “Get offs” Your knowledge will widen, and your foundation will strengthen. You can no longer depend on your parents, on your professors, about your study habits. NO! Those things no longer exist. You yourself will work hard for it. Nobody is treated like a “baby” in Law School #2: Competitive Environment Guys, guys, guys. In Law School, it’s really competitive! It’s like in Hunger Games, Survival of the Fittest! And of course, there is still Crab Mentality Definitely, you have the same dreams. You have the same goals. You all want to become lawyers. For me, there’s nothing wrong with Healthy competition. The problem is, we are competing with the wrong people. We should only compete with ourselves! And one more thing! This one is the MOST IMPORTANT thing that you should know! If you can no longer build your classmates up, please… pretty please… Do not pull them down anymore. Because they will be your colleagues in the profession! You will be all colleagues in the profession. That’s why… DON’T BE AN ASSHOLE! #3: Overwhelming readings, recitation, and legal terms It’s very difficult! So many to read! So many recitations! So complicated and so confusing! The legal terms are all difficult to understand! Nemo dat quod non habet Res Ipsa Loquitur It’s not like college or highschool where you go: “teacher! teacher!” In law school, it’s random! It’s “forced volunteer”! Just imagine a deck of class cards, then the professor will shuffle it, and the selection would be random! But the assignment is too many so you only read half of the half of the readings! When the professor shuffles the cards, I bet you’ll already piss your pants! You’ll be the one to give up! Then add the fact that you are still adjusting. Like me! I was a nurse before! When we talk about “left” or “right”, we are usually talking about anatomy. Then here comes Persons and Family Relations there’s a concept called “waive your right” waive your right waive your right It’s very confusing! That’s why I strongly suggest Time Management! In the future, I’ll be making videos sharing my tips about time management. So, I’ll see you there! Subscribe now! #4: Terror Professors Now, to have an idea, let’s watch this video clip from Bar Boys Ohhhh Mendio! Professor: De Jesus, Pauline? *mocks the professor*: “De Jesus, Pauline?” Did you read everything? Stop smiling! Now tell me… Can you run in the elections if you’re teaching? Pauline: No, Justice Hernandez Are you sure? *student sits down* Ah! Ah! Ah! I’m not done yet! Ah! Ah! Remain Standing!! Professor: Vicencio, Emie? Emie: Yes, Ma’am? Prof: Do you agree? Emie: Ma’am, I think… Prof: You think? That’s what you think. That’s your opinion. Emie: Yes, Ma’am. I think… Prof: Well… You think NOTHING! Prof: I don’t care about what you THINK! And I don’t care about everybody’s opinion! YOU JUST GIVE ME AN ANSWER! LOOK AT ME! You give me an answer! Yes, Ma’am…. Haha! Well, for me, it’s exaggerated a little bit. Based on my personal experience, professors only become like that when students cannot answer any question! When it’s pretty obvious that the student never studies. That’s when they become like that! because in law school, you should expect that professors will surely test you. Even if your answer is correct, even if you know your answer is correct, they will intentionally confuse you. just to make sure if you really understood the topic. So make sure to study very well! There even are professors who are always present! PERFECT ATTENDANCE! Then there are those who are always absent! And worst of all, there are those who are always absent but always fail the majority of students! You’ll just think to yourself… WHY!? Guys! That’s because of #5, which is… #5: Law school will break you down LAW SCHOOL WILL BREAK YOU!!!! Of course, in the beginning, you’ll be arrogant because you already have your pre-law degree. Perhaps most of you are even licensed professionals. But law school will break your ego! Your professors will surely belittle you! They will curse at you, shame you Then you’ll ask again, “WHYYYY?” That’s because of #6: #6: Law school builds character In practice, if the judge is late, if your clients are late, Can you rant? Can you complain in front of them? YOU CANNOT! If you handle a lot of cases, can you complain to your boss? YOU CANNOT! That’s how it is in law school! That’s the form of training! You feel it’s unfair but that’s how it is! #7: You will doubt yourself It’s so difficult that you’ll start to doubt… if you were correct in deciding to go to law school But always remember the advice that our Bar Lecturer gave us “Your dreams would always equal the effort you are willing to give” You all want to be lawyers, so expect it to be difficult But you have to fight your way through doubt! Fight doubt! That’s nothing compared to when you are already a practicing lawyer Being an “officer of the court” or a “vanguard of justice” is a serious obligation! It’s difficult. That’s why, as early as law school, toughen up! Fight your way through doubt! And lastly, #8 #8: Law school is what you make it It is only you who would decide what law school is for you. You want to have a terrible life in law school? Be an asshole to everyone! Be an asshole to all the people in law school! Distribute poison notes, don’t relay the pointers of succeeding quizzes Do that and I’m so sure when you’re all practicing lawyers… You are DOOMED! Now if you want to be happy, Enjoy the process! Make a lot of friends! Create memories! Those will be the things you’ll remember when you become lawyers! Like you’ll remember the time when your Dean shouted at you in front of 4 sections during merged class because one of your friends was trying to taste the air. See? It’s so FUNNY!! But of course, that’s not me! And guys! Those are my 8 things to expect in law school! In the next video, I’ll be sharing tips on how to STUDY in law school. I know the feeling of now knowing how to review; how to study; how to study the topic Looking back when I was a Freshman, I wished I had someone who coached me, someone who taught me, someone who guided me. I personally am a firm believer in STUDYING SMART That’s why I developed my own methods of studying I researched effective ways to study that would fit my lifestyle Caveat though! I am not an expert! I am just an average student when I was in law school. But I am proud that I was able to finish it even with my side businesses and my food blog. And I want to share it with you guys so you can use it in your lives and your study of law. So that’s it! Join me on the journey! Let’s grow together! Thank you again. And… Goodbye!

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    hi Atty.Errol. Thanks for making this vid! More vids pa po hehe. Request ko po sana how to study smarter like me na working full time and mag sisimula na po ko ng 1st yr law this August 13… Thank you po. (:

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