What makes The Fastest People so Fast | 100m Running Technique Analysis

What makes The Fastest People so Fast | 100m Running Technique Analysis

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world-class sprinting ability is a
product of exceptional coordination it means the right muscles fire and relaxed
at the right time and the limbs move in the proper directions many sprinters
still believe running fast is all about getting stronger they want to put a
bigger engine in the car that is a good idea but a muscle car is useless if the
driver confuses the gas and brake pedals driving with the brake will get you
nowhere and damage the car along the way similarly inefficient running mechanics
will slow you down and potentially hurt the body the
nervous system is the most critical contributor to speed because it is
responsible for every movement in the body the best sprinters are not those
who are the strongest and the most explosive the fastest people are those
with the best coordination and the highest quality of movement
interestingly we can usually identify a good sprinter by a static picture the
picture displays the body position and relative joint angles small differences
in joint angles in a specific running phase can get a sprinter faster or
slower the average sprinter usually spends
about 50% of the race in contact with the ground which is about five and a
half seconds for an 11-second sprinter in comparison Usain Bolt’s ground contact
time was less than four seconds during his world record performance every
sprinter wants to spend the least time on the ground but short contact
time means nothing without applied force so the sprinter should push quickly and
very hard at high speed in the upright position the lower leg muscles fire most
powerfully and quickly if they are pre-loaded into a moderate stretch
before ground content thus the lower leg becomes a stiffer spring producing more
vertical force along with longer strides and higher frequency this way the best sprinters take
advantage of elastic recoil from tendons to reduce the time they spend on the
ground in order to increase speed when the sprinter touches down proper
alignment of the head spine and hips all the way down to the feet will transfer
spring-like force into the ground without energy leaks just as blocks that
are well stacked can resist gravity from pulling them down the upright sprinter
has the advantage since he can hold his running form with minimum muscular
effort by contrast a forward lean will negate all the strength and power in the
hips as the bent knee will absorb the applied force rather than return it the
Sprinter will lose speed and spend twice as much energy doing so in the latter
part of the race the more downward force the Sprinter applies the faster he can
run and that’s why the fastest athletes have their knees together at touchdown
they make a very short and powerful downward push which facilitates a
quicker forward leg swing when a sprinter reaches top speed he can’t do
more rather than relax and trust his form still in big finals people tend to
overdo things they apply force much longer than necessary
turning the effort into a horizontal push this leads to excessive back side
leg mechanics inappropriate forward lean and loss of speed in sprinting the gas
pedal becomes the brake if you push for too long the human body is extremely
adaptable it will literally do whatever you ask of it the nervous system can be
programmed much like a computer to do the impossible
because the mind controls the body and the mind is unlimited

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