What Kind of Personality Do You Need to Thrive as a Lawyer?

What Kind of Personality Do You Need to Thrive as a Lawyer?

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Guys welcome back to my channel today I’m going to be talking about some of the core traits that I’ve witnessed in really competent lawyers who seem to enjoy their jobs and I think understanding this is part of the calculus in deciding whether or not you want to go to law school and whether you want to become a lawyer. This quarter, I am in what’s called clinic. So a lot of that is a focus on the practical side of education. The other students in the clinic and I are working on actual cases for actual clients rather than just sitting in the classroom and reading case books. So far it’s been a really exhilarating experience and I’ve learned so much even though we’ve only been in clinic for about three weeks and a lot of that education has been what it actually takes to be a lawyer day to day. I haven’t really worked in a legal setting before full-time So a lot of my understanding of this will definitely evolve and change as I grow my career But it does seem like there are a few basic concepts and traits That a lot of successful lawyers share. When I was thinking about coming to law school– or rather, in the period in which I thought I didn’t want to go to law school–it seemed like all the people who were drawn to it were very argumentative very brash, very overconfident and I think a lot of this was fed by the TV image of lawyers as well. So I thought basically that’s what you needed to be in order to do well. Now that I’ve been in law school for a bit and you know, have gotten to know some of my professors, my supervisors at my summer job, and my supervisors at clinic, I’ve come to realize that that is very far from the case. So if you’re thinking about going to law school and becoming a lawyer here are some traits that will really help you get your feet Under you and might determine basically your success as you enter the profession Obviously this is taking for granted the fact that you like reading laws or heading about them writing persuasively and doing legal textual analysis. That’s kind of baseline no matter what kind of lawyer you are You will be doing some of that. The first one (trait) that comes to mind is just a general aura of competence. You’re going to be extremely busy probably and whatever practice you go into and other people will be counting on you especially your clients So one of the baseline traits is a strong sense of what you yourself can accomplish and a faith that you will get things done. Hand-in-hand with that goes reliability So one of the core concepts is following up on what you say you’re going to do being able to handle a complicated schedule with a lot of moving parts and follow through on your promises. If you’re not a reliable person, you’re not going to be a good lawyer no matter how brilliant you are. In fact, most lawyering doesn’t really seem to take the form of a lightning strike of brilliance. It’s rather a slow— or a slower methodical approach to legal analysis that really depends on the person being reliable competent and thorough. Organization is also a really really key component of being a good lawyer if you are not a person who is able to handle again a complicated schedule with moving parts a lot of deadlines a lot of Discrete tasks going on at once then you’re probably not going to be happy as a lawyer. I mean you can still do it I mean there are different levels of the profession obviously and different paths you can take that emphasize that more or less but To be truly happy in the work that you’re doing and to feel comfortable in it you do need to be fairly organized on top of things and, it seems, not too bad of a procrastinator, Ideally. You know, there are people in the legal profession who procrastinate for sure but if you’re the kind of person Who doesn’t have a sense of urgency at all about things you might struggle a little bit as you take on clients and take on cases Finally, empathy is an extremely important part of being a lawyer no matter what kind of lawyering you do—whether it’s direct services or, you know, transactional work for companies you need to be able to see Where your client is coming from, where the opposing counsel is coming from, and how the judge is going to see things. And that requires you to be able to put yourself into other people’s shoes to think about things from a different perspective and to take into account people’s differing backgrounds, perspectives, Mindsets…all of that. So empathy and understanding Are really really key to being a good lawyer So those are just some of the basic traits that seem to go into, you know, being a competent, successful, professional lawyer. That’s not to say that you have to have all of them in order to succeed—plenty of lawyers don’t—but these are just some of the things to think about as you’re deciding what you want to do and what kind of profession will suit your personality best. If you guys have any questions, please leave them in the comments as always and let me know what kind of content you’d like to see on my channel! Thank you so much for watching, and if you haven’t subscribed yet, please do so now. Thanks guys. Bye 🙂

17 thoughts on “What Kind of Personality Do You Need to Thrive as a Lawyer?

  • R Y Post author

    Im so confused. I feel like school hasn't tested me properly so I dont know my limits or how good I am at analysis.

  • missfortune Post author

    Girl you are goals 😩😩 smart, sweet and beautiful!

  • La Croix Post author

    Your channel has been so helpful and informative. I am sending in my applications soon and I'm so thankful that I found your channel!

  • HJ Y Post author

    hey esther, i really enjoyed this video. your reflective comments on the law school experience are always helpful and worthwhile. id love to hear about general writing and reading books that you found to be of use. you really are a remarkable speaker.

  • Duong Nguyen Post author


    I am also a law student and have been a fan of your channel for a long time <3 I am always inspired by your video contents and your beauty as well.

    I wonder if you can share your perspective or insight about female lawyers in the industry, are they somehow discriminated in terms of pay, working hours, or promotions?

    Actually, I am most eager to hear your experience at the clinic, what you did, what fields of law you would like to practise and your plan for this academic year. Also, I would love to know more about your class and the academic envinroment and Stanford Law School, for example, the background of students, the courses you study this semester and extracurriculars, such as Law Review, Moot Courts, CLubs.

    Many thanks and love <3

  • torresdisney Post author

    missed your videos esther!

  • Harmeek Singh Post author

    i like it ☺

  • Harmeek Singh Post author

    and i subscribed it to…..!!!

  • Ken Ramnath Post author

    So gorgeous I couldn't follow along

  • Jason Previlon Post author

    What do you mean by discrete task? Are you referring to the tedious work of filling Y memo or notarizing X from?

  • Anh Vu Post author

    Can you still become a lawyer if you're shy or reserved? I'm interested in law but I'm worried it may not fit my shy personality

  • A mermaid Post author

    When I told my really arrogant psychiatrist that I want to go to law school, he told me "going to law school is a waste of a brilliant mind" and that "the only people who are successful in law are those who like to argue."
    What do you think about this? And yes I'm leaving him immediately

  • Emma DeMelo Post author

    I'm really interested in environmental law but I'm slightly shy when public speaking. Do you think this is a major issue when practicing law?

  • Athena J Post author

    I like the way you articulate your contents. Will you be a lawyer or Professor in law ?

  • Sonia Shah Post author

    what is a typical path for most people that go to law school? do people go straight after ungrad or do they go to grad school first?

  • Ashley Wadsworth Post author

    Can you talk about like type of high school grades and stuff that you would need

  • Ema Ema Post author

    Tq dear

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