What Is Marital Success | Paul Friedman

What Is Marital Success | Paul Friedman

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Hi, I’m Paul Friedman. I founded The
Marriage Foundation to spread the teachings that I discovered far and wide.
The Marriage Foundation is nonprofit we’re not connected to any religion, we’re
not affiliated with any political ideas. It’s purely, because I want you to have
what I have this deep knowledge of marriage that can really change your
life. And as it changes your life it changes the life of your children those
around you and the world, what could be finer. If you liked this video like it,
share it, subscribe so you get them as I produce them. Let’s be friends so this
topic is called What Is Marital Success? Now, that may seem like kind of a strange
topic but you know when people have marriage difficulties they often
go to marriage counselors which by the way is usually a mistake but that’s
another topic. And they just want to get rid of the problem or the problems
rather than having their eyes looking over the horizon, looking towards what
you really got married for, right? You got married to be happy let’s face it. You
got married to be with your best friend, you got married in order to have a
family that you felt loved within that you enjoyed. And all of that can be
described very simply and we describe it here as a joyous marriage. Joyous, so that’s what marriage success is,
is joyous. Anything less is like having an airplane and sitting on the runway
and never taking off. Marriage is designed to be joyous literally. Marriage
success, joyous marriage, why? It’s a setup it really is. It’s a positive setup
because a joyous marriage means that you’re happy and then you got to go
where does happiness come from. Well, happiness comes from arrays, happiness
comes from going on a nice vacation, happiness comes from your children
coming home with good grades but that’s not lasting happiness. That’s not the
happiness you get in a joyous marriage. The happiness you get in a joyous
marriage comes from love. I have never met a person who is not happy from
feeling love. Now, why does this all tie together? If this is success and this
is what we want, we want happiness from love. How does it all work together?
Why marriage? Because in marriage there’s just two of
you, there’s just two of you and you have the opportunity to blend your hearts
together which is where the love is. And what’s another name for this heart
business? It’s a soul. You are a triune being body, mind, and soul but you
are essentially a soul. So by merging your souls into one you feel that which
is what your soul is which is love. So this is what a successful marriage is, it’s a
joyous marriage; it’s really that simple. So next time you think you can get help
from a marriage counselor you walk in there and they’ll say, “Okay, so what’s
going on?” “What’s going on is we’re having problems with our marriage.” Fine, what can
I do for you? Well, don’t say we want to get rid of our problems because what you
really want is you want this. You want success and you want a path to get you
there. Now, here’s how I approach it. Here’s what I discovered, what I
discovered was that, and I was a divorce mediator. I used to help people get a
divorce or he’s to believe in divorce. I thought divorce was fine, people run out
of steam, they grow separately, someone cheats on the other, whatever
time to get a divorce. I was all for it. Until I had a client come in, clients. How
do you say that? I had a couple come in and they didn’t really want to get a
divorce. They just didn’t know what else to do
and that’s where my life, my new life began. I was in the early 2000’s, it’s 2003
and I was gonna help them. I’m a communication expert, how hard could it
be? But I’m also a business expert and so I asked a question. Why do people get
married in the first place? Well, you get married for happiness, for love, that’s
why you get married, nothing else. All the rest of the stuff is superfluous because
there’s plenty of people who don’t have kids; they’re happy. There’s plenty of
people who don’t have good jobs; they’re happy when they’re happily married. So I
asked that question and I came up with this answer. You get married to
experience love cuz that’ll bring you happiness.
And then it was just a simple matter of breaking it down, what are my actions
that will bring happiness? What are my actions that will undermine happiness in
marriage? Because it’s a very unique venue and I helped hundreds of couples
live, and I started moving towards individuals. I helped individuals because
it only takes one in a marriage to make things work. And then I wrote a couple of
books and that’s what I focused on. I focused on basically, the do’s and the
don’ts, and the whys, and the basic knowledge of why the why’s work because
everything is methodical, mechanical in the universe. And it
touched on deep spiritual and life principle
because truth is truth no matter where you find it. And I wrote two books that
address this, I wrote Lessons for a Happy Marriage — that’s my first one, and then I
wrote Breaking the Cycle in order to train counselors. And it helps a lot of people
and then I realized there’s another problem when people get too deep in the
weeds when their marriage is falling apart
as often happens because they’re not communicating well. They’re not doing
what they’re supposed to do, they’re not bringing in the love. They’re bringing in
their worldly habits and so I devised this technique that is amazing, it’s
called the Sew technique and I got the SEW technique to help people leverage their
free will But it got a little more complicated.
Long story short is if your marriage is falling apart, if you’re losing your
marriage you could try reading one of the books
but I mean if it’s really in critical phase take the course. If you’re a wife
take the ladies course, if you’re the husband take the men’s course. They’re
separate because we’re very different. This will all bring you everything that
I’ve done is purposeful to give you a joyous marriage. I want you to have a
joyous marriage. There’s no reason, no matter where you are now in your marital
progression that you can’t still have a joyous marriage, and that’s what I want
for you. Okay, so if you liked this video like it,
subscribe to more, share it. We want to spread these teachings as far and wide
as we can. These are really incredible teachings that I’ve discovered. I can’t
say I invented them, I invented a lot of techniques and methods but truth is
truth. All I did was discover the truth and that’s it.
Blessings, and we’ll see you next time.

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  • Marketing Matters Post author

    So absolutely beautiful! I believe this philosophy can be applied to family and all other relationships as well. Best marital advice imaginable!

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