What Does Jihad Actually Mean?

What Does Jihad Actually Mean?

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Jihad, in the news, is often translated to
mean “Holy War”. But “Holy” and “war” are both English words with Latin origins, so
it probably doesn’t mean exactly that. According to Google Translate, the individual words
exist separately in Arabic. So, what is Jihad? Does it refer to a set of conflicts, like
how the Crusades refer to a set of Christian Holy Wars? Nope, it does not. So, why do they need the
extra word Jihad to describe a Holy War? Does it even mean “Holy War” at all? The short
answer is… no. What Jihad really means, is “struggle.” It’s a major religious duty, that many consider
to be the unofficial 6th pillar of Islam – right below self-control, giving to the poor, and
visiting Mecca. Technically, Jihad means “a struggle in the
way of Allah.” Fringe radical militant groups, think that attacking the west is part of that
struggle, but the majority of Muslims don’t. Most of them are actually opposed to using
the word “Jihad” in that way, because it associates the word with terrorism. So, what does Jihad
mean to THEM? Well, in Islam there are two types of Jihad:
the Outer and the Inner. The outer is the kind that defends Islam against outside aggression
– like they did in the crusades. The Inner represents the internal spiritual struggle
to seek self-improvement in the way of Allah. So basically, it’s the struggle to be a better
Muslim – both spiritually and in practice. The following passage, which is from a highly-debated
Islamic text called the Hadith, sums it up nicely. In it, Muhammad says to a band of
returning warriors, “You have arrived with an excellent arrival,
you have come from the Lesser Jihad to the Greater Jihad—the striving of a servant
(of Allah) against his (own) desires.” So despite the negative attention it gets,
Jihad can refer to some really wonderful things. Zakat, for example, the third Pillar of Islam
— is all about giving to the needy, and doing good deeds for others. There’s even a website called myjihad.org
that highlights good Jihads, and it’s part of an entire online movement, devoted to taking
the word back from Islamic extremists. Even Twitter has gotten in on it — with the
hashtag #MyJihad, where people tweet about their good deeds or positive struggles to
help better themselves and their communities. Like this:
#MyJihad is to balance work and family life #MyJihad is to challenge society norms and
work towards improving our culture #MyJihad is to keep the air in my country
clean And finally,
#MyJihad is trying to appreciate the Jihad in a place where the Jihad is misunderstood.. So see, it’s really not as scary a word as
you might think. It doesn’t mean holy war. And if that hashtag is any indication, it
has the power to change the world. If you have any questions, all of the information
from this episode can be found in the description box. And remember – we make this show for
you guys. So if there’s a topic you want us to cover, just let us know in the comments
below. Otherwise, thank you for watching — and for more episodes, just click subscribe!

100 thoughts on “What Does Jihad Actually Mean?

  • Iwanvs 95 Post author

    Honestly, every Jew prepares for the Messiah, every Christian prepares for another Crusade and every Muslim prepares for its Jihad, there's nothing shameful about religious duty.

  • Where's the Freedom? Post author

    bombastic video

  • Mo Post author

    I searched for 'my jihad' and it came back with "Mein Kampf" in German translation.
    Can someone translate please. Thanks.

  • A.I.M Post author

    The media loves representing us wrong, it’s propaganda.

  • Sara Post author

    Thank you for actually doing your research.

  • Christus Vincit! Post author

    "Outer Jihad is that which defends Islam from an outside aggression, like they did in the Crusades" – you should know that the Muslims militarily invaded Arabia, north Africa, the Middle East (inclusive of the Holy Land), Spain, Sicily, south Italy and south France 400 years before the first Crusade was even thought of. Muslims used jihad as an attack tool during the whole history of their religion, from the episodes i mentioned to the sack of Rome, the fall of Constantinople, the attempted invasion of Italy destroyed by the Holy League at Lepanto, the siege of Vienna still in the XVIII century. I want to hope you are just naive in your presentation of Islam, and not malicious.

  • elias666187 Post author

    we should jihad islam before its to late , send Trudea home

  • Anto Ochibbo Post author

    she is beutiful

  • jyoti sharma Post author

    I have read all those books why you people are making fools of everybody, as I am from India and everyone else know what exactly that means

  • BAKANEKO Post author

    Thank you for this really insightful video!

  • Tomasz Kiełtyka Post author

    Muslims – the people that are quite literally calling for the destruction of all Jews for simply existing (Kinda like one man with a funny mustache?) Forcing women to wear Hijabs. There are quite literally blasphemy laws which violate human rights in countries such as Pakistan where a woman was sentenced to death for converting to christianity, her lawyer managed to repeal it but the people of Pakistan literally marched out into the streets calling for her death. Oh and I don't think I even need to mention the elephant in the room (it's terrorism)

  • Mama Mia Alberto Post author

    Btw jihad is a name in Arabic

  • Ryan Haron Haco Post author

    Jihad is holy war like or not!! This video is u.s gavermnet lie

  • I Hack Televisions Post author

    All those people saying Islam is a hate cult is because you have never met one in real life. The hypocrisy is real. How can you judge someone without knowing anything about them. The media always project outer jihad because it makes their stories more engaging. Not everything in the media is true. Get your facts right

  • spiralsone Post author

    you have clearly not read the Qur'an, nor hadith. Muhammad repeatedly emphasized physically imposing Islam on non believers with violence, terror, slavery, etc.

  • Sylwia Post author

    Encyclopedia of Islam:

    “In law, according to general doctrine and in historical tradition, the

    jihad consists of military action with the object of the expansion of

    Islam and, if need be, of its defense." This terse summary of Muslim law and history is the standard, scholary approach. Ref David Cook 'Understanding Jihad' p.2.

  • Jew Shirls Post author

    The concept of Jihad or "struggling for the good" comes from Christianity in saint Saul's letters in which he says: "he has fought the good fight and contended for the faith," he says that "the weapons of our warfare include the sword of truth, shield of faith, etc (speaking the 'truth to power') and that our battle is not against flesh and blood but against the powers and principalities in the high places..

  • KokoroMeister Post author

    Thanks alot for explaining!!!!!

  • إنتحاري Post author

    It means diligence

  • Mars_Skully Post author

    my name is jihad

  • ᛋᛏᛖᚹᛖ ᚱᛁᚲᚺᚨᚱᛞᛋᛟᚾ Post author

    Hail Odin the Allfather. The father of all Gods. Skål!!!!

  • Wotan will awake Post author

    The crusade was a defence against islam.

  • johndoh1000 Post author

    How is using jihad in a casual tone not cultural appropriation?

  • Analyzing Sources Post author

    This is a lie! Jihad means war against non-Muslims!

  • श्यामा श्याम निकुंज Post author

    No you are misleading us. We are not fools. If that is really the case, then why 100% of massacre done india are in name of allah and by muslims. The converted us by sword, raped our woman. Don't fool us.

  • Haratio 246 Post author

    Finally someone explained the real meaning of jihad. Great video

  • Eire32 Sovereign Post author


  • Philosophical Analysis Post author

    This video is very dishonest. Jihad is about war against non-Muslims.

  • Philosophical Analysis Post author

    What nonsense! The Crusades were caused by 400 years of Islamic conquest and aggression!

  • Chess Game Post author

    The Crusades was caused by Muslim aggression. This video is lies!
    And Jihad means war against non-Muslims!
    Reliance of the traveler: reference: o9.0 “ Jihad means war against the kafar ( non-Muslims) to establish Islamic law.”

  • Chess Game Post author

    Jihad ( in the context) literally means war against non-Muslims.

  • Inesh Akarawita Post author

    Is greater Jihad not the struggle with oneself?

  • swagman - 2004 Post author

    Its means to struggle

  • REALITY CHECK Post author

    can anyone make me understand what kind of struggle are the talking about when Islam in earlier days destroyed temples and build mosque over them and forced their peaceful religion over them in the name of jihad. Or what kind of jihad does extremist represent when killing people who do not follow their faith or in the case of London where they think oppressing others with there sharia law is it all it takes to provoke violence all in the name of Allah and media still think Islamophobia is unjust.

  • PAPA Lazarou ,Your my wife now Post author

    Great explanation … I just thought they were all evil Bxxxxx 's

  • Rui Fachadas Post author

    only blood can kill, the evil one.
    i love Daesh and hate The U.S.A
    no matter president us has, i hate usa

  • Austin Martin Post author

    She keeps comparing jihad to the crusades but the crusades aren't in the bible.

  • Noormostak Choudhary Post author


  • Raynel De La Paz Post author

    It translated into


  • Chess Game Post author

    According to the most respected Sunni and Shia scholars: Jihad means war against non-Muslims

    Umdat as-Salik wa 'Uddat an-Nasik (
    Reliance of the traveler), reference: o9.0 “ Jihad means war against the kafar ( non-Muslims) to establish Islamic law.”

    Ayatollah Mosavi Khomeini
    Little green book
    “Jihad means the conquest of all non- Muslim territories. Such a war
    may well be declared after the formation of an Islamic government
    worthy of that name, at the direction of the Imam or under his
    orders. It will then be the duty of every able-bodied adult male to
    volunteer for this war of conquest, the final aim of which is to put
    Qur'anic law in power from one end of the earth to the other.”

  • Chess Game Post author

    This channel works for CIAR, which is a branch of the Muslim brotherhood terrorist organization

  • India tv Post author

    Jihad = terrorism

  • 강민석 Post author

    The word "genocide" can also have a diverse meaning, as in: "I'm performing genocide on the germs in my kitchen" … semantics are so much fun haha ALLAHU AKBAR

  • geetanjali sharma Post author


  • Pankaj Shaw Post author

    More 90% of jihads are killing and terrorising the Non Muslims

  • Ibra noor Post author

    Why? Miquoting, deceiving, marginalising.

  • Akalynn Post author

    Jihad means peace guys. You have to believe the islam apologists!

  • S Chowdhury Post author

    I Love JIHAD.

  • xXMonkeyboy85Xx Post author

    My jihad is to eliminate islam

  • Patriot Badshah Post author

    This is to make people fool. Ask her to go to pakistan and ask what jehad means. These guys are trying to coverup the evils of Islam. Ask Palestine, syria, Afghanistan, yeman that what is jehad. Where muslim are less than 2 percent you get this type of sugar coated definition. Where ever they are in majority jehad means what they do against Christians in Syria, pakistan and ither middle east counties.

  • James Christodoulou Post author

    Listening to this propaganda makes me sick! Inner and outer struggles eh? And the outer is only defensive eh? Riggghhhhttt. How bout study Islam for 5 days reading the Hadith in context with history and see how defensive Islam is. Poor Islam always getting attacked unfairly. What a load of rubbish. There is a massive war about to go down unfortunately and satan is loving his new Islamic army about to be unleashed on the world. People need to wake up. Jesus is coming real soon.

  • Sticky Cabbage Post author

    I wonder if the BBC would be happy do do a similar video …. i doubt it , they pray on divide

  • Rektboi Post author

    Listen to the selective wording they use. Islam never defended itself against crusades! Did you know that religion attacked Europe over 70 times before the first crusade?

  • Dead Wolf360 Post author

    Outer jihad was used aganst aggressions like the crusade
    Im a muslim and this women has no braincells

  • Dead Wolf360 Post author

    Jihad means sttike hard that is the truth

  • Nadir Ali Post author

    Jihad means to bring peace in society.
    Sorry for my words.

  • superchitownhustler Post author

    My Jihad is kill them all and let Allah sort em out.

  • Lil Sagna Post author

    thats a yikes from me dawg

  • Andrew Lin Post author

    What a dishonest video. There is no holy war in Christian theology. The crusades were a response to the growing Islamic empire with the final straw being Christians no longer allowed to go into the holy land for pilgrimage.

  • Janitra Falvierna Post author

    ISIS Is not Jihad, The people who fight them is the real Jihad

  • Analyzing Sources Post author

    This Is Jihad

    Islamic law
    Sunni book:
    Umdat as-Salik wa 'Uddat an-Nasik (
    Reliance of the traveler), reference: o9.0 “ Jihad means war against the kafar ( non-Muslims) to establish Islamic law.”

    Shia book:
    Ayatollah Mosavi Khomeini( founder of the Islamic republic of Iran)
    Little green book
    “Jihad means the conquest of all non- Muslim territories. Such a war
    may well be declared after the formation of an Islamic government
    worthy of that name, at the direction of the Imam or under his
    orders. It will then be the duty of every able-bodied adult male to
    volunteer for this war of conquest, the final aim of which is to put
    Qur'anic law in power from one end of the earth to the other.”

  • Pete Peterson Post author

    The majority of Muslims know that jihad is killing for Allah

  • Xplo Gamer Post author

    I am a jihadist

  • Sanghoon Lee Post author

    If jihad truly were nothing more than an Islamic theological concept, we non-Muslims would never have had a reason to learn that word because we have no interest in Islamic theology. But we did learn it–because fools kept blowing themselves up in public places every other week while invoking that word.

  • Shrimp Nuggets Jr. Post author

    jihad is a good song though

  • Philosophical Analysis Post author

    Reliance of the traveler, reference: o9.0 “ Jihad means war against non-Muslims to establish Islamic law.”

  • Phoenix 0011 Post author

    Indeed the biggest jihad is fighting with you own self and sacrificing sins for Allah

  • Cla Base Post author

    Y'all really need to check David Wood's videos, he explains everything about Islam with the Qur'an & the Hadiths not with his brain(washed?).


  • SWIFT RATEL Post author

    The struggle to make a all Muslim world. Lying and killing is hard work.

  • thyme thome Post author


  • Anthony Gage Post author

    My jihad is to seek ultimate global peace and prosperity.

  • Your songs ❤ Post author

    My dear. The "My Jihad" thing is a total modern invention.
    Don't forget that Muhammad was the 1st terrorist among all.
    He waged 100 jihad in his last 9 years. 1400 years later it still continues.
    3 days ago on Easter there was just another jihad. Hope this one could be the last one.

  • Bojack Horseman Post author

    Google translate……


  • Generic Guy Post author

    Next video: what does taquiyya really mean??

  • köigër möhët Post author

    200 jihad 173win

  • New Chapter Post author

    Lets keep it simple….
    They are not happy in Gaza.
    They are not happy in the West Bank.
    They are not happy in Jerusalem.
    They are not happy in Israel.
    They are not happy in Syria.
    They are not happy in Egypt.
    They are not happy in Libya.
    They are not happy in Algeria.
    They are not happy in Tunis.
    They are not happy in Morocco.
    They are not happy in Yemen.
    They are not happy in Iraq.
    They are not happy in Afghanistan.
    They are not happy in Pakistan.
    They are not happy in in Lebanon.
    They are not happy in Sudan.
    They are not happy in Jordan.
    They are not happy in Iran.
    They are not happy in the Chechnya.
    And where the MUSLIMS are happy?
    They are happy in Germany.
    They are happy in England.
    They are happy in France.
    They are happy in Italy.
    They are happy in Sweden.
    They are happy in the Netherlands.
    They are happy in Switzerland
    They are happy in Norway.
    They are happy in the U.S.
    They are happy in Canada
    They are happy in Hungary.
    They are happy in Poland.
    They are happy in any other country in the world which is not ruled by Muslims.
    And who do they blame?
    Not Islam.
    Not the leadership.
    Not themselves.
    But the very countries they are happy to live in!

  • ezat veema Post author

    To be honest what isis do in 21st muhammad did worse than this in 14th century

  • Amari Johnson Post author

    Repent. Jesus is the only Lord.

  • FA MAD Post author

    Abu fitree khalid

  • SHADMAN Hossain Post author

    Thank you very much for this information.

  • Robert Kriegsman Post author

    My Jihad means going to the gym, not eating fried foods, etc., yea sure. That was for you, infidels. “A kind of Grand Jihad to destroy Western Civilization from within by their hands and the hands of the believers until Allah’s Law is supreme.” From “The Project” of the Muslim Brotherhood.

  • the truth Post author

    That means jihad is war against non Muslims…

  • Dead Shot Post author

    My jihad is to join the military to kill some Islamic extremists

  • Peace Man Post author

    My jihad is the worst , Allah please help me to get thru 😭

  • Shahaan Singh Post author

    On a completely unrelated note, Kampf means struggle in German…

  • Analyzing Sources Post author

    “There is no blame on those who are weak or ill or who find no resources to spend [in holy fighting (Jihad)], if they are sincere and true (in duty) to Allah and His Messenger. No ground (of complaint) can there be against the Muhsinun (good-doers – see the footnote of V.9:120). And Allah is Oft-Forgiving, Most Merciful.” —Qur’an 9:91 ( Mohsin Khan)

  • Mich Elle Post author

    masjid🕋 🕌 = jihad.

  • Paul H. Kircher III Post author

    No so then you can all work to find me.

  • Al Cruz Post author

    Thank you! I needed a white far left liberal to explain to me what jihad means to me. After seeing the atrocities committed in the name of Allah and under the pretense of jihad, I'm dumbfounded to discover it was all about "struggle". How ignorant of me to question the religion of piece. No that's not a typo because after they show a crowded market their "struggle", theres a piece of them here a piece of them there….

  • David Post author

    Like they did in the crusades? They controlled a city of Jewish and Christian significance… Even now they're still salty about it, they can't admit that Israel belongs to the Jews.

  • randy lee Post author

    and yes, mein kampf means my struggle also

  • randy lee Post author

    it depends which Koran you are reading also… there are two

  • randy lee Post author

    it does mean the struggle to be a good Muslim of course, but it also means the outward spreading of the religion… including by conquest

  • Final Fantasy Post author

    Finally i found someone who understand and descripe the jihad in right way with no poltical intention or rlegion one

  • Final Fantasy Post author

    By the way you pretty charming

  • Nosy Rosie Post author

    Thomas Jefferson, agreed to give Muslims rights but they agreed to differ with greater good and righteousness. And, in this video, this woman is trying to change American people minds to agree to be apart of this fake religion that steals from women and children for men to live with them in a disgraceful lonely empty life.

  • Hassan Abshir Post author

    Arabic language is confused 1 WORD can mean 100 thinks

  • oye , Post author

    my jihad is to kill as many indians as possible
    my enemies are non-muslims
    i am from Pakistan

  • Ace Attack II Gaming Post author

    I see the spineless liberals removed my comment because I told the truth. That's is not what they want to hear jihad means and always will be to struggle against the unbelievers.

  • Mohammad yahya yahya Post author

    Only jihad

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