What Does a Sports Lawyer Do?

What Does a Sports Lawyer Do?

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good morning everyone welcome to the latest addition to the ferry a law group blog my name is Derek Ferrier over the sports attorney in fort worth Metroplex practicing on sports entertainment law a little bit of immigration of my clients needed and also business and corporate law as well i’m also a sports agent of and i guess that makes heads heads draw some attention from some folks it’s of interest over this past week I’ve actually talked to three different folks already two of which were law students one of which was an undergraduate college who are interested in either go cover the sports agent or sports a lawyer under my latest blog I talked a little bit about what it takes to become a really good sports agent I will focus a little bit more of the attorney aspect of the law aspect I guess so the question that is asked is what does a sports lawyer do is the against the better way to ask that question is what does the sports lawyer not do right so there’s no corpus of sports law there’s no corpus of the body of all like there is a family law or for criminal law sports law is interdisciplinary by nature so really good sports attorneys have to be somewhat flexible and just to say that obviously maternity czar bar by jurisdictions usually a state and so for client to or local that supports attorney will be able to do more things for a local client or less than attorney is barred in multiple jurisdictions made it allowed to practice law is several states so of it depends on where you where you are where you operate than what you don’t touch the Christ you have but like I said sports law itself covers a wide range of law its contract law involves a lot of contract law labor of is employed the law but particularly labor law of that relates to collective bargaining agreements that relates to get in trouble with with leagues that fall under particular books like The Bachelor Relations Board best when Relations Act for example um there’s also it likes a property law that gives with like to see the green bits like this stuff trademark certification this is also or copyright rounder this is this is also really a pork or the entertainment side as well and if you really wanted to get sophisticated you get 0 obviously brush up on securities law in any tight trust law probably the two most important there’s also general tort laws with but you really have to have a solid solid handle on contract law being able to negotiate contracts it’s her / contracts giraffe contracts review contracts of your sports clients are going to be pulled in a lot of different directions for a lot of different people and they’re going to get a lot of paperwork shoved in their faces right so you have to be the wood to be there to kind of decipher what all that stuff beads what the legal in part is and what the effects of their signature or those agreements me um we also you know obviously should have a handle on some aspect of intellectual property law um as a matter of fact right now I’m talking to some some colleagues about coming on board to kind of take so that stuff over but to the extent that you have really high profile flames of these guys and gals are going to be you know of contacted about endorsing products writing books making public appearances public speeches and their likenesses will be used on advertising so to speak so um you have to definitely have a handle or of or likeness and image of policy again trademarks for slogans at locos of those times sake service marks and copyrighted work um it’s really all encompassing of this it’s that of you can hang a shingle right like I am kind of represent a broader range of clients you can actually work for leagues as a sports attorney you can work for the NFL in courts of Major League Baseball dat da you can work for the players associations of that are supported by these leads you can work for giving teams you can work for conferences you can focus your practice to represent coaches to represent you know of the members of the staff of you can also as a sports of attorney you can you know go and work at one of these broadcasting networks and you know in their legal departments a lot of their leader partners that deals with sports in and of itself so you can grow yourself to be one of these of Roger Cossack type to ESP uses as its legal animals so it’s a it’s hope it’s a wide variety of field it’s a very lucrative field but like everything else you got to build it brick by brick and you know make sure that you maintain your reputation as a diligent attorney a diligent advisor of a top-notch counseling because you know is it oftentimes your clients will be looking to you for counsel and advice of you want to make sure you stay on top of the the ins and outs of motor sports business of the sports rules and regulations and compliance issues as well of it is really fun of you know I’ve been having a blast this is the most time this is the most fun on that being a lawyer in the six years that I’ve been practicing law is by my attempts to expand my sports law and entertainment practice of addition to the blacks but like with everything you know especially with your attorneys cut it out you guys really need to make sure that you have what the fires of the fire while you build your practice of that will probably be the most sound advice I can give to folks are interested in this obviously take as many sports or entertainment related law classes you can try to beat or try to find a somebody you could work up under work with in turn with somebody who will just be able to open themselves up as a possible bit tour of and you know never never lose state your ability to be able to do this it’s like I said it’s been a pretty pretty wild ride and I’m looking forward to what the next couple of years of bread here of for me it’s been really helpful to also be a sports agent and to use that on track of but you know into being able to talk to players to reach out to families and to actually be able to represent of the guys and the young ladies are soon to be representing of even though I keep my sports agency and by law for practice separate their two separate entities I do use them to play off of each other so those are just supervised by by a chain business advice to folks who are interested in becoming sports lawyers keep your yourself open to the process of don’t kind of lock yourself into a box of you know and obviously don’t realize all the Scopes in the places that you can apply your trade and I just hanging there and you’re there and keep plugging oh thanks for joining me again be sure to check me out on Facebook like our page very a log robot or fairly low on facebook look for our fairy law group live blog posts on youtube check our YouTube channel ferry level follow me on Twitter turn a low group and obviously and of course I check out our website WWF reall calm this is a going to be a really important week for me so keep me in your prayers and I would do the same for you guys let’s make a good week you guys bye

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    I'm currently a Police Officer with a Bachelors and two Masters Degrees one being a Masters in Sport Management. I want to get out of Law Enforcement and get back into sports as an agent or consultant. Looking to go to Law School next year. What type of law should I look to be groomed in being that I have a unique background in Law Enforcement as well as teaching and coaching?

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    Could use some advice. Brother

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