Watch As Kitten Smaller Than An iPhone Grows Up | The Dodo Little But Fierce

Watch As Kitten Smaller Than An iPhone Grows Up | The Dodo Little But Fierce

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That’s an iPhone, what? 6? Mmhmm. He looked like a newborn, but he was older than
I thought he was. There was
a hoarder situation. The police went in. There were over 50 cats
inside the house. They found Archimedes in
a litter box. He was really sick. I always pick up the
ones that nobody else wants. The ones that are
really, really rough. Oh, stretch his
little beans! Stretch your little beans! This is Archimedes. He was probably
about 10 to 12 days old when I got him and he looked
about 4 or 5 days old. His eyes should have
been opened, but they were infected. And he also had calicivirus, which is blisters on
his tongue. So it was painful for him
to eat. Let’s do food. Here it is. Taste it. I know, it’s yucky. When a kitten who has
calicivirus stops eating, it’s over. Down the hatch. This guy… I have hope, I have hope
for this guy. Oh honey, I know. The big turning point was
when he opened his eyes. Hi, little man! It’s such a special day
when you get your peepers. They just opened today and he is just the cutest
little thing! It’s too bright. Daddy, it’s too bright. We got through the
calicivirus, the blisters went away, his eye infection cleared Where are you going,
big man? We had him out on the rug. We sat a little toy in
front of him and he batted it with
his paw. Now that doesn’t sound like
much, but I just — I bawled. I was literally just sobbing because
it was that moment when I kind of let myself believe that this little guy
is going to make it. It was just the
most joyous moment. What do you think? Think we need to wash
our face? He’s still little, but his little nugget is full of good brains. He loves to check
out new things. He loves to play. But I think his favorite
thing to do is be held. Most kittens are wiggly, but Archimedes will just sit
in your hands. He’s not really a lap
cat or a shoulder cat. He wants to be in your
hands because these hands are the first thing that he
knew after that litter box. He trusts them. He’s so sweet. What are you gonna do
when you’re too big for my hands, little man? Every little thing that little Archimedes
gets through, new things that he learns,
is just so special. He’s such a fighter because he shouldn’t have survived. But he’s still here and thriving! This little man is so special!

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