6 thoughts on “Washington’s new justice is Native American woman

  • JVONROCK Post author

    It’s more important that she knows her responsibly.

  • Demon Rats Post author


  • Bucky Bazoo Post author

    Who cares?!

  • Kenny C.B. Post author


  • Joe Grizzly Post author


  • Will Shepherd Post author

    Enough with the importance of announcing the gender and race of anyone in a new job. STOP with this irresponsible and foolish behavior. If there is no difference in capabilities, then the race, or gender is absolutely moot, and even mentioning it is counterproductive because it infers the fallacy that it is a special thing for women or Natives to succeed. It is reductive and false to say or think that they are any different in ability to succeed. Quit playing in to the separatist attitudes if you truly care about equality.

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