Using the Constitution to Save the Constitution

Using the Constitution to Save the Constitution

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Isn’t the benefit of this in part that you are using the Constitution to save the Constitution? That’s right. It’s the Founders’ own methodology. People will talk about nullification and all kinds of extra-constitutional methodologies for fixing
the problem of the runaway federal government, but the Constitution’s own
solution which is to say the Founders’ own solution is right here. And they said,
‘Let’s use the structure of the states to reduce the power of the federal
government’ because of a very simple principle: no branch of government should have the final say about how much power that branch has. And when we let
Washington, D.C., decide how much power Washington, D.C., is going to have, we’re toast.

2 thoughts on “Using the Constitution to Save the Constitution

  • Steve Patterson Post author

    You guys need some kind of rock star out front to speak for the group. This is harder than getting elected President and we just saw what happens when the constitutional candidate is a not dynamic. Sorry Ted.

  • bellydump1974 Post author

    we can't enforce the constitution as its written what do you people think changing it is gonna do? don't buy into this foolishness. read the current contract between yourself and your federal government. listen to carl miller lectures. no pipe dreams.

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