USCIS CASE PROCESSING NEWS; Immigration Lawyer in New York (2019)

USCIS CASE PROCESSING NEWS; Immigration Lawyer in New York (2019)

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hi friends welcome to another video on case processing times I have an update for you USCIS put out a very important notice that will impact your case and so stay tuned you don’t want to miss this video [Music] [Music] friends I’m always so happy to come before you and do these videos on mcbean immigration law TV I’m in my office yes I’m in my office and I’m working I have clients coming in shortly to meet with me I’m going to detention centers meeting with folks who are detained I’m going to court I am working on Asylum cases green card cases I’m helping folks get naturalization and so I’m doing a host of things in the world of immigration but I like to come before you for a few minutes each week and tell you what the latest is in the world of immigration so if you have not yet subscribed to this channel go ahead and do so hit the subscriber Bell and also actually hit the subscribe yes and then hit that notification bell so that you’ll be the first to get notice of these videos each week now I want to say this before I dive right into this video friends this is what’s keeping me motivated and before you each week with these videos sometimes I get some really ugly comments from folks out there I don’t really pay attention to those messages what I do pay attention to is messages like this one from toasteen toasteen if I’ve messed up your name forgive me here’s what you had to say recently about McNee and immigration law TV you said that you are so up-to-date and this is one of the reasons your channel is the only youtube immigration channel I follow I just heard over the radio what you talked about now and I found out you already spoke about it since last week keep up the good work and keep informing us thank you so seen thank you for that I appreciate it very much friends share my videos with others let’s talk about what USCIS released today USCIS as you guys know is experiencing a really awful backlog applications petitions have been pending and obviously I’ve been talking about it nothing new USCIS says that as we shift caseloads between field offices to decrease processing times we may schedule applicants to appear for an interview at the field office outside of the normal jurisdiction so folks get ready to get in your and drive a bit further or take the train a bit further to another city so that you may be interviewed for your naturalization or for your adjustment of status the USCIS also says in its notice on June 17 2019 that applicants may receive an interview appointment notice or other types of notices such as the request for evidence from a field office outside of their normal jurisdiction however these caseload changes will not affect where applicants have attend their biometrics appointment so normally as you guys know biometrics involved fingerprint and write so that the government can conduct a background check on you those biometrics centers are usually very local very close to where you live so that will not change now what USCIS is saying is the reason for this is because back in 2016 and 2017 they received more applications than expected for naturalization and for adjustment of status and so it’s caused a disparity among processing times among the centers that processes these applications so that’s the latest and USCIS is shifting people outside of their jurisdiction field offices they’re also shifting folks to different processing centers folks go ahead again subscribe to McBean immigration law TV if you like these videos I’m going to do another video very soon actually in a couple of days on case process and times as it relates to the F to a category because F to a is now current in the july 2019 Visa Bulletin so we’re going to talk about that at the next video friends thanks for watching I’m gonna get to my client meeting and I will see you in the next one bye bye

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  • Melchor Erne Post author

    Hi, McBean im a permanent resident a green card holder i petition my spouse form i-130 and my priority date is june 8,2017 how come till now i did not receive approval yet from uscis my petition is more than 2years thank you very much

  • kuulei love Post author

    Awesome updates thank you so much!!! Its so hard to keep up with I'm really hoping that with this shift my case will get processed faster separation is so hard 😥

  • Himexa Patel Post author

    Hello man i am Rinku from india my father in law put file in17/7/2017 how long open process time

  • lakerry harper Post author

    Go ahead make that money mrs. Lawyer keep the opportunity away from us American citizens doing a great job it's all about you


    Hi thanks for your wonderful messages.. It really help a lot.pls when will u talk about K1 fiancé visa? really urgent.thanks

  • Linda Starr Post author

    Can you tell me the steps I have to do after the i130 is approved for my husband that is not in the states

  • Nihal Peeris Post author


  • Jane Ciku Post author

    Thank you for you good and helpful updates

  • irakli chkadua Post author

    hello McBean .i always looking forward to see your are the BEST.thank you from Georogia

  • Angel Anglin Post author

    Thanks for the updates. You makes it so clear🤗

  • Purple Purple Post author

    Can a person who got DAT apply for citizenship?

  • amar gaber Post author

    I didn’t even know you be reading this negative comments, F$&@ them ,,they just hate you because they ain’t you hun , when l Lion pass through dogs always barking , soooo you just like a lion 🦁 ignore the barking

  • Junaid Shaikh Post author

    Can both of the LPR parents apply for same son separately?

  • urvish patel Post author

    Hi Mam

    My file category is F2A March 2018 and in July 2019 it’s showing C in date row so what’s the meaning of C and how long it’s take time.please guide me

    Thank you

  • Michael Akinmolayan Post author

    I just subscribed to your YouTube channel! Indeed am enjoying every bit of the information passing across to us.

  • Stevie Stevie Post author

    U have office in Miami

  • Pearl Dsouza Post author

    Thank you for the updates!

  • Jason Murray Post author

    Have you seen a recent change in AOS requiring IRS transcript and no longer accepting 1040 with w2?

  • Julius Enamuna Post author

    Thank you so much for all your update. So helpful from Nigeria

  • Davit Namchevadze Post author

    Thank you, what about political asylum processing time? I couldn't find video on your channel.

  • Karruna Dogra Post author

    Hi mam
    Please tell me how much time to humantiairon reinstement case to approve??
    I file my case Feb 19
    And USCIS says I will review your case

  • Ayanle Dame Post author

    How about the travel ban and the administrative processing

  • Shells Adventure Post author

    Im still far

  • Travel Maniac Post author

    I really appreciate your work for the world of immigration. And i always wait for your new update.Thank you so much

  • Loida Cubillas Post author

    How about in phils , what is the news about it,, thank u so much

  • king peppaz Post author

    Thank you

  • Jean Marc Tchona Post author

    Is changing address impact your casé processing time ? I’m moving in another address

  • Chris Stephens Post author

    So does that mean cases will take longer or shorter? Awesome vid byw

  • Florencegogetter Shirley Post author

    Good morning,can a person travel to the US on a visa for the first time and get married to a girlfriend that he have over there ? Asking for a friend

  • elleni afework Post author

    Hi , how long does it take for neutralization interview after biometric. I took biometric on Feb am living in md. Thank you

  • Jose Santana Post author

    I need to Know more about green card processing time in New York.. could you talk about it?

  • Temitope Oyeniyi Post author

    Hi McBean, thanks soo much for the information. I just subscribed to your channel but I would like you to talk about the processing time for the change of status from B2 to F1

  • syed mustafa abbas zaidi Post author

    Hello mam can u help me and my daughter who visited Pakistan for my mother sudden illness she had surgery I had interview in US consulate on 13th Feb 2019 my officer ask me general questions he asked me have u been to us I said yes me and my daughter she is 3.5 live my husband who is on h1b live in states since 2017 Jan then he said do u have original marriage certificate and birth certificate of ur daughter I gave him copies then he asked for original I said those are with my husband in US original one then he asked for our passport and ask my biometric then in the end he gave me green card like slip and said I am sending ur case for further administrative processing u just need to wait I asked sir how much time he said it might take 6 days 6 weeks ormonths thanks since it's been 4.5 month no news please help me I really need to go back my daughters weight is decreasing her vaccination is due she need to join school in August please mam help me

  • Fly boy Forever Post author

    Hola beautiful how you doing sexy

  • Joseph Leger Post author

    When does the green light bill take effect??

  • Balveer Kaur Post author

    i filed for my baby i-730 in March 2019. How much proccesing time? pls reply.

  • Spy's Castle Post author

    Thank you ma'am….
    I need your help…My question is:
    how can i correction my name and date of birth when it's approved immigrant visa petition from u.s. citizenship and immigration services?

  • Dedele Mpo Post author

    Thank you soo much I was wondering why they send me to far different city for my interview

  • Dedele Mpo Post author

    I really appreciate that God blessed you

  • WaddyPrice Tv Post author

    How long will it take for me to become a citizen if filed for by an us citizen?

  • Nate Yankson Post author

    Hi finest immigration attorney. I trust you are doing well. I will be happy if you please respond to a question regarding the renewal of my work authorization. It expires in September this year.
    Do I have to pay a renewal fee plus biometrics? Thank you!

  • edward sanchez Post author

    yes I love your show before I do not like your show now I love you so I love everything you give information to help everybody in different situations of immigration issues God bless your show. I hope that you will become a reality TV on another Network show that makes it much bigger than YouTube God bless your service and keep up the good work and I love the hairstyle of yours every time I see when you're speaking you are amazing representing lawyer and God bless your strength and keep up the beautiful Network that you do for everybody in the immigration

  • Uzair qasmi Post author

    Hey Mcbean! About the f2a category being current during the month of july? Has the department of state given a prediction that for how long will this date remain current? Suppose if I decide to get married in October?

  • Kristine Dela Fuente Post author

    Hi mcbean can i ask im from Philippines and my priority date is april 15 2010 F1 when can i expect my priority date be current? Thank you

  • Travel Maniac Post author

    My wife is a Permanent resident( Green card Holder) and She filled a petition under F2A for me.(Not in USA)
    I have not get any i130 approval notice yet and it has been more than 16 moths now, and my priority date has been current now.

    what should I need to do? And at least is it a good sign for those who is in a huge back-long !

  • Kevin Garcia Post author

    I'm currently in Guatemala. I got Voluntary departure on March 1st 2018. I haven't recieved any news on my I-130. You know the average wait time ? Thanks In advance

  • Groovy S Post author

    never mind dear, haters are just being jealous.

  • SANA ULLAH Post author

    Always nice and informative vedios thanks mcbean immigration law ⚖

  • Fernando Enriquez Post author

    Were you the same lawyer stopped by the stupid cop

  • gabriel jimenez Post author

    Good News for Residents: USCIS has announced for Residents petitioning sposes and families the Case Processing times has been vastly reduced from 1-2 years to 1 week to 7 months.

    Hopefully this is a sign that things are picking up for us Citizens too

  • GOODNESS GAD Post author

    You don’t reply massages why?

  • Sampathhkumar Sankuru Post author

    Ma'am. …I have paid 5000 usd to cire travel new york…They are not send my travel documents. …Please help me ma'am. Cire travels phone number +19179949236..I'm from india

  • Aymen BENMOHAMED Post author

    Video start at 2:15, thank me latee

  • Kevin Daag Post author

    Can I seek some help or advice?

  • Kevin Daag Post author

    The thing is, I am being petitioned by my dad who is a US Citizen and my priority date says it is on August 24,2016.. I am unmarried but over 21years old..

    So how long it will take in case for me to get there in USA? THANKS IN ADVANCE 🙂

  • De C Post author

    Hi thank you for your videos! They help a lot! I wanted to know what do I do if my category says Current. Should I contact them? I’m F2A

  • Saraholuwatoyin Ajayi Post author

    McBean thanks for your video but please what can one do in the case where an immigration attorney is not intrested in your case or abandoned your case you called and sent messages no reply you booked appointment with the immigration attorney and you paid for each visit and she will promise to get in touch but it's all lies will never ever hear from her and you have paid advance but you decided to drop her by sending her a letter to that effect and she replied but she refused to pay or refund the money paid to her as part payments of the charges she asked for. Half of the money was paid to her but she refused to refund the money so my question is what can one do or what actions can one take thanks and expecting your response please.

  • Akhlaq Ahmad Post author

    Mam if someone cross the boder illegle then must they need guaranter??

  • kaine vivian nneka Post author

    Thanks for the update, I and my went for interview since November 15 at Baltimore center ,since then up till now my case status hasn't be changed I have not hear from immigration, when I call they still in process that it still in normal processing time.what can I do ?

  • Mohamed Lacivita Post author

    Thank you sooo much for all your hard working I wish if we lived in NYC definitely we will choose immediately I wish if I can find a good a way to thank you enough

  • Mohamed Lacivita Post author

    I applied for an Asylum and after that I got married what kind question I will be asked

  • leo nas Post author

    Hi im under Daca , my mother is a resident and im looking to become resident through her . how much would you charge for my case ?

  • Sulaimon Oyeleye Post author

    Thank you so much for doing this

  • Kev Moga Post author

    What kind of “photograps” requirement USCIS need?

  • Noemi Aguilar Post author

    Hey I am petitioning my son he's 2years old how long will it take

  • Wolverine Post author

    Can u get us info about U visas please

  • Mel Basada Post author

    Hi have a good day and Happy 4th of July…
    I have finish my interviewed here last June 20 for my K1 visa but sad to say the American Consul here in Manila ask the for another documents which is supporting that I will not be a public charge there.. Just want to ask how long it will take to process that documents.. I really want to be with my hubby..
    Thank you and take care..

  • junito echo Post author

    It's good what you're doing but you also have to take criticism get to the point faster nobody really cares what your cases or anything you have to do if you're going to make a video get right to the point

  • Asgar Khan Post author

    Hi ms mc bean my i130 is approved got.a case No#.through my us citizen daughter.i was deported to pakistan back in 2005…will i need a Waiver or will counselor ask me for a waiver while i lived outside US since 2005 to 2019…And if i need a waiver can u get me one prior to my interview …and what will be ur fee for just a waiver have no criminal history..thanks

  • HELLEN MWANGI Post author

    Hey its almost one year i have petitioned for my children and i have not received any feedback from uscis apart from the receipts that they send after sending the documents what could be wrong am a permanent resident

  • Thina Medina Post author

    Hi..I just want to know why on the online inquiry on case processing times, there is no option for National Benefits Center for I-130 form? Because me and my kids case are located at that field office so I want to know the current status but like I said there is no National Benefits Center in the option. I hope ypu could answer me. Thank you so much. I've been following all your videos. Learning alot from them.

  • Jason Zen Post author

    first time watching

  • maria rodriguez Post author

    Ur amazing thank you for all your help I wish more people will take the time to do these videos that help people like us struggling with immigration thanks again

  • Beenish Murtaza Post author

    Please reply me I want to ask our visa was spouse by my father's sister a family spouse immigration visa and when we got our welcome paper my father was passed away so can we still get our visa bcoz we r his children

  • Ismail Post author

    You're such a professional lawyer. I admire your dedication and professionalism.
    Best channel out there.
    Can't wait for your next video ❤️ much love from Houston Texas.

  • Armin Pascasio Post author

    i recieve a email from NVC that the applicant is now in the queue a waiting an interview apointment my case is F1 unmarried son or daughter of us citizens .how long it takes for my interview appointment ..please ans..thankyou very much…

  • Art Soto Post author

    Hello, I hope you are doing well, I have a question, my wife and mom filed N400 about a month ago, Ive heard that you can and cannot travel abroad while filing this form, my question is, can my mom travel? She usually stays 5 months in Mexico during winter months, she already had her biometrics done, and if she goes, it would be in September, please advice if possible. Thank You

  • George Younan Post author

    Please help: if i was convicted in the past in my home country , still can i get a fiancé visa?

  • Susan Alexander Post author

    hello, I appreciate your channel, so much info. I have been trying to upload my i-868 form on line and I keep getting file too large, what do I need to do? Thank you.

  • varinder kumar kumar Post author

    hi, my case is in administration process for last five month , consulate give me 221g slip and get back my pAssport , i submitted all listed document on Feb. 1, 2019 , no any update, What should we do??

  • Andria Wagstaff Post author

    Good day my husband started the filing from December 2016, when should I expect documents from USCIS? . Thanks for your help, continue to do the good work

  • Swapna Samuel Post author

    Can you please tell why I-130 taking 14 months to process. It is an immediate relative petition. What is the reason behind this

  • M. Junaid Sadiq Post author

    Thank you for timely updates, Keep up the good work.

  • Shaminder Kaur Post author

    I apply for my husband on may 2019 how long does it take to get approved i130

  • J Lelouch Post author

    Hello Mcbean, I had an interview for the n400 few days ago, and I didn’t pass but I have second interview in 2 months. In the beginning of my interview, the IO wanted me to took an oath, said only telling the truth, and I did say yes I will only telling the truth, then he lets sit down. After he ask me ( do u know allegiance meaning?) I said yes, be loyalty to the u.s. the IO didn’t say anything, just started ask me 10 of questions, yes I passed it the civic, and he gave me a sentence lets me read, it was so ezy for me, and then he said another sentence that let me to write down, it was ezy too. In the time I thought I pass the interview however the IO said I can’t let you pass your interview because u don’t know what is allegiance meaning, but you said be loyalty to the u.s is also correct. I just confuse it, and when I said but, he stopped me didn’t let me say anything, he said I’m not your English teacher, you need study more English b4 the interview. Also the IO didn’t review my n400 form, and just say I can’t approve it. That so ridiculous for me. So Mcbean, what I need prepare for my second interview?

  • THEO theo Post author

    @mc bean Why dont you open office on Saturdays. You losing client by not doing hat. I called last week the agent I spoke to said is possible and the one I spoke to today said is not.

  • Starboi Throught Post author

    A question I am a Jamaican who is seeking asylum here in America I did my asylum interview from the 17 of January of this year an up until now I haven’t receive no answer from USCIS about my case.

  • Sodiq Salam Post author

    Hi, i hope you see this comment. I just stumbled on this page and i have watched few of your videos, i must commend, you re doing a good job. I wish I’d seen your channel a while back. I was wondering if there’s anyway i can contact you via phone about my case. I’m really depressed and stuck and and don’t know what else to do. Uscis sent me a letter to prove extreme hardship why my wife should be granted visa. I believe you reside in nyc. Please i really need to talk to someone.

  • yani wafini Post author

    My wife got the ds 5535 on January 05 2019 we've been waiting 8 months still now , any information thank you

  • jessie moriente Post author

    I'm from the Philippines and I was offered to have a job by my Aunt's Boss for his Diner/Restaurant in New York. Her is looking for someone to work there. My Aunt's Boss will take care of everything including fare etc. since I will be coming from the Philippines. Is it still possible to work for him in his diner or have a working VISA for me to be able to work there on a contract like a year or two? given that there is a new immigration plan, merit-based plan by US President Trump? Or it is not possible to work in the US because of this plan? Basically not applying to be an immigrant. Thank you so much in advance for answering my question!! Best channel I came across, very informative! Appreciation from Filipinos!

  • richard none Post author

    the world of immigration is changing almost Daily . new forms and dates and filing fees . my russian wife and i have gone thru the process we did it all ourselves but i dont recommend this for anyone unless they are comfortable with legal process and stupid people at the USCIS it took us almost 2 years in south east floirda at the oakland park office . get a lawyer that is involved with the USCIS daily so you dont pay for them to learn an ever changing system

  • Mr Yusuf Post author

    If ur case stalls just take uscis to federal court its faster there

  • Asim Butt Post author

    My wife Apply for me I-797C, (I-30) petition for Alien Relative since
    March ,28, 2018 we was get notice April 2, 2018 you case approved, but now it's Almost 16 months we didn't get any new notice or something. please help me thanks

  • Lovely Yemeni Post author

    I’m still waiting 2 years so far I really miss my kids

  • dorsky sacdalan Post author

    When the I-942 can be filed? Is that can be sent before or after filling the N-400?

  • Anggie Vera Post author

    I've got this msg on my case " CASE IS READY TO BE SCHEDULED FOR AN INTERVIEW… As of August 13, 2019, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485 . MY Priority date is 04/1/19 . Does it take long to receive the interview appointment after this msg? I dont seem to find any useful info on their website. Thank u

  • Technical Solutions Post author

    my priority date is 25 feb 2015 Texas center and category is f-3 from Pakistan plz tell me the total time for i 130 approval ?

  • j patel patel Post author

    @McBean Immigration Tv

    I am currently outside of the US for last 4 months. I have green card. I want to live here longer. How long can I stay? I lave heard 11 months. Can I apply for a permit to extend the stay?

  • Lena Bryan Post author

    Good day I have a friend who waiting on her interview for a green card she aply from dec2018 she have get her combo card it Six month now she get the combo card

  • sandesh gurung Post author

    Thanku you for ur info.u r very helpful .i have a question ,,is it posible to file n400 paper form 2019 since the form on the right top corner stil sayz expires 3/31/2019.

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