UPSC Current Affairs Topics   Constitution 124th amendment Bill 2019

UPSC Current Affairs Topics Constitution 124th amendment Bill 2019

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Note_174, 7 Feb 2019
——————- Hello friends, welcome back. In this video, we will learn about the 124th
Constitutional Amendment Act 2019. This is an important current affairs topic
for UPSC, because, there is information that in the upcoming UPSC notifications, there
might be a slight delay so that this 124th amendment act is being implemented. So it comes under notable topics. Before we go into the topic, pls do subscribe
to Paathashaala, also click the bell icon so that you will be notified every time a
new video is posted. Back to the topic 124th constitutional amendment
act 2019. Parliament has passed the constitution and
124th Amendment Bill 2019. The Rajya Sabha approved the bill on January
9 2019. Lok Sabha has already passed it. What is the Law about? This act provides 10% reservation in government
jobs and admin admission in educational institutions to economically backward people among upper
caste. When voting for the act took place come 165
members voted in favour of that, but only 7 members voted against it. This bill comes under the Ministry of Social
justice and empowerment. The bill was introduced and passed in the
Lok Sabha on January 8 2019. The 24th Constitutional Amendment Bill was
introduced in the Lok Sabha by the minister of Social justice and Empowerment Minister
Thawar Chand Ghelot. This amendment device additional Court of
Oppo but not under SC ST and OBC categories. It provides 10% seats reserved for poor in
the higher education Institutions including private aided or unaided Institutions. 10% of state jobs reserved for poor, reservation
only in the initial appointment. With the Amendment Act article, 15 and 16
were also amended. New class 6 was inserted in article 15. Article 15 provides for the provision of discrimination
on Grounds of religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. Article 16 of the Constitution prohibits discrimination
in employment in any government office. This Amendment Bill seeks to amend article
16 to permit the government to reserve up to 10% of all post cut the economically weaker
sections of the citizens. Live on 24th Constitutional Amendment received
the president assent on January 12th. With this act, two fundamental rights were
amended article 15 and article 16. Also, it provides reservation for people who
have an annual income of less than rupees 800000. Are people who own less than 5 acres of farmland
or people who have a house less than a thousand square feet in a town. To safeguard the interest of the backward
classes, the NDA government even amended the constitution through the Constitution 123rd
Amendment Bill 2017 to give more powers to the National Commission on backward classes. The bill was passed by the Lok Sabha on August
2nd 2017 and by the Rajya Sabha on August 26 2017. This is in brief about the 124th constitutional
amend act 2019. If you enjoyed it, do like and share it. Also, share your suggestions and requests
in the comments section. Thank you all. have a great time. Speechnotes 🙂

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