U.S.-India Constitutional Debate | Kochi Highlights

U.S.-India Constitutional Debate | Kochi Highlights

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This is the first of four debates. We started here in Kochi, we’ll be going to Bengaluru, and then onto Trichy, and then finally in Chennai and we’ll hold the final competition in Chennai in September. And the purpose of this project is to foster an appreciation for democratic values through studying both the U.S. and the Indian Constitutions. So, from what I’ve seen at this first event here in Kochi, the students are very impressive. There was this rush of nervousness and excitement. Most challenging extempo that I have faced because we probably had received 10-15 seconds to think about the topic. It was a superb experience where it could enhance our intellectual ability to analyse, discuss, and deliberate. It was also very interesting because we got to go up there and speak at the moment. I’m delighted by how much knowledge I have gained by the U.S. Constitution. Not only do they know a lot about the Indian Constitution, but they also have a deep understanding about the American Constitution which is doubly impressive. Half the population of India is under age 30, and as I look around me today here in Kochi, I’m very inspired and I think that the future of India is in good hands with such intelligent and active citizens in the world’s largest democracy.

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