U.S. Immigration Law : How to Become an Immigration Lawyer

U.S. Immigration Law : How to Become an Immigration Lawyer

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As our country continues to grow and the population
increases, and the Immigration Laws of this country change, on a regular basis, the demand
for Immigration Lawyers seems to increase daily. Hello, I’m Robert Todd, and I’m here
to answer the question; “How to become an Immigration Lawyer?” Well, first of all, you
have to graduate from a four year accredited university or college, it really doesn’t matter
what you study. But if you’re going to become an Immigration Lawyer, perhaps you can attend
a college that has studies in Immigration Law. You then need to take the Law School
Admission Test, and make a satisfactory grade, or level, that will enable you to be accepted
and enroll in a Law school that has Immigration Law courses, and a field of study in Immigration.
When you complete that Law school you must then take a Bar Examination and pass and you
must submit to and pass a background check. Upon completion and passing the Bar Exam in
your State, it may then be advisable to work with a Law firm that specializes in Immigration
Services, or work with a National agency that’s involved in Immigration Law. I’m Robert Todd
and thank you for watching.

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