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(chill electronic music) – Hey, good morning, everybody
and welcome to the vlog. I’m over here at the reptarium, of course, and I have this absolutely beautiful, gorgeous little monkey right here. This is actually an albino
Darwin’s carpet python and you might be asking yourself, “Why are you holding albino
Darwin’s carpet python, Brian?” The fact is, later today, I am gonna be cutting a clutch
of albino carpet pythons. Well, actually het albino
pythons, and I tell you, I have never produced albino
carpet pythons before, but these were like a dream
animal of mine for years, like 15 years ago, and
the back story of that is that an albino actually showed up in northern territory
Australia many, many years ago, and I saw a picture and I was blown away. In one way or another,
albinos ended up popping up over in South Africa, and
then ultimately in America, and I actually purchased
this guy a couple years ago, so this is the first time
I could ever produce one, so it’s kinda cool to go
from that dream of seeing that animal 15 years ago in
a picture from Australia, to now having one and then now, actually potentially
being able to produce ’em, so we’ll cut those eggs later in the vlog, and by the way, let’s have
an amazing day together. Take a lookit, guys. Oh my
gosh, Ben and Jerry just shed. Now you remember, Ben and
Jerry injured theirself a couple weeks ago, so this
shed was very important. I can actually take them out really quick and inspect how that
wound is actually healing, and basically snakes use shed cycles to actually heal theirself, right? So right after Ben and
Jerry injured theirself, they ate once and then they
went right back into shed, which is kinda a healing process, and you can see there’s a
little bit of a raw area between there, but it
looks really really good. I tell you what, I couldn’t be more happy with the way they look right now, and I think I’m gonna go ahead and feed them later today as well. So I’m not gonna handle
these guys too much. I just wanted to inspect
that little area right there, and again, looks amazing, I mean, healed really, really well. There was a little swelling
before it went into shed so that swelling is completely gone. I have a feeling they’re gonna eat and do completely fine today. Remember, Jerry didn’t eat last time, Ben did, so let’s hope
that Jerry eats this time, and we’ll go ahead, get
these guys set back up. Later on the day, we’ll
go ahead and feed them, but I do want to take a look at this actual shed itself, right here. So this is the two heads right here. That is so absolutely weird, and again, you can almost feel right here where there’s kinda like hard, where they were actually
almost scabbed up, right? And that scab coming
off looks really good, so Ben and Jerry looks great, and again, we’ll give them some food later on and hopefully they’ll both eat. Remember a couple weeks
ago when I told you that Verde finally ate her
first rodent on her own? Well, it was a little live rat fuzzy, because she hadn’t taken frozen, and of course she was only
eatin’ live chicks before that. Well, guess what, I’ve got
even more incredible news, and that is that she took her
first frozen rat last night. That’s right, Verde took
her first frozen rat. Frozen anything, to be honest with you, she wouldn’t even eat
frozen chicks before, so this is great news. The fact that Verde is
actually eating frozen means that I can increase the food size now, and really start to put some size on her. I tell you, she is just
such an amazing animal, I love green anacondas, I’ve always said that it’s like one of the
kings of snakes, right? One of the most iconic snakes in the world is a green anaconda, and the fact that she’s
finally, after over a year, eating frozen rats,
it’s absolutely amazing. C’mon, all the way. – [Bruce] It’s too heavy. – Come here. Here sweetie. C’mon. So we’re gonna do some manicuring today. Bella’s nails are well
overdue. They grow so fast. About 6-7 weeks go, we
cut ’em, but I tell you, they are way too long, so
Bruce is gonna go ahead and nip these off, and then, later on, we’re gonna try Abusuku.
You guy may remember, I don’t know, a few
months ago we did Abusuku where we had to, like,
cover it with a towel and all that type of stuff. Well, Bruce has been working
with Abusuku really good so we’re gonna do the first time where we’re gonna try not to restrain her and see what happens, but, first, Bella. So lets go ahead and just slowly do it and what I’m doing is just
trying to keep her calm, while Bruce is cutting her nails. I’m just going to pat her
and kinda keep her happy. She’s such a good animal, I mean, she really is and basically
this is just, like, cutting a dog’s nails,
right? I mean they have that little vein in there
just like they have, so it’s a little hard
with some of these lizards because, of course, their nails are dark much like nails that are dark on a dog. So you have to just kinda see what it is and Bruce actually used to groom dogs, so he’s the right person for the job because he’s cut many dog’s
nails and stuff like that. Just kinda repositioned
her really quick ’cause she was getting a little
agitated with all the clipping, and again, just whatever she wants to do. I wanna keep her not stressed
out and stuff like that and she loves pets and,
so I just had to get her on my lap where I think she
feels a little more comfortable than being on that rock down below. So, a lot of times I think that, because she doesn’t really like
coming out of her cage much, and people ask me that all the time, like, Elvis loves coming around
and cruising around and Abusuku’s actually
been out all morning which is the first time we
really let her kinda cruise around the shop. We’re gonna start doing
that quite a bit, too, but Bella actually likes
to stay in her cage, she doesn’t like to be out. When she’s out, she
gets a little stressed. So, what I’m doing is actually
just letting her sit on me where she feels the most
comfortable, of course, and we’ll get these nails cut and she’ll be much better off for it. So, we got one last little leg over here. – There we go. All done. – Okay, we’re all done with Bella. We’ll get her back in her cage. We’ll give her some
super worms as a treat, just to kind of tell her
that she did such a good job, and then we’ll move on to Abusuku. So we’ve been soaking
Abusuku for a little bit for two reasons. Number
one, she likes soaks. Number two, it does soften
her nails up a little bit. So what we’re gonna try to do is, get her out of the water,
set her on top of this tub so that we can hopefully cut her nails without her biting us. So, my job is gonna be protecting Bruce and hopefully she’s gonna be good. She has been so good
today, it’s unbelievable. So, let’s go ahead and
get her out of the water. We’ll put her up here. Here we go, girl. You’re all right. I’ll shut this for you. There we go. We’ll try to set her
right up on top of here, and then I’m gonna kind
of just do the best I can do to control her a little bit, while Bruce is cutting her nails. There you go, girl. You’re
all right. You’re okay. Okay, and again, we’re gonna
try not to restrain her at all. I’m gonna keep like this so that, if she comes around, I’m the
one that she goes after first. See how good she is. I mean, what a difference this makes. I mean, I tell you what,
Bruce has just been working with her like crazy,
habituate her to people, to being out, to understanding
that we’re not food, so and I tell you what, It is unbelievable the difference, just, in a couple months
with this animal has done. I mean again, a couple months ago, she would of tore us apart by now and you can see she’s just
being absolutely wonderful. Course, she’s probably wondering, like, what are you guys doing to me right now? And again, last time we had
to literally put a towel over her head and restrain her, which is something that
you never really wanna do with monitor lizards ’cause
you lose the trust, right? So, if we can build this trust like this where she understands that
we’re not hurting her. We’re actually doing the best
we can do to keep her healthy. I mean, she doesn’t understand
the nail clipping part, but she’s gonna feel
better with those nails a little bit smaller ’cause her fingers will actually even work
a little bit better, and, again, without restraining her, this is gonna be great positive
reinforcement with her. So, she is doing really well right now, just got a few more
nails on the back side, and then this last side over here, and then she’s good to go,
and again, like I mentioned, we’re gonna try and go around to her to where she doesn’t get too freaked out. There we go. That’s okay, Abusuku. You’re doing so good, girl. So good. Again, its almost hard for me to imagine that this animal just a couple
months ago was such a beast, you know? And it tells you that, if you can gain trust, positive
reinforcement with animals, you can tame almost anything. I mean this animal I thought was untameble and it’s amazing and it all started really with target training
so that she understood what food was and what
food wasn’t. You all done? – Yep. All done. – All right, so Bruce has it
all done. Abusuku was great. I think what we’re gonna
do is just go ahead, set Abusuku on the ground, and let her run around a little bit more just as a reward for kind
of being a good girl, and look at this, it is crazy. Abusuku, you are amazing, girl! That was pretty awesome, I mean it’s… I’m even blown away bout
how awesome that was. (lighthearted guitar music) – [Brian] Eric! – Yo, what’s up man? – [Brian] Dude, I saw you’re Instagram. Your mountain bike– – Oh, yeah! (high energy rock music)
(motorbike revving) – [Voiceover] Liquid Cool! – [Brian] Excursion. Yeah So– – Just over some rocks. Y’know what? You always do it and you’re like, “Oh that was hardcore.” and then you watch the
video and you’re like, “It really doesn’t look like anything.” Y’know what I– – [Brian] When are you taking me out, man? – Dude, anytime you want man, seriously. We can go after work. I’ll go anytime. We can probably just play hooky tomorrow. We’ll go out– – We actually were at Slick Rock, at Moab. Unbelievable. Now that looks crazy. I don’t think you’d make it.
It’s like a 12 mile trail and I saw so many people get like a quarter mile in and turn around. – Oh, I believe it. I believe it. Those you have to have some serious bikes. Full suspensions. You gotta be crazy, man. I’m not that crazy. I like going through the little
turns, through the trees, maybe down some roots. That’s it. – [Brian] All right. All
right, so let me know if you guys want us to vlog this. I’ll wait til Noah gets
back. Me, you and Noah, we’re going mountain biking. We’ll vlog it and we’ll see who reigns
supreme on the trail. I have a feeling that I’m gonna die. – (laughs and claps) It
would be so cool man. – Let’s do it. Let’s do it. Let’s do it. And on to the clutch. I am actually really excited
about this because, again, I saw the first albino carpet python back in Australia, like, I
don’t know, 12, 15 years ago. Never thought that I’d even own one. Of course now we do own one,
but I’ve never hatched one, and whenever you hatch the first thing that you’ve ever hatched, especially when it’s something that’s so special like an albino carpet,
it’s super exciting. I don’t know what’s going to happen, because it’s het to het, again a Darwin het albino
to a Jaguar het albino so hopefully we get lucky
and get some albinos. Let’s just jump into it and start cutting these little carpet python eggs and see what we have in here. Woo, okay, first egg is actually, it looks just like a normal carpet python. Possibly a Jaguar, and
the Jaguar is actually like kinda a pattern
mutation, so I like that. Let’s see what this second egg is. Man, I hope we get at least one albino. I’ll be so disappointed
if I cut this whole clutch and there’s no albino carpet pythons. Oh my gosh, oh! Guess what? Oh my gosh! An albino carpet python! Oh my! I dreamed of this day so many years ago that one day I would hatch
albino carpet pythons, and here we are, second egg, and there’s an albino carpet python. I cannot wait till these little
monkeys crawl out the egg, and these actually hatch,
it’s usually 52 to 54 days, where as most ball pythons and other pythons will
be more like 60 days. So, let’s just keep going here, and see if we get more albinos. Oh my gosh, and it’s hard to see if that’s a jag albino or if
that’s just a normal albino. It’s just kinda impossible
to see. This one, I can see really clearly is
just a normal carpet python. Again, that would be
possible het for albino. A few of these eggs are a
little bit buried in here, guys, so it’s a little bit
hard for me to cut them, but I’m gonna do the best I can do to see what we have going on. Can’t believe we can hit an albino. Okay, here’s another normal carpet python. Not anything other than
that, just a possible het. Going on to this egg, come on. Even if I don’t hit another albino, I’m super excited. I’ll be honest with ya, I couldn’t believe that we actually did. I keep on thinking like,
“What if they’re not het, and I never produce
one?”, stuff like that. So, again, this one definitely looks like a jag carpet right here. Let’s see what we have going on. We’re gonna keep on cutting. So far, odds have not been that great. We hit the one albino
and then nothing since. Another jag carpet possible het. There’s an egg down here. there’s no way I’ll ever
be able to cut that one, because it’s way too deep in there. – That’s what she said (laughs). – But so far just one albino. Ah! Another albino! There it is. Awesome. So we got two albinos, and, again, it’s impossible to tell
if they’re jag albinos or normal albinos yet, because, y’know, they’re in the egg, and the pattern, you can’t really tell. So,
we got two albinos so far. That is awesome. Let’s keep going. We got a handful of other eggs, and this was a really
beautiful clutch of eggs. Oh look it there. All
right, that’s just a normal. Looks like it’s actually a jag as well, and the jag will have more striping, wider bands, and so on like that. So, we’ll keep going here, couple more. I think there’s four more eggs. Another jag carpet for sure
right here, possible het albino. Three more eggs. Now I’m getting greedy. I just want to get one more albino. Come on, one more albino. Nope. Not an albino in this one.
Looks like another jag. So, getting a lot of the jags, though, which is interesting. Gonna
get this egg right over here. Oh gosh, these are so much harder to cut than a ball python egg. I gotta be honest with ya here. Okay, what do we got?
Come on one more albino. One more albino. Nope. Looks like another either
carpet or jag carpet. Not sure. One last egg, guys. You guys know, I love to end
egg cutting on a high note. Please let there be an albino, please. And again, there’s one egg
that I wasn’t able to cut that could always be an albino too, but we actually have two albinos. Nope, another normal, so it
looks like we two albinos out of this whole clutch,
which isn’t the greatest odds, but again, I am not complaining. Again, there’s one little egg in there that I didn’t get to cut, so maybe there’ll be three
albinos in this clutch. I am just over the moon
happy that we produced albino carpet pythons.
How awesome is that. And there it is, guys. I’m gonna go ahead and shut the vlog down. Wish you guys an absolutely amazing day. Tell me something
beautiful about you guys, because I love you so much. Remember you had better
be kind to someone. If you’re not kind to someone,
I’m gonna come punch you in the face. No, seriously,
be kind to someone, and I promise I’ll see you guys tomorrow. (upbeat electronic music)


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    Brian thanks for your amazing videos. I used to afraid of snakes and had such a wrong opinion of them. Thank you for helping me in my loss of fear on these beautiful amazing animals. Sending good vibes to Ben and Jerry for a fast and hearty recovery. Love watching them grow and feeling like being part of such an amazing experience.

  • Bill Keeslar Post author

    Odd question. Do they both have to eat? Or could just one do the eating and they could survive?

  • ElinorayMountainFox Post author

    1:50 That pattern is beautiful! I think I've missed other videos about this Two-headed snake cause I haven't seen it before.

  • Smashing Pumpkings97 Post author

    Does it not kill them opening the eggs early

  • Jaesin45 Johnson Post author

    You should have a Channel on TV. Discovery / Natinal Geographic is sleeping on you all. Awesome!!

  • Karen Rob Post author

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  • Aiden Santos Post author


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