Turning Legislation into Action

Turning Legislation into Action

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Welcome to HealthReform.gov. The passage of health insurance reform legislation
was a historic victory for the American people. The bill that Congress passed will strengthen
health insurance for all Americans by ending the worst practices of insurance companies. It will make health insurance affordable for
the middle class and small business owners with one of the largest health care tax cuts
in history. It will rein in soaring premiums with the
broadest package of health care cost-cutting policies ever adopted. And it will put our economy on a more stable
path by bringing down our deficit by $100 billion over ten years and almost $1
trillion over the next ten years. But our work is not finished. As President
Obama has said, we also have a solemn responsibility to implement these reforms effectively. As we begin to turn the legislative language
into policy, our guiding principle will be the same principle as at the heart of health
reform: giving Americans more control over their health care choices. That means we’re going to keep you updated
every step of the way. We’ll have an easy-to-use website where
you can find out all the benefits for your family. And we’ll be conducting weekly briefings
to update you on what’s going to happen next. We’ll also be traveling around the country
to answer Americans’ questions and help them understand how to take advantage of the
new opportunities that will be available to them. For the last year, a lot of the health care
debate has been about what people in Washington are doing. Now, as we move ahead to implement reform,
we’re committed to giving Americans the options, information, and resources they need
to make their own choices about how to keep their families safe and healthy. Thank you for visiting healthreform.gov. And be sure to check back often for our latest

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