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What’s my second favorite thing after coffee – food POP What’s up guys so today, I’m in San Francisco wait where the fuck are my sunglasses what the hell? oo WAH AH AH AH Okay this lady starring at me I had this bright idea That was slightly inspired by BuzzFeed because I feel like this is something that they would do this lady needs to get her eyes off Off me, I literally can’t film anymore [Navigator: turn left on Sonora Stream.] I’m already here. She’s totally staring at me Just because you’re wearing sunglasses doesn’t mean I can’t see your eyes, okay So I’m in San Francisco today because I had this bright idea and she’s back staring at me, okay Do you know why I’m annoyed now. This is my privacy I’m just gonna have like I’m on the phone because that makes things less awkward You know cuz then it looks like I’m like doing something. Oh, maybe she can hear me I think she can hear me so I have the bright idea to come to San Francisco today and try three Instagram famous Foods I’ve never tried any of them And I always see people posting at these specific three locations getting specific items off the menu And I was like you know I thought it would be kind of fun to just go around and enjoy three Instagram Bay foods you know what I’m saying it would just be fun It would give me something to post on Instagram too, and yes, that’s what we’re doing today so this is definitely something I feel like BuzzFeed would do I’m not sure if they’ve done it something exactly like it before I’m channeling my Inner food critic today, and we’re gonna. Have a good-ass time First location we’re going to today is called home cafe in the Sunset District of San Francisco They’re famous food item is like the birthday cake law I’ll insert a photo basically Everybody gets these and post them on Instagram because they’re so cute or whatever and I’ve lived in this area for like my entire life But I’ve never been here before as you guys know I am a coffee connoisseur I love coffee, but I only like iced almond mocha lattes That’s the only drink that I get so this will be a little bit interesting a birthday cake latte I don’t know how I’m gonna feel about it. It could really go either way I could either love it or hate it because like I like iced drinks, and this is a hot drink So that’s like the first error. I also don’t really like sweet coffee drinks, so if it’s too overpowering I’m probably gonna hate it, but we’ll see I’m really pumped because it looks super good like it looks so cute So I’m walking to it right now, and it’s in a super chill location like no one is around here at all It’s like a ghost town a little bit, which is always creepy, but I don’t judge when you’re in the city And it’s like super crowded I always get really anxious so five stars for the location because it’s in a super chill location and that’s a plus thumbs up Okay, well haven’t even tried the coffee yet though, so that’s kind of the important part. Okay update I’m getting a little bit closer to the actual cafe. I don’t really like this area I don’t know yeah, that’s okay because it’s all about the coffee itself, but yeah I take back what I said earlier about it being cute. It is definitely chill, but like I feel like sketchy I don’t know something about this area bill you have to get like So let’s give a full comprehensive review as Casey nice that would say first, let’s discuss Instagram ability because that’s the whole point of this freakin video definitely artsy as hell I took this picture And it’s definitely artsy definitely goals the latte art is the whole point of it basically I mean like the flavor is good for sure it actually tastes really good I got it with almond milk instead of regular milk And it tasted really good tasted more like a hazelnut vanilla latte rather than like birthday cake cake batter If that makes sense this doesn’t actually taste like cake it wasn’t too, sweet, which was really good It was like a pleasant amount of sweetness It wasn’t too hot when she gave it to me so like I could drink it Immediately which is a thumbs-up also to make it even better the inside is actually really nice too like actual like Decor and stuff people and they were nice, but I did have trouble finding a seat in the beginning And then I had to like share a table with some lady that I didn’t know and she didn’t really seem too excited to share A table with me, but I was like we got to do something here a lot of people in their computers You know working hard, but there’s this little sign that says like this table like you can’t use laptops at this table Which I thought was kind of funny like because they want you to enjoy each other’s company Which I think is kind of cute. I guess kind of a cute gesture You know I would rate it a nine out of ten The only reason why I would dock a point is just because this area although. It’s chill and stuff It’s just kind of a boring area. There’s not much really going on around here, so it’s like if you went to this cafe It’s not you could like go somewhere else after and like have a lid as time. You know Next location we’re going to is called the mill it’s on Divisadero Street I believe the mill is basically like a coffee place it has famous avocado toast And you might be like everywhere it sells avocado toast, and you’d be right But what makes their avocado toast different is that they make their own bread so like it’s homemade bread that they make in that literal Like cafe like they make the bread in the cafe, and it’s also just a super dope like location like really cool it’s actually been there before for coffee, but I’ve never been there before for this avocado toast because Unpopular opinion here, I’m not a huge avocado person Mostly because I’m a picky eater and like I just don’t really like I don’t know like avocado kind of freaks me out a little Bit feel me but despite my kind of like fear of avocados and they get the avocado just today I have a feeling I’m gonna like it I mean everyone likes avocado toast everybody and their mom and I’ve like never tried it before so That’s where we’re going next. This is definitely cute area for sure for sure way cuter than the last area I’d say oh my god Sorry really windy very windy extremely windy this place is really cute aesthetic so I hate that word, but it’s true It’s really cute. There’s like this outdoor sitting area you Time to review okay overall I was pretty impressed with this experience It was quite pricey though like that avocado toast was eight dollars the look of the place Very artsy very dope I liked it a lot. They had nice wood tables They had a few marble tables Which were taken so I couldn’t use those which is depressing because marble tables look really good and Instagram photos for food and stuff But anyways either way now let’s talk about the flavors coffee not the best I’ve had to be completely honest. It was good Don’t get me wrong. It was good, but it wasn’t the best I’ve had. It was kind of bitter a little bit Maybe kind of sour supposedly they have homemade almond milk, which is really cool I couldn’t really tell, but like that’s cool now the toast was my first time ever having avocado toast It was definitely good only issue with this one specifically was that there was like some avocado like strings in it Do you know I’m talking about like avocado like fibers Oh, I don’t know But that just like really grosses me out like you know when there’s like little strings knock On the avocado something got strings in my food and like fibers and my food really fucking grosses me out didn’t taste gross But it’s just like there’s a little bit of that avocado is kind of brown like it wasn’t super green which is okay? But not as like aesthetically pleasing is that make sense I don’t judge You know cuz the flavor was actually really good the actual bread part was Unreal because it’s homemade right ain’t like my teeth just sunk into that like there’s no tomorrow. It was unbelievable It was so freakin good. I was ecstatic I’m not even a huge avocado fan And I still liked it so like if you liked avocado like you would definitely die for that Yeah, I would read the entire experience in eight out of ten the avocado was kind of brown But it was still really artsy and I took this picture and it looks pretty freakin good Actually, I’d say an 8.5 out of 10 thumbs up for the mil good place cool vibes. Good vibes dope vibes We’re going to buy right ice cream which is like the most famous ice cream place in San Francisco people freaking love it there It’s like just a fuckin family fave a lot of people like it and it’s really close to the last place I was at coincidentally they’re famous for like they’re kind of like cool Ice cream flavors like cheesecake, and I don’t even know but regular ice cream gives me tummy troubles I’m not lactose intolerant, but like milk just does not agree with me at all You know it’s just not meant for my body, so I’m gonna get the vegan ice cream from there I think they have one flavor It’s like chocolate coconut ice cream made with coconut milk instead of regular milk a lot of people take pictures there It’s like a huge fan favorite. You know what I mean everyone goes there. I feel like I Have to go back to the car to try this one because they don’t have any seeds in there so that’s something to consider I Have the ice cream and I already tried a little bit of it, and it’s really good about me eat more It tastes really good. Maybe a little bit less creamier than regular ice cream It’s still pretty creamy super rich chocolate flavor definitely a fan then another vegan flavor, too I think was a sorbet, but I’m more of a chocolate person than like sorbet You know I strap some of it on my white pants That’s a mess sometimes chocolate ice cream can just taste like water. This is good stuff even though I’ve always been a vanilla kind of girl But this is looking good as hell and taste and everything I give it a 10 out of 10 But here’s where the issue is it’s cute in there Don’t get me wrong, but it’s not really like instagram-worthy like this just looks like basic chocolate ice cream You know what I mean So I give this overall a 6 out of 10 because this whole point of today is trying Instagram foods You know places that are super insta-goals right the food itself is not that instagram-worthy especially compared to the other two things that we’ve Experienced today at the end of the day if you want a good scoop of ice cream I’d say this is a good place also It’s like connected to a grocery store that like takes away from like the potential cuteness does that make sense and the guy in there? Was really nice which always helps Do my tums like Brown honestly I’d say all those places were good even though the last one wasn’t really Instagram goals I didn’t even take a picture of my ice cream I just started eating it because I just got no inspo You know I wasn’t inspired by the location all of the places were really good, and if you’re in San Francisco I’d say for sure check it out. I literally drank so many coffees today. I Okay, wait I only have two actually no I had three I had two on screen But then I had one off screen when no one was looking I need to like go home and calm down after that free coffees In the span of like two hours is definitely a lot for me and trying to cut down on the caffeine You know try not to drink as much coffee or at least get decaf, but I’ve been failing miserably But this is not relating to the video anyway. That’s it for today’s video I hope you enjoyed if you had fun You like this smash the thumbs up button give it a thumbs up subscribe to my channel comment down below anything you want Love you all appreciate you all and I’ll see you next time


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