TRUST the UNIVERSE’S Plan For You! (Law Of Attraction in 2019)

TRUST the UNIVERSE’S Plan For You! (Law Of Attraction in 2019)

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Trust the Universe’s Plan For You! (Law Of Attraction in 2019) Raise Your Vibration hey welcome back
Jenny Lynch coming to you from me and Jean 1963 today I’m asking the question
what do you do when the universe asked you to raise your vibration what does
that mean how uncomfortable that can feel well let me tell you it’s usually
those times that we have not planned on it is those moments where we find
ourselves in a completely new experience let’s just say a little unsettled and
uncertain so what does it mean it really does mean that we’re being asked to you
know get to a higher level of state of consciousness awareness or maybe even
grow and expand those are the ways I like to look at it let me share more
with you in this video today I’m going to take you through a funny little
metaphor that hopefully will explain it and answer the question what does it
mean when the universe is asking you to raise your vibration stay watching and
enjoy hey Jeannie Lynch thank you for staying
watching today we’re talking about when the universe asks you to raise your
vibration this is not your proactive approach to you asking to raise your
vibration it is not an energy clearing or energy work or or even a meditation
that raises your vibration this is when Trust the Universe’s Plan For You! (Law Of Attraction in 2019) Raise Your Vibration The Secret to Manifesting the universe is kind of you know the
cart before the horse you’ve heard that expression it is those times in our life
where we find ourselves and we didn’t ask for it
we find ourselves there maybe there’s a pink slip in the mail that phone call
you were dreading you just received or maybe someone’s coming home and they’ve
just told you that they wanted to end the marriage recognizing those totally
uncomfortable terrible times in your life where you’re absolutely not sure
what the next step will be today the light that I would like to give that is
imagine that for one moment what the universe is really doing is asking you
to raise your vibration because it’s preparing you for you to step into that
new climate that new situation that new experience that’ll be better for you
that’s a leap isn’t it stay with me when it shows up in my spiritual practice the
way that I explain that is to say you know if you and I were inside and we
were preparing to go out in 20-below weather and I knew how cold 20-below
weather is and I actually know being from Vermont I would give you all the
equipment that you need to keep you and protect you
warmer socks better boots snow pants a shell a jacket on top of that a scarf
mittens a hat all those things that are important and for what to tell you that
when you step outside and here you are I’m witnessing you you’re watching and
you’re sweating and you’re dying inside that’s what it feels like when
the universe is asking you to raise your vibration but here’s what happens when
you step outside into the right climate or into the right situation or into the
awareness or the awakening of all that Trust the Universe’s Plan For You! (Law Of Attraction in 2019) Raise Your Vibration The Secret to Manifesting that situation had to offer you oh
within twenty minutes you realize that you were completely set up and supported
and you have on everything you need to sustain you in that climate that truly
is a great metaphor for what happens when the universe is asking you to raise
your vibration here’s one more thing I want you to think about before you leave
me today if you’re in a situation in the metaphor of the snow pants right where
you’re inside and your sweats dripping down your back and you’re completely
uncomfortable or in this metaphor there’s contrast in your life you hate
your job you’re not getting anything out of the relationship you’re in you’re not
getting paid enough you know where I’m going with that if that is you right now
and here’s my thing if you continue to sit there right it’s just gonna stay and
be uncomfortable step into what you what I understand is the universe asking you
to raise your vibration by stepping outside of your current situation and
stepping into the right resolve that’s what I have for you today hopefully you
enjoyed my metaphor this is Jeannie Lynch thank you for being part of my
community and don’t forget like subscribe and share the more people on
my channel the better the community thanks again Trust the Universe’s Plan For You! (Law Of Attraction in 2019) Raise Your Vibration

45 thoughts on “TRUST the UNIVERSE’S Plan For You! (Law Of Attraction in 2019)

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    Plz also mentioned English bar or make some videos in urdu thanks…from Pakistan

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    peace,love,blessings and a happy 2019 to everyone 🙏❤🙏

  • Michelle C Post author

    Beautiful video. Thank you!

  • Andrea Anonymous Post author

    I don't want to go through anything else in this life for my "highest good". I am sick to death of the universe's way of helping. Is there a phrase or some kind of opt out button to get it to stop?

  • Antonio lewis84 Post author

    I guess step into the unknown or what is uncomfortable. right now I know what I desire just however long that seed takes to bear fruit inside the womb of my mind.

  • DavGP1208 Post author

    Hi, how can I eliminate the effect of a thought in the Universe? Like if I have a recurring negative thought (from anxiety/ocd) but I fear that thing from manifesting. Afaik the LoA doesn’t work with negatives so I don’t know what to do. Please help.

  • ILove life! Post author

    Great video! This happened to me, I didn't realise at the time when the bad event was happening, but when I became aware it's changed my life forever! I love my life and always will! universal love, peace and joy vibrations to you all ❤x

  • Nollie Mccain Post author

    Aaah…..the human experience 🙃

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    Thank you for this video! In thankful you came into my life.

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    Perfect timing 💕💕💕

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    Thank You, Jessica from Your Youniverse …. After following your channel for 2 years and learning so much it is amazing to see one of my Videos on your channel. This year is going to be amazing! Fan for Life Jeannie 🙂

  • Will Lawson Post author

    The real question is who are you raising your vibration for. If it is the universe asking you for this then it is the universe looking for reward not the individual. If the universe needs the help of the individual then we are not all one. We are then only one if the individual cares the whole. I have been asking myself this for along time .How many individuals can one carry. The great line”who are you carrying all those bricks for”.

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  • Mermaid Bridgette Post author

    Love this content from my favorite Life Coach – Jeannie Lynch @meanjean1963 ❤️ This is such a timely reminder to not back down from the life events : reminders to raise our vibrations – meet them and exceed them in this New Year!

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    Awesome video. I so believe. I liked the metaphor. I’ve subscribed. Looking forward to viewing your channel and future videos.

  • Lovedontel J Post author

    Happy belated New Year to you and your family!🎉😇 I love her metaphor. I will stop resisting and make those uncomfortable changes. Thank you for sharing. And, I will check out your guest’s page as well.😊

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    STUCK in void with relative who is opposite of what I want to become. 10 years of prep?

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    Happy 2019 Awesome

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    Love it jeannie! a great message and wonderful reminder!

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    I see no way out of my calamity. Years of giving and I'm empty; and angry. The wheels have fallen off everything. I can't even sleep properly. All coz I WON'T be
    a good free range slave like everyone else. Kali yuga! I look forward to dying

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    I will repeat it…

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    God = Universe
    It's God's plan what's best for all of us

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    This so applies to my current situation
    Thank you!

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    I loved the metaphor! Thank you

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    Don't miss what the universe has in store for us. All we need is prepare ourselves and understand what universe has stored in for us.

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    Jezz, mature women are so hot and intelligent.

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    What is the right resolve?

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    Thank you Jeannie.. Great Video! Great advice! Love this Channel. 💜😇

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    This was very helpful. I'm in my new higher vibration and feeling a bit nervous! But, this video helped me to remember how far I've come and that I'm super prepared! Thank you❤❤

  • Offtopz Post author

    i litterally bought 3 cars in one month and kept loosing them because they wernt the one i truly wanted now i have my new camaro i knew that the unfortunes where happening for a reason car got towed one week next week car got into a huge wreck next week cars engine literally blew up

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