Trust Law - Course Outline

Trust Law – Course Outline

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welcome to the law simplified course on trust law my name is Sabine Bandaranaike and I'm delighted to be your instructor today before we go into the course proper I think it's a good idea to outline what exactly you will be learning in this law simplified course or the program so to begin with we will have a look at an introduction into trust law so the basic premise of this particular topic is to identify trust law what exactly it is and how it fits in the grand scheme of things moving on from there we will begin our discussion by identifying the various types of trusts which are prevalent in the UK and within the legal system following which we will consider one of the most prevalent types of trusts or Express trusts the Declaration of it as well as the Constitution next we will look at proving the declaration of a trust secret trusts promises to create trust followed by public and private purpose trusts before rounding off our course by discussing resulting trusts now that you have an outline of the course structure let's begin you

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