Trump’s Lawyers Will Not Take Part in Impeachment Hearings

Trump’s Lawyers Will Not Take Part in Impeachment Hearings

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-Let’s get to the news. The White House announced Friday
that President Trump’s lawyers will not take part in this
week’s impeachment hearings. That makes sense,
since one of his lawyers has been really busy causing
the impeachment hearings. President Trump,
on Friday, called for an environmental review of
bathroom fixtures and claimed that,
“People are flushing toilets 10 times, 15 times, as
opposed to once.” Huh? Apparently,
it’s harder than I thought to get rid of a wedding ring. [ Cheers and applause ] “Time” magazine has released
its list of finalists for Person of the Year,
which includes President Trump’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani. Though I’m pretty sure he hasn’t
been a person since 1649. A team of three men
announced last week they have set a new
cross-country speed record, driving from Manhattan to
Los Angeles in 28 hours. “How did you get from
New York to L.A. that fast?”, said Spirit Airlines. An Arizona man recently
registered a swarm of bees as emotional support animals. And, so far,
they’re doing a great job. Look how happy he is. A dentist in Alaska is
on trial after he was caught on video extracting
a patient’s tooth while riding a hoverboard. The jury will rule next week,
while the dentist already does. And, finally, officials
have announced that the Chevy Suburban will be
getting its own star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. No word on whether it
will attend the ceremony alone or with an Escort.

57 thoughts on “Trump’s Lawyers Will Not Take Part in Impeachment Hearings

  • Ray Donavan Post author


  • BizWiz Post author

    The Alt-Right, White Nationalists, Right Wingers and Trump fans don’t want to hear anything critical about Trump. They only like to hear nice things about him. Here come the excuses as they guzzle more of that orange koolaid.

    These are the same fools who voted for small temporary tax cuts for themselves and permanent big tax cuts for billionaires. Who does that!? 🤦🏻‍♂️

    ”Trump loves us and he’s gon’ drain tha’ swamp! He’s gon’ git rid of immigrants and git our jurbs back from Chyyyna. Says he gon’ git Mexico to pay for his wall!” 🤠

    What else can you say about those who view Donald Trump and Alex Jones as the “intellectuals” in the room. They find the Trump family sooo relatable. 😂

    They swarm the comments with little to no contribution to the dialogue. Allow me to demonstrate, lol.

    Typical Trump fan response:
    “OH YEAH!!?? OH YEAH!!?? Well what about Hillary yackety, yackety, blagh, Benghazi!!, Emails!, Socialism!, NWO!, NPC!, SJW!, Snowflakes!!, Blacks!, Muslims!!, illegals!!, blugh, illuminati!, blaaagh, bluuugh, Fake News!!, Global Climate Change is a hoax!!, CNN Grrr!!, Q-Anon, Globalists! Obama!!, yackety, Soros!, Gays! Jews!, Wall!!, blaaagh, Deep State!, Flat Earth!!, yackety, yackety, blagh, blagh, bluuugh!”

    ”What about!? What about!? What about!?”

    Just a quick look at their comments and responses and you’re sure to find these talking points. They go from bullies, to emotional train wrecks when they see their own words on the table this way.
    They’re left with nothing else but to prove my point.

    Also, do they ever pick up a book? Their lack of knowledge of basic history and current events is jarring. They’re so ignorant, that they literally believe there is only one type of Socialism.

    They will always mention Venezuela and Cuba, because that’s what Fox News tells them.
    In terms of healthcare alone, Fox News won’t tell them that the following countries have already figured out how to provide at least some basic type of service:

    Australia, Austria, Belarus, Canada, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Israel, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, and the United Kingdom.

    — Did you notice Russia is ALSO on that list?
    Guess who wants to keep Americans morbidly obese, unhealthy and behind the times.
    Ding, ding, ding!! You guessed it!

    The world is more complex than what they’re learning from Fox News. Of course, we can’t expect them to understand. 🤦🏻‍♂️😂

    🤔 ⭕️
    For those curious, yes, I authored this post. I make adjustments as I see fit. My first choice is Bernie Sanders. I’ll still vote for any of those candidates in place of Trump. If it upsets some ignorant ass right wingers so be it. Don’t act like I just pulled those quotes out of my ass. The reason you recognize them is because we’ve all heard them countless of times when debating them. So, I say to them: I’m finished trying to educate any of you on social and political issues. You are a laughing stock just like Trump when other world leaders literally laugh at him, (not with him). 😂

    To the good people out there not falling for the right wing BS, much love and respect to you! ✊️

    Your friend,

    — BIZWIZ ♥️ 😌🙏🏼

  • Haitian Creole With Luciano Post author

    Why would they take part after all? They know what’s going on

  • Pavor Post author

    "If you cannot afford representation, some will be supplied for you."

  • I'm Too Stoned To Come Up With a Username Post author

    This impeachment is taking too long. Just get rid of the dickhead already 🙄

  • Andre Morgan Post author

    This is so stupid, the Republican Party is just grappling for straws at this point, it’s so sorry and sad to watch the. In these hearings 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • j k Post author

    ANDREW YANG 2020

  • Ross Rothschild Post author

    301st! woohoo i have no life!!

  • SJ Commander91 Post author

    Uploaded 4 minutes ago? This is the earliest I've ever been to a Seth Meyers video. Nice.

  • Mike Perkins Post author


  • sameer ranjan Post author

    Wen will he get impeached, can't wait longer !!

  • Go Hyuck Yourself Post author

    Well yeah I mean his lawyer is overseas trying to hide any evidence of wrong doing.

  • The Main Butterfly is Burning可 Post author

    Inganno peloso
    lingua pelosa
    Palle pelose Batman.

  • Brian Cossey Post author

    I drove from Arizona to Vegas to Utah to Boston is 36 hours in a pile o crap Ford ranger

  • Rich Marceau Post author

    …then the crybabies will complain that their side wasn't heard. We need to revise the Constitution to make the age requirements for office dependent on developmental and not chronological age.

    Also do the same for driver's licenses, tobacco purchases, voter registration, alcohol purchases…

  • Per B Rodde Post author

    I'm sure it was not the "One Ring", the "Ash Nazg"…

  • anthony reed Post author

    He loved that escort joke

  • AFishBicycle Post author

    “Ivanka is beautiful isn’t she? If she wasn’t my daughter perhaps we’d be dating.”
    – Donald Trump –

    What a great dad!

  • Syn TheWrathful Post author

    Are we completely sure that when Trump was talking about people needing to flush 15 times he wasn’t just half-remembering that one episode of King of the Hill where everybody in the city has to install low-flow toilets that don’t flush correctly.

  • Society News Network Post author

    Attending alone……….

    Or with a escort 💃

  • Benmore Peak Post author

    This video makes me think Seth was bored and felt like telling some jokes.

  • Phil Stehle Post author

    Trump and his rats got caught ,Putin is lamenting that fact ,Trump is so stupid he bends to daddy vladys will at ease ,a smart person won't be his puppet

  • C.W. Rudy Post author

    Never thought I'd see my old car in a late night bit…

  • GnomeDeGuerre Post author

    That Dentist Rules, you drool.

  • Unwindamind Post author

    look how happy democrats r about impeachment. just a little clue.

  • Dexter Morgan Post author

    if senate doesn't impeach him I'm damn sure people who are right in mind wont elect them any time soon not surely in next year election be a patriot and protect constitution first! be it red or blue you are , first you're American never forget that!

  • Jesus's Fishroom Post author

    they all have bone spurs

  • C-Spank Post author

    "I have embraced crying mothers who have lost their children because our politicians put their personal agendas before the national good. I have no patience for injustice, no tolerance for government incompetence, no sympathy for leaders who fail their citizens.

    When innocent people suffer, because our political system lacks the will, or the courage, or the basic decency to enforce our laws—or worse still, has sold out to some corporate lobbyist for cash—I am not able to look the other way."
    – Donald J Trump
    Republican National Convention 2016


  • Ms Roxy Baby Post author

    Trump says witch hunt …he so dumb because a witch is a woman..the term warlock or wizard is for a man

  • eyeseer1 Post author

    I want to see the Trump's faces when the Secret Service abandon them in public.

  • Jim's videos Post author

    Ah Trevor, you've taught Seth well 😄

  • LordKellthe1st Post author

    Trump flushing 15 times, butthurt much?

  • Gary Neudorf Post author

    Trump does'nt wash away his sins he flushes them.

  • lichga100 Post author

    Because they don't need to

  • Ari Post author

    Poor Spirit Airlines 😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄

  • Shantorey Wilkins Post author


  • Arman D Post author

    of course, it will only be embarrassing

  • Leso Varen Post author

    I assumed it's getting a star because it's the longest continuous running vehicle line. Uninterrupted production since 1935. Nope, it's because of how many movies the car has been in. Go figure.

  • giggling boy in the background guy Post author

    Loved the wedding ring joke! 💍

  • gary proffitt Post author

    Trump in the WH will make so much noise for 20 a day ~ 🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽🚽 ~ Merry Xmas you asshole Trump 🤣👆

  • curandero verde Post author

    Which lawyer??? The one in prison or the one about to go to prison….

  • J R Post author

    This stonewalling is a common crime family defense technique used when they are guilty.

  • Mike Feng Post author

    That Chevy/Escort joke…I think one of Late Night's writers just became a dad.

  • Jeremiah Bachmann Post author

    tRump to EPA…stop looking at climate change and take care of the toilet flushing problem I have. #NotNormal

  • Mohsin Khan Post author

    Dotard is talking about flushing toilet 10-15 times, we are so Fcked

  • HeavierThanLight Post author

    Problem is these republicans went in too deep and are (after the point of no return) positioned as fellons when this is all accepted legally. The ones in the loop will do and say ANYTHING now to keep them from being guilty and complicit. Don't expect them to turn there view anytime soon. They hope to sit it out and escape when the subjects have eased down.

  • Dan Brokke Post author

    wedding ring sick burn lol

  • Napoleon I Bonaparte Post author

    People Trump has had “the talk” with him are probably the same ones that went to his successive weddings

  • Box Jabber Post author

    The whole World views the Trump administration the same way the whole World views any dictatorship :-
    "A dictatorship is an authoritarian form of government, characterized by a single leader or group of leaders and little or no toleration for political pluralism or independent programs or media" …So obvious even Wikipedia knows what's up

  • Pam Timmins Post author

    I can believe TIME Magazine would even consider giuliani for their cover, with all the truly worthy people like Greta Thurnberg for one. giuliani should be on the cover of MAD Magazine, since he is nuttier then a fruitcake.

  • Al69BfR Post author

    If the wedding ring is made out of gold painted plastic with a stone made out of acrylic glas, it probably swims on the surface of the water in the toilet bowl. I can imagine that that was the problem.

  • david huff Post author

    Not everyone is flushing evidence

  • flyerboy123 Post author

    The bees were a joke to make a point how easy it is to register an emotional support animal.

  • Rebel M Post author

    Trump is now trying to blame the bad water pressure in his crappy properties on the EPA. Con Master🤑

  • Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison : Post author

    Trump’s other lawyers won’t take part because they haven’t received their ongoing payments yet.

  • STRUTZKOFF Post author

    Bet you he watched that episode of king of the hill

  • kenna163 Post author

    Seth, that's Trevor's thing!!

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