Trump’s Lawyers: In Prison, Under Investigation And Haunting Impeachment Probe | MSNBC

Trump’s Lawyers: In Prison, Under Investigation And Haunting Impeachment Probe | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Trump’s Lawyers: In Prison, Under Investigation And Haunting Impeachment Probe | MSNBC

  • KCs Funhouse Post author

    This seems extremely incestual…

  • NO PAIN NO GAIN Post author

    21 savage lol.

  • Jim Burig Post author

    Giuliani's confused. People like Trump don't have friends, just associates. One day this whole crap fest will be over and never remembered with nostalgia. Trump is pure evil with no known redeeming qualities. He belongs at the end of a rope.

  • Elisabeth Arana Post author

    Please check the sound! In Europe we can not hear this piece! No sound!

  • Just Looking Post author

    All investigations lead to you, the investigated, having an "R" by your name or you have an R friend.

  • Drew Drewski Post author

    All so very swampy!!

  • AnnMarie Post author

    Ari's too cool for school. In the best way.

  • Carmen Mckim Post author

    21 savage Quotes i laughed to hard but totally understood. Coming with the Heat I see you Brotha!!

  • J M Post author

    Bernie Sanders/Elizabeth Warren 2020! No to Biden, no to Corporate America! End Citizens United, end the Electoral College now no more corruption! Resign Trump we don't want a traitor in th White House!

  • Richie Rich Post author

    You still haven't figured out the filth of man, Gentiles? Bow down and take your mark, so your Idole god can finish your time. Your master is waiting to come for you.

  • jerzy chroscicki Post author

    We know that NOBODY is giving large amounts of money to any politicians for nothing. We know that it is pure bribery, buying themselves ambassadorships, good jobs in Administration, building contracts etc, etc… We know that it is corruption, which we accept, tolerate and support, while, at the same time, every politician is saying, that he will fight corruption and bribery… . Ridiculous lies, false promises and pure hypocrisy ..

  • eddie hernandez Post author

    Lmao 🎶 21 21 21 21 🎶

  • Robby Post author

    Omg those Ukrainian goons are trying to claim executive privilege?!?! Like what the Fk!!! We are living in the Twilight Zone.

  • Jemma Barlas Post author

    My guys quotes are always GOLD

  • Maaike R Post author

    The russian mob is indirectly paying rudy through igor. Rudy gets paid by putin cause he works for putin. And the russian mob is buddies with and doing propaganda through fox news. Its almost like trump is just a cronie for the russian mob obeying putin.

  • barry Powell Post author

    Nasty Nervous Pelosi leader of the do nothing demons just wasting 10s of millions$.

  • Armanie Singletary Post author

    I dont know if he be adding the rap quotes to win people over but I ain't gonna lie he had to go real deep to know that 21 verse. Shout out to MSNBC one of my more preffered networks

  • Enrique Mendez Post author

    By the way, has anyone seen Rudy? He seems to have disappeared?

  • Al Yaz Post author

    Wow from leaders of the free world to Banana Republic. The USA was a good country at one time. Oh well…

  • indigosigh Post author

    So, who's paying Giuliani's bills and travel expenses? Trump has committed so many impeachable crimes that it would take the justice department years to investigate and put together the cases, it's just mind-boggling…..and he just keeps doing it, more and more…until he just can't be stopped. Who is going to stop this friggin' nightmare, before he destroys the country, makes himself a trillionaire, from the people and his position, and makes Putin the new World Leader?!?! WTF……In the meantime, republican minions are threatening to take up arms to protect Trump and start a civil war…all being incited by Trump and his propaganda TV station. It's like some ex-U.S.S.R country with a, Kim Jong Unesque, tyrant at the helm. His whole staff are scared shitless of the vile creep and they are now, not of the party nor the country nor the democracy, but only for protecting their fuhrer.

  • Blink Once on Sunday! Post author

    So, I'm wondering, why would a legitimate attorney agree to work for free for a billionaire? I seriously doubt that Trump is Giuliani's client. More like Trump connections are a service Giuliani offers to his other clients. That should make any attorney client privilege assertions between them null and void.

  • Frank Willis Post author

    So, you're saying there's a chance?

  • rbm276 Post author

    loved the 21 savage reference at the end there

  • Chinaka tha Flygerian Post author

    Well said….

  • G Post author

    1.Democrats PANIC as FBI CHARGES
    Lawmaker & Daughter, Something Strange Happening in Maryland?

    2. FBI CHARGES Democrat Mayor After
    'FIRST WAVE OF ARRESTS' for Corruption Investigation in Ohio

    3. Corrupt Democrat Sheriff SENTENCED
    to 5 YEARS in PRISON

    PUNISHMENT, Wanda Greene SENTENCED to 7 Years. Horrific
    abuse of office': Wanda Greene gets 7 years for wide-ranging corruption

    5. Top State Democrat ARRESTED as
    Trump Attorney ROUNDS UP Corrupt Politicians in Chicago

    6. Democrat Official FREAKS OUT After

    7. FBI RAIDS City Club as Obama Ally
    & Top State Democrat Under Investigation

    8. Something Strange About Obama
    Foundation's New Foreign Donors

    9. FBI Arrests Corrupt Democrat
    Georgia County Commissioner

    10, CRYING Democrat Superintendent
    SENT TO PRISON Over Scheme that Cost Taxpayers $125 Million

    11. Rising Democrat Star ARRESTED,
    State Democrats SHOCKED

    12. DEMOCRAT  Mississippi Mayor ARRESTED, Faces 100 YEARS

    13. Illinois DEMOCRAT Rep. Luis Arroyo from Chicago West Side
    Arrested on Federal Bribery Charge to Illinois State Senator. 10/28/2019

    14. Democrat Mayor Meer
    in Michigan City , Indiana CHARGED WITH MULTIPLE FELONIES After ARREST of His
    Wife's Son 11/1/2019

  • xr440r Post author

    Name one thing, MSLSD and there army of dipper changers have gotten right in the last 3 years. OK, absolutely nothing. And, if it weren't for the deleted emails, we would know much more about who did what last election. And Uncle Joe has plenty of ties to Ukrainian money to campaign on. So just stuff it.

  • Silly Willy Post author

    Disgusting pig and not a real president trump puts his faith in ghouls like giuliani, and the stooges from Ukraine, so he can push his own agenda, lie about true American patriots and servants, and the U.S and the world be damned.. and wonders why more and more Americans are starting to say….huh??

  • Doug Grinbergs Post author

    If you're interested in following the various players and connections, check out Wikipedia (Ukrainegate, impeachment pages) and LittleSis (crowdsourced database with connections, lists, network maps)

  • With Honor Post author

    #@AriMelber, #1 at this journalism game. You prove true facts and since you're from the hood can no con man hack your realness. #@MSNBC killing the facts⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐🇺🇸

  • dejesus32 Post author

    Can you imagine having Ari as your defense attorney reciting rap lyrics in his statement?

  • Doug Grinbergs Post author

    2:26 full diagram of the twisted web

  • V Ng Post author

    Executive privilege only applies to official government work, right? So Trump's private lawyer is unlikely to fall under that scope of official government work.

  • C&B Jones Post author

    "Oh what a tangled web we weave, when first we first we practice to deceive"
    I never thought I'd see a flowchart for that Sir Walter Scott quotation

  • Tommy Smith Post author

    Haha once the real investigations are concluded these fake MSNBC mockingbird "investigations" are going in the trash 😂😂💯😂😂

    Mass arrests coming…. Enjoy the show 😘

  • Willy Post author

    Trump 2020

  • Gail Em Post author

    Rudy thought he was doing everyone a favor by going on tv and exposing corruption. Oops.

  • Mark Stevens Post author

    Always wondered about “The Hill.” Turns out it is a “hill” alright.

  • Willy Post author

    Y'all can't win because GOD is real.
    Trump 2020

  • ECW Network Post author

    Lock Him UP!!!!

  • ExposedRoot Post author

    My son who has no interest in Ari Melber is walking through the room wondering why Ari is quoting 21 Savage lyrics. He recognize it immediately

  • Brian Dunn Post author

    Time for America to make a Decision on whether your loyalty sits with the Constitution, ! OR Egotistical Maniacs ,! What's is it America, ? Apple's,,,,,, Or Grubs,? Choice is Yours ,!!!!!!!!

  • olobar5 Post author

    Fake News here. How the F can you headline Trumps Lawyer Prison with a picture of Rudy? It's misleading, wrongly made up, and frankly disgusting Journalism that should be banned.

  • Dillinger R. Post author

    He's quoting a rap song.. pretty cool

  • WIn4Life CUZZiN Post author

    😂😂😂😂The 21 savage verse was funny

  • Karen Piotte Post author

    I don't want to pay for trumps 17 lawyers! I certainly don't want to pay for crazy rudy! Who was he asking for money when he butt dialed that reporter? So much corruption!!!

  • Oroborus Post author

    The US exported the most extremist form of capitalism for a quarter century after the end of the Cold War. The result was global Mafia capitalism (i.e. "corruption"). In 2016 the chickens merely came home to roost. As you sow, so you reap. The US got what it deserved.

  • Heather Remlin Post author

    Now trumps trolls are babbling complete nonsense, just like trump does. There's nothing more you can defend guys, it's over for trump!

  • Tom Jones Post author

    is jew melber a dual citizen

  • Joel J Post author

    These are Trump's "best people?" Trump has a penchant for the mob, whether in the U.S. Ukraine or Russia

  • Auld Teuchter Post author

    On balance, "the swamp" was preferable to Trumpy's cesspit of moral filth.

  • Yve Bella Post author

    ALL roads lead to putin
    ~Speaker Pelosi~

  • Shana Medley Post author

    Ughh 😫😫😫, they have gotten on my last functioning nerve this is beyond ridiculous.

  • Astrobrant2 Post author

    Okay, so now we know that the "prominent person", 21 Savage, thinks "up" rhymes with "us".
    And again, gratuitous rap references which contribute absolutely nothing to the report.

  • Corey Drew Post author

    Please stop citing rap lyrics.

  • American Dog Post author

    This psychopath president must go!

    Impeachment and removal of this governments executive branch which continues to obstruct and continue to resist our demands for justice, indictments must follow taking down not only the president but many in this administration and several in congress ie Congressmen D. Nunez, J. Jordan and M. Meadows and we have Giuliani now to make this point as clear as possible the evidence is broad and wide realize what and where you stand with continued investigations it turns out that trump and giuliani have committed more crimes going back to Petrenko ex president of the Ukraine the betrayal is deep and the obstruction of justice is now ever thicker and clearer

    Now, we have a White House lawyer Eisenberg involved in a clear abuse of power and coverup jail Eisenberg

    The long road to betrayal by this corrupt president and his administration started long before the betrayal of the Ukraine it started with the betrayal of NATO and the EU along with every USA ally and now this corrupt president has brought innocent blood to our steps with his Kurdish betrayal

    Yet, all of that betrayal pales in comparison to the betrayal of his Oath of Office, the Constitution, National Security, the many acts of Bribery and extortion and the betrayal of American citizens trust

    What’s this presidents mad connection to Russia and Putin and Putin’s organized crime gang this alone should send warning flags throughout our national security offices let alone every citizen

    Imagine the legalization of marijuana in many states cut into Putin oligarchs crime family making matters worse for illegal fentanyl and heroine trade was legal opioids if you don’t believe by now that the Russians have made America the target of destruction think again

    Making all this much worse is this Russian asset in the WH what we may find is that Russian money was financing giulianis dealings and if this is the fact the road map leads us to the steps of the WH and this corrupt president

    Remove this corrupt president and his administration Russian assets from the WH

    Pence may escape this but if this continues nobody will

    This psychopath president has created an emerging world in total chaos

    He must be removed

    Enough is enough time to act

  • Christopher Hitchens Post author

    TRUMP 2020, for prison.

  • Just Me Post author

    I hope he is impeached just so he will be re-elected and can serve 8 more years as our president ! 2020

  • Lionel Patterson Post author

    MSNBC selling spam burgers

  • Dia Atkin Post author

    Hahahaha Russia really let's try Eric ciarmamella Eric ciarmamella Eric ciarmamella

  • Aaron Hemmingway Post author

    It's not good to go to prison when you're in your 60s or 70s think about it if they gave you 10 years 15 years more than likely you going to die in prison I guess it won't be that bad especially if you die in your sleep

  • Alexander Hewett Post author

    Welcome to civil war

  • Ken Albertsen Post author

    Keep punching away, Ari. I'm glad you're speaking up for for the regular people. There's lots of us.

  • Roman Clay Post author

    MAGA–Moscow's Agent Governing America

  • Joyce Duncan Post author

    I know you can't call it treason since treason is only during wartime . so what is the equivalent term for peacetime?
    that is what the Deep State Trump has created is to be called. all while he is projecting and talking about everyone else, it is him that is corrupt, bankrupting the country, doing away with all morality (what little we had), ignoring all laws, doing what the f— he wants, cussing, dividing, hating.
    thanks to 62 million people who voted for this evil, evil man.
    Will America survive Donald J Trump?

  • Edward Mercedes Post author

    . How is it, that trump and his goons, are funneling foreign money into American politics, When Puerto Rico, who's part of America, can't vote for a US president, from Puerto Rico.

  • sh un Post author


  • Jesse J Post author

    At least we are finally learning about the sheer amount of ROT in our government. We need to reform the Senate, Justice Dept., and the Supreme Court.

    Fox News needs to be fined

  • blob darkass Post author

    "We need a few hundred thousand". Yeah, that is the way someone doing nothing shady quotes a price.

  • marshmaz Post author

    MSNBC Going the way of the DODO BIRD with their FAKE NEWS soon to be Defunct and Bankrupt…bye

  • Yellow Cab Post author

    BREAKING NEWS +++ The international organization "Animals In Distress" reports they have received complaints that President Trump "groped" an ostrich, and a lama during his recent trip to a Kentucky Political Rally. + The animals are currently receiving psychological counseling.

  • Sam Sam Post author


  • DrLeroyGreen Post author

    IDK, the rap lyrics at the end are humorous and poignant but do nothing to add to your gravitas.

  • A G Post author


  • blob darkass Post author

    I have been wondering for some time now who is paying for this extravagant lifestyle and traveling for Giuliani and his Russian mob goons. I can't be the only one curious about this. Hopefully any one of these investigations will eventually shed some light.

  • blob darkass Post author

    I would love to see a single republican actually ask ONE important question about ANYTHING before I die. I don't think that is going to happen but one can dream. It would also be nice to see a single republican actually answer ANY question honestly before I die but just being realistic here.

  • C Charles Post author

    Russian mob money.

  • C Charles Post author

    Bye bye rudy!

  • Bob Smith Post author

    " haunting " impeachment probe? Hahahahahahahahaha hehehehehe hahahahahahahahaha!

  • Doug Hoskovec Post author

    Even in the edited (…something is hidden there…) transcript of the tRUMP phone call to Zelensky, the repugnicans admit to at least 4 impeachable crimes.
    1- Asking a foreign government for election help, a Federal campaign finance felony.
    2- Extortion. Threatening Ukraine's national defense against invader Russia by withholding $391 million in military aid for months until Zelensky agrees to start and announce a fake investigation into tRUMP's political adversary.
    3- Bribery. On the phone call, when Zelensky asks for the anti-Russian tank missiles, tRUMP says, "I need you to do us a favor, though". Thereby establishing the quid pro quo of bribery, one of only two crimes specifically named in the Constitution for impeachment. The second crime named is treason.
    4- Obstruction of Justice. Hiding the evidence of the bribery in a double super-secret State Department computer is Obstruction of Justice and probably misuse of government property.
    5- Not impeachable to tRUMP, but felonies nonetheless, everyone party to the call who did not report it could be charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice after the fact. And that includes Attorney General Bill Barr, who should know the law, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

  • vik creed Post author

    Guess what! ALOT of people are RUMORED to be close to MOBS EVERYWHERE! EVEN THE POPE! even other u.s. politicians. if you take the RUMOR out of the equation, then it looks like a rich Ukrainian whistle blower used a ghost writer too whom he gave both protection, and media voice and trump not trusting leakers went around the fence to get information about EX-VICE-PRES. biden's illegal doings, which we don't know how deep deep goes cause he flew his son on air force two… to a job interview in a foreign powers ENERGY company currently in recent chaos due to puppet governments with russia directly. then china which has double down on their communism de us dictatorship and red curtain mentality. (possibly trying to 1. influence ukraine 2. cover up more email servers. 3.get his son rich using his seat as power)
    now you have democrats trying to self destruct "lets take the guns" "freedom of speak means freedom to hurt people" is this a joke to you? this is america. it's obvious they are trying to slingshot biden to secure the vote for democrat. i think Hilary will jump in late and take bidens spot after people get too worried about biden.

  • hsmathis Post author

    He has to be tired of winning

  • Cliff Chase Post author


  • Alana994 Aj Post author

    If you're good lawyer then you know what's legal and what's illegal Rudy

  • Mod MINI Post author

    Privilege because of proximity to Trump? That's exactly why they should be investigated more. This isn't a witch hunt. Trump is getting all the investigators looking at him because he's doing stuff that all existing evidence suggests is impeachable. Stop doing impeachable things and maybe you wouldn't get investigated so much. Or booed as much either.

  • HenryDavidT Post author

    It's a pool of greedy, unethical, morally bankrupt incestuous folks, swimming in the Newly Created & Very Special Trump Pay-Play Swamp…

    In the swamp created & maintained by traditional Republicans and Democrats, you HAD to PRETEND you're going the ethical route, via lawyer & accountancy stamps.

    In the Special Trump Swamp, you "invest" in associates & Trump businesses and you immediately get the nod from Trump, who says, "As president, I can declassify previously classified documents, say good is bad and bad is good, and allow any & all individuals and entities to have access to American Power, via me, who can literally & metaphorically shoot someone in broad day light and suffer no legal consequences, because I am president of the United States who can't be impeded from carrying out my executive powers, while I am a sitting president…"

  • Naeem Covington Post author

    21 savage lol

  • Arthur Redublo Post author

    Where there's smoke, there's borscht!

  • Koiler8 Post author

    Haha. “Not the type of news we have time for” Yeah the TRUTH.

  • FREEDOMFIGHTER47 Post author

    FAKE NEWS!!! Just trying to sabotage his re-election and once he wins again I hope y’all leave the country this time!! IT DOESN’T BELONG TO YOU

  • JACK ROMO Post author

    Did someone say Clinton foundation?

  • Martin Detwiler Post author

    The chart needs to add an arrow from Igor and Lev to the Russian crime boss.

  • Gary V Post author

    Reporting?? What a DISGRACE MSNBC is! BIASED TRASH NEWS as usual!

  • LiTish Goodwin Post author

    A crime is a crime no matter who does it!. I rocks wit that 21 savage verse! ❤💯

  • Kay Jay Post author

    Fake news! Worse than tabloid!

  • Jim Garvey Post author

    Are you for real? Rapper 21 spring? How many lawyers you got? Jfc- ' you talk so hip you're twisting my melon man' ( Happy Mondays) Get over yourself Ari and grow up.

  • Darrel Alvesteffer Post author

    Trump 2020 HE will be our president

  • Quincy Domio Post author

    THAT 21 SAVAGE QUOTE THO !!!!!! 😎😎😎

  • Jude Jackson Post author

    Well everyone works for free when dealing.with trump…he never pays his bills.

  • compwiz Post author

    Poor Trumperican cult followers are going to be confused by all those bigly facts and sources of evidence. Very sad!

  • Joe Kerekere Post author

    I hope the witches get executed when caught!

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