Trump Breaks The Law… With A Sharpie

Trump Breaks The Law… With A Sharpie

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>>Earlier Donald Trump claimed that Hurricane
Dorian was going to impact Alabama. He was fact checked by both ABC and more importantly,
the National Weather Service which indicated no, the hurricane will not impact Alabama
at all. Trump lashed out, at the fact checkers, and
then today he held a press conference in the Oval Office to give some updates on Hurricane
Dorian. And I want you to pay close attention to the
prop he uses in the middle of this press conference. Take a look.>>We got lucky in Florida, very, very lucky
indeed. We had actually our original chart was that
it was going to be hitting Florida directly, maybe I could just see that Kevin. It was going to be hitting directly and that
would have affected a lot of other states. But that was the original chart.>>So he shows a map or a chart where the
hurricane was initially going to hit, right? And if you pay close attention to that map,
you’ll see that there is a black mark, sharpie mark that extends from Florida to Alabama. That was something that the Trump administration
added themselves. The original map looks something like this,
where you do not see the black sharpie. So rather than admit that he was wrong and
that the storm’s path was not going to go through Alabama. He decided to hold this press conference and
use a sharpie to mark over Alabama to make it appear as though initially the Weather
Service believed that the storm’s path would hit Alabama.>>So guys, I know it’s funny and it’s what
a child would do. But it’s also not funny, cuz he’s the President
of The United States of America and Commander-In-Chief. And has at his disposal the greatest military
ever built by mankind, and enough nuclear weapons to blow up the entire planet. And he’s drawing in on National Weather Service
Maps with a sharpie, to prove himself right, and thinking that he won’t get caught. Every reporter instantly checked to see if
there was any Weather Service map with that extra extended black area, and there are none. He drew it in, or had someone draw it in. Like, I know we’ve gotten used to it, but
we shouldn’t. That is a degree of mental that would get
you fired from almost any other job, and all those other jobs are far, far less important
than being president.>>Yep.>>I mean, if-
>>What he did breaks the law, by the way. It is against the law, let’s go to this tweet-
>>No, yeah, hold on, before you get to the law. I just, to finish the thought, I think it
would even get you fired at Fox News. But if someone here manipulated a story for
their own ego and showed you guys something that was wrong on purpose.>>Right.>>Of course, I’d consider firing them and
I would pull them to my office and I go, what is wrong with you? You need a therapist, right? Why would you lie to our audience and say,
and this is a really important and dangerous thing. Which way a storm is going, it already killed
many people in the Bahamas, it could kill more people and people are relying on you,
they believe you over the news, right? I mean, Jesus Christ, I mean, if it happened
in a relatively small show, odds it would be significant consequences. I think there would even be consequences at
Fox News, I use them as extreme example of like whoa, who cares what he’s saying, right? I mean, they even pulled Jeanine Pirro off
the air for a little while for saying something outrageous. This is insanity, I mean, a child wouldn’t
do this, maybe, I mean, depends on how old they are, six years old, seven years old. 25th Amendment, your guys aren’t getting it,
the emperor has no clothes and so we’re all used to it, we shouldn’t be used to it. Now let’s talk about how illegal it is, which
is also another thing we’re used to.>>So a meteorologist and weather reporter
shared this on Twitter. And I think it’s important to know that it
is a violation of federal law to falsify a National Weather Service forecast and pass
it off as official, as President Trump did here. And then he notes the exact law, which is
18 US Code 2074. Okay, so here’s the the frustrating part about
all of this. Trump is broken many laws, I mean, the hush
money payments, the fraudulent Trump University, using his charitable foundation to enrich
himself, obstructing justice. I mean, he has broken all these laws, possibly,
inflating his assets to obtain illegal loans, deflating his assets to do tax fraud. I mean, the list goes on and on and on, and
no one holds him accountable. So, of course, he’s gonna keep breaking the
law, everyone treats him as if he’s above the law, including Nancy Pelosi, right? So every time these stories pop up, yes, there’s
the comical component to it. And you feel tempted to laugh, and I gotta
be honest I did laugh. But at the same time when you take a step
back and think about it critically the way you mentioned. It’s infuriating, because no one is holding
him accountable. And he has a bunch of spineless goons working
for him in that administration who don’t ever try to keep him under control. They allow him to break the law and then they
cover for him.>>So well, I know that there is almost nothing
the President can do where his own cabinet will use the 25th Amendment. But is there anything that he could do where
Nancy Pelosi would hold them accountable?>>No.>>And so what if he had instead of using
a sharpie had used the crayon and then colored it in but like when outside the lines?>>She would send him a strongly worded letter.>>No, because the President has lost his
mind and is there any limit? I mean, using a sharpie to extend the National
Weather Service map, to prove yourself right when you’re wrong? Any other president, if Obama had done that,
my God. If Hillary Clinton had done that, I mean,
the national conversation would be vastly different, why? Because Republicans hold other party accountable,
actually over accountable. They will make mounds out of molehills, the
Democrats make molehills out of mountains. We have Mount Everest in insanity here and
Nancy Pelosi’s like what Mount Everest? I don’t see it, I don’t see the insanity. So I wanna give an alternate reality here
for a second. Imagine if you had a strong Democratic Party
and they had already started impeachment proceedings. And we’re having conversations about the laws
that he broke in campaign finance violations, his co-conspirator, every day. Imagine every day if the Democrats in those
hearings, put up a picture of Michael Cohen in prison. This man is in prison today, his co-conspirator
is Donald Trump, these are absolute facts, okay? And then obstruction of justice, and then
the emoluments clause, and then everything. And then as you´re doing those, and the drumbeat
is gathering, we’re like, Jesus Christ, how many laws has this guy broken, right? And then he brings this law, and then during
the impeachment proceedings you go, the president not only broke the law, but has obviously
lost his mind. That’s the national conversation we should
be having. But instead, the Democratic Party is so pathetic. So weak, that they’re letting this child monster
run around with no consequences at all.>>I also wanna just quickly touch on Trump’s
dictatorial nature, because this story reminded me of Kim Jong-il and how he claimed that
he never defalcated, because he had no anus, right, which is->>I mean, it’s uncomfortable, but he actually
said that.>>He said that, I mean, these are the types
of ridiculous nonsensical things dictators say, because they want to appear as if they’re
perfect. That they have absolutely no flaws, they’re
always right, they’re the most powerful. They’re the strongest, they bore perfect games,
right? That’s the communicate and at the same time
while we are having this conversation understand what Trump and his allies are doing to go
after people like us, establishment news organizations who report the news. They’re raising money specifically for oppo
research, opposition research so they can destroy any and all credibility of these reporters. That’s what they’re doing right now, because
they don’t want any negative coverage on Donald Trump. This is what happens in dictatorial regimes.>>And so we showed you just pictures of Trump
with Kim Jong-un and it’s his father that Anna’s referring to. The North Korean news agency said he had never
bowled a game that wasn’t a 300. I believe they said that he routinely shot
27 on the most difficult 18 hole golf course. A 27, okay, I mean, all of these are so preposterous,
but it is how you build a cult. And so here’s Trump building his cult. So you know I am perfect, If I said it’s gonna
hit Alabama and I draw it in with a crayon, you all will go, yes, it was gonna hit Alabama,
that crayon is correct. The National Weather Service is incorrect,
right? And hurricanes be damned, facts be damned,
if even if I’m gonna die in a hurricane, I’m gonna die because my cult leader told me. I mean it is a neck and neck contest for who
is more pathetic Donald Trump drawing with a sharpie, looking like a kid, right? His idiot support are like, yeah, of course,
Donald Trump knows better that the entire National Weather Service and has no anus,
okay? And, or Nancy Pelosi goes, yes sir, yes sir,
thank you, sir. Goddammit, aren’t you gonna do anything?>>No.>>And the answer is no. Schumer and Pelosi, beyond pathetic. To lay down and surrender against this child,
it’s the saddest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

100 thoughts on “Trump Breaks The Law… With A Sharpie

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    stage 3: if trump warns ALL THE STATES that could possibly be hit, we impeach the mofo for "haphazardly" warning the states that didn't get hit

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    The black sharpie was an extension of the cone that "would have" Alabama in its crosshairs. The original spaghetti models had the storm hitting Miami. Should Ron DeSantis go to jail now. Independents like me get turned off to this non-news story. TYTs have no news to report than an extension cone sharpie from Hurricane Dorian. Trump is so immersed in your minds you cannot stop speaking about him. What would your lives be without him?

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    Case in point the "against the law" argument. The president is the highest ranking official in the state. He cannot "pass" something as official, whatever he presents is by definition official. It doesn't legally matter that he was wrong, the weather service is wrong all the damn time and it's not against the law. He wasn't impersonating a official, he is a official and he made a wrong weather prediction. Legally this has no ground whatsoever and Cenk supposedly has a law degree. He should sue his Alma Mater, they sold him a worthless piece of paper…

  • Bzkxtt Post author

    Text at the bottom of the map Trump tweeted states, "If anything on this graphic causes confusion, ignore the entire product." It also says National Hurricane Center statements "supersede this product."

    CORRECTION: This story has been updated to accurately describe the location of the county in southeast Alabama that was included in one model forecasting the path of Hurricane Dorian.

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