Trump Asks Judge To Dismiss Sexual Assault Case Against Him

Trump Asks Judge To Dismiss Sexual Assault Case Against Him

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Donald Trump and his team of lawyers have
asked a judge in New York to throw out a lawsuit brought by columnist, E. Jean Carroll, the
woman who claims that Donald Trump a couple of decades ago saw her in a department store
and then sexually assaulted her in that same department store, in the dressing room. Donald Trump and his lawyers are arguing that
this case needs to be thrown out. And the reason they’re saying that this case
needs to be thrown out is because you can’t sue us, they say, in New York. Now here’s the thing people need to understand
about this lawsuit. This lawsuit is not about the assault itself,
right? This lawsuit is a defamation lawsuit that
Carroll brought against Donald Trump after she came forward with her story of how he
allegedly assaulted her. An assault, that by the way, she had told
other people about at the time. Some advised her to go forward with it, some
advised her not to. They said, hey, you’re in New York. This is Donald Trump. They’re not going to do anything to the guy. And that is the advice she took and unfortunately
that advice was probably correct. Trump was a powerful, wealthy guy. Nobody was going to touch him no matter what
he was accused of. But again, mid 2019, I think it was, Carroll
came out with her story and Donald Trump immediately came out, started attacking Carroll. Said she’s not my type. Said, oh, she’s just trying to sell a book. She’s making this all up. She is a liar. And so in November, Carroll sued him for defamation. And so last week, Trump’s lawyers go to that
court in New York and they say, listen, she can’t sue us here in New York for defamation
because Trump said those things when he was in Washington DC. So this is, this is their jurisdiction because
he didn’t defame her here in New York. He defamed her over there in Washington, DC. And that’s not how this works at all. She is, she’s the plaintiff and she’s in New
York. So, so that’s, that is actually where you
would file that suit. That is a pretty lazy and weak argument from
Donald Trump’s lawyers. And it continues to blow my mind that Donald
Trump with all of his money, with all of his bragging about always hiring the best people
imaginable. Seriously, every time this man gets in trouble,
he hires the absolute worst attorneys this country has ever seen. I mean, his favorite attorney of more than
20 years is sitting in prison right now. His other one, Rudy Giuliani is under criminal
investigation and these morons that he sent up to New York are trying to make an argument
that has absolutely no legal standing whatsoever. But Ms. Carroll’s lawyers actually pointed
out the obvious in this. They said, the reason they’re making this
argument, the reason they’re trying to delay this case as long as possible is because they
don’t want the discovery process to happen. They don’t want us to start subpoenaing documents
and maybe call records and photographs and things like that. They don’t want us to dig into this case because
yeah, guess what? It is about more than defamation, and it actually
is really about the assault, but due to statutes of limitations, we can’t go after that right
now. But what we can do is dig up enough evidence
from this defamation case to prove that Ms. Carroll’s claims are 100% accurate.

100 thoughts on “Trump Asks Judge To Dismiss Sexual Assault Case Against Him

  • Mary Durham Post author

    EEEEEWWWWAAAH!!!😣😒…. WHAT A POP EOTUS!!!😝😜😣😒😡… This Narcissistic Sociopathic Demagogic Egomaniac and Serial, Habitual, Compulsive Pathological Lying Orange Man-Child and WANNABE DICKTATOR-N-THIEF… Is Not Only a Disgrace to our Country… But he's also a Disgrace to the Human Race!!!😝😜😣😒😡… UUUGGGHHH!!!…

    The Very Sight or Sound of T-rump is Sooo Extremely Nauseatingly Repulsive!!!😝😜😣😒😡… So PLEASE!!!…


  • beautiful life Post author


  • Mike Dunigan Post author

    His lawyers are cheap because they aren't supposed to win. Just make the case take as long as possible and cost as much as they can. It's just court supported abuse.

  • sekee clarke Post author

    There is absolutely no logical reason to support this man for anything : His supporters are so brainwashed .. I believe if he told the Republican Party “ Guys eat your own waste and we will MAGA “ …. 50% of them will do it if that’s what will put him back in office …. These sheep’s are crazy and evil… Unbelievable!!!

  • Maciu Vatu Post author

    You Americans need to wake up and kick this lunatic, Trump, out of the White House.  He ordered the killing of that Iranian to divert attentions away from the Impeachment process against him now underway.  His is even prepared to put the whole international relations at risk just to see things go his way.  He's mad . . .!!!

  • GolDreadLocks Post author

    If Bill Cosby, all these producers/celebrities aren't getting away/dismissed, why should he!!!???

  • Nil Tan Post author

    Trump don’t respect to all ladies except his daughter!

  • D Change Post author

    Trump is guilty. Lock trump up

  • smokeyvelvet42 Post author

    The pussy grabber has to go to jail or sued for his entire forutne.

  • Deb Blake Post author

    This just never ends with him.

  • None Ya Post author

    We literally have a criminal as President. Its not even a question. It is amazing, just going back to basics, he adulterated while his wife was pregnant with porn stars and playboy playmates? And people are like🤷🏽‍♂️ok sheesh he has brought us down to the swamp with him.

  • Akeel Taylor Post author

    The reason trump always has the worst lawyers is because he will only hire people willing to do something illegal or ridiculous. And jets face it any high powered attorney isn’t going to risk their reputation or law license following orders from this moron.

  • Happy Golden-Mountain Post author

    You can’t charge me for murder …. cause I’m in Florida…. I killed that person in New York.

  • M Nannette Post author

    He defamed her over the world. He knew where his words would be broadcast.

  • michael hyatt Post author

    WHAT … Women don't like SELF ABSORBED FUCKIN IDIOTS Grabbing their PUSSY..

  • Keith Perdue Post author

    My gawd, it never stops does it? Such a prime example of a true "god-send", huh? Yeah, it makes sense a god would send an adulterous sexual predator crime boss wanna be, huh?

  • Otis Hall Post author

    Why not go after Trump shit they went after Bill Cosby after 40 fucking years.

  • Lonny Fuller Post author

    Really you can sue someone for something that happened decades earlier. And to address a couple of comments below the only ones that need thrown out of office are the traitors and criminals in the Democratic party

  • Richard Alexander Post author

    The Predator-in-chief, Spanky Bonespurs, needs to be removed from office, or the POS will have taxpayer funded security for the rest of his disgusting life.

  • Claudette Post author

    He’s a cheap criminal, among other things.

  • Timothy Kozlowski Post author

    This woman is nothing more then a liar, who was trying to sell a book.

  • Asseyez-vous Post author

    Correct me if I misheard, but you said the lawyers went into court and said she was defamed in WA, right? If they actually said that, then they admitted defamation in front of a judge, therefore 🎃 is GUILTY – his 'lawyers' admitted it – case closed!

  • Norma Woods Post author


    The trumpet is not above the LAWS!!::: LOL

    So it's okay for these rapist to walk FREE!!:::
    What if the trumpet were attack, will their rapist go to jail???::: LOL

  • bigraviolees Post author

    Conservative judges are all bias brown shirts who kiss right wing powers rears

  • David Doscher Post author

    It's not a bug. it's a feature. He does this through his lawyers is just to delay, delay, delay

  • CHITO 1er Post author

    Most if not all of your messages are full of shit all of you need to wake up from that dream .

  • Anaru Ngamotu Post author


  • Peter Ford Post author

    Sue us? She's suing Trump, not us,, the lawyers. Why does it seem when Trump gets help from legal, they end up paying the price and he walks away. He needs to be hung just one damn good time. He always gets away with some wispy fine,, when he should go to jail. Spend a year or so in a jump suit.

  • Humans inpain Post author

    This is, by far, the most ignorant, dangerous, and, obviously, GUILTY person the people have ever elected in the history of the United States.

  • edna torain Post author

    sick president send him to jail

  • Kat E E Post author

    This women is looney tunes. Has anyone followed her sick life. She is crazy. Dear lord, he wouldn’t look twice at her she’s a skagg. Get real.

  • Nancy Whitty Post author

    I saw a recent photo of her wearing the coat she had on when the assault happened. She never dry cleaned it, I'll bet. How long does DNA remain viable?

  • E L Post author

    Letting an assailant get away is NEVER the right advice. Fuck off with that shit. Are you kidding??

  • Kat E E Post author

    Why aren’t you exposing the Clinton’s? You want real truth? Come to Arkansas. Your barking up the wrong tree. So your the problem not the solution.

  • Tanisha Lenford Post author

    She still has the outfit that has never been washed! Think about that🤔🤔

  • Angelique Cantrell Post author

    No you keep the case open who is Trump why he feel that he can get away with anything judge proceed

  • Stefan Tasev Post author

    Do you realise people what actually happens?!?! This man do a crimes all the time, lie all the time and he is a president!???!!! Is that what the children and your people will learn?!?! Is that what the people of USA will accept?! Double standards?!?! This one is guilty but the other one is not because he is a rich. And he is a rich because he is a lier and a criminal. And he can do whatever he wants, and he is above the low. Untouchable?!?! And all we just watching?! No consequences?!? Is that world so crazy?!?!

  • Vince Kilcrease Post author

    Yes You are dismissed, 'present' -dent.

  • Lawrence Jones Jones Post author

    Trump is a whack job his lawyers are not of good quality he will probably win anyway it's all RIGGED

  • James Vigio Post author

    I heard he was a criminal crook before he got elected is any body surprise 😃

  • Yours Truly The #1 Pony Post author

    More like his team of ass kissers

  • Ken Bugbee Post author

    More false accusations with
    no evidence,
    no witnesses and no verification.
    Nothing new here.

  • Robb K Post author


  • Jackie B Post author

    That's Tha Shit that has stop ALL RICH BUYING OFF PEOPLE KEEP DIRT HIDDEN !! Having money rich thinks they BUY Any and All PEOPLE KEEP TRUTH In !! Some Never See Light Day !! Pay Off , Threats

  • CHITO 1er Post author

    Your all full of shit

  • Annetta Talsma Post author

    He is still not above the law

  • abram neufeld Post author

    you little snowflakes are melting go find you a job

  • Kathleen Donahue Post author

    He’s an awe full human being
    Judge Kavenaugh can back Trump up
    What a sad country we live in where he gets away with this shit time and again

  • Vencanletsplay after the dark Post author

    I don't want another Trump, throw him out of the White House, I will help you to kick his butt out of the White House with my own ugly shoes.

  • Peter Breis Post author

    I never get why people work for people like Trump.

    Is it a basic IQ test that you feel compelled to fail?

  • john silcox Post author

    Trump is not mentally right .

  • wakeup people Post author

    Is this a verbal bribe? Suggestion: Why don't 45 do the judge like he does everyone else, offer money, that may work. 🤑 😉

  • Brian M Post author

    I don't like trump..but a claim of defimation from 3 decades ago shouldn't come forward with out a confirmed criminal case first. It's kind of like OJ trile found innocent but yet has to pay?(yes we know he guilty but not the point.)

  • Robert Stevenson Jr Post author

    Oh he did?….Well, we'll see what happens

  • Zeus 1455 Post author

    Don't you get it yet? He can do and say whatever the hell he wants because you cowardly Americans allow him to

  • Mara Pemberton Post author

    Trump is too cheap to hire lawyers who are worth their salt. He also hires lawyers who reflect his character traits such as be in a DB.

  • TheTruthMatters! Post author

    Drumpf and his team of shysters.

  • Gretchen Murray Post author

    His lawyers are morons and smart attorneys wouldn't represent him for all the money in the world.

  • riwm45 Post author

    7 of them?????? Nuts…

  • Janet Burrus Post author

    Well, I guess Trump really believed that he could Shoot somebody in New York and get away with it. Huh? "Don't believe the Hype Donald." Well I guess again, somebody forgot to tell Donnie Boy; "You attract What You Are in Life, Not What You Want." What is HE? A CRIMINAL!!! What are his Associates? "CRIMINALS."

  • Gin Denton Post author

    This is why cops adore Donald Trump because there's no such thing as sexual assault

  • Gin Denton Post author

    Hey, you want to see some defamation of character take the pigs in Texas that you're working with to Federal Court. You become the defendant not only you are defamed your entire family is defined in federal court.women are not included in the Constitution and Bill of Rights we do not have rights here

  • Frankie Clayton Post author

    That is called bribery covering up wrong Jesus Christ talks about in proverbs the gospel commands covenant holy word of God Jesus the holy spirit

  • Jason Jones Post author

    This is beyond disgraceful. That bastard penned her to the wall with his shoulder and screwed her just like he has done to dozens of other women. He violently raped those women, sexual assault does not begin to describe what donald trump is getting away with.

  • Dennis Bakker Post author


  • Paul Byl Post author

    Trump is a dirty old man should he in jail be

  • bernadette thomas Post author

    They need to stop his madness, he is getting away with to much dirt.

  • Lena P Post author

    Isn't that nice would criminals able to ask judges to drop the case.. why did nobody think of that earlier

  • Samsonian Post author

    Trump doesn’t want attorneys, he wants fixers…Roy Cohns.

  • lentruthbtold riv Post author

    Oh no, according to trumptard if he did not say it himself then you can't blame him.

  • Alice Clark Post author

    Great piece of shit rapist gets to squirm out of one illegal act after another . I am deeply depressed a government for the people, by the people only seems to apply to the super rich . The rest of us are just fodder

  • N Lee Post author

    Poor Melania. I know she wake up every morning hoping this twat Is DEAD.
    I feel extra bad for her because she has to blow this Mother Lover.

  • Jay D Post author

    Guess, #45, think 🤔 this is a Fake Case. But reality is going to hit him very soon 🤘🏽💯

  • Archangel Waiting Post author

    Re: Epstein and Court Filing : Jane Doe v. Trump and Epstein (1:16-cv-04642, SDNY)

    It wasn’t suicide … unless he was warned that death threats against his family would be carried out if he didn’t do it … but he had several bones broken in his neck … if he strangled himself somehow by twisting something around his own neck that was purportedly tied to the end of his bed, then knelt down to pull it tight enough … his neck would not be broken.

    There is considerable documented evidence, including court case filings, to support the theory that Trump could be responsible for this as Epsteins’ testimony may have incriminated him in multiple cases of rape of under-age girls … while some speculate about others being involved they have no evidence to back up their claims … here is what we already know about Trump and Epstein from information and court filings released prior to his election, and soon after …

    “A judge has ordered a status conference hearing into a lawsuit submitted by a woman who claims Donald Trump raped her when she was 13-years-old in 1994.”

    Federal Judge Ronnie Abrams has ordered the hearing for 16 December in a New York court. She has asked for both sides to provide information to assist the Court in advancing the case to settlement or trial.

    In the lawsuit the plaintiff, identifed by the pseudonym Jane Doe, alleges Mr Trump "initiated sexual contact" with her at four different parties when she was 13.

    At the fourth encounter, she alleges he tied her to a bed "then proceeded to forcibly rape" her.

    She says she was lured to the parties, held by billionaire-paedophile Jeffrey Epstein – who is also a defendant in the case – "by promises of money and a modeling career".

    What is Donald Trump's response? Mr Trump has repeatedly denied the allegations. “As I have said before, the allegations are categorically untrue and an obvious publicity stunt aimed at smearing my client,” Alan Garten, Mr Trump’s attorney, told “In the event we are actually served this time, we intend to move for sanctions for this frivolous filing.”

    In the lawsuit a witness named as Tiffany Doe alleges she saw both Mr Trump and Epstein repeatedly rape the plaintiff.

    The plaintiff's third filing of the lawsuit adds a third witness, referred to in court documents as Joan Doe, who says she can corroborate the accusations.

    “In the 1994-95 school year, I was told by the plaintiff in Jane Doe v. Trump and Epstein (1:16-cv-04642, SDNY) that the plaintiff was subject to sexual contact by the Defendants at parties in New York City during the summer of 1994,” she said in a declaration, according to

    Jane Doe withdrew her case only days prior to the election when her lawyer cited numerous death threats against her and her family by people working for Trump.

    “A woman who is suing Donald Trump for allegedly raping her as a child abandoned a plan to speak publicly on Wednesday, citing death threats.”

    The woman, known by the pseudonym Jane Doe, hid from media who were invited to her lawyer’s Los Angeles office for a press conference in which she was expected to reveal her identity.

    Instead, her attorney, Lisa Bloom, cancelled the event in a brief, apologetic statement to a phalanx of cameras.

    “Jane Doe has received numerous threats today as have all the Trump accusers that I have represented. She has decided she is too afraid to show her face. She has been here all day, ready to do it, but unfortunately she is in terrible fear. We’re going to have to reschedule. I apologize to all of you who came. I have nothing further.”


  • SirRawLee TheWalrus Post author

    You don't have to be present to be sued. The police can send a ticket to a person in the mail so that means you don't even have to be present to get a ticket. Unsigned document.

  • M C Post author

    He’s achieved a substantial goal here.
    Trump is undoubtedly the bigliest, most perfectly hated and caricatured dumbass in US political history. That was a high bar, but you’ve managed to beat it.
    Congratulations, you reached the top of the heap. The s#!t heap.

  • mvtelectra Post author

    Unfortunately, None of the women that Trump has sexually assaulted will EVER see justice. As of now , this jackass is being treated like he is the second coming of Christ himself.

  • Tony Spadafino Post author

    Who about throwing the book at him .

  • Bob Buff Post author

    FAKE NEWS, no facts, and just hearsay ROF is a bias demorat so-called news crap. FAKE!

  • Jesse O Post author

    White justice repealing the limitations to convict a black man for sexual assault. Why isn't that ok for white freeks?
    Creepers ☠

  • Bunkiebe Post author

    We need to turn his sorry orange ass over to Iran. That is what would be right in a lawful land. But the sorry piece of shit is above the law.

  • Gilly 1 Post author

    Why did he "move" to Florida? What an ass – hat!

  • Ki'lana Malakina Post author

    Americans have the intellectual capacity of a cashew

  • Eagle Post author

    That SOB always saying "She's not my type" obviously Dumb Donald "You're not their type". Apparently None of your 3 wives (including exes) want you either. Incidentally everybody can't be wrong. P grabber.

  • Daniel Johnsen Post author

    They are probably good attorneys it's just that Donald Trump is so indefencable, no one is able to defend him.

  • Terri Seaton Post author

    Trump hires the best and cheapest attorneys. He has money by not spending it.

  • Autumn Anderson Post author

    Hope she is able to get Tramp. ✊🏻

  • Sara Sarah Post author

    Wow what a guy…lol

  • Priyam D Post author

    It is quite clear how it works. She was confident that the NY Justice dept is all sold out to Trumpster and there is no chance of getting justice. Trump can really shoot someone on 5th avenue and walk free. Well done America. For all that matters to me you are no better than India. If America can not punish this serial criminal then at the very least it should stop meddling in rest of the World.

  • L S Post author

    It shouldn't matter where, if, she sues Trump in hell, Trump will have to burn in HELL

  • Priyam D Post author

    Trump does not need good lawyers (or for that matter any lawyers) because he owns the judge! That is what the lady was advised in the first place and she agreed. Trump can tweet his defense and get clean chit from whichever court in the US/World. History has many examples to prove that such law less people end in a law less manner. That too is a bad thing for law abiding people.

  • Bernard Leger Post author

    Dozens of women are accusing POS POTUS of sexual assaults, nothing happens. 80 women are accusing Weinstein, goes to trial and he nay go to jail…is 80 the magic number? The laws seem to protect men, as a man I find that shameful.

  • Tyler Jensen Post author

    Where does Trump find these morons for lawyers in the Yellow Pages and to make it clear for the Younglings it's called a phone book we had those before cell phones

  • Chatty Cathy Post author

    Traitorous trump has got to go BEFORE he gets US ALL killed…he's a pathological liar!!

  • talltomtroyny Post author

    I thought NY just extended the statute of limitations limits, and that would now apply in this case.

  • Bobby Decker Post author

    This man is a evil bastard!

  • Mohamad Isa Sulaiman Post author

    What a man..!!.this guy have multi-interest orgasm..!!

  • Michele Smith Post author

    Not sexual assault, say it rape, its an ugly word for an ugly deed, rape!

  • Kim Smith Post author

    His lawyers love his money more then the law.

  • playlists Post author

    Everyone with an axe to grind should sue trump now.. like scientology does

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