Trump Aide Capitol Hill: As Reports Find Giuliani Is Under Federal Investigation | Deadline | MSNBC

Trump Aide Capitol Hill: As Reports Find Giuliani Is Under Federal Investigation | Deadline | MSNBC

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100 thoughts on “Trump Aide Capitol Hill: As Reports Find Giuliani Is Under Federal Investigation | Deadline | MSNBC

  • Joaquin Valdez Post author

    I don't know how the Republican party can say that there was a nothing Burger on the Mueller report. Mueller said specifically that he cannot indict a sitting president he also had 10 counts of obstruction of Justice against him. He instructed his people not to testify or show up or blocks subpoenas That doesn't sound like an innocent man

  • Patricia roe Post author

    Trump could do everyone a favor, just resign and go to Scotland and golf for the rest of his life. Good broadcast and update on the scandal.

  • BlueBaron3339 Post author

    You can tell that Michael Schmidt is more writer than on-screen pundit because he's always wearing that same black knit jacket every danged day. Great reporter though.

  • hussin said Post author

    Impeach him! Impeach him! Impeach him!…lets chants.

  • Walt Schmidt Post author

    Trump is getting re-elected….

  • Robert Millar Post author

    Rudy is most likely finished … what a sad way for a legendary mayor to end his career (and perhaps freedom).

  • Vee Cee Post author

    The more dirt on Trump, the better. Perhaps if there is enough, Trump supporters might see the light.

  • Vee Cee Post author

    Shades of Watergate..

  • CipherBytes Post author

    Ghouliani defending a crime boss is…..well……ironic. It just proves he was a dirty guy all along.

  • DonalD MagneSS Post author

    The public shift is showing in math , that because it was a declaration of war , but not declared …instead of an army it was an assassination strike against America …to poison it , while nobody would notice in time , because of the nature of the attack , the public at large of America is slow to react but now they are seeing the effects of war, in their entire social structure , hence the shift ….

  • DianeD08 Post author

    Trump in federal jail….very soon.

  • velcro kearns Post author


  • wily wascal Post author

    To borrow a favorite line from an old Adam Sandler movie, "I fear you greatly underestimate the sneakiness of Total Loser to blow up his own life raft!"
    Or, for a more literary look: The wall Trump is building is in reality around him, trapping himself within the confines of public disdain, disgust, disapproval, and utter contempt, which he lays down brick by brick, turd after turd, in endless succession. Edgar Allen Poe would have been mighty proud.

  • Chris Ragner Post author

    Theory: Trump is moved by a secret attempt by Religious Right Conspiracy to begin the battle of Armageddon. Syrian land occupied by Russia, Turkey and Iran turning their eyes towards Israel. Thoughts?

  • Steve Harkleroad Post author

    More fake news

  • Double A Ron Post author


  • Jasper Jack Post author

    All lies…the best fake news. There are many thousands among you that are secret Trump voters. It's ok to hate him in front of your friends but it's how you vote in private is what counts. We understand.

  • josmary flores Post author

    Rudy's partners remind me of the two thiefs from home alone 😅😅😂😂

  • Katie Metcalfe Post author

    It's the "blind" part of loyalty that is a big problem.

  • Kathryn Quinn Post author

    I nominate Marie Yovanovich for the Athena award, the goddess of war. If it wasn’t for her and her warrior spirit, none of the others would have come out of their caves, where they were quaking in their sneakers. The testimony of these people will start a Humpty Dumpty effect.

  • Robert Johnson Post author

    Fake News the people are tired Trump 2020 all the way

  • Bill Murphy Post author

    Where is the comprimât that made him abandon Syria against the obvious wishes of his Senatorial protection?

  • aman andom Post author

    They all are corrupt and love their belly more than their Country. So they will try to fix his Mistake in Syriya and keep him in office.

  • Anon 1966 Post author


  • James Kellenberger Post author

    I think. Maybe it could be interpreted…. investigating someone we guess it might be. Maybe it could…. associated… if… might. Lol

  • J C Post author

    TRUMP IS GOD…. TRUMP 2020..

  • Tzvi Krasner Post author

    Trump's really convinced himself that the Senate Republicans won't turn on him. Either that, or he's trying to get through Putin's wish list before he resigns.

  • Who am I ? No one! Post author

    An American horror story we are living. The night mare never ends. It just gets worse. "Oh Death where is thy victory , oh death where is the sting ?"

  • Jeremiah Lim Post author

    Very very big money to hammer GBP…Keep very close eye

  • will well Post author


  • Erin apple Post author

    But Trump is the Greatest President Ever !

  • John Kurtz Post author

    Rudy took his arrested henchmen to President Bush's funeral. Jeb said that they were not invited. There's a picture of trumpPAB with one of rudy's henchmen with trump BEFORE the campaign. They need a good long investigation

  • dimples135 Post author

    A great percent of the American Public do not see it wrong, Why, because of a failed Education System, which means, "We have more dumb Americans than we do Smart ones, bottom line! Everytime I hear someone on TV saying, "why, can't people see this happening?" Duh…….. Precisely my point. We 25% smart Americans, 75% idiots. FIX THE EDUCATION SYSTEM!!!!!!!!

  • gary brown jr Post author

    This woman has no Upper Lip

  • Darling Dear Post author

    15:00 Why public opinion swinging now in favor while it was not during 2 years of Mueller probe ? Because now Pelosi is moving forward with it, while first 2 years House Republicans were nothing but enablers

  • Kris Lee Post author

    Let's hurry up and flush this big orange giant turd down the toilet

  • stone hombre Post author

    What drove of Trump's people went to jail? You guys really are Fake News. Nice Ratings Too!

  • PeacockPoverty Post author

    Who's FAKE now?

  • Joe Belton Post author

    Before any justice can be done Barr has to go!!! Barr will never hold any of the Trump thugs accountable because he is one of them!!!

  • silverbird Post author

    Why should Trump task the State Dept, FBI or CIA to investigate what he has reasons to believe is an ongoing coup?

  • Christopher bell Post author

    Get your U.S.airfouse out of how U.K.RAF Bases. Chris London England.

  • Tony Dinh Post author

    Everything Trump has is from his father.

  • Butch Lane Post author

    "I will surround myself only with the best and most serious people." – said the man who's personal attorney is under criminal investigation, though not to be confused with his former attorney who is currently in jail. Guiliani and DJT have both been married several times each as a reaction of them both cheating on their wives. If their own families are unable to trust them how might anyone else.?

  • Colin wobbles Post author

    Trump 2020

  • May day Post author

    Lies, lies and more lies. Media is ALWAYS helping the Democrats. Who is dumb enough to believe this?

  • healthcare sucks Post author

    Ha ha ha fake 😜 news at it's finest 😜.

  • Adrienne Bolles Post author

    Giuliani is such a fool. Cultivated by Ukraine as an unregistered foreign agent. Means spy.

  • Tommy Hayfield Post author

    I feel invigorated by so many people feeling the vibes as the Feds close in on #Trump. I am shocked by his behavior and am equally shocked who he surrounds himself with. I never understood #corruption until Trump became the President. I am shocked everyday. SHOCKED!

  • Big Dick Post author

    10/10 would nut again

  • Arie Balk Post author

    Al nonsens.

  • Salvatore Patterson Post author

    Monica was to Clinton like Trump is to Putin!

  • Richard Cory Post author

    It does not matter how long or how serious the Trump rap sheet is. The Republikkkans will never remove Trump as they are his creatures. He is their idol. The Senate is effectively his property. It does not matter how big the poll margins are for impeachment and removal. However the Republikkkans don't mind seeing plenty of rest of the Administration and associates go down.

  • bicanoo_magic Post author

    All I can see is Americans are a danger to themselves. Most have the IQ of a plant and buy right into this two party politics like a football team fan. Idiots can't see the flowers for the trees. You call it " the greatest country in the world!". NOOOOOOO it's THE most fu&*ked up country in the world. Your political system is a joke. Nothing gets done. they just screw around with votes, the system, none of you guys have the intention to do anything for the people first and foremost. My country just hums along in the meantime. I found out they balanced the budget the other day and BTW, the balance of payments is well on its way down. Unemployment at a record low, economy booming, stupid growth, and as for Medicare for All we've had that for almost half a century!…and it only costs every tax payer less than 3% of their salary. No body cares about that amount. because you will need it at some point.

  • A R T Post author


  • Karline H. Post author

    What do you know about the situation in the middle east, Baby, and why are you concerned with it? Your just a talking head who sais what she is told, cash in your salary and go home, never giving a second thought about the lies you just spread…

  • jukey Post author

    He wants to go back 100 years? The draft dodging, treasonist lying friend to dictators & enemy of America, should be hung in the public square.

  • john maher Post author


  • David Brisbane Post author

    I don't see any women betraying the country. We need more women in goverment.

  • USA1 TRUMP 2020 Post author


  • DR Groce Post author

    Trump needs too be removed ASAP!

  • Ummer Farooq Post author

    Guiliani should go to jail for drag

  • Janet Kortright Post author

    Came to see how much info was leaked to you from closed secret testimony……lol

  • Aleta Thomas Post author

    For the amount of daming evidence that is being found and reported on about corrupt Trump, I sure hope some of it sticks, he's gotten away with murder so far.

  • Janet Kortright Post author

    If's, is all that you try to turn into news…

  • Janet Kortright Post author

    Heres some actual news you never share with your audience…Judge last week gave McCabe 38 days to report to his imprisonment….also big corps say if Warren is the candidate they with sit out or vote for Trump….

  • Janet Kortright Post author

    Keep spinning and spinning and get lots of practice because you're gonna need the experience to spin the IG report that's coming!!!

  • eking Post author

    Con-artist Donald Trump has no way to go. To silence him and his gang is put them in prison.

  • Joel Sattler Post author

    "TRUTH ISN'T TRUTH!!!!!" – a real quote from Rudy Giuliani

  • Bruce Wing Post author

    Obama holdover is going to be investigated for corruption in Ukraine! Rudy ,as his personal attorney has the right to investigate in Ukraine! New York doesn't matter! The Clinton's were corrupting The Ukrainians to kick up dirt on trump and Manofort!

  • Therese Van Vleet Post author

    How far Rudy has fallen!!! From America's mayor to America's villain.

  • Marguerite Galimitakis Post author


  • Vera Schmidt Post author

    If ISIS attacks the USA, I hope one of tRUMP's ivory towers is it's target!!

  • Richard Hardy Post author

    Trump is as bad as most of you say however save Tulsi Gabbard seeing the Democrat's trying to take his place makes me want to vote Trump even more, all Israeli puppets.

  • Thelma Gayle Post author

    Donald Tramp only like you if he can use you, Michael Cohen told you all as in the case now with Julianne and many more .the same thing will happen to all you trumpies ,make a lots of great promises, then throw you all under the bus

  • Peggy Trawick Post author

    Joe Biden’s son is working in Ukraine, which needs help and gets it from California

  • Gina Ke Post author

    I hope Rudy flips like Simone Biles

  • Peggy Trawick Post author

    Trump is a shadow of crimes

  • Julie Anne Post author

    Put all these criminals in jail! Trump first!

  • Ad Rock Post author

    He lost me long ago when he mocked the disabled reporter and from then on it’s just been a show of how money doesn’t buy class we are way better than this

  • Ashim Chakravorty Post author

    will trump be charged with war crimes , when will he be removed from the white house ………waiting…….k.c.

  • Stevie Justamann Post author

    Your just like CNN…. Lairs ! and your watchers are dumb as bricks!

  • A Rogers Post author

    Gotta give the liar in chief credit, he sent Giuliani to investigate corruption and he found it, two very major perpetrators first one's name rhythms with chump and the second one is in direct line of sight when he looks in the mirror.

  • Jay Gibson Post author

    Hill was not even there.

  • Clown Around Post author

    MSNBC seems to want America to stay in Syria forever. It's good that Assad and the kurds are working together against Turkey. America failed to change the regime and had no route to change that.

  • michael paton Post author

    Do they realize that impeaching Trump means he can run for a second and third term?

  • Gary Hughes Post author

    It simply amazes me how this disgusting excuse for a man ever made it into the White House. It's something out of a nightmare. Correct this travesty America, support the impeachment. Jail Trump, his family and all of his sycophant followers and start afresh. Give Barr the same protection that he gave Trumps buddy (Epstein, the child molester) and use the same crew of assassins on him.

  • MrCallipygous Post author

    Tutti frutti, oh Rudy
    Tutti frutti, oh Rudy

    A-Wop bop a loo bang boom behind bars!

    Predicted by Little Richard back in '55

  • Jennifer Gallagher Post author

    Keep the hoax going MSDNC it's working. Most Americans want to bury democrats at the polls in 2020. It'll be something to watch as MSDNC cries the bitter tears of defeat in a way that's never been seen in American politics before. Make sure to keep up the hoax for your all of you loyal 10 viewers.

  • Peter Lester Post author

    Giuliani does not have Top Secret clearance to represent the State Department! Trump is a crook! Sad that Giuliani agreed to be Trumps puppet!

  • Harold Fennell Post author

    Giuliani is trying to find some water, to put out the missive fire up his,,,,, [`Back- side`]

  • Cathline Johnson Post author

    All of them need to be under federal investigation #asap this don't make no sense well the rabbit is out the hat now they all need to come clean n clean house immediately. We don't need no one else running for president if they not going to put America 1st n the American people, yeah where are they getting all this money from?? I'm looking at the white house n the government real funny right now hum

  • oneandatwoanda Post author

    Don the Con has lost his teflon touch. Now it's just him in his soiled nappies in the oval office. Everyone is looking at you Donnie!

  • Relaxation Station Post author

    😂Get Him Girls!😂

    😍Pelosi For President!😍

    😍Pelosi – Warren 2020, A Totally Unbeatable Ticket!😍

  • Dane Hart Post author

    the never ending impeachment plans , they f up the nation for 40 or 50 years these old white peoples record of messing it up will continual fail

  • Paddy S Post author

    Oh what a tangled web we weave when we falter to deceive.

  • Marco Zavala Post author

    I don't like trump any more that any one on this tread, but I think most people are falling for propaganda and the narrative that now serves the interest of the elite, there has been stronger reasons to impeach Mr Trump in the past, War crimes like when bombing Syria and there have been even Bigger reason to Impeach other presidents like George Bush son (and most of them for that matter) so now there is a full attack on Donald Trump for having violated the interest of the Elite, come on people don't fall for it so easily……

  • Marco Zavala Post author

    MSMBC like many other media conglomerates are owned by the Elite, they are now in full mode to impeach president Trump, not that the guy is innocent by any stretch of the imagination, keep dividing and conquering the people of this Nation……

  • Adam oktay Post author

    I can't wait for trump movie

  • SuperBullaMan Post author

    Trump Tosses off Homeless Whooping Cranes from the Ukraine!!

  • Michael Paton Post author

    Surprised that suddenly the left are the hawks.

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