Tour of the University of Bristol Law School, inside the Wills Memorial Building.

Tour of the University of Bristol Law School, inside the Wills Memorial Building.

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I’m Raeesa Rajmohamed and I’ve just completed
my first term here at the University of Bristol Law School. I’d love to show you around.
The University of Bristol’s Law School is based in one of the city’s most iconic landmarks
– the Wills Memorial Building. It feels a great privilege to study in such
a fantastic building – the more you look, the more you see.
This is the grand entrance with the spectacular double stairway. It’s also home to the Porters’ Lodge. ‘Hi, how are you?’ ‘Not too bad, and yourself?’ The Porters keep a close eye on the comings
and goings here, and are a great source of help and information. ‘Thank you so much. Take care, bye!’. The ground floor is home to Earth Sciences,
but you may find you have some tutorials and lectures down here as well. The spectacular Great Hall is where really
big lectures and events are held. There are other grand reception rooms for
talks, debating and mooting competitions. I loved using the old Council Chamber for
our Hunt Cup debating competition. Keep your fingers crossed for our team after
the holiday – and even last week we had a law networking event which was great to meet
with different partners of the firms. And there are different common rooms for undergraduate
or postgraduate, which is great to eat lunch in between lectures.
The grand library is an inspiration in more ways than one. And this is where you’ll
find friends in between tutorials On the second floor you have the admin offices
for anything like handing in essays or room bookings
Up on the third floor we have a variety of seminar and tutorial rooms where you get to
discuss topics in a more detailed manner than in lectures.
Head of School. The building is pretty large, but you’ll
soon get to know where your lecturers and tutors live.
Although they say there are some secret passageways and staircases that only the porters know!
If you ask nicely, or join a tour, the top of the tower is definitely worth a visit. The Wills Memorial Tower is home to Bristol’s
biggest bell. E flat, in case you’re wondering.
Back down to earth, and you can see what a phenomenal location the Law School is in.
We’re right in the heart of one of the nicest parts of the city, Clifton Triangle…. And near all the other University faculties
and facilities. So that concludes our tour of the Wills Memorial
Building. I can tell you I’ve only been here for a term and I already love it. I’ve
had so many fantastic opportunities and the people are wonderful. So why not see for yourself?

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