Top Current Affair 2018 | (January – December) Trending Topics 2018

Top Current Affair 2018 | (January – December) Trending Topics 2018

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Hey Everybody! I am Priya & you are watching FInology Legal. Today’s video is dedicated competitive exams that I had to face for my 12th standard, graduation & post-graduation, and even after them. In today’s video we are going to talk about current affairs of 2018. The lay out of today’s video has been planned with competitive exams in mind. all of the current affairs have been divided under 6 heads. Also, the question format has been carefully selected to be one liner format like- who is the current governor of RBI, who is the chairman of Competition commission of India, who is chairman of UPSC etc. so that when you jot down this information in your note book, you time is saved in writing and during doing revisions. So quickly bring out your notebooks and pens and let’s get started! Lets begin with the important Appointments made during 2018. On the left hand sign of the screen, you will see the name of the posts where allotments have been made and on the right hand side I will one by one tell you the names of the appointees. Before that, Mr. O.P. Rawat was the Chief Election Commissioner. Now, some candidates have been re-elected in elections in our neighbouring countries, for e.g. ISRO, which has been central theme of of multiple current events, its chairman is Now lets have a look at the members of the collegium of the Supreme Court. There are 5 members. Lets take a look at other important appointments. After Nawaz Sharif has been convicted to prison, Pakistan’s new Prime Minister is Imran Khan. Now, National Testing Agency, which is a newly formed body, which is going to conduct many national level exams. its chairperson is In 2nd Category, we have Events. All the Summits, conferences, International Days, events, i have included all of them in this category. . Now lets take a look at all the important events that took place in 2018.

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