TOP 3 Golden Buzzer Judge Cuts America’s Got Talent 2017

TOP 3 Golden Buzzer Judge Cuts America’s Got Talent 2017

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hi I’m Kelly Kahoot are you okay a little bit less nervous than last time or more nervous because now we’re like only one step away from the live show a little whiner here is actually what’s so excited what are you singing for us today I’m going to be singing girl on fire by Alicia Keys as well perfect well I’m jelica I wish you good luck today yeah like a highway isn’t living it elites on fire they’re weak sad to see but you know she can fly away oh he gotta be on the ground is burning it down [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] everybody can see board vibe your eyes [Music] yeah [Music] [Applause] [Music] ah [Music] dang [Music] what do you think I mean I’m so I’m so blown away because you walk out and there’s this like you know you’ve got these like sneakers on you look like an adorable little child and then you open your mouth it’s like how do those pipes fit in that tiny body you are unbelievable I just feel like Angelica you are the chosen one [Applause] she’s flying [Applause] useful garden is believing and I remember your name is Celine and your sister’s name is Dion right yeah because you guys are all a little bit obsessed with Celine Dion disagree so which Celine Dion song are you singing for us today well today I’m not saying a Celine Dion song I’m thinking how am I supposed to live without you oh I wish you the best of luck [Applause] [Music] I believe big whenever news today oh man get it breaking news I don’t wanna know deplorable dreamin [Music] [Applause] and I can say [Music] [Applause] [Music] kappa Oh [Applause] [Music] we the crowd is going crazy for you [Music] first I would like to hear from our very special guest judge Lamar what did you think I just want to eat you up and like take you home we were so adorable and so cute and your voice is amazing you are so talented thank you so much I’m really blown away you are so talented unbelievable so adorable I might go [Applause] welcome back Jade thank you thank you for having me je suis you know you had a really great first audition the song you chosen sides another original yes so this song is called acapella it’s not really acapella yeah it’s really it’s really about me I know I did a song about somebody else yeah the first time but this song is about me is I really just want to be my own artist and making music that people can relate to this mean more to you now you’re here in this middle stage there’s been so much talent here and it’s been so unique and I’m actually really nervous I think you’re a great songwriter so I really hope today’s as good as the first thank you and good luck not receive the best me that I can be walking across a in enough you know that’s what I’m about I’m not aiming to become famous I just want to play anything this the only competition is my stuff I gotta tunnel visioned god I like it done let’s go and I’m thinking everything that I can do to become better [Music] people that do a lot of things they’re talking about summon brings money things I guess it happens when you hit the top become unsatisfied with everything that you’ve already got you think it’s all about the music but you don’t even live this yeah you lie to your friends this is on my shadow you can call that shade I don’t fit for a backpack of ice cones in my contacts I don’t care what they say benadryl angelakeen acapella acapella acapella acapella acapella acapella acapella even if Rihanna like another fella in terms I need to focus on myself in what I need sometimes I feel like my mondays on this won’t understand but I guess the way it goes we try to write like your beat this is my fees don’t ever cut the finally has a rapper get a little bit and I can sauce that but that’s it in about the highlighting about the money me my lyrics but different the cover like a minute I start to see them will say that up with my soul all of in them but I am a ginger you know how that goes I don’t know a guy left and effect yet I don’t care what they say keeping it real under like an acapella acapella acapella other brother are a propellor acapella our capella then it’s real kind of like you know go better we know I do this music say for real and setup without a lot of hit records and let me tell you something the lyrics they so real and authentic like an acapella the way you was breaking it down and I was listening to the words and the way you got the crowd involved and then you came it’s the only song not to lift somebody else’s song you’re on your way to be a star this show and this stage is going to make you a star [Applause] Oh [Applause] Noora Jason Lewis [Applause]

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