Top 15 Abuse PSAs

Top 15 Abuse PSAs

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*giggles* What do you hear? Do you hear a little girl having an orgasm? If so, we’ll do all we can to put you in jail If not Please donate Contact us at Hansel and Gretel dot de Hansel and Gretel against child abuse You’re very popular. What’re you doing with my phone? You wearing that? Don’t wanna look cheap, do you? Now um.. You’re not gonna make a fool of yourself tonight, are you? I love you too much to let you do that Abuse in relationships isn’t always physical. For information and help search, this is abuse G morning sunshine, [wakey-wakey] text me back Hey, did you tell your parents about us? Let’s skip first period together. did you get all my texts? Is practice yet? where you at? Are you with your friends? That’s L a a a a m m e e e Capital x lowercase O capital x lowercase o I love you, Jk. I hate you. Jk Are you ignoring me? We’re in a huge fight right now. Is it something I did? I can see your lights on I’m coming over. What’d you dream about? Lonely Holla back. hollaback. Let’s try something new nude pics Send me some Text me ugh, another pic request! why doesn’t he stop? I know he just keeps going on and on and on Maybe we should just send him one. No way don’t trust him. He did say he loves us doesn’t sound it He could share that with anyone. remember what’s her name? that pic broke the internet everyone saw it her parents, her teachers Poor girl. he’s getting well desperate how he’s calling us frigid what a tit. No one should pressure you to send a revealing picture disrespect nobody. You’ve just witnessed a rapist in action Drug rape is happening. Make sure it doesn’t happen to you hey, come here, I didn’t mean to upset you I’m tired. I said come here Please Patrick. I’m not Gonna ask again. I don’t want to. You know I love you. sex with someone who doesn’t want to is rape. for information and help search: this is abuse Yeah, I’ve been in and out of trouble over the years I do regret it Having a criminal record makes it hard to get a proper job. Let’s face it Sexual assault. I don’t look too good on the old CV, know what I mean Mind you it doesn’t stop me picking up women Millie Cobbler Get a black cab a night bus or call oh two oh seven two two two one two three four for your nearest licensed mini cab office For information about how you can help stop domestic violence, call us What gives him the right to expect that? I’d really been looking forward to a night out with the girls As soon as I saw her I knew she was my type She was flaunting herself like you wouldn’t believe Definitely asking for it I’d felt great going out in that dress I saw him. fancied him Straightaway He bought me a drink and we started flirting. [I] thought he was lush [we] got close on the dance floor and had a few more drinks She said yes to a drink easily enough. She was all over me She wasn’t holding back on those shots Then he asked if he could walk me home. [I] was well chuffed you know She let me walk her home back for coffee you know. I was really looking forward to spending time with him alone just the two of us? I thought she might like it if I took control a Kiss [on] a kettle yeah, but that was all I’d wanted I’d never wanted it to go that far and I told him But he just wouldn’t back off She shouldn’t have kissed me like that. If she hadn’t wanted it to go any further. Why did he have to push it that far? If she hadn’t wanted it, she should have said so sooner you can’t get away with leading a guy on like that i think you would expect sex at the end of the night like that wouldn’t you Rape sexual assault let’s stop blaming the victim visit stop if you’re checking your girlfriend’s phone Telling her who she can and can’t speak to that’s not okay. if your boyfriend’s telling you how to dress that’s not right If someone asks you for a nude pic or keeps wanting you to share one, you shouldn’t have to deal with that. when it comes to sex only an idiot would put pressure on someone. if you turn to violence when your girlfriend disagrees with you That’s not the way to handle it. There’s a person attached to everybody respect both to see more search: disrespect nobody So did you win at football then? Yeah of course we did. well cause you’re the best. yep? Yeah faster so uh join a bit of fun before your parents get back Doing what? you know just a bit of fun. [let’s] [just] watch this [oh] come on What I’ve warned, you frigid ? well, why would you do that? Well you basically are being now. well no not really, cause you’ve already done it Yeah, but you said we were tonight, then you drag me over and now you say it’s not happening. Let’s just watch this I don’t know my mom’s gonna be back. No. I don’t want to. No. I don’t want it. How about a cuddle? What always happens at the end of a cuddle? Well, who’s that? nicole. Oh you and your mates. what are you doing? It’s your fault, that. Mum just got this. Don’t talk to me like that. and anyway, why are you talking to Nicole? You know I don’t like her. So I’m not even allowed friends now. Aren’t you [money]? Can you just let go of me, you’re really hurting me. Leave her alone! Please can you just let go of me alright? What are you doing? Ill do it. You’re gonna have to put some work in to get me ready now. well go on then show me something No, we’re in the corridors of Pale Green and Grey Nowhere in the suburbs in the cold light of day There in the midst of it, so alive and alone word support like bone Dreaming of Mercy Street We’re you’re inside out Dreaming of Mercy Thanks for keeping your mouth shut Thanks for minding your own business Come on. Show me the good ones Thanks for not telling my girlfriend Hi Thanks for not telling anyone When you do nothing, you’re helping him but when you do something, you help her Thanks for telling the bartender Thanks for stopping him. Thanks for telling Hr Thanks for getting help Who will you help? Stop sexual harassment and violence when you see it They’re feral cruel and ruthless. it’s in their nature. It makes me sick well maybe the wandering part is Animals destroying people wives have sterilization, huh? Something needs to be done Shoot a few and if that doesn’t work, shoot a few more Let’s sort these parasites out. to hell with human rights What’s really frightening? Is that every line of dialogue in this film was a comment made by the public on uk newspaper websites about children join our campaign against the demonization of children at Benardos dot org dot uk Keep watching till end I Have crippling Depression wow

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