Top 10 Worst Things Convicts Have Said To A Judge

Top 10 Worst Things Convicts Have Said To A Judge

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Hello welcome back to the Most Amazing channel
on the internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today
we are talking about the Top 10 Worst Things Convicts have said to a judge… and…well..things
can get pretty heated! Before we get into this video, why don’t
you let me know what your favourite prison documentary or drama is… I love Orange is the New Black, but this is
real life! LIKE, share. 10 – I’ll Kill You
This video was uploaded to Youtube in 2010 and shows a convict going off on a female
judge who is having none of him. The video has had nearing 11 million views
and 11 thousand thumbs up. Basically, the convict is standing trial for
attempted murder and has a bit of a hissy fit in court. He says this to the judge. Hope you could make that out over the beeps
we have had to add. He then says this… right. So ….really does threaten to kill the judge
then. Nice one, you’ve probably just earned a
life sentence! 9 – The Convict who threatened to rape and
bomb a judge In May 2017 it was revealed that a Salt Lake
City convict, 47 year old Norman Eric Pierce sent a threatening letter to the judge who
sentenced him to two years in jail. The note to the judge was a threat to rape
her and blow up her courthouse. A second letter outlined that Pierce had 15
guns and tons of ammo. He said he would blow pregnant women, old
people and kids away with them. How he was going to manage that from inside
of a jail cell, we aren’t sure… but this has to be one of the worst things said to
a judge. Anddd this little stunt gave him extra time
on his two years as along with violating his parole and trespassing, charges of making
a threat of terrorism, and an assault against an elected officer were added. Judge Vanessa Dixon probably wished that this
guy would say it and not spray it – we have the convict who spat at number 8. In 2009 in Bourbon County a man, with the
last name Webb, was being tried for attempted murder. Prior to the spitting incident, Judge Dixon
had said “There is no way I am going to try this case or have further proceedings
where I have to see you for one further second.” – have a watch… The judge is visibly shocked. Initially she sends Webb away, but then calls
him back to make him watch her wipe the spit from her face. 7 – Unprofessional and Desperate
While it may not sound as harsh as some of the insults and actions on this list, I think
that actually – this more eloquent put down from a convict is pretty savage. Teenager, Anthony Allen was standing trial
for the murder of Renee Greco when he read out
a statement attacking Niagara County Judge Sarah Sporasa. Allen, who beat Greco with a table leg, apologised
for his actions to the girls family. To the judge, he had this to say – Judge
Sporasa changed the wording of the inditement with hopes that her influence as a judge and
her intimidation as an authority figure would do the trick and persuade the jury into convicting
me. But to any observant person, she made herself
look unprofessional and desperate. Hear it for yourself. Following his attack, Sporasa replied with
nothing but his sentence – 25-life. 6 – Woman who launched at Judge
A video of a woman who attacked a judge at a court hearing in Southern Kentucky was uploaded
to youtube by the associated press in July 2011. At first the Monticello judge is heard telling
the woman who was there for a divorce hearing, that she will be held in contempt of court
if she keeps interrupting. The woman then interrupts again, so the judge
says she will be arrested for contempt of court. The woman then loses it and launches herself
at the judge, trying to scratch out her eyes. The woman is hit in the face and taken down
by police officers who then escort her out of the court room. 5 – N Word
Racial slurs are vile and never acceptable. What idiot would dream of using one in court
in front of a whole bunch of witnesses and a judge? In January 2016 New York Daily News uploaded
a video to their youtube channel of a Kentucky Judge holding a man in contempt of court. As Judge Olu Stevens is trying a separate
person, a defendant screams a racial slur. We obviously aren’t going to play that part
of the clip, but when the defendant in question gets to the stand, this is what the judge
his to say in response. Go on Judge Stevens! Hard no to racism. Threats made to Judge Amber Wolf
I actually really like Judge Wolf. She featured in a previous top 10 I did about
the Top 10 Judges who Lost it in court…so kind of the reverse of this video! She spoke up for an inmate who was denied
trousers and female hygiene products. Anyway, here she is again being a sasspiration
in a Jefferson District County Court, this time with a crazed convict threatening to
kill her and her family. Who knows what you will be able to make out
between those beeps. This guy is a triple homicide suspect…His
voice is reaaaally weird….not that that is the focus here…but he sounds as if he
has been hit in the face with a golf club. Judge Wolf lodges his threat and notes it
for future sentencing – she serves him with contempt of court. Yes, Queen. Don’t bow down to threats. This video was uploaded to youtube by Fox
News in September 2016 and has received 6 million views. My favourite comment is from Marcel Wormsley
who wrote: Wow, way to go Judge. It takes a big person to remain professional
and even courteous through all of that. And a threat as well!? She’s better than I am.? Threw a Backpack at the Judge
A defendant denied the chance to get a lawyer and then attacked the judge offering him time
to get one. In July 2011, June Carson stood before Judge
Marilyn Cassidy in the Cleveland Municipal Court and threw a full, heavy backpack at
her, sending the whole courtroom into meltdown. She isn’t hit but we see her duck under
her table to try and get away from the projectile. By her reaction it seems like she thinks the
defendant may have a weapon and this is just the beginning of an attack. Luckily it wasn’t and the man was apprehended. The man was jailed and held in contempt of
court. A Crippling Disease for Judge Barbara Walther. Warren Jeffs is a convicted felon and child
molesterer. The former president of the Fundementalist
Church of Jesus Christ or Latter Day Saints was placed on the FBIs most wanted list and
was charged with incest, sexual assault and sexual conduct with minors. Two of Jeff’s children have publicly accused
him of sexually abusing them. In his court hearing in 2011, which sadly
– for the purpose of this video, anyway, was not recorded, Jeffs threatened the Judge,
Barbara Walthers life. He said “I have sent a crippling disease
upon her which shall take her life soon… a pox I tell you.” Ummm. He also threatened the court by saying that
they will bring more harm upon themselves than they can imagine if they don’t cease
the proceedings. It seems that Warrn Jeffs believed that he
is a profit. Good old Barbara – the Judge for District
51 in Texas is still very much alive. Profanities to the Judge
OOf what a tirade. In 2014 the Police Center Youtube Channel
uploaded a video showing defendant Christopher Colon launching an absolute tirade of abuse
on the Judge. Broward County Judge John Jay Hurley kind
of spurs him on in my opinion, but none the less, the 27 year old is only making life
worse for himself. The defendant, who was appearing before the
judge for domestic violence charges and breaking a restraining order, swore at the Judge 20
times. Here are some excerpts. He also calls the judge a Puss ass cracker. At one point, a deputy turns off his microphone
but the judge asks for it to be turned back on. As the judge sets an extremely high bond,
then denies bond, he spurs Colon on. He invited the foul mouthed convict by asking
– “ Do you have anything you would like to say.” Colon then replies You aint no Hitler… which
is somewhat baffling. Anyway, his lengthy outburst, which includes
inviting the judge to perform oral sex on him, got him 364 days in prison for contempt
of court. Comments from Scary Things Robots Have Said:
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