Top 10 Times The Judge Lost Control

Top 10 Times The Judge Lost Control

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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing
channel on the internet, I am your Most Amazing Host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking
about the Top 10 Times the Judge Lost Control. This whole thing is pretty crazy for me, in
the UK you can’t film in court, but in good old MERICA, anything is possible….including
screaming you want someone to die! Before we get into the drama of this video,
I just want to share some cool news with you guys – if you are a big fan of the Most
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Shirt, we will sign it for you! We will also have some goodies to give away
to the first bunch of people at our meet up in Toronto. Short and sweet, let’s start with our mate
Judge Judy who has no time for an idiotic mum. When speaking to an irresponsible mother who
lied to her son about who her father is, Judge Judy LOST it. She said…. …… eeeeesh. Harsh words. She also calls the mother one of the most
marginal people she has ever met. Later, she reiterates her point when she screams:
…. Let’s hear it again. YES JUDY. Maybe Moron is like, important lingo among
judges …. They kind of have moron tourettes and just sort of shout it. Whatever Judge Judy was going through is pretty
infectious, cause check out what sassy Judge Rinder had to say at number 9! Getting
serious at number 8, I am fully behind this judge losing it. We have the judge that FREAKED OUT at a Defendant
not being given pants to wear in court, I totally get this judges reaction and to
be honest, she did the right thing. A black woman was brought into custody in
Kentucky and sent to court with no trousers on. The judge is absolutely disgusted at the way
the jail officers have treated the woman, who was also denied feminine Hygiene products. She asks – You can hear from the Judges
voice that she is livid, but she keeps it together very well. She summizes her feelings expertly here…. The judge is so enraged at the way the woman
has been treated, that she changes her sentence to be more lenient. The woman’s rant went viral and made global
news. What happens when a Judge and a Defense Lawyer
Clash…. Well…. Things get pretty awkward at number 7
Judge John Hurley lashed out at lawyer defending a homeless man. The problem is is that the lawyer and the
judge seem to have a history of some kind and the whole exchange no longer becomes about
the homeless man facing flakka possession chargers, but instead becomes a bit of a sass
off between the two men. Judge Hurley first says….roll clip one. Then, his rant continues…. In the end the judge says he does not want
to hear another word. Don’t lie to a judge at number 6…. Judge Frederic Schott dramatically threw out
juries guilty verdict in a DUI case and went OFF at prosecution. The judge was livid at the Sheriff’s department
for not properly testing the allegedly drunk driver and accused the officer of handling
the case of being a liar. He kicks off saying he is dismissing the charge,
despite heavy protests from the jury. His outburst made the news, and he maintained
that the whole case was very fishy. Judge Marilyn Milian had some things to say
at the People’s Court coming up at number 5
Firstly, don’t even try and mainsplain to Marilyn, because she has this to say to you. Clip one…hun! OH…. But don’t even try and lecture here about
respect… clip 2. HOO! Then, finally, when she was done with this
smarmy chap, she totally loses it. Here we go! OH MARILYN! TELL THEM HONEY. Losing it isn’t always about screaming at
someone, sometimes to lose it is to laugh uncontrollably in an inappropriate situation…. Like a courtroom! That is exactly what happened with Judy at
number 4 Judy has pretty much seen it all at this point,
let’s face it! She cackled with laughter when a man seemed
to want money for a car. Here she goes…. Well…. I guess he isn’t getting that new car then? Laughing is one thing, but I have never seen
a judge lose it, break down and cry and hug two defendants….that is what is coming in
to number 3. Is this an American thing? British Judges don’t tend to show much emotion…. I feel like the less emotion the better when
it comes to sentencing… right?! Well…. Not with Judge Marblean. She broke down on her show when speaking to
a mother and daughter. It seems the pair reminded her of her own
relationship with her family….towards the end, as things start getting more emotional,
she starts crying, grabs a tissue then hugs the women. This Judge freaked out after getting flipped
off at number 2. This is why you don’t get sassy with a judge! A Miami woman was charged with possession
of Xanex and when the judge set her bail at 5,000 dollars and dismissed her, she sassily
said, Adios…. To which the judge called her backed and doubled
the bail. It’s beautiful. Roll clip 1. The delinquent woman flipped the judge the
bird and said f you. Hello… the judge called her back again and
had this to say. A lot of people found the punishment to be
harsh, but that is what happens when you pee off a judge! CNN reported on the case and the clip they
uploaded to youtube has had 9 million views. Finally….THE MOST DRAMATIC Judge meltdown
ever – we have I hope you Die in Prison! A judge lost it at a woman who killed her
boyfriend. While standing in the doc, the 31 year old
killer was receiving her sentence for murdering her boyfriend in cold blood at their apartment
in Jackson. The judge, John McBane said: You gutted him
like a fish, you were relentless…he also had this to say…. He then shockingly told Killer, Ms Gambit,
to shut her mouth or he would have duct tape put on it. He then said….. OH. Wow. She was sentenced to life without the possibility
of parole. So….what a drama fest! I can’t believe some of these insane judges!

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