Tips for Green Card Through Marriage | LA Immigration Lawyer

Tips for Green Card Through Marriage | LA Immigration Lawyer

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hello this is scott mcvarish i’m the principal attorney at the
immigration law office of los angeles today we’re going to talk about tips on
how to get your green card through marriage to a US citizen we’re going to talk about actions you should take
before your marriage right after your marriage and
actions you need to take before your interview so before your marriage first and most importantly get married inside
the United States it’s much easier than the fiancee visas
takes a lot less time you don’t have turkey process ease with
that will cost you additional many fees that attorney expense if you’re in the United States for
instance on he said worst or if your honor he said from a student you still can you
Mary and apply for you being hard we don’t
recommend doing it right away you don’t want to be accused marriage
fraud and there are some issues you need to discuss with your turn but overall you generally can’t get
married and there’s not that much of a green card through marriage USCIS set if you’re he said overstay you can get married and get you can hurt inside United
States as ice is to it US citizen he said overstay stature only immigration issue shouldn’t be a
problem if you have other immigration issues
discusses with your gracious turn for you high for anything and third on her documents sometimes you’ll need documents from perhaps criminal issue in
the past from mayor Janet Hasson to force as well don’t need those documents before you
apply and they can take months they can take
up to year to get sometimes if you’re mine the
immigration services to give them to you so high for them now get your full record involving anything marriage
divorce immigration years before you get here
release before your part set right after marriage you can’t have a
hollywood nurturing have different residences from your
spouse for you keep your account the separate USCIS does not prove you want them to approve because
ultimately they’re the only ones who improve your green card application so
you do need to live together you need to begin your life to get YouTube who
mingle fans intermingle cans you’d have your names
on each other’s insurance documents on your the soaring
your mortgage you don’t have to I love those it’s not
like there’s a checklist and feudal everyone won’t get proved but there is a
checklist just had substantial amount you can
discuss it with your picture turn which ones are the most
important ones financial ones tend to be USCIS is the for also graph
your marriage don’t plan on leaving. time since unless
you have advance Rory trooped if you leave after your tuition before it’s been approved then
you can run into some problems such as that bad green card through marriage so make sure you file your
petition Turner five six month period where if
your legal standing few problems now that is for directly after marriage what happens
when you actually get the immigration interview well a lot of people are very nervous
most people want me as their attorney to attend immigration it’s not necessary for your
we should turn to attend but generally I find you a CIA officers tree my clients greatest respect when
I’m in the room yet but I’ve heard stories what happens
when you don’t have an immigration attorney that don’t always get you that same
respect yeah very confusing contradictory questions asked for at any rate during
those interviews you gonna need to bring pictures you
need to bring documents that show your marriage is bonafide that’s
legitimate when other things the pictures you don’t wanna green 500 pictures you
can bring in just know they do not want to look at 500 pictures
that you ourselves rather whether the key for his seasonal
pictures one for each season for your
relationship so I tend to try to have plans to bring
about for pictures per year that they have known their
spouse class a lot shoes that the way I want is
pictures that we need to show your friends and family with their if
you get married in Vegas or Reno or have so the Quickie waiting you will
have those pictures doesn’t mean you have to be approved it
just means you be stronger in other areas if you have no pictures with your spouse
that’s going to be a problem and I’m question why you don’t have that
considering the accessibility phones with cameras so start taking those pictures now
because whatever excuse you have for not having the pictures USCIS is not going to through have an application with no
pictures from pass lastly whatever pictures you do bring
whatever documents you bring sure no everything about those pictures so they may ask one spouse we’re
suspension taking when was take who’s that person next
year’s house you need to know that have detail it’s important you don’t want to
start answering questions from USCIS with the answer no I don’t remember you
can get away with a couple of those but once you start on that method once you start on that track starkey
your is USCIS officer will start getting more
aggressive in their questions so no the documents no pictures that you
bring with and even do a trial run you how is you
tryna uses quite some time more than one parent for
dinner so these are process each can do in your own nowadays I do not
recommend fines doing this on their own it is important
to get an attorney if you’re good with people
working you official forms begin attorney as the
train will make sure nothing goes wrong your almost always get your approval
quickly because the application be turning quickly getting your green card
too early may not sound like a big deal but it is
especially if you’re going to work that amount of money you owe me with
your green card those two months more than pay for an attorney this is just the peace of mind you can
call us anytime a hundred 792 9 heat 89 for you whenever web sites rain to calm word stretches thank you very much we look forward to helping you

31 thoughts on “Tips for Green Card Through Marriage | LA Immigration Lawyer

  • Vivian Sarpong Post author

    You are a good lawyer. And gave good advice, tips.

  • DontLookAtMeLad Post author

    My main question out of everything is what am I supposed to do in the meantime? If I'n in i love and married a girl over in the states, how do I stay there when my visit visa is up? I mean thats the only way I'd come over and stay at first, it would be treated as a holiday

  • Andres F Post author

    I don't get why a couple has to have a joint financial (bank?) account……What if the couple is very young- say a 20 yr old Filipina and a 21 yr old USA citizen? What if she doesn't have much to add to the funds? Just add her name to be apart of my bank account anyway? I'm confused about this. I mean does it matter to combine names on insurance/bank accounts if there is hardly any money from the other playing a part?

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    first step is to find an american women to get married , haha xD

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    My spouse is a US citizen but he is a felon who has serve time in a federal prison for drugs related crime and is now on probation can he file petition for me a immigrant from the Caribbean? ?

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  • mahesh kathayat Post author

    i live in Reno if u can help me with my process
    send me your number
    thank you

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    I don't want to be paid to marry someone so they can get a green card – just want to find someone attractive to me. Seeking any help or suggestions.

  • Mila Heavenly Iandolo Post author

    I really like this video,it is very helpful
    I have one question? I have 2 babies ,I just want to know if it's ok to take them to the interview?

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    tell me who really want to marry a us citizen for a green card please

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    what is age for marriage in u.s like in india this age is 18 years old

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    @Scott McVarish Hello I have a question about a friends who recently got married. Is there any reasons that could disqualify her from getting her I-765 so she can work? Her lawyer telling her to work cash job but here in Los Angeles they can be hard to find.

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    You are great do for your work ..!!
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